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         Copland Aaron:     more books (104)
  1. What to Listen For in Music by Aaron Copland, 2009-03-03
  2. Aaron Copland and His World (The Bard Music Festival)
  3. What to Listen for in Music (Mentor) by Aaron Copland, 1967
  4. Music and Imagination (Charles Eliot Norton Lectures) by Aaron Copland, 1980-08-05
  5. Art Songs and Arias: Medium/Low Voice (Boosey & Hawkes Voice)
  6. Aaron Copland: THE LIFE AND WORK OF AN UNCOMMON MAN (Music in American Life) by Howard Pollack, 2000-03-08
  7. Copland on Music by Aaron Copland, 1963-01-01
  8. Old American Songs Complete Low Voice (Bk/CD) with Piano Accompaniments (Boosey & Hawkes Voice) by Aaron Copland, 2009-06-01
  9. Orchestral Anthology - Volume 1: The Masterworks Library (Boosey & Hawkes Masterworks Library)
  10. Aaron Copland (Getting to Know the World's Greatest Composers) by Mike Venezia, 1995-09
  11. Music for the Common Man: Aaron Copland during the Depression and War by Elizabeth Bergman Crist, 2009-01-12
  12. The Selected Correspondence of Aaron Copland by Aaron Copland, 2006-04-26
  13. Aaron Copland: A Reader: Selected Writings, 1923-1972
  14. Copland : 1900 through 1942 by Aaron Copland, Vivian Perlis, 1994-01-01

1. SPECTRUM Biographies - Aaron Copland
Researched by Rachel Sahlman for the home and school magazine. Includes premium links to purchase Category Arts Music Composition Composers C Copland, Aaron......Aaron Copland Fanfare for the Common Man Researcher Rachel Sahlman Artist DickStrandberg Aaron Copland, one of America's greatest composers, was the fifth
Aaron Copland
"Fanfare for the Common Man"
Researcher: Rachel Sahlman Artist: Dick Strandberg
Aaron Copland, one of America's greatest composers, was the fifth child born into a family of Russian-Jewish immigrants in Brooklyn, New York. He was born on November 14, 1900. However, it was not until he reached his teens that Copland began to show an interest in music. He learned to play the piano from his older sister Laurine, and in less than one year, Copland had learned everything she could teach him. Following much pestering of his father, Copland was allowed to take formal lessons. After attending his first concert at age 15, Copland decided to become a composer.
Upon graduating high school, Copland studied harmony and counterpoint through a correspondence course, a very difficult way to learn music. He was then referred to Rubin Goldmark, who was a specialist in harmony. Copland dreamt of studying music in France, and for the next several years, he saved his money and continued to practice. In 1920, Copland was granted a scholarship, and in the summer of 1921, he traveled to the American Conservatory at Fontainebleau.
In France, Copland studied with Nadia Boulanger and became her first American student in composition. Copland studied in France for three years, then returned to New York with a commission from his teacher. While working as a pianist in a Pennsylvania resort, Copland composed the Symphony for Organ and Orchestra, for Boulanger's American appearances. The work premiered at Carnegie Hall with the New York Symphony Orchestra, under conductor Walter Damrosch.

2. Classical Net - Basic Repertoire List - Copland
Copland basic repertoire list.Category Arts Music Composition Composers C Copland, Aaron......Aaron Copland. As much as anyone, Aaron Copland established American concert musicthrough his compositions, polemics, promotions, and just plain hard work.
Aaron Copland
As much as anyone, Aaron Copland established American concert music through his compositions, polemics, promotions, and just plain hard work. He belongs to a generation of composers - along with Virgil Thomson Roy Harris , and Walter Piston - which not only raised our native music to a thoroughly professional level, but put it on an equal footing with contemporary developments in European modernism. As Stravinsky once remarked, "Why call Copland a great American composer? He's a great composer." Copland's music, after his juvenalia, falls into three large periods. In the first two, he concerns himself with, among other things, trying to find a serious style which sounds American, rather than European. His main teacher, Nadia Boulanger, encouraged him in this, usually pointing out (to her) odd rhythms in his work. Copland had not noticed them before, because they were part of him. As Leonard Bernstein noted, they were the rhythms of someone who had grown up with jazz and American pop, although not necessarily jazz rhythms. As a young man in his 20s, he composes a ballet Grohg (later reworked as the Dance Symphony ) to an Expressionist libretto by the theater critic Harold Clurman. The rhythms in the faster sections gave some very well-known European conductors fits. Again, they weren't precisely the jazz of the time, but they would have fit right into be-bop. In his first period during the 1920s, he tries out his own brand of symphonic jazz in such works as

3. Copland Aaron Rovics Howard Falla Manuel De Faure Gabriel Strauss Richard A Song
copland aaron Rovics Howard Falla Manuel de Faure Gabriel Strauss RichardA Song Recital IMPORT. copland aaron Rovics Howard Falla
Copland Aaron Rovics Howard Falla Manuel de Faure Gabriel Strauss Richard A Song Recital [IMPORT]
A Song Recital [IMPORT]
Copland Aaron Rovics Howard Falla Manuel de Faure Gabriel Strauss Richard
CD audio
Ariztia El Legado De Ariztia [...

Entrain Entrain [IMPORT]...

Sumo El Legado De Sumo [IMPORT...

Craig Mary Kundun...

4. Copland: Rodeo/Billy The Kid [IMPORT] Copland Aaron Bernstein Leonard
Copland Rodeo/Billy The Kid IMPORT copland aaron Bernstein Leonard. Auteurcopland aaron Bernstein Leonard. Titre Copland Rodeo/Billy The Kid IMPORT.
Copland: Rodeo/Billy The Kid [IMPORT] Copland Aaron Bernstein Leonard
Auteur: Copland Aaron Bernstein Leonard
Titre: Copland: Rodeo/Billy The Kid [IMPORT]
Rubriques: CD audio
Rubriques 3: Rodeo complete ballet I: Buckaroo Holiday Rodeo complete ballet II: Corral Nocturne Rodeo complete ballet III: Saturday Night Waltz Rodeo complete ballet IV: Hoe Down Billy the Kid orchestral suite from the ballet
The Byrds Original Singles, Vo...

Joe Perry Project I've Got the...

Art Garfunkel Scissors Cut [IM...


5. Aaron Copland - CD Shop Musica Bona
Francesco (18661950) Cilea Francesco (1866-1950) Cimarosa Domenico (1749-1801) ClarkeJeremiah (1673-1707) Clementi Muzio (1752-1832) copland aaron (1900-1990
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7. WIEM: Copland Aaron
( World Polska Leksykon Encyklopedia C......copland aaron, wlasciwie A. Caplan, Kaplan (19001990), amerykanski kompozytor,tworzyl przede wszystkim kompozycje orkiestrowe, symfonie napisz do nas losuj: has³a multimedia Muzyka, Stany Zjednoczone
Copland Aaron widok strony
znajd¼ podobne

poka¿ powi±zane
Copland Aaron , w³a¶ciwie A. Caplan, Kaplan (1900-1990), amerykañski kompozytor, tworzy³ przede wszystkim kompozycje orkiestrowe, symfonie, balety, pie¶ni, opery , oraz muzykê filmow± i teatraln±. Na pocz±tku swojej kariery wystêpowa³ jako pianista, przez parê lat równie¿ jako dyrygent, wspó³pracowa³ tak¿e z wieloma czasopismami, dla których pisa³ artyku³y o tematyce zwi±zanej z muzyk±, prowadzi³ dzia³alno¶æ pedagogiczn±. Kompozycje Coplanda charakteryzuje prostota i komunikatywno¶æ czêsto bywaj± one przemieszaniem wielu muzycznych elementów: jazzu, folku, neoklasycyzmu, dedekafonii. Wa¿niejsze dzie³a Coplanda to balet Appalachian Spring (1944), opera The Tender Land Koncert fortepianowy Inscape Powi±zania American Ballet Theatre Neumeier John Bernstein Leonard Barber Samuel ... do góry Encyklopedia zosta³a opracowana na podstawie Popularnej Encyklopedii Powszechnej Wydawnictwa Fogra

8. Music From The Movies: Celluliod Copland (Aaron Copland)
CELLULOID copland aaron Copland MMMMm. Aaron Copland's touching and moving scorehas been arranged into a wonderful balanced suite by Jonathan Sheffer.
Music composed by:
Aaron Copland
Conducted by:
Jonathan Sheffer
Orchestrated by:
Produced by:
Robert Woods
Performed by:
Eos Orchestra
TELARC CD-80583 Year of release: Total duration: OUR RATINGS: MMMMM - Classic MMMM - Excellent MMM Recommended with reservations MM - Poor M - Bad
Search for and buy Celluliod Copland at Amazon!
Review by Andrew Keech Aaron Copland was one of America's most important composers, being the major influence on the style and feel of American classical and to some extent film music during the middle of the twentieth century and he has left a legacy that will affect composers for years to come. This release from Telarc, inspired by the hundredth anniversary of the composer's birth, is therefore highly significant as it contains premiere recordings of four scores which demonstrate Aaron Copland's versatility and style in the late thirties and forties, probably his most creative period. The first featured score was commissioned for the 1939 World's Fair to create a backdrop for a puppet show in the Hall of Pharmacy. The work, entitled From Sorcery To Science is deliciously Copland and full of glimpses of his many distinctive styles. The suite contains highly entertaining pastiches from around the world and through history as Chinese medicine, witches, alchemists, African Voodoo and the "modern" pharmacist are showcased in turn. The finale, 'March Of The Americas" is particularly memorable, displaying oceans of optimism and patriotism.

9. The Symphonic Organ Copland Aaron Friedell Harold Franck Cesar Mussorgsky Modest
The Symphonic Organ copland aaron Friedell Harold Franck Cesar Mussorgsky Modest. Authorcopland aaron Friedell Harold Franck Cesar Mussorgsky Modest.
The Symphonic Organ Copland Aaron Friedell Harold Franck Cesar Mussorgsky Modest
Title: The Symphonic Organ
Subject: Classical
Author: Copland Aaron Friedell Harold Franck Cesar Mussorgsky Modest
Mikasa Flame D'Amore Crys...
Franciscan Apple Dinnerwa...



10. Copland Aaron
copland aaron Lucidcafés Profile of Aaron Copland Weve Moved! Please update yourbookmarks and links. Aaron Copland Icon of American culture 19001990.

11. American Masters . Aaron Copland | PBS
aaron copland was one of the most respected American classical composers of the twentieth century. By incorporating popular forms of American music such as jazz and folk into his compositions, he created pieces both exceptional and innovative. As a
A aron Copland was one of the most respected American classical composers of the twentieth century. By incorporating popular forms of American music such as jazz and folk into his compositions, he created pieces both exceptional and innovative. As a spokesman for the advancement of indigenous American music, Copland made great strides in liberating it from European influence. Today, ten years after his death, Copland's life and work continue to inspire many of America's young composers. Martha Graham 's "Appalachian Spring" (1944), for which he won the Pulitzer Prize. Both ballets presented views of American country life that corresponded to the folk traditions Copland was interested in. Probably the most important and successful composition from this time was his patriotic "A Lincoln Portrait" (1942). The piece for voice and orchestra presents quotes from Lincoln's writings narrated over Copland's musical composition.
Leonard Bernstein
Harold Clurman Martha Graham Paris ...
Heritage Association

12. Featured Subject: Aaron Copland
Kentucky Educational Television's distance learning program presents music and book reviews and articles by and about him from fromthe archives of The New York Times.
Featured Subject: Aaron Copland
With News and Reviews From the Archives of The New York Times In This Feature
  • Reviews of Aaron Copland's Music
  • Reviews of Aaron Copland's Books
  • Articles About Aaron Copland
  • Articles by Aaron Copland Audio
  • Excerpts From the Music of Aaron Copland Related Links
  • John Rockwell Reviews Howard Pollack's 'Aaron Copland' (March 14, 1999)
  • First Chapter: 'Aaron Copland'
    The Associated Press Aaron Copland in 1956. REVIEWS OF AARON COPLAND'S MUSIC:
  • Copland Gives First of 'One-Man' Concerts (October 12, 1935)
    An all-Copland program included an early performance of "El Salon Mexico."
  • Audio Excerpt from 'El Salon Mexico'
  • 'Second Hurricane' in World Premiere (April 22, 1937)
    "Copland's musical efforts were largely confined to choral numbers and these, with their lack of melodic inspiration, their constant repetition of empty, dry phrases, soon grew wearisome, especially as they wanted mood with few exceptions and merely halted the action."
  • Copland 'Short Symphony' Has Premiere Here (January 10, 1944)
    "In more recent years Mr. Copland has chosen to write in a much simpler and more direct manner . . . The symphony, being both abstract and in the less effective early style, cannot be reckoned among its composer's important contributions to the literature."
  • 13. The Aaron Copland Collection: Ca. 1900-1990
    Library of Congress entry allows browsing by musical sketches, writings, correspondence, photographs, Category Arts Music Composition Composers C copland, aaron...... The inaugural online presentation of the aaron copland Collection at the Libraryof Congress celebrates the centennial of the birth of the American composer
    The Library of Congress
    Music Division, Library of Congress
    Search Browse by Musical Sketches Writings Correspondence Photographs ... Works List The inaugural online presentation of the Aaron Copland Collection at the Library of Congress celebrates the centennial of the birth of the American composer Aaron Copland (1900-1990). The multiformat Aaron Copland Collection from which the online collection derives spans the years 1910 to 1990 and includes approximately 400,000 items documenting the multifaceted life of an extraordinary person who was composer, performer, teacher, writer, conductor, commentator, and administrator. It comprises both manuscript and printed music, personal and business correspondence, diaries, writings, scrapbooks, programs, newspaper and magazine clippings, photographs, awards, books, sound recordings, and motion pictures. The first release of the online collection contains approximately 1,000 items that yield a total of about 5,000 images. These items date from 1899 to 1981, with most from the 1920s through the 1950s, and were selected from Copland's music sketches correspondence writings , and photographs The mission of the Library of Congress is to make its resources available and useful to Congress and the American people and to sustain and preserve a universal collection of knowledge and creativity for future generations. The goal of the Library's National Digital Library Program is to offer broad public access to a wide range of historical and cultural documents as a contribution to education and lifelong learning.

    Information about his operatic works, especially the both the two and the three act versions of The Tender Land.
    Aaron Copland
    Born: 14 Nov. 1900, Brooklyn, NY
    Died: 2 Dec. 1990, Peekeskill, NY (U.S. Opera Home Page)
    • The Second Hurricane, for high school students with chorus of parents, libretto by Edwin Denby (1938)
    • The Tender Land, opera in 2 acts; (1 April 1954, NY City Opera)
    • The Tender Land [rev. in 3 acts] (1955)
    About Aaron Copland
    One of the most influential American composers of the twentieth century, Copland nevertheless did not find success with either of his operas. The Tender Land is still occasionally heard, but not as often as the work's quality warrants.
    (Search for music by Aaron Copland
    • The Tender Land. Bohn/Comeaux/Dressen/Fristad, Plymouth Music Series/Brunelle, 1990.
      Compact disc: Virgin Classics VCD-7-91113-2
      Compact disc: Musical Heritage Society MHS 522834L.
    • The Tender Land, complete chamber version (premiere rec. of this version). Hanson/Vargas/Zeller/MacNeil, Third Angle New Music Ensemble/Sidlin, 1999.
      Compact disc: Koch 7480.
    • The Tender Land (complete?), on

    15. Aaron Copland Icon Of American Culture 1900-1990
    Short biography from The Timid Soul's Guide to Classical Music.Category Arts Music Composition Composers C copland, aaron......aaron copland Icon of American culture 19001990. Only with the 1930swork of aaron copland did American music find its own loping voice.
    Aaron Copland: Icon of American culture 1900-1990
    American composers wrote with a German accent in the 19th century, and adopted a more fashionable French accent early in the 20th century. Only with the 1930s work of Aaron Copland did American music find its own loping voice. Copland's music just before, during and after World War II defined the American style. Great Americana film scores from Elmer Bernstein's ``To Kill a Mockingbird'' and ``The Magnificent Seven'' to Randy Newman's ``The Natural'' are homages to the Copland sound and attitude. Copland himself wrote eight film scores, including ``Of Mice and Men,'' ``The Red Pony'' and ``The Heiress.'' But he really launched the Americana movement not on the silver screen but in the concert hall and on the ballet stage. His greatest strength as a composer was his simplicity of expression, his ability to make a musical point memorably but without fuss. That's why three of his six ballet scores - ``Rodeo,'' ``Billy the Kid'' and ``Appalachian Spring'' - are loved even by people who hate modern music. Copland's first works, in the 1920s and '30s, were self-consciously avant-garde for their time, with brashly dissonant harmonies. Copland was committed to tonality, but primitivism had been in vogue since Stravinsky's ``The Rite of Spring'' premiered just before World War I.

    16. Copland House
    aaron copland's long-time home near New York City now administered as a composers' retreat and creative Category Arts Music Composition Composers C copland, aaron......Welcome to the web site of copland House, aaron copland's longtime home near NewYork City, recently restored as a unique composers' retreat and creative

    Copland House

    Life and Works

    Music from Copland House

    Friends of Copland House
    ... Contact Us Welcome to the web site of Copland House, Aaron Copland's long-time home near New York City, recently restored as a unique composers' retreat and creative center for American music. This site was designed as a resource for information about Copland House activities as well as Copland's life and work. To learn more about Copland House's history, programs, and membership information, click on areas of the photo of Aaron Copland's studio (above), or use the links. NEW! Join Friends of Copland House or renew your contribution online Aaron Copland: A Self-Portrait , the acclaimed film by Vivian Perlis and Allan Miller, is available here
    Contact Information
    General information and inquiries:
    Telephone Fax Address
    PO Box 2177, Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567 (USA)
    Photo credits: Richard Bowditch, J. Henry Fair, Marion Gold, Bohdan Oszycka (Copland House sketch), Christian Steiner, Susan Wilson Any use of the photographs or text on this web site without written permission is strictly prohibited.

    17. Composer
    aaron copland (19001990). Simply put, aaron copland is one of themost important composers of the twentieth century. He codified, Aaron

    18. Aaron Copland (1900-1990)
    Library of Congress citations.

    Aaron Copland (1900-1990)
    : Library of Congress Citations
    The Little Search Engine that Could
    Down to Name Citations LC Online Catalog Amazon Search Book Citations [29 Records] Author: Copland, Aaron, 1900- Title: Music and imagination. Published: Cambridge, Harvard University Press, 1952. Description: 116 p. 22 cm. Series: The Charles Elliot Norton lectures, 1951-52 LC Call No.: ML3853 .C7 Dewey No.: 780.1 Subjects: Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.). Music 20th century History and criticism. Imagination. *vk12 010 090 11-28-90 Control No.: 52009385 /L/MN/r902 Author: Smith, Julia, 1911- Title: Aaron Copland, his work and contribution to American music. Edition: [1st ed.] Published: New York, Dutton, 1955. Description: 336 p. port., music. 22 cm. LC Call No.: ML410.C756 S5 Dewey No.: 927.8 Notes: Bibliographical citations included in "Notes" (p. [323]-328) "List of musical works": p. [299]-311. "List of recordings": p. [312]-318. "Critical works": p. [319]-322. Subjects: Copland, Aaron, 1900- Criticism and interpretation. Control No.: 55009659 /MN/r912 Author: Posner, David Louis. Title: The deserted altar, and other poems. Edition: [1st ed.] Published: New York, Harcourt, Brace [1957] Description: 58 p. 22 cm. LC Call No.: PS3531.O7642 D4 Dewey No.: 811/.5/4 Other authors: Copland, Aaron, 1900- donor. Control No.: 57006653 /L/r943

    19. The Aaron Copland School Of Music
    Queens College City University of New York. Located in Flushing.
    ...loading page...

    20. EMORY UNIVERSITY: 20th-Century Music: Aaron Copland
    Emory University outline of his life includes list of works.

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