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         Tchaikovsky:     more books (99)
  1. Tchaikovsky: The Man and His Music by David Brown, 2009-02-24
  2. Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Symphonies in Full Score by Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky, 1979-10-01
  3. Album for the Young (24 Easy Pieces), Op. 39: Piano Solo (Piano Collection)
  4. Blood of the Mantis (Shadows of the Apt 3) by Adrian Tchaikovsky, 2010-04-20
  5. Symphonies Nos. 1, 2 and 3 in Full Score by Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky, 1992-04-08
  6. Tchaikovsky -- The Seasons (Alfred Masterwork Edition) by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, 1991-07-01
  7. The Scarab Path (Shadows of the Apt 5) by Adrian Tchaikovsky, 2010-08-06
  8. The Nutcracker Suite by Peter Tchaikovsky, 2010-02-15
  9. Tchaikovsky through Others' Eyes (Russian Music Studies)
  10. Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 35 (Schott) by Gerald Abraham, 1986-12-01
  11. Guide to the Practical Study of Harmony (Dover Books on Music) by Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky, 2005-04-01
  12. Tchaikovsky Discovers America by Esther Kalman, 2000-03
  13. Salute the Dark (Shadows of the Apt, Book 4) by Adrian Tchaikovsky, 2010-09-07
  14. Tchaikovsky's Complete Songs: A Companion with Texts and Translations (Russian Music Studies) by Richard D. Sylvester, 2003-10-30

1. Tchaikovsky
Essay and recommended readings.
Recommended Recordings

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The Franz Liszt Page
... Artwork "UNBRIDLED EMOTION" would perhaps best describe the music of Tchaikovsky. His deep-sensitivity saturated his music producing lush melodies that have enamored listeners for over a century.
Yet, Tchaikovsky's personal life was in turmoil from the very beginning. As a youth Tchaikovsky faced the hardship of losing his mother at age 14 and was forced to deal with the cold atmosphere of a military boarding school. As such, he shied away from the harsh and brutal world and found solace in music. It was upon hearing Mozart's Don Giovanni that Tchaikovsky decided to dedicate his life to music.
Abandoning his civil service position Tchaikovsky entered the St. Petersburg Conservatory to study under Anton Rubinstein. Fortunately Tchaikovsky's father, who although disapproved of Peter's decision for a musical career, didn't interfere with his son's wishes. As a student he wrote The Storm 1864 and later in 1868, under the direction of Mily Balakirev, he composed

2. Tchaikovsky
Informative page detailing the life and works of the Russian composer Pytor Ilyich tchaikovsky Geocities. tchaikovsky, also spelled Tchaikowsky, Pyotr, Peter, Ilyich, Ilych, Ilich. This tchaikovsky is page is
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Tchaikovsky, also spelled Tchaikowsky, Pyotr, Peter, Ilyich, Ilych, Ilich. This Tchaikovsky is page is dedicated to the Russian composer Tchaikovsky. It contains information on Tchaikovsky's life, his compositions, his personal habits, his family and much more. Tchaikovsky [also spelled Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky] was born at Votkinsk, in the government of Vyatka, Russia, May7, 1840. Tchaikovsky wrote the "Pathetique" Symphony and he died couple days after it was premiered. Tchaikovsky suffered from waht seemed to be clinical depression. Tchaikovsky was highly sensitive, and had a reference for his mother. Tchaikovsky's tutor often noted his sensitivity and maturity for child. Tchaikovsky was probably most known for his popular ballade works.

3. Piotr Tchaikovsky
Epoch Romantic Country Russia. Piotr tchaikovsky (18401893). Detailed Infomationabout. A note of hysteria in the finale was recognized by tchaikovsky himself.
Epoch: Romantic
Country: Russia
Piotr Tchaikovsky (1840-1893)
Detailed Infomation about Introduction (born Kamsko-Votkinsk, 7 May 1840; died St. Petersburg, 6 November 1893). His father was a mine inspector. He started piano studies at five and soon showed remarkable gifts; his childhood was also affected by an abnormal sensitivity. At ten he was sent to the School of Jurisprudence at St. Petersburg, where the family lived for some time. His parting from his mother was painful; further, she died when he was 14 - an event that may have stimulated him to compose. At 19 he took a post at the Ministry of Justice, where he remained for four years despite a long joumey to western Europe and increasing involvement in music. In 1863 he entered the Conservatory, also undertaking private teaching. Three years later he moved to Moscow with a professorship of harmony at the new conservatory. Little of his music so far had pleased the conservative musical establishment or the more nationalist group, but his First Symphony had a good public reception when heard in Moscow in 1868.

Pyotr Ilich tchaikovsky (184093); Ru. See his Biography and Works from the Concise Oxford Dictionary of Music
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Beethoven Brahms ... Enable Javascript Pyotr Ilich TCHAIKOVSKY (1840-93); Ru.
See his Biography and Works from the Concise Oxford Dictionary of Music

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  • [WMA stream] Piano concerto No.1 in Bb, Op.23 - Recorded Live by (P.Fedotova)
  • [MIDI] Serenade for Strings in C, Op.48 - 1.Pezzo in forma di Sonatina 2.Walzer 4.Finale; Tema Russo (M.Ishii)
  • [MIDI] 1812 Overture in Eb, Op.49 (D.L.Viens)
  • [MIDI] Symphony No.4 in F-, Op.36 - 1.Andante sostenuto 2.Andante in modo di canzone 3.Scherzo Pizzicato ostinato 4.Finale allegro con fuoco (J.Knowles)
  • [MIDI] Symphony No.5 in E-, Op.64 - 1.Andante 2.Andante cantabile 3.Valse Allegro moderato 4.Finale (J.Knowles)
  • [MIDI] 1.Adagio
  • 5. XI International Tchaikovsky Competition - Moscow 1998
    A documentary exposition of the 39 year old competition in Moscow.
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    7. The Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky Page
    Peter As A Child, The Marriage of tchaikovsky, The True Loves of tchaikovsky, Sugar Plum Fairies, The Death of tchaikovsky.
    Peotr As A Child Peotr Ilich Tchaikovsky was born May 7, 1840 in Votkinsk, Russia. He started taking piano lessons at age 5, but he was not encouraged to apply his natural musical talent as a child. It wasn't until he was 21 that he started studying music seriously. Two years later he quit his job as a clerk in the ministry of justice to pursue a full time musical career. Tchaikovsky was a musical genius, a national hero, and a known homosexual.
    The Marriage of Tchaikovsky
    Throughout his life Tchaikovsky tried to conceal his homosexuality, although it was one of the world's worst kept secrets. "I am aware that my inclinations are the greatest and most unconquerable obstacle to happiness; I must fight my nature with all of my strength. I shall do everything possible to marry this year."
    Tchaikovsky letter to his brother. In an attempt to conceal and repress his homosexuality, Tchaikovsky married Antonina Milyukova in 1877. The wedding was immediately followed by a failed attempt at suicide. He walked into the Moska River in hope of contracting pneumonia. The marriage ended within a year.
    The True Loves of Tchaikovsky
    The survival of the brilliant composer is credited to the financial support of Nadezhda von Meck. Mme. von Meck never met Tchaikovsky but was so impressed by his work that she supported him for 12 years. Without explanation, the support was withdrawn by the wealthy, eccentric widow in 1890.

    8. - Biografías
    Breve biograf­a del compositor ruso por Cavegu­as de Venezuela.
    Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky
    Votkinsk, Rusia 7/05/1840 - San Petersburgo, Rusia 6/11/1893
    Nacido en 1840, en Votkinsk, trasladado pronto a San Petersburgo, con otra profesión de orígen, siente en la adolescencia la fortísima pasión que ha de centrarle en la música, de la que sólo había cursado leves estudios en la niñez; enseñanzas que reanuda cumplidos ya los veinte años. Siete más tarde, ya profesor del Conservatorio, compone su "Primera Sinfonía" y dos después "El Voivoda", su primera ópera, en el Teatro Imperial de Moscú. En 1879 "Eugene Oneguín" que, con "La Dame de Pique", en el 90, ascienden a los lugares preeminentes en una relación que se completa con otros siete capítulos. No muchos, cuando la fecundidad del artista en otros campos - en el sinfónico, la música de cámara y el ballet - es tan grande. Tschaikovsky, muerto en 1893, poco después del estreno de la "Sinfonía Patética" víctima del cólera - con toda la secuela de comentarios gratuitos sobre maleficios y presentimientos - no es figura cuya producción pueda abarcarse en el breve curso de un comentario. Nunca más fiel al influjo de su país que en los ballets, en relación que pueden presidir

    9. JSC "Tchaikovsky Textile"
    Russia. Weaving, dyeing, printing and finishing of fabrics for suitings, uniforms, workwear and technical applications, from blends of polyester and viscose. English and Russian.
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    10. Ìåæäóíàðîäíûé êîíêóðñ èì. Ï.È. ×àéêîâñêîãî
    Условия, оргкомитет, прессцентр, история о прошедших конкурсах.

    11. Tchaikovsky
    Informative page detailing the life and works of the Russian composerPytor Ilyich tchaikovsky. The Man The Composer Miscellaneous.

    Composer Miscellaneous
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    1998-9 by Gretchen Lamb

    12. Historical Ballet Notes
    Over 65 articles about ballets, their choreographers, composers, and history. Some topics include George Balanchine, Jules Perrot, Marius Petipa, Aaron Copland, Peter Ilyich tchaikovsky, Butterfly, Dracula, Serenade, Swan Lake.
    Angels In The Architecture
    La Bayadere
    Beauty and the Beast ...
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    BalletNotes BalletNotes provide an in-depth background on ballets, their creators and history. A list of currrently available BalletNotes is listed by ballet title in the adjacent column, or visitors may browse by choreographers and composers from the list below. This material was fully researched and was current at the time the notes were written. However, BalletMet cannot guarantee the accuracy of any of this material. If you have any updates you would like to provide please contact Choreographers and Composers
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    13. Classical Net - Basic Repertoire List - Tchaikovsky
    Piotr Ilyitch tchaikovsky. (1840 1893). Additional Information tchaikovsky Pageby Richard DiSilvio; tchaikovsky - The Great Composer by Liew Choon Kiong;
    Piotr Ilyitch Tchaikovsky
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      Capriccio italien
      Capriccio Italien in A Major, Op. 45/Chandos CHAN8460 or CHAN8672/8
      Mariss Jansons/Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
      Capriccio Italien in A Major, Op. 45/London 417300-2
      Charles Dutoit/Montreal Symphony Orchestra
      Concerto #1 for Piano
      Piano Concerto #1 in B Flat minor, Op. 23/Deutsche Grammophon 415062-2
      Martha Argerich (piano), Charles Dutoit/Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
      Piano Concerto #1 in B Flat minor, Op. 23/London 417294-2 Piano Concerto #1 in B Flat minor, Op. 23/Telarc CD-80124
      Jon Kimura Parker (piano), Andre Previn/Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
      Piano Concerto #1 in B Flat minor, Op. 23/Vox Music Group CDX5024
      Michael Ponti (piano), Richard Kapp/Prague Symphony Orchestra

    14. Tchaikovsky Page
    Life and work of the Russian composer with MIDIs, links, gallery, poll, fan club, and recommended CDs.Category Arts Music Composers T tchaikovsky, Peter Ilych......Work, midi files, life, forum and links of PI tchaikovsky. Here youwill find many materials about tchaikovsky´s symphonies, ballets
    Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Page
    "His sensitivity knew no bounds and so one had to deal with him very carefully.
    Every little trifle could upset or wound him. He was a child of glass ." Life Work In Person Midi' s ... Poll join the TCHAIKOVSKY CLUB (over 70 members)
    Tell us which is your favourite Tchaikovsky' s symphony in the Poll section!................Tell us which is your favourite Tchaikovsky' s symphony in the Poll section!...............Tell us which is your favourite Tchaikovsky' s symphony in the Poll section!
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    15. Boris Tchaikovsky
    (19251996) Music, works, photos, articles, discography.
    Dear Sirs!
    You have entered the site devoted to Boris Tchaikovsky , great composer of XX century. He studied at Moscow Conservatoire with Dmitry Shostakovich Nikolai Miaskovsky Vissarion Shebalin . His music was performed by such prominent orchestras as London Symphony Orchestra, Pittsburgh Symphony, Staatskapelle Dresden, Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, Moscow Chamber Orchestra, Leningrad Chamber Orchestra of Early and Modern Music, TV and Radio of the USSR Large Symphony Orchestra (P.Tchaikovsky Large Symphony Orchestra) and some others, with conductors A.Gauk, S.Samosud, K.Kondrashin, G.Rozhdenstvensky, R.Barshai, M.Janssons, V.Fedoseyev, E.Serov, W.Sinaisky, V.Gergiev and by soloists G.Vishnevskaia, G.Pisarenko, M.Rostropovich, V.Pikaizen, E.Moskvitina, A.Rudin and others. You can find here biographical data , main works, discography, scores

    16. Composer
    Pyotr'Ilyich tchaikovsky (18401893). tchaikovsky was one of the earlierstudents of the St. Orchestral Music. tchaikovsky wrote six symphonies.

    17. Classical Music MIDI Page
    Files and biographical information of a number of popular composers including Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninov and tchaikovsky.
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    18. Musica Classica - Classical Music - Klassische Musik - Karadar Bertoldi Ensemble
    Karadar Dictionary entry with life, works, catalogue, operas, portraits and other illustrations, related composers, MIDI audio samples, and libretti and song texts.
    Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky Life Works Operas Catalogue ... Home Page Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky Life
    Tchaikovsky was one of the earlier students of the St. Petersburg Conservatory established by Anton Rubinstein , completing his studies there to become a member of the teaching staff at the similar institution established in Moscow by Anton Rubinstein 's brother Nikolay. He was able to withdraw from teaching when a rich widow, Nadezhda von Meck, offered him financial support which continued for much of his life, although, according to the original conditions of the pension, they never met. His music is thoroughly Russian in character, but, although he was influenced by Balakirev and the ideals of the Five Russian nationalist composers (with Cui Borodine Rimski-Korsakov and Moussorgski ), he may be seen as belonging rather to the more international school of composition fostered by the Conservatories that Balakirev so much deplored. Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky Works
    Two above all of Tchaikovsky's operas have retained a place in international repertoire. Eugene Onegin, based on a work by Pushkin, was written in 1877, the year of the composer's disastrous and brief attempt at marriage.

    Similar pages Boris tchaikovsky You have entered the site devoted to Boris tchaikovsky, great composer of XX century. Moreover,you can listen fragments from Boris tchaikovsky's pieces.

    20. Composer
    Brief biographical sketch, caricature, relationship with tchaikovsky, summary of his orchestral and chamber music, and Naxos discography., Sergey Ivanovich

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