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         Plato:     more books (98)
  1. The Republic by Plato, 2009-10-04
  2. The Laws by Plato, 2010-07-22
  3. Apology: On the Death of Socrates by Plato, 2010-03-16
  4. Plato: Crito (BCP Greek Texts) by C. Emlyn Jones, 2010-07-15
  5. Introduction to the Philosophy and Writings of Plato by Thomas Taylor, 2010-07-06
  6. The Sophist by Plato, 2010-05-11
  7. Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar . . .: Understanding Philosophy Through Jokes by Thomas Cathcart, Daniel Klein, 2008-06-24
  8. Apology, Crito and Phaedo of Socrates (Classic Reprint) by Plato Plato, 2010-04-19
  9. Plato: Republic by Plato, G. M. A. Grube, et all 1992-11
  10. The Republic (Penguin Classics) by Plato, 2007-09-14
  11. Alcibiades II by Plato, 2010-01-30
  12. Plato Complete Works by Plato, John M. Cooper, et all 1997-05-01
  13. The Republic Of Plato: Second Edition by Plato, 1991-10-03
  14. Ion by Plato, 2010-05-23

1. Stanford Encyclopedia Of Philosophy
Online philosophy reference work, articles are authored and updated by experts in the field. Edited Category Society Philosophy Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy......Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Edited by Edward N. Zalta EditorialInformation. Link to the local table of contents Table of Contents
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Edited by
Edward N. Zalta
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Table of Contents
Principal Site: U.S.A.

Stanford University Mirror site: Australia
University of Sydney Library, Scholarly Electronic Text and Image Service Mirror site: The Netherlands
University of Amsterdam, Institute for Logic, Language and Computation Mirror site: United Kingdom
University of Leeds, LTSN Philosophical and Religious Studies A Publication of:
The Metaphysics Research Lab
Center for the Study of Language and Information
Ventura Hall
Stanford University Stanford, CA 94305-4115
Library of Congress Catalog Data ISSN 1095-5054 Honor Roll of Donors: National Science Foundation (Grant #IIS-9981549) National Endowment for the Humanities (Grant #PA-23167-98) The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation American Philosophical Association /Pacific Division Canadian Philosophical Association Philosophy Documentation Center

2. Science And Human Values - Plato
A Rochester Institute of Technology Professor's discussion of plato's role in the History of Science
Prof. Fred L. Wilson
Rochester Institute of Technology
Science and Human Values
Plato's Life
If Thales was the first of all the great Greek philosophers, Plato must remain the best known of all the Greeks. The original name of this Athenian aristocrat was Aristocles, but in his school days he received the nickname Platon (meaning "broad" ) because of his broad shoulders. (He is not the only great man to be known universally by a nickname. The Roman orator Cicero is another. ) Plato was born in Athens, about 427 B.C., and died there about 347 B.C. In early life Plato saw war service and had political ambitions. However, he was never really sympathetic to the Athenian democracy and he could not join wholeheartedly in its government. He was a devoted follower of Socrates, whose disciple he became in 409 B.C., and the execution of that philosopher by the democrats in 399 B.C. was a crushing blow. He left Athens, believing that until "kings were philosophers or philosophers were kin gs" things would never go well with the world. (He traced his descent from the early kings of Athens and perhaps he had himself in mind.) For several years he visited the Greek cities of Africa and Italy, absorbing

3. PLATO Learning, Inc.
plato Learning is the premiere developer of administrative solutions, student assessment tools and standardsdriven education software for K - adult learners.
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4. Servus Financial Corp.
Information on scholarships as well as private and federal student loans.Category Business Financial Services College Financing......For additional information, see our public web site.
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5. Exploring Plato's Dialogues: Introductory Comments
Virtual learning environment for exploring plato's Middle Dialogues. Translation and critical discussion of major works and life. EXPLORING plato'S DIALOGUES. A Virtual Learning Environment on the WorldWide Web


The Life of Plato

The Crito

The Phaedo
Credits and

A Virtual Learning Environment on the World-Wide Web
Introductory Comments Staff Contact Information In print, an index is a list of resources, but when an index is moved to the Internet and provides ready access to the resources it lists, it becomes a library. When these resources are carefully selected on the basis of their relevance to a particular topic and rendered searchable by a central mechanism, the result is a quality-controlled region of cyberspace that is, more or less, sealed off from the broader Internet and yet vast in its domain. With this site, we have taken the limited area search engine (LASE) technology developed at the University of Evansville first used to power Argos: Limited Area Search of the Ancient and Medieval Internet and modified it for a different purpose. In order to make accessible the wide range of resources related to Plato that are already available on the Internet and potentially enhance the study of Plato for anyone with an Internet connection, we have employed a search engine to track, catalogue and organize these resources. We have also presented them in an easy-to-navigate hierarchical index Users may search the items listed in this index in a variety of ways. They may browse through topical listings or use a search engine. We have divided resources into six domains, including articles and essays, bibliographies, book reviews, lecture notes, maps and images, and primary texts, each of which may be searched alone or in any combination with the others. Cascade search techniques allow searching downward from any point in the hierarchy, and we offer a full range of parameters for formulating search requests, including the use of boolean operators and both substrings and phrases.

6. Plato - Mac Tutor
Greek philosopher, mathematician, and scientist who founded many concepts of classic western learning is examined. Includes reference list. Before giving details of plato's life we will take a few moments to discuss how definite the details are which we give

7. The Internet Classics Archive | Works By Plato
Peruse the texts of "Laws " "Protagoras " "The Republic " "Symposium " "Apology " "Euthydemus " and other works by plato. Works by plato. Apology. Translated by Benjamin Jowett



Buy Books and


Works by Plato

Translated by Benjamin Jowett
Read discussion
Charmides, or Temperance
Written 380 B.C.E Translated by Benjamin Jowett Read discussion : 3 comments Cratylus Written 360 B.C.E Translated by Benjamin Jowett Read discussion : 3 comments Critias Written 360 B.C.E Translated by Benjamin Jowett Read discussion : 25 comments Crito Written 360 B.C.E Translated by Benjamin Jowett Read discussion : 27 comments Euthydemus Written 380 B.C.E Translated by Benjamin Jowett Read discussion : 2 comments Euthyphro Written 380 B.C.E Translated by Benjamin Jowett Read discussion : 11 comments Gorgias Written 380 B.C.E Translated by Benjamin Jowett Read discussion : 22 comments Ion Written 380 B.C.E Translated by Benjamin Jowett Read discussion : 10 comments Laches, or Courage Written 380 B.C.E Translated by Benjamin Jowett Read discussion : No comments Laws Written 360 B.C.E Translated by Benjamin Jowett Read discussion : 9 comments Lysis, or Friendship

8. Stichting Plato - Landelijk Informatiecentrum Hoogbegaafdheid
Stichting plato is een Nederlandse stichting die zich bezighoudt met voorlichting en informatie over hoogbegaafdheid via Internet en via de verspreiding van brochures..
Landelijk Informatiecentrum Hoogbegaafdheid Laatste
Tel. informatielijn:
tussen 9 en 13 uur

[advertentie] Informatie 7 brochures voor alle doelgroepen Leermiddelen Hoogbegaafde Kinderen In Actie * werken met grafische organisatie methoden * werken met journalen de nieuwe methode voor hoogbegaafde kinderen, vanaf ong. 9 tot 13 jaar, gebaseerd op de meervoudige intelligentie theorie. Download onze Nieuwsbrief maart 2003 meldpunt ontwikkelingsvoorsprong Met het meldpunt beoogt het LICH inzicht te krijgen in het aantal kinderen met een ontwikkelingsvoorsprong en de verspreiding van hen in Nederland zodat alle betrokken instanties hun beleid hierop kunnen afstemmen ja, mijn kind(eren) heeft/hebben een ontwikkelingsvoorsprong! Pers
Niveau IQ test omhoog - Trouw 27 februari 02
Geloven op gespannen voet met begaafdheid
HC 5-3-02
Knappe koppen in de familie - Volkskrant 16-06-2002
Hoogbegaafdheid werkt niet altijd goed - NRC 2-7-02
Inflatie in het registreren van intelligentie - Volkskrant 9-9-02 Vijfjarig Gymnasium - Haagsche Courant 24-02-2003
** Denkprocessen (Zie Informatie-Algemeen) ** Nieuwe cursussen en congressen (Zie thema-onderwijs-seminars etc) ** Nieuwe lezingen (Zie thema - ouders - lezingen)
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9. The Dana Plato Memorial Site
includes a biography, filmography, photo gallery, message board, and related links.

10. Plato Soldering Tips - Solder Tips And Electronic Assembly Tools
Manufacturer of soldering and desoldering iron tips, and electronic assembly tools.Category Business Electronics and Electrical......plato, solder, tips, desolder, soldering, desoldering, cutters, tools, pots,wick. plato Sales Department Copyright© 19972003 plato Products, Inc.
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Company Profile Tech Resources Technical Info Plato Products is a recognized world leader in the manufacture of high quality, long life replacement soldering tips and desoldering tips and a variety of electronic production accessories used in the manufacture and repair of electronic assemblies. If you have questions about Plato Products, special orders, quotes or if you are unable to locate the information you require at this site, please Email our sales department at or contact Plato Products by phone at (626) 965-8044 or by fax at (626) 965-8960 . Plato Home Page Plato Distributors Order Plato Catalog Product Guide ... Plato Sales Department 18731 Railroad St., Industry, CA 91748 USA. Fax (626) 965-8960

11. Stanford Encyclopedia Of Philosophy Table Of Contents (Abridged)
Dynamic, evolving philosophy reference. Articles include bibliographies for further reading.Category Reference Encyclopedias Subject Encyclopedias Philosophy...... U V W X Y Z A. Abelard Abailard, Peter (Peter King);abstract objects (Gideon Rosen); Academy, plato's (Wolfgang Mann);
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Abridged Table of Contents
Welcome to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, which was designed from its inception (September 1995) as a dynamic reference work. In a dynamic reference work, each entry is maintained and kept up to date by an expert or group of experts in the field. All entries and updates are refereed by the members of a distinguished Editorial Board before they are made public. Consequently, our dynamic reference work is responsive to new research. You can, however, cite fixed editions which are made on a quarterly basis and stored in our Archives. Thank you for your patience as our Encyclopedia develops. The assigned entries (many of which are still being written) are listed below. Search Encyclopedia Editorial Information What's New How to Cite This Encyclopedia ... Unabridged Table of Contents
Navigation Panel:
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  • Abelard [Abailard], Peter (Peter King)
  • abstract objects (Gideon Rosen)
  • Academy, Plato's (Wolfgang Mann)
  • action (George Wilson)
  • action at a distance (Joseph Berkovitz)
  • actualism (Christopher Menzel)
  • adaptation (Robert Brandon)
  • Adorno, Theodor

12. Aristotle Vs. Plato
Article contrasting the two philosophers and their impact on the course of human progress.
NT Home Page
Money/Power/Love Advantages
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  • based entirely on voluntary free choice,
  • consistent with the nature of conscious beings and, thus is beneficial to all conscious beings,
  • moral and just: Offers freedom to everyone. Rejects all mysticism, racism, initiatory force, and fraud. Platonism is also the basis of all public educational systems. Government-run schools today are inept at educating children because they embrace the ideas of John Dewey, a Platonist existentialist who dishonestly replaced the objective principles of education with power-usurping, subjective methods. (Dewey's contemporaries, William James and Sidney Hook, promoted similar but more cautiously disguised, existentialistic ideas.) Using dishonest non sequiturs, Dewey's philosophy dismisses as socially irrelevant the pedagogical teaching of fundamental knowledge such as reading, writing, mathematics, and science. Dewey's philosophy promotes the mystical concept that children can be "educated" by allowing them to randomly pursue their own whims. The students' whims are considered socially relevant to the here-and-now and thus are deemed as the basis of education. The "teacher", therefore, merely follows wherever the child's feelings may lead (rather than the teacher providing the child with objective knowledge through systematic input of integrated facts and information). With an existential action approach, Dewey deems the mind as the creator of "reality". Thus, in one mystical stroke, he negates both the integrating conscious mind and objective reality.
  • 13. D. Anthony Storm's Web Site On Plato
    Commentary on plato's writings, an introduction to his thought, and an essay on his writing method.

    14. P.L.A.T.O. - FREE Scholarship Search

    15. Dana Plato @ FANSITES.COM - Links
    Directory of Dana plato sites.
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    16. Plato
    " the reality which scientific thought is seeking must be expressible in mathematical terms, Category Science Math History People......plato. Before giving details of plato's life we will take a few momentsto discuss how definite the details are which we give below.

    17. Weather Underground: Plato, Minnesota Forecast
    Active advisories, if any. Current conditions, forecast, links to weather maps., M

    18. Plato And His Dialogues : Welcome - Platon Et Ses Dialogues : Bienvenue
    You are here at
    this site's new location
    since September, 2001.
    If you had bookmarked pages of it,
    be sure to update your bookmarks
    with the new address:
    Nouvel emplacement du site
    depuis septembre 2001. English section Map of site Plan du site
    Bernard SUZANNE

    Recetas de cocina vegetariana clasificadas por tipo de plato.
    På den här sidan används ramar som inte stöds av din webbläsare.

    20. Exploring Plato's Dialogues: The Life Of Plato
    EXPLORING plato'S DIALOGUES A Virtual Learning Environment on the WorldWideWeb. The Life of plato. plato was forty the first time he visited Italy.


    The Life of Plato

    The Crito

    The Phaedo
    Credits and

    A Virtual Learning Environment on the World-Wide Web
    The Life of Plato Anthony F. Beavers and
    Christopher Planeaux
    Plato was born around the year 428 BCE into an established Athenian household with a rich history of political connections including distant relations to both Solon and Pisistratus . Plato's parents were Ariston and Perictone , his older brothers were Adeimantus and Glaucon , and his younger sister was Potone . In keeping with his family heritage, Plato was destined for the political life. But the Peloponnesian War, which began a couple of years before he was born and continued until well after he was twenty, led to the decline of the Athenian Empire. The war was followed by a rabid conservative religious movement that led to the execution of Plato's mentor, Socrates . Together these events forever altered the course of Plato's life. The biographical tradition is unanimous in its observation that Plato engaged in many forms of poetry as a young man, only later turning to philosophy. Aristotle tells us that sometime during Plato's youth the philosopher-to-be became acquainted with the doctrines of Cratylus , a student of Heraclitus , who, along with other Presocratic thinkers such as Pythagoras and Parmenides , provided Plato with the foundations of his metaphysics and epistemology. Upon meeting

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