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         Huntingtons Disease:     more books (100)
  1. Three Models of Huntington's Disease: The Neuropathological Investigations of Transgenic Murine Models of Disease by Aysha S. Raza, 2010-08-02
  2. Huntington's Disease Medical Guide by Qontro Medical Guides, 2008-07-09
  3. Verbal episodic memory declines prior to diagnosis in Huntington's disease [An article from: Neuropsychologia] by the Predict-HD investigators of the Huntington Stu, 2007-01
  4. Remotivation Therapy and Huntington's Disease.: An article from: Journal of Neuroscience Nursing by Florinda R. Sullivan, Edward D. Bird, et all 2001-06-01
  5. Neuroprotection in Huntington's disease.(Second Messenger)(Disease/Disorder overview): An article from: Psychopharmacology Educational Updates (PsychEd Up) by Veronique M. Andre, 2008-10-01
  6. Huntington disease: a nursing perspective.(CE SERIES): An article from: MedSurg Nursing by Heater Skirton, 2005-06-01
  7. A comparison of picture description abilities in individuals with vascular subcortical lesions and Huntington's Disease [An article from: Journal of Communication Disorders] by A.M. Jensen, H.J. Chenery, et all
  8. Sexuality: The impact of Huntington's disease and Multiple Sclerosis on Partnership, Sexual Behavior and Body Image by Eva Schmidt, 2009-04-30
  9. Huntington Disease - A Bibliography and Dictionary for Physicians, Patients, and Genome Researchers by Philip M. Parker, 2007-07-17
  10. Handbook for Caring in Huntington's Disease
  11. Disgust and Huntington's disease [An article from: Neuropsychologia] by C.J. Hayes, R.J. Stevenson, et all 2007-01
  12. Sirna's collaborator publishes breakthrough research on Huntington's Disease.: An article from: BIOTECH Patent News
  13. Ripples from a stone skipping across the lake: a narrative approach to the meaning of Huntington's disease.: An article from: Journal of Neuroscience Nursing by Rose Rossi Schwartz, 2010-06-01
  14. Huntingtons Disease -- 2006 publication by Knowles, 2006

61. Huntingtons Disease Association
huntingtons disease Association 114 Victoria Road Beverley North HumbersideHU17 8BJ Tel 01482 886135 Contact Malcolm Bloomfield
Home Support Organisations Fact Sheets Information Sheets ... Help using this site
Huntingtons Disease Association 114 Victoria Road
North Humberside
Malcolm Bloomfield (Regional Advisor)
Eligibility: Families affected by Huntingtons Disease
Referral: Contact the Regional Advisor
Cost: Free support and information service
The Association aims to offer support and help to families affected by Huntingtons Disease by providing information, counselling and practical help. It also advises on long term and respite care and supports and informs other professionals involved with families affected by Huntingtons Disease. Meetings and conferences are arranged for professionals and others. It also runs a small welfare grant fund. Whilst all the information given in this document was correct at the time of going to press, DiAL Doncaster cannot be held responsible for any subsequent changes. Support Organisations starting with H

62. Huntingtons Disease
directory of community organisations. huntingtons disease Association(Dorset) huntingtons disease Association (South East Hampshire).

63. Research Projects - Huntington Disease -Genetic Testing
Huntington Disease Testing Centers For more information about testing inyour area contact The huntingtons disease Hotline @ 1800-345-HDSA.
Huntington Disease Testing Centers For more information about testing in your area contact
The Huntingtons Disease Hotline @ 1-800-345-HDSA
University of Alabama at Birmingham Laboratory of Medical Genetics
Presymptomatic Huntingtons Disease Testing Center
908 South 20th Street
Room 323
Birmingham, ALABAMA
Judy Franklin, RN MSN
Edwards Medical Plaza
1300 North 12th Street,
Suite 403
Phoenix, ARIZONA Sarah Richter Cox, MS Pamela Nutting, MS Arizona Health Sciences Center Section of Medical and Molecular Genetics 1501 North Campbell Avenue Room 3335 Tucson, ARIZONA Lynn Hauck, MS University of British Columbia 5804 Fairview Avenue Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA CANADA V6T1W5 Sandi Wiggins UCLA Medical Center Neurogenetics Clinic 10833 Le Conte Avenue MDCC 22-499 Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA Susan Perlman, M.D.

64. Research Projects - Huntington's Disease - Genetic Testing
More Facts About Finding the HD Gene, DNA Banking and Genetic Testingfor huntingtons disease WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR ME? In the _testing2.h
More Facts About Finding the HD Gene, DNA Banking and Genetic Testing for Huntingtons Disease WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR ME? In the immediate future, there will be no changes. The methods for diagnosing and treating HD will remain the same. However, with continued investigation, many new possibilities will arise. Finding the gene is expected to simplify the testing process. Until now, many blood specimens from specific family members were necessary in order for an at-risk person to undergo presymptomatic testing. Now that the gene has been located, a two step testing process has been proposed. First, an affected family member's sample will be tested for the presence of the HD gene. Second, if, in fact, the gene is present (meaning HD was the correct family diagnosis), then the at-risk person who desires to know whether or not he too has inherited the gene, could be tested for its presence. Thus, it is our recommendation that families continue to store DNA on persons who are presumed to have HD. Of course, genetic testing for Huntingtons Disease remains a personal decision which should be considered very carefully. Although the test may be technically less complex, the personal implications remain the same and are substantial. Our recommendation is that anyone seeking genetic testing do so only through programs in which protocols for testing have been submitted to the Huntingtons Disease Society of America and which are known to have reputable pre-test and post-test counseling programs.

65. Huntington's Disease Advocacy Center - Community Calendar
Each Tuesday, 800pm EST the wee hours of the morning, huntingtons disease SupportClub. Each Saturday, 500pm-800pm EST, huntingtons disease Support Club.
By HD Families
For HD Families HDAC Community Calendar
Regularly Scheduled Chats
Ready to tear your hair out? Need to vent? Come dump on us in one of these chat rooms! We'll share our tips for fighting this monster. Each Tuesday 8:00pm EST-
the wee hours of the morning Huntingtons Disease Support Club Each Thursday 8:00pm-9:00pm EST Huntington's at Risk 2nd Friday of each Month 8:00pm-10:00pm EST Kids Chat Hosted by HuntingtonsAtRisk Club Each Saturday 5:00pm-8:00pm EST Huntingtons Disease Support Club
Special Events
HD Ramble 'Round the Colonies?
Marie Nemec
Web Site: This year's ride will be "HD Ramble 'Round the Colonies," a bike tour through New England into Ohio. It will start in New Hampshire on Friday, April 26 and end Thursday, May 30 in Columbus, Ohio. We will ride through Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh as main cities. Want more information? 5th annual Trapshoot for Huntington.
August 24, 2002
Hosted by: Kent Cloverleaf Conservation Club, Chatham, Ontario, Canada
25 dollars entry, includes 100 birds, lunch, lewis, cash prizes in 3 divisions, door prizes.

66. - View Article
The query I used for this article is huntingtons disease AND (mice Title/Abstract OR mouse Title/Abstract OR murine Title/Abstract).
Article Date: 1/1/2003 Text Mining: Help is On the Way Poor Dataslave. We’ve all been there, trying to cull a few interesting documents from a large pile of boring ones. The only solution, until recently, was brain grease: read every document — the abstracts, anyway — and make a judgment call. But that’s starting to change. Software vendors have felt our pain and are busily at work crafting new products that automate literature searching. There are many choices: Some products try to understand the content; others try to learn what you’re looking for by watching you classify a small number of examples; some analyze the entire literature, creating yet another database for you to search; others work on subsets that you select; others build on top of these products and let you combine analyses from multiple tools. There are some open-source packages, as well. Dataslave needed some help, so I grabbed one product and two open- source tools and went to work. Before long, I had the answer and some confidence that it was right. The software helped and I’m glad I had it, but it wasn’t as easy as I hoped.

67. Huntington's Disease Memorial Quilt
transporting the quilt. For information on obtaining the quilt for ahuntingtons disease event, please contact Jean Miller. A Display
Hunt-Dis Scholarship Fund Huntington's Disease Memorial Quilt Home HD Ad Index About Us ...
The Hunt-Dis "Huntington's Disease Memorial Quilt"
"The Quilt"
I Am The "Huntingtons Disease" Memorial Quilt
On Display For All Mankind
Look Upon My Patchwork
And These Memories Unwind
Each Square was Wrought With Loving Hands
All Are Different You Can See Each Tells A Story Of Love And Loss
Then All Were Intrusted To Me Will Travel This Wide World Over
My Beauty For All To See Spreading The Word Of A Cruel Disease And The Message "Remember Me" Ron C. About The Quilt Members of the Hunt-Dis internet support group initiated a national Huntington's Disease Memorial Quilt project to honor loved ones with Huntington's Disease. This was a major undertaking and through the support of HDSA Chapters, HD Support Groups and HD Centers of Excellence Phase I of the Quilt is 120 squares! The Quilt was unveiled at the 2001 HDSA Convention in San Diego. Phase II of the Quilt project has been intiated with plans to unveil this section, along with the orginal (Phase I Quilt), at the 2003 HDSA National Convention in Houston, Texas.

68. Research - Where Are Your $$ Going?
protein. Cell Death in HD huntingtons disease, Current Research. Scientists HD.huntingtons disease, Current Research continued. Imaging
Huntington's Disease Support Information Research - Where Are Your $$ Going? Home Index~HD Search Section 1 General Information Section 2 HD Specific ... Index~HD Search
Research - Where Are Your $$ Going?
By Jean Miller
For any one who may wonder what is being done with all the $$$ donated for Huntington's Disease research, you might just want to check out a few of the areas where those hard earned dollars/donations have been spent in the past 5 years.
I don't know about anyone else but, after just reading the 2002 research information alone, it gives me a good feeling to know that there are scientists and doctors from around the WORLD who are spending a significant portion of their lives looking for the ANSWERS to not only what causes HD
but for therapeutic treatment for the symptoms of Huntington's Disease too. The links on the right is only one website's listing on Huntington's Disease research. I know there has been a lot more research which may not be included here. I, for one, will continue to support HD well as Family services! Five Years of Research Please note that in most of the categories included on the following links the ref-erences are sorted with respect to publication date, and are listed from the latest to 1998.

69. Inspiration 2002 Event - About Huntingtons Disease
Select a link.

Home Page


Lauras Hope

2.2 Megs
Streaming Video - Invitation to Inspiration 2002
Valerie Cade Lee - CSP - President
Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Click here to Play - Real Player Windows Media Quick Site Navigation
Select a link Home About Huntingtons Disease 6 Speakers Program Information Become an Official Sponsor Register Media Information Volunteer Opportunities Organizing Commitee Official Sponsors June 14th - Click Here To Register Now Warren and Arlene Evans’ daughter Laura lost her battle with Juvenile Huntington disease in Oct. 2001, at 28 years old.
Her great hope the last few years of her life was that a treatment would be found before it also claims her older sister Andrea, who has the more normal ‘adult’ version and, at 31, is just now beginning to show symptoms of the disease. This is now very realistically possible.
Huntington’s is an inherited, ‘neuro-degenerative’ genetic brain disorder, impacting about 185,000 people in North America. It causes brain cells to start dying around age 30. This leads to a steady deterioration in both mental and physical abilities, ending eventually in total incapacitation. There is no treatment, and it always proves fatal, usually by the mid-40’s. The Laura’s Hope Fund: Early in 2001, Warren and Arlene realized that a series of recent research breakthroughs had brought the dream of finding a treatment within reach in the immediate future.

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71. Huntingtons Disease
The Geoff Brown Charitable Trust donated £500 to huntingtons disease Asscociation(Cumbria Branch) and wishes them well for the future. Back to Home Page.
The Geoff Brown Charitable Trust "here to help local people with local money" The game played was the first volume in a series of five adventures, which together form the Doomstones Campaign. The adventure is a search to find the resting place for an ancient magical artefact and then to stop the forces of evil from uniting the artefacts and using them to overrun the world. The game was played from 10.00am to 4.30pm and the chill of the day kept everyone focused on the job in hand. John Horner, the organiser said " A big thanks also to all the players that gave up their time not only on the day but also in the planning of the day ." Back to Home Page

72. Mioti: Medical Condition
Condition huntingtons disease. BrainTalk Communities. huntingtons diseaseMenu. This is a webforum to discuss and comment on huntingtons disease.

73. Huntington And Disease
Updated 200206-20 huntingtons disease Society of America 158 West 29thStreet, 7th (800) 345-HDSA FAX (212) 239-3430 The Huntingtons

huntingtons disease. S. Results and Future Research The signaling compound,chitosan, stops pathogen and activates the plant immune system.
start("scirus", "", 0)

75. FAST: Organisation Details
Organisation Details. Organisation Name, huntingtons disease Association. OrganisationType, Societies/Associations. Address, 108 Battersea High Street. Town, London.

76. Huntington Disease Resource Centre
Camps huntingtons disease; Crisis intervention - huntingtons disease; Huntingtonsdisease; huntingtons disease - Recreation; Residential camps; Summer camps.
Huntington Disease Resource Centre
Home Index First Previous ... Last Executive: Nancy Webb
6 Lansing Sq, Ste 227
North York
Office Phone
TDD Phone
Toll Free Phone
Access Wheelchair accessible building including main entrance but not washrooms Description Referrals for medical diagnosis and treatment, psychological and psychiatric counselling assists in arranging social, recreation and support services to help individuals remain in the community assists in arranging long term care education, consultation, literature newsletter counselling crisis intervention discussion groups day program of social activities summer camp program for persons residing in community operated by Huntington Society of Canada local volunteer chapters including Toronto Subjects
  • Camps - Huntingtons disease Crisis intervention - Huntingtons disease Huntingtons disease Huntingtons disease - Recreation Residential camps Summer camps
Home Index First Previous ...
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77. PALS
Room 10 41 Bridge Street Hereford, Tel 01432 270050. TO TOP. HuntingtonsDisease National huntingtons disease Association, Tel 0207 2237000. TO TOP.
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Huntingtons Disease
Head Injuries National Headway National Head Injuries
Association Ltd
7 King Edward Court King Edward Street Nottingham Tel: 0115 9240800 Local Herefordshire Headway Headway House Trenchard Avenue Credenhill Hereford Tel: 01432 761000 Established For Herefordshire People with Head Injuries, Their Families and Carers. Head Injury Service Herefordshire Primary Care Trust Belmont Abbey Belmont Hereford Tel: 01432 344344 TO TOP Health Promotion Information Source On All Health Issue Especially 'No Smoking' Policies, HIV And Aids. 11-13 Blackfriars Street Hereford Tel: 01432 383156 TO TOP Health Visitors Contact Your GP Or The Primary Care Locality Manager For Your Area Telephone Number Can Be Obtained From: Herefordshire Primary Care Tel: 01432 344344 TO TOP Hearing Impaired See Under ' D ' Deafness TO TOP Heart Herefordshire Heartbeat Cardiac Support Group -

78. Map Of Huntingtons Disease Association CH646UY
QUICKSEARCH. Albania. 6UY&title=Huntingtons Disease Ass

79. [AP-Bio] Huntingtons Disease-casey
APBio huntingtons disease-casey. Casey 0600 Previous message AP-BioQuizes; Next message AP-Bio huntingtons disease-casey;
[AP-Bio] huntingtons disease-casey
Casey Klein
Mon, 23 Dec 2002 13:18:06 -0600"

80. [AP-Bio] Huntingtons Disease-casey
APBio huntingtons disease-casey. Meg 0600 Previous message AP-Biohuntingtons disease-casey; Next message AP-Bio steroids-casey;
[AP-Bio] huntingtons disease-casey
Meg Dill
Mon, 23 Dec 2002 23:18:23 -0600

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