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         Feldman Morton:     more books (51)
  1. Last Pieces. Piano by Morton Feldman, 1970
  2. Aspen Magazine In A Box 5 + 6 for Stephen Mallarme Guest editor-designer Brian O'Doherty / guest art directors David Dalton & Lynn Letterman by Roland / Kubler, George / Sontag, Susan / Beckett, Samuel / Gabo, Naum / Burroughs, William / Robbe-Grillet, Alain / Feldman, Morton / Cage, John / Smith, Tony / Cunningham, Merce / Duchamp, Barthes, 1967
  3. The King of Denmark: Percussion (Edition Peters) by Morton Feldman, 1965
  4. Neither: Oper in 1 Akt by Feldman Morton, 2009-08-15
  5. For Aaron Copland - Vln Solo by Feldman Morton, 2005-09-15
  6. Philip Guston: La Raiz Del Dibujo/Roots of Drawing by Kenneth Baker, Morton Feldman, Dore Ashton, Bill Berkson Kosme Maria De Baranano, 1993
  7. Vertical Thoughts: Morton Feldman and the Visual Arts by Imma (ed), 2010-07
  8. Between categories: Studien zum Komponieren Morton Feldmans von 1951 bis 1977 (German Edition) by Marion Saxer, 1998
  9. Morton Feldman (Musik-Konzepte) (German Edition)
  10. Conversation with Morton Feldman by John Cage, 1983
  11. Vertical Thoughts: Morton Feldman and the Visual Arts: Exhibition Guide by Jorge Pardo, Rachael Thomas, 2010-03-30
  12. On hearing Morton Feldman's new recording ;: A lecture on something by John Cage, 1959
  13. Morton Feldman: For Franz Kline, For Frank O'Hara, De Kooning, Piano Piece to Philip Guston by Unknown, 1996-01-01
  14. Peter Michael Hamel: Morton Feldman In My Life by Peter Michael Hamel, 2006-01-01

21. Morton Feldman
feldman's compositions are renowned for their length. Find an explanation of his music and a discography. morton feldman. morton feldman was born in New York on January 12, 1926.
Morton Feldman
Morton Feldman was born in New York on January 12, 1926. At the age of twelve he studied piano with Madame Maurina-Press, who had been a pupil of Busoni, and it was her who instilled in Feldman a vibrant musicality. At the time he was composing short Scriabin-esque pieces, until in 1941 he began to study composition with Wallingford Riegger. Three years later Stefan Wolpe became his teacher, though they spent much of their time together simply arguing about music. Then in 1949 the most significant meeting up to that time took place - Feldman met John Cage 1967 saw the start of Feldman's association with Universal Edition with the publication of his last graphically notated score, "In Search of an Orchestration". Then followed "On Time and the Instrumental Factor" (1969) in which he once more returned to precise notation, and from then on, with only the exception of two works in the early 1970s, he maintained control over pitch, rhythm, dynamics and duration. In 1973 the University of New York at Buffalo asked Feldman to become the Edgard Varese Professor, a post he held for the rest of his life. From the late 1970s his compositions expanded in length to such a degree that the second string quartet can last for up to five and a half hours. The scale of these works in particular has often been the cause for the controversy surrounding his works, but he would always be happy to attempt to explain his reasoning behind them:

22. Über Morton Feldman Sprechen Von Eberhard Blum
Vier Artikel von Eberhard Blum zum Komponisten und seine Musik.
[Morton Feldman Page] [List of Texts]
Über Morton Feldman Sprechen:
Vier Artikel von Eberhard Blum
. . . über Morton Feldman sprechen!
Bericht über "For Philip Guston"

Vom Leben der Klänge

. . . über Morton Feldman sprechen!
Der vorliegende Text ist das Ergebnis eines Gespräches zwischen Aurel Schmidt von der "Basler Zeitung" und dem Flötisten Eberhard Blum. Das Gespräch fand am 10. Januar 1992 in Berlin statt. Der Text wurde zuerst in der "Basler Zeitung" veröffentlicht und später in der Zeitschrift "Positionen" (Heft 11, November 1992). Das Künstlerprogramm des DAAD lädt regelmäßig Komponisten, bildende Künstler, Schriftsteller, Filmemacher und Architekten ein, um einige Zeit in Berlin zu leben und zu arbeiten. Der amerikanische Komponist Morton Feldman wurde ebenfalls eingeladen und lebte ein Jahr lang, von Mitte 1971 bis Mitte 1972, in Berlin. Er hat während dieser Zeit mehrere große Werke komponiert. Es war für Feldman eine wichtige Zeit, zumal er zum ersten Mal in seinem Leben außerhalb von New York und damit auch außerhalb von Amerika lebte. Ich kannte Feldman damals vom Namen her, vor allem durch meine Arbeit als Interpret der Werke von John Cage. Wenn man mit Cage zu tun hat, kommt man sehr schnell auch zu Feldman. In einem Konzert, mit dem sich Feldman in Berlin vorstellte, wurden Klavierwerke von ihm gespielt. Dieses Konzert hat mich stark beeindruckt. Damals habe ich Musik von Feldman zum ersten Mal richtig gehört. Plattenaufnahmen gab es noch sehr wenig. Feldman wurde nur hin und wieder aufgeführt, meistens wurde er als einer dieser halbverrückten Amerikaner angesehen. Das war 1971, ist also lange her. Cage war in Europa schon bekannt durch seine Zusammenarbeit mit der Merce Cunningham Dance Company und durch siene Auftritte in Köln, aber Feldman, dessen Musik äußerlich nicht so spektakulär ist, war weit weniger bekannt.

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NA068) Remede de Fortune Guillaume de Machaut Ensemble PAN (NA075) Unseen Rain feldman,morton (NA085) Only (Works for Voice and Instruments) feldman, morton
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24. Violetta Vollrath: Feldman Paintings
Images of paintings related to the music of morton feldman, with an artist's statement.
Violetta Vollrath: Feldman Paintings [Morton Feldman Page] [Feldman: Art Links] Statement by the Artist Click any image to enlarge See more paintings by Violetta Vollrath at:

25. Browse By Artist: FELDMAN, MORTON
Index of Artists Browse by Artist feldman, morton Artist feldman, morton. Artistfeldman, morton. Title For Philip Guston. Label DOG W/A BONE. Format 4CD.
FE Home New Releases Browse Catalog Info ...
Index of Artists
Browse by Artist: FELDMAN, MORTON
Artist: FELDMAN, MORTON Title: Complete Works For Two Pianists Label: ALICE MUSIK PRODUKTION (SWEDEN) Format: CD Price: Catalog #: ALCD 024 "Performed by Kristine Scholz and Mats Persson. This CD presents Morton Feldman´s complete production of music for two pianists, including the previously unrecorded piece 'Work for Two Pianists' (1958). In the booklet you will find Mats Persson´s essay: 'To Be In The Silence - Morton Feldman and Painting'." Packaged in hardcover sleeve (ala the Kairos label), with 72 pages of binlingual (Swedish/English) notes.
Artist: FELDMAN, MORTON Title: For Philip Guston Label: DOG W/A BONE Format: Price: Catalog #: DWAB 02 "Feldman is recognized as one of the twentieth century's most influential composers. Feldman's artistic principles were shaped in the early 1950s by his association with composers Cage, Earle Brown and David Tudor, and painters Philip Guston, Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock and Robert Rauschenberg, to name a few. In keeping with Feldman's aesthetic privileging of scale over form, For Philip Guston , composed in memory of his late friend, expands to a monumental five hours. On the front cover of the comprehensive 4-CD set is a reproduction of Feldman's portrait by Philip Guston. The liner notes include a conversation between composers Walter Zimmerman and Kotik, exploring the many facets of Feldman's music." Recorded in 1995 and performed by S.E.M. Ensemble (Petr Kotik, flute, alto flute, piccolo; Joseph Kubera, piano, celeste; Chris Nappi, vibraphone, marimbaphone, glockenspiel, chimes).

26. The New York School
(Boston Phoenix) Review of Swiss record label hat Art's performances of music by Earle Brown, John Cage, morton feldman,and Christian Wolff.

27. Morton Feldman And Iannis Xenakis
morton feldman and Iannis Xenakis. In conversation morton feldman andIannis Xenakis' Edited by Vincent Gasseling and Michael Nieuwenhuizen.
Morton Feldman and Iannis Xenakis In conversation: Morton Feldman and Iannis Xenakis'
Edited by Vincent Gasseling and Michael Nieuwenhuizen
Foto: Michael Nieuwenhuizen Feldman : Last night Xenakis came up, said a few words and I started to, almost apologetically, talk about the work. That maybe was overly philosophical so he said, "You don't have to talk," and walked away.
Xenakis : No, I told Mr. Feldman yesterday how much I enjoyed the piece. That I thought it was fascinating and then he stopped me and said, "I have to explain in philosophical terms what I wanted to say with the music." I said, "There's no need." Sometimes I think composers talk too much. There is only music, that's it! I mean, it can be well played or badly played or... Yesterday we had a very good performance. Do you agree?
Feldman : Yes!
Xenakis : Were you happy with it?
Feldman : I'm neither happy nor unhappy.
Xenakis : What?
Feldman : I'm neither happy nor unhappy with it.
Xenakis : What do you mean, why?
Feldman : I thought it was just a little stiff.

28. Fortgehen, Stille / Wandern Im Surrealen Raum
Collage f¼r Sprecher, Sager, Klavier, Streichquartett, Lautsprecher und Video. Texte von Friedrich H¶lderlin, Rainer Maria Rilke, Antonio Machado, Barbara Guest. Musik von Franz Schubert, Luigi Nono, morton feldman, Antonio lvarez. Karlsruhe, 8.2.2003.
Quickshot / Schnellschuss vom 12.01.2003 Quickshot-Index Ensemble 13 und Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung
Wintermusik 2003 Karlsruhe
Samstag, 8. Februar, 19.30-22.15 Uhr
Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Kubus
Fortgehen, Stille
Wandern im surrealen Raum
Eine Collage für Sprecher, Sager, Klavier, Streichquartett, Lautsprecher und Video
Texte von Friedrich Hölderlin, Rainer Maria Rilke, Antonio Machado, Barbara Guest u.a.
Musik von Franz Schubert, Luigi Nono, Morton Feldman, Antonio Álvarez
Film von Nicole Schnee mit Christian Brückner (Sprecher), Patrick Blank (Sager), Christoph Grund (Klavier), Pellegrini-Quartett
Gesamtkonzeption, Regie, Produktion: Manfred Reichert
Uraufführung Mit freundlicher Unterstützung durch Kulturreferat der Stadt Karlsruhe und Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg, Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung und Renaissance Karlsruhe Hotel. In Zusammenarbeit mit dem ZKM Karlsruhe. Eintritt € 20.- / Ermäßigungen.

29. Thomas Moore, Pianist - Interviews
Interview with morton feldman.
Robert Ashley Morton Feldman Philip Glass Alvin Lucier Morton Feldman
in conversation with Thomas Moore On 9 November 1983 I interviewed composer Morton Feldman at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. We had just heard Feldman's For John Cage , beautifully performed by violinist Paul Zukofsky and pianist Ursula Oppens. The interview was published by the journal Sonus (Volume 4, Number 2, Spring 1984) as a verbatim transcript, but unfortunately the editors took it upon themselves to "clean up" Feldman's grammar, so although he said, "Cage and myself are still doing the most interesting work," the version in Sonus says, "Cage and I are still doing the interesting work." Such alterations were made throughout the interview, without my permission. So I've posted here the "real" interview for your enjoyment. Thomas Moore: In the '50s you became involved with not only John Cage, David Tudor and Earle Brown but also the painters Rothko, Rauschenberg and de Kooning. What did you absorb from the visual artists as opposed to the musicians? Morton Feldman: Well, you have to remember that I met Cage not in the '50s but in 1950, which is important. It was the beginning of everything in my life and to some degree of that particular art world, too. Not that fabulous work wasn't done, say, in the late '40s, but Rauschenberg didn't come into town until 1951. It was a very important period for everybody, that dateline, '50-'51.

30. Browse Classical - Composer
Here are the titles which include the Composer "feldman, morton" by title by release date,+Morton&type_1=comp

31. Morton Feldman
Translate this page morton feldman. In memoriam morton feldman von Ad van't Veer Am Sonntag, den 5.Juli 1987 nahm ich auf dem Flugplatz Schiphol Abschied von morton feldman.
Morton Feldman In memoriam Morton Feldman
von Ad van't Veer
Am Sonntag, den 5. Juli 1987 nahm ich auf dem Flugplatz Schiphol Abschied von Morton Feldman. Mit dem Tod auf den Fersen war er vier Tage lang in Middelburg als Leiter der Meisterklasse für Komposition tätig gewesen. Anfang Juni hèrte er von seiner unheilbaren Krankheit. Seine Willenskraft gebot ihm jedoch, seinem Hobby weiter nachzugehen, das Kommunizieren mit Publikum und Musik. Deswegen kam er zum dritten Mal nach Middelburg, der Stadt, in der er sich zuhause fühlte.
Beim Abschied mußte ich ihm versprechen, daß er nach seinem Urlaub zu einer Meisterklasse in den Herbstferien wiederkommen könnte ... Aus einem Interview mit Fritz Lagerwerff fair Nieuwe Muziek: "Ich bin an Kommunikation interessiert. Aber doch an einer besonderen Art von Kommunikation; nicht im Sinn der sechziger Jahre, als das so ein geflügeltes Wort wurde. Meine Beziehung zum internationalen Konzertpublikum mir nämlich absolut erfrischend sein. Ich bin zur Beispiel kein Befürworter von Werten des Establishment, noch bin ich jemand, der eine von vornherein festgelegte Funktion in der Gesellschaft hat. Unterhaltung und Virtuositát interessieren mich nicht, vielmehr eine
Art Poesie, die so abstrakt ist, daß sie keine andere Funktion haben kann als ein Gefiihl von Erleuchtung zu erwecken."*

32. Morton Feldman Home Page
Short biography, about his music, favorite pieces, articles, and discography.

feldman, morton. morton feldman Works for Piano EDITION RZ RZ1010-CD($23.00 CD). Piano Three Hands (1957); Intermission 5 (1952
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  • For Christian Wolff HAT ART SRI-ART6120-3CD ($64.00 3CD)
  • For Philip Guston HAT ART SRI-ART6104-4CD ($77.00 4CD)
  • Morton Feldman: Works for Piano EDITION RZ RZ-1010-CD ($23.00 CD)

34. Morton Feldman: Short Biography (in German)
Kurzbiographie der Universal Edition Wien.
[Morton Feldman Page] [List of Texts]
Morton Feldman
Im Juni 1987 heiratete Morton Feldman die Komponistin Barbara Monk. Im Alter von einundsechzig Jahren starb er am 3. September 1987 in seinem Heim in Buffalo. [Morton Feldman Page] [List of Texts]

35. Morton Feldman Zum 70. Geburtstag
Artikel von Volker Straebel ¼ber morton feldman, der am 12.01.1996 seinen 70. Geburtstag gefeiert h¤tte.
Machtlos gegen seine Bewunderer
Zum 70. Geburtstag von Morton Feldman
Projection 1 graph paper notation I Ging Lecture on Something von 1951 sagte er etwa in Bezug auf Feldmans graph paper notation graph paper notation Volker Straebel 1.96 up home

kein Abdruck ohne schriftliche Genehmigung des Autors / no reprint without author's written permission

36. NEA - Art Forms: A Conversation With David Harrington Of The Kronos Quartet
An interview with David Harrington, Kronos Quartet, discusses the upcoming performance by Kronos of morton feldman's Second String Quartet
NEA Home New on the Site Learn About the NEA Apply for a Grant Manage Your Award NEA Partnerships Publications Endowment News Explore Art Forms Federal Opportunities Search/Site Map Morton Feldman "All I ask is that composers wash out their ears before they sit down to compose." - Morton Feldman Morton Feldman (1926-87) was born in New York City and began studying piano at the age of 12. He studied composition and counterpoint with Wallingford Reggel at 15 and at 18 studied briefly with Stefan Wolpe. At 24 he met John Cage, a meeting which began an artistic association of crucial importance to Feldman: "I brought John a string quartet. He looked at it for a long time and then said, 'How did you make this?...' In a very weak voice I answered John, 'I don't know how I made it.' The response to this was startling. John jumped up and down and with a kind of high monkey squeal, screeched, 'Isn't that marvelous. Isn't that wonderful. It's so beautiful, and he does't know how he made it.' Quite frankly, I sometimes wonder how my music would have turned out if John had not given me those early permissions to have confidence in my instincts." Thus began Feldman's association with a wide range of contemporary artists experiment within and across disciplines - composers Earle Browne, Christian Wolff and David Tudor, painters Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollack, Franz Kline, and Mark Rothko, choreographer Merce Cunningham, and multi-disciplinary artist Robert Rauschenberg. Over the course of his career he wrote music for a wide variety of media - orchestra, chorus and solo voices with or without instrumentation, and ensembles and solo instruments. He composed pieces for ballet and film. He became known for his mystical, spare, graphically notated and indeterminate pieces that focused on sound rather than form.

37. Feldman, Morton
feldman, morton feldman, morton. Period Early 20th Century. Born Tuesday,January 12, 1926 in New York, New York (USA). Died Thursday
Feldman, Morton
Feldman, Morton
Period: Early 20th Century
Born: Tuesday, January 12, 1926 in New York, New York (USA)
Died: Thursday, September 3, 1987 in Buffalo, New York (USA)
Nation of Origin: United States
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Major Works:
Other Information:
General Bibliography:

Kennedy, Michael,
The Oxford Dictionary of Music, Oxford University Press, 2nd Edition, 1997, ISBN: 0198691629 Sadie, Stanley and Tyrrell, John; Editors, The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, Groves Dictionaries, Inc., January 2001, ISBN: 1561592390 Slonimsky, Nicolas and Kuhn, Laura; Editors, Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians, Gale Group, December 2000, ISBN: 0028655257 Slonimsky, Nicolas, ... Schirmer Books, July 1994, ISBN: 0028724186 Links to essays at other sites: Twentieth Century Music: An Introduction by Eric Salzman Please note: These links will open in a new window. Biography at New Albion Records site CDs Books Sheet Music Support this free site with your purchases.

38. Morton Feldman Projekt: Karlheinz Essl
Karlheinz Essl erkl¤rt anhand des Konzertes (22.01.94 in Wien) Leben und Musik des Komponisten.
[Morton Feldman Page] [List of Texts]
Morton Feldman Projekt
Konzert am 22.1.1994, Klangforum Wien
The Rothko Chapel Die Rothko Chapel Rothko Chapel
In The Rothko Chapel
The King of Denmark Why Patterns? 2. Streichquartett. In [Morton Feldman Page] [List of Texts]

39. Feldman,Morton
feldman,morton (19261987). Sex, Male. Comments, Bass clarinetand percussion. Written, Duration, Comments, Publisher, Universal.
Find: The Database Home Page < Feldman,Bernardo To the Index Felice,Frank >> Feldman,Morton (1926-1987) Sex Male Comments Bass clarinet and percussion
Written Duration Comments Publisher Universal
Inst. Bass Clarinet, Percussion Grade Comments Clarinet and string quartet
Written Duration Comments Publisher Universal
Inst. Clarinet in Bb, Violin (2), Viola, Cello Grade Comments For Frank O'Hara
Written Duration Comments Publisher Universal
Inst. Piccolo/Flute/Alto Flute, Clarinet in Bb, Percussion (2), Piano, Violin, Cello Grade Comments I met Heine on the Rue Fuerstenberg
Written Duration Comments Publisher Universal
Inst. Piccolo/Flute, Clarinet in Bb/Bass Clarinet, Timpani, Percussion, Piano, Voice, Violin, Cello Grade Comments The Viola in my life (2)
Written Duration Comments Publisher Universal
Inst. Flute, Clarinet in Bb, Percussion, Celesta, Violin, Viola, Cello Grade Comments Three clarinets Cello and Piano Written Duration Comments Publisher Universal Inst. Clarinet in Bb (3), Piano, Cello Grade Comments Two pieces Written Duration Comments Publisher C. F. Peters

40. Der Ekstase Des Augenblicks Von Frank Denyer Und James Fulkerson
œber die drei Schaffensperioden von morton feldman und Erl¤uterungen zu verschiedenen Werken.
[Morton Feldman Page] [List of Texts]
Der Ekstase des Augenblicks
von Frank Denyer und James Fulkerson
[Deutsch von Nico Eikelenboom]
Morton Feldman: Drei Schaffensperioden by James Fulkerson.
Feldmans Suche nach der Ekstase der Augenblicks
by Frank Denyer:
Morton Feldman: Drei Schaffensperioden
Morton Feldman sagte einmal, er habe den Schritt vom 'unbekannten' Komponisten zum 'Meister' vollzogen, ohne zu wissen, wann dies geschah. Wie immer man auch Feldman und seine Arbeit auffaßt, er hinterließ ein bewundernswertes Gesamtwerk, das immer bekannter wird und jetzt auf CDs einem größeren Publikum zugänglich ist. Die meisten der verfügbaren Aufnahmen sind späte Werke, die wegen ihrer Länge sich die Möglichkeiten des Mediums CD zunutze machen. Meiner Auffassung nach umfaßt Morton Feldmans Werk im wesentlichen drei verschiedene Perioden: eine Frühe Periode , die in den späten vierziger Jahren anfängt, eine Mittlere Periode , welche die späten sechziger und frühen siebziger Jahre umfaßt, und eine Schlußperiode von den frühen achziger Jahren an.

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