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         Huntingtons Disease:     more books (100)
  1. The Official Patient's Sourcebook on Huntington's Disease: A Revised and Updated Directory for the Internet Age by Icon Health Publications, 2002-09-25
  2. Living With Huntington's Disease: A Book for Patients and Families by Dennis Phillips, 1982-05
  3. Huntington's Disease by Thomas N.;Barbeau, Andre;Wexler, Nancy S. Chase, 1979
  4. Huntington's Disease - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References by Health Publica Icon Health Publications, 2004-01-05
  5. Heading for Better Care: Commissioning and Providing Mental Health Services for People with Huntington's Disease, Acquired Brain Injury and Early Onset ... Health Advisory Service Thematic Reviews) by Dept.of Health, 1997-02
  6. Cell Transplantation for Huntington's Disease (Medical Intelligence Unit) by Paul R. Sanberg, Klas Wictorin, et all 1994-08
  7. Huntington's disease (Advances in neurology)
  8. Juvenile Huntington's Disease: and other trinucleotide repeat disorders
  9. Huntington Disease - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References by ICON Health Publications, 2004-03-31
  11. Early Warning: Cases and Ethical Guidance for Presymptomatic Testing in Genetic Diseases (Medical Ethics) by David H. Smith, Kimberly A. Quaid, et all 1998-11-01
  12. A New Promise by Julie Eller, 2007-09-11
  13. A Manual of Diseases of the Throat and Nose by Francke Huntington Bosworth, 2010-02-09
  14. Molecular and Cell Biology of Neuropsychiatric Diseases (BT Telecommunications Series)

21. HCMC - Huntingtons Disease
patient's bedside. huntingtons disease Society of America www.hdsa.orghuntingtons disease Society of Minnesota Chapter



Wellness Program


HDSA Center of Excellence for Families and Service
Hennepin County Medical Center is committed to finding a cure for Huntingtion's Disease (HD) while providing education and services to those affected by the disease and their families. We provide services and referrals to families trying to cope with the devastating effects of the disease, and educate the public and health care professionals about Huntington's Disease. We provide the vital link between the laboratory bench and the patient's bedside.
Huntingtons Disease Society of America

Huntingtons Disease Society of Minnesota Chapter

Search ... Multilingual welcome Hennepin County Medical Center

22. HCMC - Huntingtons Disease Research
HDSA Center of Excellence for Families and Service huntingtons diseaseResearch The HCMC HD Clinic is currently involved in two studies

Huntingtons Disease



Wellness Program

HDSA Center of Excellence for Families and Service
Huntingtons Disease Research
The HCMC HD Clinic is currently involved in two studies: Please check out both Study Brochures, one for each of these two studies to learn how you can become involved in this important research.
The following brochures are PDF files and are offered online:
PDF files require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not already have the Acrobat Reader installed, download and install the plug-in now. PHAROS: Prospective Huntington At Risk Observational Study Our HCMC HD Clinic has recruited 33 people for this study, quite a few are already half-way finished with the study. Nationally, we are looking for 1000 volunteers, and to date have 820. PREDICT-HD: Neurobiological -Predictors of Huntingtons Disease We have just begun recruiting for this study, and now have two people enrolled. Nationally, we are seeking 625 volunteers, and to date have 30. Home Search What's New HCMC A to Z ... Multilingual welcome Hennepin County Medical Center

23. Huntingtons Disease Association Fact Sheet Index

24. Huntingtons Disease Association : Fact Sheet One
Fact Sheet One. All About The Huntington's Disease Association. INDEX. Huntington'sdisease (HD) is a hereditary disorder of the central nervous system.
    Fact Sheet One
    All About The Huntington's Disease Association
    Huntington's disease (HD) is a hereditary disorder of the central nervous system. In the UK, over 50,000 people are affected either directly or indirectly by the disease. The Huntington's Disease Association (HDA) exists to support families affected by HD. HDA also provides information and advice to other professionals whose task is to support HD families.
    Management Structure
    - The Governing body of the Association is its Executive Council. This is made up of family members and professional people from England and Wales. There are separate organisations for Scotland, Northern Ireland and Eire. In addition, there are two external advisory committees: the Medical Advisory Panel which advises on projects submitted by researchers for funds and the 'Friends' of HDA who are influential people working in medicine, politics and other professions. The HDA is financed through the generosity of Trusts, Foundations, the statutory and corporate sectors, branches of the HDA, members and friends.
    The Association Has :
    • A Central Information, Advice and Support Service

25. Huntingtons Disease Florida Official Website
Race Times.
Race Times Full Race Results Team Results

26. Archives Of Huntingtons Disease Patient Questions At Med Help International
Collection of patient medical questions and answers about huntingtons disease,which are replied to by online doctors from leading medical institutions.
The Archive of Huntingtons Disease Questions
from The Neurology and Neurosurgery Forum at Med Help International Listed below are our archive of questions and answers for the medical topic: Huntingtons Disease. Please feel free to browse our huntingtons disease archive below, or search our site for additional information about huntingtons disease.
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Revised 4/6/2003

27. Huntingtons Disease Fetal Cell Transplants
Patient medical question and doctor answer from The Neurology and NeurosurgeryForum at Med Help. Health topic area and articles about huntingtons disease.
Welcome to
Med Help International

A not-for-profit organization Questions in The Neurology Forum are being answered by doctors from
The Cleveland Clinic , consistently ranked one of the best hospitals in America. Subject: Huntingtons Disease fetal cell transplants
Topic Area: Huntingtons Disease
Forum: The Neurology and Neurosurgery Forum
Question Posted By: Brenda Lewis on Wednesday, June 25, 1997
Posted by CCF Neurology MD on July 10, 1997 at 10:58:34:
In Reply to: Huntingtons Disease fetal cell transplants posted by Brenda Lewis on June 25, 1997 at 00:36:29:
: Does anyone know of a hospital in the Cleveland or Ohio area that is doing research into fetal cell transplants? Any help on this would be very much appriciated. Thank you =Brenda, Unfortunately, there is no one in the state of Ohio doing either clinical or basic research into fetal cell transplant for Huntington's Disease. I would direct you to two source if you wish to further explore this issue outside the State of Ohio:1) Huntington's Disease Society of America, Tele:212-242-1968, Web;2)Dr. R. Albin, Dept.of Neurology, Movement Disorder Clinic, Univ. of Mich.(Does huntington clinical and basic research but not fetal, may be good referall source)313-763-4268. The Neurology Forum Neurology Forum Archives Med Help Home Information contained within this forum is intended solely for general educational purposes and is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice relative to your specific medical condition or question. Always seek the advice of your physician or other health provider for any questions you may have regarding your medical condition. Only your physician can provide specific diagnoses and therapies. By using this site you agree to the following

28. Huntingtons Disease
huntingtons disease. Get some overview information relative to HDhere. I am only a layperson, and a caregiver, so my comments and
Huntingtons Disease
Get some overview information relative to HD here.
I am only a layperson, and a caregiver, so my comments and observations are only based on my experiences with Joan. Because Huntingtons can have such dramatic differences what works for us may not work for others, but I hope there is at least something here everyone can use.

29. Patricia Meyers,Shannon's Mother
They have a hereditary disease called huntingtons disease. huntingtons diseaseis a Degenerative Diseaes that there is no cure for at this time.
This is my Family. My name is Pat. I as born on Feb.17,1958. That makes me an aquarius. I like country music and I like the color blue. At this time I am the full time caregiver for my husband ,Shayne, and my daughter ,Shannon. They have a hereditary disease called Huntingtons Disease.
Huntingtons Disease is a Degenerative Diseaes that there is no cure for at this time. In these pages I would like to tell you a little about us and about this terrible Disease.
Shayne and I met in 1984 and were married in 1986. Dwayne was mine by a previous relationship and he was 6 years old.
In October of 1988 I had Shannon. She made our little family complete. We were happy until Shayne started to show signs of Huntington's. On his page you can read more about his early symptoms.When Shannon was three years old she started having problems with little things like falling and talking. Again you can read about that on her page. When I married Shayne I knew there was a chance that he could get a disease but I had never heard of it and the only thing that his family would say was that it was a disease he might get when he was 40 or 50. Little did I know how wrong they were.I never researched the disease until Shannon started to have some problems and that is when I found out that there was a Juvenile form to this disease.
Huntington disease kills off the brain cells and causes both physical and mental problems in people that get it. Shannon has the physical problems more than the mental. She is very smart and Most of the time a happy little girl. If there is one thing I have learned from the 2 of them it is not to let things get you down. They both have a wonderful attitude.

30. My Huntingtons Disease Family (Peters)by Nifty Gram (Wanda Wilson)
My huntingtons disease Family (Peters)by Nifty Gram (Wanda Wilson). AboutMe (caregiver Nifty Gram). Hi Welcome to my huntingtons disease Family.
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My Huntingtons Disease Family (Peters)by Nifty Gram (Wanda Wilson)
About Me (caregiver Nifty Gram)
Hi Welcome to my Huntingtons disease Family.
Love is blind . At age 17 I fell in love. I was so blinded I couldn't see what should have been plain to see. My love had 2 sisters that their Mother said what they had was just a nervous condition
At age 18 I graduated High School and we married. We had 4 children rather fast we were very much in love and the children were all healthy.
Then Homer's health started to decline. He worked for a steel company as a welders helper.
He fell several times as he was carrying material to the welder and finally the factory doctor told him he couldn't come back to work until he had a neorulogical work-up. They thought he had epilepsy. The Doctor wanted to know the family history but the only thing he knew about his Dad was that he died in Troy New York. There is a vets hospital there and the Doctor called and found out his Dad had had Huntingtons.
My Children
Shirley Born 1951 to 2000
Butch who is free of the disease. Never been tested. has 2 Children and 1 Grandchild.

31. Lisamph's Home Page For Huntingtons Disease
huntingtons disease Support Services for South Carolina huntingtons disease ishaving their Semiannual Golf-a-Thon to raise awareness about Huntington's
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Huntingtons Disease Support Services for South Carolina
Huntingtons Disease is having their Semi-annual Golf-a-Thon to raise awareness about Huntington's Disease as well as raise money for a Genetic Disorder that has NO CURE!
Huntingtons Disease is a rare hereditary brain disorder.
Symptoms include uncontrollable movements,slurred speech,mental deterioration and at times a personality change.
These usually appear in the prime of life between 30 and 35 years of age. Although rare HD can show up in childhood. May is Huntingtons Disease Awareness month. Come Join us for a round of golf at..
Summersett Golf Club
111 Pilot Rd
Greenville,SC 29609
May 15,1999 To register and get more details contact Ron Lesley @ 864-676-0660 Huntingtons Disease Support Services
"Advocates for HD patients and Families"
contact us @ 1-800-324-5832 access code 43 Lisa Hudson Co-Director Jill Landover Director

32. CMGS-Huntingtons Disease/14.12.99
MRCPath Self Help 1999 Meeting4 / Session2 Genevieve Creed. huntingtons disease(HD). Clinical HD. HD is a progressive fatal neurodegenerative disease.
MRCPath Self Help 1999
Genevieve Creed Huntingtons Disease (HD) Clinical HD Incidence HD HD gene
  • spans ~185 kb of genomic DNA contains 67 exons. (CAG repeat in exon 1) 2 major mRNA transcripts (13.5 and 10.5 kb) encodes ~350 kDa "huntingtin" protein.
CAG repeat size ranges
Majority (95%) of adult onset cases = 40-55 repeats. Genotype / Phenotype correlations : repeat length / age of onset
For low repeat numbers ( and older ages at onset) the correlation is weaker. This implies that CAG repeat length is the major determinant of age of onset in juvenile HD. But in HD which only develops at an elderly age other factors are involved in determining the age of onset. Intergenerational Instability of the CAG repeat Instability occurs during gametogenesis, showing a greater instability in male transmissions. This could be influenced by the continual mitotic divisions during spermatogenesis. For example,a sperm gaining an extra 20 CAG repeats could be due to:
  • one mutation event at one cell division multiple smaller expansions at several different divisions (a cumulative effect) a history of several expansions and contractions
  • shows mutation spectra of sperm samples from donors with different somatic CAG repeat lengths (Ref 1). The larger the somatic allele, the greater the average allele length of the mutant sperm.

    33. Coenzyme Q10 Info On Huntingtons Disease, Co Q10 Coenyzme
    Information on Coenzyme Q10 Supplements and Huntington's Disease. CoenzymeQ10 Huntington's Disease Huntington’s is an inherited
    Information on Coenzyme Q10 Supplements and Huntington's Disease. Benefits of Coenzyme Q10 Treatment of Heart Disease with CoenzymeQ10 Coenzyme Q10 Protects Brain Cells Neuroprotective Effects of Coenzyme Q10 ... Future of Coenzyme Q10
    Huntington’s is an inherited genetic disease that destroys neurons in brain regions governing movement. Symptoms include involuntary movements, lack of coordination and cognitive difficulties. Huntington’s disease is thought to involve a bioenergetic defect. A pilot study conducted by Beal and associates showed that energy production in the central nervous system and muscle of Huntington’s disease patients is impaired. After two or more months of Coenzyme Q10 supplementation (360 mg per day), 83% of patients showed significant improvements in biochemical markers of energy production. See References back to top
    YourLife Coenzyme Q10 30mg
    Qnty: 150 softgels
    Retail: $35.99

    34. - Huntingtons Disease
    are, how This is essay on huntingtons disease, an essay that criticallyanalyzes an argument about huntingtons disease. Note! The
    In "Genetics and Reproductive Risk: Can having children be immoral," L.M Purdy discusses the notion that the recent advances in reproductive technology impose a moral obligation on individuals to prevent the birth of "affected" babies that will not have a "minimally satisfying life." There are, how
    Huntingtons disease
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    35. - Huntingtons Disease
    good and what's not. This is essay on huntingtons disease, an essaythat critically analyzes an argument about huntingtons disease,
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    Only English essays STATS Essays: Essays pending: Today's essays: Comments: Ratings: Members: Members Online: Visitors Online: CHAT donambyerley
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    donambyerley i have one, its good but not quite college material. Maybe you can get some ideas from it though. If you need help browsing, viewing or submitting (350 points) essays, click here.
    Huntingtons disease
    Subject: Click here to submit a new essay to this category Author: Date: Februar 13, 2003 Level: College, 2nd, Sophomore Change Grade: Change Size (words): Essay Status: super No of views: Essay rating: (total score: 7) View as: Original or Line Formatted Download: Add essay to favourites Report this essay!

    36. United States/Venezuela Collaborative Huntingtons Disease Research Project
    United States/Venezuela Collaborative huntingtons disease Research Project.Here are some of the team members who help conduct research
    United States/Venezuela Collaborative Huntingtons Disease Research Project
    Here are some of the team members who help conduct research and treat people with Huntingtons Disease in Venezuela. The team stays in the Hotel del Lago during the 7 weeks of the project each year, and most every day travels to the barrios (slums) to treat HD patients and take samples.
    Dr. Nancy Wexler (r) and Julie Porter (l) This is inside the team's "office"...actually, a large room in the Hotel del Lago.
    Dr. Anne Young
    Dr. Jack Penney
    Dr. Bob
    Dr. Jane Paulsen and Dr. Gustavo Rey
    In Maracaibo Airport. The policeman is Marcial Ugarte, and he stays with the team at all times for security. Being so close to the Colombian border can sometimes be dicey, and his presence allows the team to fully concentrate on doing it's job and not worry about "unexpected conflicts."
    Judy Lorimer and Jackie Gray
    After a LONG day, a quick late night meal inside the office...

    37. MGH Timilty Partnership In The Neuroscience Center
    Report of the Eclipse Project in Venezuela, with information and links on the subject.Category Regional South America Venezuela Localities Maracaibo...... United States/Venezuela Collaborative huntingtons disease Research Project Researchersand team members working in Venezuela. huntingtons disease Information
    The MGH Timilty Partnership in the Neuroscience Center
    Eclipse Project in Venezuela Learn about the following: (NEW!) A Teacher's Story of the Event (NEW!)
    A Music Teacher's Song about the Event

    Eclipse Report in EBV School Newspaper

    Venezuela Image Gallery EBV Maracaibo School
    Students and teachers, including drawings some of the students made of what they thought the eclipse would look like. United States/Venezuela Collaborative Huntingtons Disease Research Project
    Researchers and team members working in Venezuela Maracaibo City
    Views of the city and its people, as well as some of us tourists! The Eclipse
    The totality captured on film, and views of the students witnessing this amazing event. Barrio San Luis
    Views of the area and researchers working in the general clinic.

    38. - Living With Huntingtons Disease
    This was because my father had died from cancer, and my mother hadbecome too ill with huntingtons disease to look after me. She

    39. Huntingtons Disease Information Page
    These are Links to very helpful resources on Internet Huntington's disease HuntingtonsDisease Menu Huntington's Disease Society of America Support Groups and
    Huntington's Disease
    Send Feeback

    This webpage is designed in 1024x768x256
    These are Links to very helpful resources on Internet
    Huntington's disease
    Huntingtons Disease Menu

    Huntington's Disease Society of America

    Support Groups and International HD Organizations
    HD news

    19 December 1996

    40. Huntingtons Disease
    huntingtons disease Association (Dorset) huntingtons disease Association (South EastHampshire). Want more information? Please contact the organisation direct.
    Home Search Contacts A-Z Index ... Cousin is Hampshire County Council's directory of community organisations. Huntingtons Disease Association (Dorset) Huntingtons Disease Association (South East Hampshire)
    Want more information? Please contact the organisation direct.
    About our maintenance policy Top of this page Hantsweb Homepage Search Cousin ...
    This page produced by the Hantsweb Team . Comments on Hantsweb should be sent to the Hantsweb Manager For more information on our services please contact Hampshire County Council Information Centres This page last updated on 08 April 2003. Hampshire County Council 2003. and Privacy Statement

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