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         Bingen Hildegard Von:     more books (100)
  1. Hildegard von Bingen's Mystical Visions: Translated from Scivias by Hildegard von Bingen, 1995
  2. Hildegard von Bingen's Physica: The Complete English Translation of Her Classic Work on Health and Healing
  3. Scarlet Music: A Life of Hildegard Von Bingen (Crossroad fiction program) by Joan O'Hanneson, 1997-04-01
  4. Hildegard's Healing Plants: From Her Medieval Classic Physica by Hildegard Von Bingen, 2002-05-11
  5. Meditation Chants of Hildegard Von Bingen by Norma Gentile, 1997-06
  6. Vision: The Life and Music of Hildegard von Bingen by Hildegard of Bingen, Barbara Newman, 1995-11-01
  7. Vita Sanctae Hildegardis =: Leben der heiligen Hildegard von Bingen. Canonizatio Sanctae Hildegardis = Kanonisation der heiligen Hildegard (Fontes Christiani) (German Edition) by Godefridus, 1998
  8. Das Hildegard-von- Bingen - Kochbuch. Die besten Rezepte der Hildegard- Küche. by Wighard Strehlow, 1996-01-01
  9. Hildegard Von Bingen: Webster's Timeline History, 1914 - 2007 by Icon Group International, 2009-02-20
  10. Lieder. by Hildegard von Bingen, Pudentiana Barth, et all 1992-01-01
  11. Hildegard von Bingen. Die Biographie. by Eberhard Horst, 2002-06-01
  12. Hildegard von Bingen 2009 by Unknown., 2008
  13. "Die brennende Vernunft": Studien zur Semantik der "rationalitas" bei Hildegard von Bingen (Mystik in Geschichte und Gegenwart) (German Edition) by Fabio Chavez Alvarez, 1991
  14. Gesund und schmackhaft kochen mit der hl. Hildegard von Bingen. by Ellen Breindl, 1993-10-01

1. Hildegard Von Bingen
Biographical data, recommended CDs, books and sheet music, bibliography, and links to biographical Category Society Religion and Spirituality......Hildegard von Bingen. Hildegard of Bingen by Sabina Flanagan. Other InformationHildegard von Bingen was Abbess of Rupertsburg and a mystical poet and singer.
Hildegard, von
Hildegard von Bingen
Hildegard of Bingen
by Sabina Flanagan Period: Medieval
Born: 1098 in Bemersheim, Germany
Died: 1179 in Rupertsburg, Germany
Nation of Origin: Germany
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Major Works:

Symphonia armonie celestium revelationum (a collection of her poems set to music)
Ordo Virtutum (a morality play) Other Information: Hildegard von Bingen was Abbess of Rupertsburg and a mystical poet and singer. She began to record her religious visions in the form of poetry beginning about 1150. She also provided melodic outlines using a primitive system of neumes that have allowed contemporary scholars to create educated guesses about what her music sounded like. Hildegard is known for mystical and florid interpretations of plainchant. She is one of the first identifiable composers in the history of western music. General Bibliography: Kennedy, Michael, The Oxford Dictionary of Music, Oxford University Press, 2nd Edition, 1997, ISBN: 0198691629 Reese, Gustave, ... The Rise of Music in the Ancient World , Sadie, Stanley and Tyrrell, John; Editors, The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians

2. Patron Saints Index: Blessed Hildegard Von Bingen
Profile of Hildegard von Bingen. Illustrated.Category Society Religion and Spirituality......HILDEGARD von BINGEN. Also known as Sybil of the Rhine Memorial 17 SeptemberProfile At a time when few women wrote, Hildegard produced
Also known as
Sybil of the Rhine
17 September
At a time when few women wrote, Hildegard produced major works of theology and visionary writings . When few women were accorded respect, she was consulted by and advised bishops popes , and kings . She used the curative powers of natural objects for healing, and wrote treatises about natural history and the medicinal uses of plants, animals, trees and stones. She is the first composer whose biography is known. Founded a vibrant convent, where her musical plays were performed. Although not yet canonized, Hildegard has been beatified, and is frequently referred to as Saint Hildegard. Revival of interest in this extraordinary woman of the middle ages was initiated by musicologists and historians of science and religion. Less fortunately, Hildegard's visions and music had been hijacked by the New Age movement, whose music bears some resemblance to Hildegard's ethereal airs. Her story is important to all students of medieval history and culture, and an inspirational account of an irresistible spirit and vibrant intellect overcoming social, physical, cultural, gender barriers to achieve timeless transcendence.
Hildegard was born the 10th child (a tithe) to a noble family. As was customary with the tenth child, which the family could not count on feeding, she was dedicated at birth to the church. The girl started to have visions of luminous objects at the age of three, but soon realized she was unique in this ability and hid this gift for many years.

3. Die Heilige Hildegard bingen hildegard von. (B). Denn ich bin krank vor Liebe.Beuys, Barbara. Hildegard von Bingen Heilende Blumen
Die heilige Hildegard
(1098 bis 1179)
Adelgundis Führkötter
Benediktinerin der Abtei St. Hildegard , Rüdesheim
in: Bingen, Geschichte einer Stadt am Mittelrhein, Vom frühen Mittelalter bis zum 19. Jahrhundert
herausgegeben im Auftrag der Stadt Bingen von Helmut Mathy

4. Classical Net - Basic Repertoire List - Hildegard Von Bingen
Hildegard von Bingen. (1098 1179). German abbess and mystic, oneof the earliest known female composers. Hildegard's musical and
Hildegard von Bingen
German abbess and mystic, one of the earliest known female composers. Hildegard's musical and literary output is immense, including religious treatises, plays, and "abstract" music. The latter is monophonic, in the style of Gregorian chant, making use of the primary forms of the time: sequence, hymn, etc. Her melodic contours are consistently original; being based on mystical visions, they usually have an ecstatic quality.
~ Todd McComb Additional Information:
Responsoria, Antiphons and Sequences /RCA Deutsche Harmonia Mundi Editio Classica 77020-2-RG
Antiphons and Sequences /Hyperion CDA66039
Christopher Page/Gothic Voices
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5. Who2 Profile: Hildegard Von Bingen
Christian visionary, composer. Vital statistics, very brief biography, "four good links".Category Society Religion and Spirituality......HILDEGARD VON BINGEN • Christian Visionary/Composer. Hildegard von BingenLyrics In Latin and English, plus with some Hildegard Web links.
HILDEGARD VON BINGEN Christian Visionary/Composer Hildegard of Bingen began having visions as a child, but it wasn't until she was in her forties that her revelations in Christianity made her turn to composing. She founded convents and wrote plays, liturgies and hymns in praise of saints. Incredibly prolific, she was also considered a healer and early theologian and she was venerated in the church. Her compositions continue to be performed and recorded today. Hildegard of Bingen
Good introduction to who she was exactly Hildegard von Bingen Lyrics
In Latin and English, plus with some Hildegard Web links Hildegard of Bingen
Focus on her work, with details on her music St. Hildegard
Detailed Catholic Encyclopedia bio Birth:

Nahe, Germany Death:
September 1179 Best Known As:
Medieval prophet, healer and composer
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7. Hildegard Von Bingen Bingen Hildegard Von Ligges Wulf Schipperges Heinrich Im Li
Translate this page Hildegard von Bingen bingen hildegard von Ligges Wulf SchippergesHeinrich Im Licht der Jahreszeiten. Hildegard von Bingen Bingen
Hildegard von Bingen Bingen Hildegard von Ligges Wulf Schipperges Heinrich Im Licht der Jahreszeiten
Titel: Im Licht der Jahreszeiten
Autor: Hildegard von Bingen Bingen Hildegard von Ligges Wulf Schipperges Heinrich
Mai Willi, Petzold Lean Sage...

Mai Willi, Petzold Lean Sage...

File Norbert, Porsch Ch Pers...

Gradl Veronica Wachsam wachse...

8. Von Den Elementen - Von Den Metallen Bingen Hildegard Von
Translate this page Von den Elementen - Von den Metallen bingen hildegard von. Titel Vonden Elementen - Von den Metallen. Autor bingen hildegard von.
Von den Elementen - Von den Metallen Bingen Hildegard von
Titel: Von den Elementen - Von den Metallen.
Autor: Bingen Hildegard von
Rubrik: Naturwissenschaften Technik allg. Hildegard von Bingen
Achleitner Friedrich KAAAS. D...

Einzinger Erwin Blaue Bilder ...

Wagner Antonie Den dreizehnte...

Prelovsek Damjan Josef Plecni...

9. Hildegard Von Bingen
Hildegard von Bingen. Hildegard Von Bingen has been agree to our full terms.Review the full terms by clicking here. hildegard von bingen.
Hildegard von Bingen
Hildegard Von Bingen has been claimed as one of their own by Catholics, feminists, musicians, scientists, and New Age devotees. In reality, she was a woman ahead of her time, but one deeply attached to tradition and mindful of her duties to the Church. Hildegard was born at Bockelheim on the Nahe in 1098. Her family was one of wealth and nobility, and probably went by the name of Stein. Her father was a professional soldier under the Count of Spanheim. Her parents, Mathilda and Hildebert, dedicated this tenth child to God, and from an early age she learned to sing and chant in Latin, though she was not taught to read and write. Hildegard began to have supernatural visions at the age of three, but did not reveal this gift to others for many years. bodyOffer(26763) At the age of eight, Hildegard was placed in the care of an anchoress named Jutta. Anchoresses were not average nuns. Their life was far more solitary and brutal. They lived alone in cells, having food passed to them through a small window, and spent most of their time in meditation or handiwork. Jutta had been a woman blessed with material wealth and beauty, but had turned her back on the world in favor of the religious life. Hildegard emulated Jutta for the rest of her life. She was invested with the habit of St. Benedict while still in her teens. When Hildegard was 38 years old, Jutta died, and Hildegard was made mother superior. In 1147, a vision commanded her to move her convent and eighteen sisters to Rupertsberg, near the town of Bingen, on the left bank of the Rhine. Approximately 20 years later, she founded another convent on the right side of the Rhine at Eibingen.

10. Hildegard Von Bingen
Anniversaries for years 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008. Hildegard von Bingen.Picture of Hildegard von Bingen. (Sent by Peter Lang from Music on stamps)

11. Hildegard Von Bingen
Hildegard von Bingen. 1089 1179. My new song must float like a feather on thebreath of God. Hildegard von Bingen. E-mail me at
Hildegard von Bingen
Holy Spirit, The Life That Gives Life,
You are the cause of all movement;
You are the breath of all creatures;
You are the salve that purifies our souls;
You are the ointment that heals our wounds;
You are the fire that warms our hearts;
You are the light that guides our feet.
Let all the world praise you. A 12th century abbess, Hildegard of Bingen was the most celebrated woman of her age as a visionary, naturalist, playwright, poet and composer, as well as politician. Although not yet canonized, Hildegard has been beatified, and is frequently referred to as St. Hildegard. This web page used to say that Hildegard was tried by the church as a heretic in 1148. It was brought to my attention by Denise Starkey, a Dominican sister and Hildegard scholar, that Hildegard of Bingen was not tried as a heretic. I asked Denise if Hildegard had ever come close to being tried, and here is Denise's response: "I believe that Hildegard had a number of encounters with the church as she was quite willing to confront the popes, bishops and emperors who she felt needed to be set back on the right course. She received perpetual protection from Emp. Barbarossa which did not stop her from fileting him with words. In the last year of her life, her convent was put under interdict (no music/eucharist) for supposedly burying an unconfessed soldeier in her cemetary; however, she fought the powers that be and that was lifted. That was the closest the church ever came to sanctioning her, to my knowledge."

12. Hildegard Von Bingen
Hildegard von Bingen. As much as the name of Mirabai in India, thatof Hildegard von Bingen spells reverence in Germany. Both saintly
Hildegard von Bingen As much as the name of Mirabai in India, that of Hildegard von Bingen spells reverence in Germany. Both saintly ladies had a tremendous influence in their respective societies, Mirabai for spreading the message of the bhakti movement during the 16th century, and Hildegard von Bingen as abbot of the benedictinian monastery on the Rupertsberg near Bingen on the Rhine, as a mystic, medicinal healer and advisor to popes, emperors and princes. Both are considered one of the most important women of the Middle Ages. German News is bringing a tribute to Hildegard von Bingen on the 900th anniversary of her birth. In 1098 Hildegard von Bingen was born into a noble family of Bermersheim (Rhinehesse) and was educated from her eighth year onwards in the benedictinian monastery of Disibodenberg. Her education basically consisted of instructions in singing of religious songs and handicrafts. In 1136 Hildegard became the abbot of this monastery and founded new monasteries on Rupertsberg near Bingen and in Eibingen. As highly sensitive person with a deeply inquisitive nature and scholarly disposition, she wrote numerous treatises on theology, natural sciences, medicine and general knowledge. She also became known as author of musical compositions and religious songs. What a powerful mind Hildegard von Bingen must have had that her mystical experiences, her writings and her musical compositions are still relevant today!

13. Hildegard Von Bingen
HILDEGARD von bingen. © 2002 Jeff Thompson.
HILDEGARD von bingen

14. Hildegard Of Bingen
Sabina Flanagan hildegard von bingen; St. Wolfgang Schuhmacher hildegardvon bingen; Nancy Fierro hildegard's Music and Discography;
Hildegard of Bingen
HILDEGARD FESTIVAL of Women in the Arts, March 20-22, 2003
California State University Stanislaus, Turlock, California


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    First Hildegard-page in Bingen, since 23 January 1996
    This WWW-page is located at the Johannes Gutenberg-University
  • 15. Hildegard Von Bingen - A Discography
    hildegard von bingen A Discography. Extensive. By Pierre-F. Roberge.Category Society Religion and Spirituality Works......hildegard von bingen (10981179) - A discography. PART I - hildegard von bingen'SWORKS. SYMPHONIAE. I. Father and Son. 1. Responsory O vis eternitatis.
    Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) - A discography
    For comments, additions and corrections
    Last update: 02/28/2003 This is to the best of my knowledge a complete discography of Hildegard von Bingen. It will be regularly updated as soon I am aware of corrections or additions.
      I suggest that you refer to Roland Horst's website , one of the most complete sites on Hildegard von Bingen. There you will find many links that will probably answer most of your questions. It is also worth mentioning the book "VISION, The Life and Music of Hildegard von Bingen", compiled and edited by Jane Bobko, Penguin Studio, 1995. An overview of Hildegard's life can also be found in the periodical "Goldberg", 2/98, pp. 24-35.
    This discography lists Hildegard's work according to the order stated in Barbara Newman's book " Hildegard of Bingen - Symphonia, A Critical Edition of the Symphonia armonie celestium revelationum" (Ithaca and London Cornell University Press, 2nd ed., 1998). Hildegard composed 43 antiphons, 18 responsories, 4 hymns and 7 sequences, 2 symphonies (virgin and widows) and three unique pieces (Alleluia, Kyrie and O viridissima virga) for a total of 77 works.
    This discography is divided into three parts: Part I lists all the works attributed to Hildegard von Bingen. The entry refers to the

    16. Univ. Of Mainz - Hildegard Von Bingen
    Supplies photographs of historical sites, a discography of hildegard's music, and essays examining her lasting legacy to music and theology.
    You will be forwarded to the correct URL.

    17. Performing The Music Of Hildegard Von Bingen, By Bernard D. Sherman [reprinted F
    Article by Bernard D. Sherman, from The Los Angeles Times.
    The Hottest 900-Year-Old on the Charts by Bernard D. Sherman
    Musicians mark the birthday of Hildegard von Bingen, queen of the really old school, with radically varied interpretations of her works and debates about what paths stay true to her spirit
    This article first appeared in The Los Angeles Times, Sunday, August 9, 1998. It is reprinted by permission. My book Inside Early Music includes a chapter on Hildegard, an interview with Barbara Thornton. For the LA Times article, I interviewed the by-then ailing Thornton again, as well as Christopher Page (of Gothic Voices) and Susan Hellauer (of Anonymous 4), both of whom speak in my book about other topics. After a long battle with cancer, Thornton died in November, 1998; a short tribute to her is posted at my Web site . My interview with Page included some other interesting views on Hildegard; you can read it by clicking here
    W hat do you do for an icon on her 900th birthday? You interpret her — and then, to liven things up, you argue about it. This year is the big 9-0-0 for Hildegard of Bingen, the 12th-century abbess who has become a '90s cult figure. She is undoubtedly our only celebrity composer with a short-form bio that reads “mystic, theologian, naturalist, herbalist, poet, and adviser to emperors.”

    18. Lyrichord Reference Center - Hildegard Von Bingen
    A brief biography of St. hildegard, from Lyrichord.ComCategory Society Religion and Spirituality......cover LEMS 8027, hildegard von bingen. Gifted singer, teacher, writer,Auric Healer, and specialist on hildegard von bingen, Norma
    LEMS 8027
    Hildegard von Bingen
    Gifted singer, teacher, writer, Auric Healer, and specialist on Hildegard von Bingen, Norma Gentile presents us with a concise working overview of the life and work of the Twelth Century, German visionary. This short biography is the perfect companion peice to Gentile's best selling Lyrichord CD, Unfurling Love's Creation. LONG AGO, BUT NOT SO FAR AWAY, Hildegard's own writings indicate that she was born as the tenth child into a wealthy family in 1098. Had she married, her responsibilities would have been those typical of managing a large and noble household. She would have overseen the servants, made or arranged for purchases of food and goods for the household, born several children, entertained and seen to the welfare of visitors. As a woman she would typically not have been taught to read and write beyond what she received from her mother as a young child. Her brothers would have had tutors and the opportunity to attend a University, among other career choices. During Hildegard's her early childhood she experienced visions, as she later wrote in her biography. These appeared as images of brilliant white light and symphonies of sound from which figures and colorful images emerged. She also experienced a series of illnesses, and was noted as having a frail constitution. It is understandable that her parents choose to have her live within the church setting from the age of eight with the understanding that she would in all likelihood commit herself to becoming a nun later in life. In this way no doubt they believed that she would be cared for, and her visionary experiences accommodated. Educational opportunities within monasteries for women were varied, but typically she would also have the opportunity to learn some Latin, to read the Psalter, and follow a generally contemplative lifestyle.

    19. Hildegard Von Bingen Als Komponistin
    Auszug aus der (leicht verst¤ndlichen) Examensarbeit von Dr. Margit ErfurtFreund mit biographischen Daten und Analyse des musikalischen Schaffens.
    Startpage an meine E-mail-Adresse richten. 1 Sachanalyse Hildegard von Bingen gilt als "first composer whose biography is known". Ihre Biographie ist deshalb bekannt, weil sie nicht nur Komponistin ist, sondern "the definitive Renaissance man": Im Zentrum ihres Gesamtwerks stehen die theologischen Schriften, am bekanntesten ist das naturwissenschaftliche Werk. Die gestalterische Kraft der Persönlichkeit, und gerade in diesem Sinne ist der Gedanke an den Renaissance-Begriff des Universalgenies erlaubt, zeigt sich am stärksten in ihrem Lebenswerk, den von ihr gegründeten Klöstern am Rhein, und ihrem Wirken in der Öffentlichkeit durch Briefwechsel und Predigtreisen. Bernard Gorceix nennt sie das "geistliche und politische Gewissen" ihrer Zeit. 1.1 Biografie 1.1.1 Kindheit und Erziehung Zwischen 1112 und 1115 legt Hildegard die Gelübde ab und empfängt von Bischof Otto von Bamberg den Brautschleier. "Kein Gebot hat sie [die Nonnen, d.V.] zur Ablegung des Gelübdes gezwungen, sie waren frei in ihrer Entscheidung" betont Hildegard selbst. Diese Entscheidung bedeutet für die junge Frau Zugang zur Bildung und gesellschaftliche Achtung, denn der Stand der Jungfrau - ‘Jungfrau’ ist immer im Sinne von ‘geweihte Jungfrau’, Nonne, zu verstehen - ist der höchste Stand, gefolgt vom Stand der Witwe und an dritter Stelle erst dem Stand der Ehefrau. 1.1.2 Die Visionen

    20. - Hildegard Von Bingen - Ihre Musik

    English Version

    Beginners' Version

    Hildegard von Bingen - ihre Musik
    Von Sr. Maria Immuculata Ritscher, erschienen im Furore Verlag
    Um die Mitte des 12. Jahrhunderts begegnen wir einer Frau, die drei Jahrzehnte lang durch ihr Wort, ihre Schriften, ihre Genialität viele Menschen an sich zog: Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179). In der katholischen Kirche wird sie als Heilige verehrt. Hildegard von Bingen wurde in unserem Jahrhundert neu entdeckt. Sie ist uns im Denken, Fühlen und Schauen überraschend nahe. In ihr lebte eine tiefe, leidenschaftliche Liebe und Offenheit zu allem, was das Leben ihrer Zeit betraf. Aber etwas Tieferes an ihr zog viele Menschen an, die bei ihr Rat und Hilfe suchten. Es war die Gabe der "Schau", das heißt, ein inneres Erkennen der Geheimnisse des menschlichen Lebens und der Schöpfung im Lichte Gottes. Einmal beschreibt sie diese "Schau", die sie immer in wachem Zustand empfing, mit diesen Worten: "Ich sehe diese Dinge nicht mit den äußeren Augen und höre sie nicht mit den äußeren Ohren, ich sehe sie vielmehr einzig in meiner Seele, mit offenen leiblichen Augen, so daß ich niemals die Bewußtlosigkeit eines Ekstase erleide, sondern wachend schaue ich dies bei Tag und Nacht. Das Licht, das ich schaue, ist nicht an den Raum gebunden. Es wird mir als der Schatten des lebendigen Lichtes bezeichnet. In diesem Licht sehe ich zuweilen, aber nicht oft, ein anderes Licht, das mir das lebendige Licht genannt wird. Wann und wie ich es schaue, kann ich nicht sagen. Aber solange ich es schaue, ist alle Traurigkeit und alle Angst von mir genommen, so daß ich mich wie ein einfaches junges Mädchen fühle und nicht wie eine alte Frau."

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