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         Html Editors For Purchase:     more detail

1. UNIX HTML Editors
UNIX html editors. Unixbased html editors seem to come in a few flavours you will have to For more information, or to purchase WebMagic Author, see the WebMagic Author
UNIX Tools Home Tools Home Webinfo Home
UNIX Browsers
... UNIX Translators / Filters
Unix-based HTML editors seem to come in a few flavours: you will have to try them out to find the one that suits you best.
A.S.H.E. (A Simple HTML Editor)
  • Latest version
  • System requirements
  • Download size : 78 KB
  • License : shareware
  • Entry Updated : 06/Sept/1995
ASHE is an HTML editor written using the C language, Motif and the NCSA HTML Widget set. You can download the source from . Please, first read the README file under the ASHE directory. A slideshow about ASHE can be found at
  • Latest version
  • System requirements : UNIX (SunOS, Solaris, IRIX, AIX, HPUX)
  • Download size : Approx 1 Meg (depending on version)
  • License : public domain
  • Entry Updated : 02/June/1996
Bulldozer is an X-windows based WYSIWIG HTML editor developed by Rick Boykin of NASA. Bulldozer implements a number of HTML 3 features, but does not yet implement tables or mathematics. Since the mathematic elements are under substantial revision, this is not a big loss. The author expects to have a table implementation out in the very near future, as well as a port to Linux. Additional information about Bulldozer, as well as links to the downloadable binaries, is found at:

2. Evrsoft - Creators Of 1st Page 2000. The World's Free HTML Editor.
MAC html editors. There are several public domain packages that can help you create and edit html or register the html Grinder package, or to purchase Wheels. htmlHyperEditor is the company that hosted this site. I had no problems with them and have found their technical support fantastic. They put up to 70 sites on each server (compared to 750 to 1200 for some other companies), and often less. Each server has Dual Pentium III, 1.4GHz processors with 2 GB of RAM and can easily handle 3 to 4 million hits per day. Their servers are fast and outages have been minimal (most caused by buggy PERL scripts being run by one of the other sites being hosted on the same server as mine). Highly Recommended.

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The world's #1 free HTML editor.

3. Sausage Software - HotDog Web Editors - HotDog Professional, HotDog PageWiz, Hot
HotDog Web editors, including Professional and Junior versions. Free trial downloads, forums, tutorials, Category Computers Software Internet Authoring html...... If you are a new user you can purchase HotDog Professional 6 with the and KnowledgeSausage Software produced one of the original html editors, with HotDog

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... Manage your Subscription Make certain you check out our Dog Packs before making your purchase. They provide you with all the tools and services you will ever need for your web site. Take a look now! Sausage Hosting The Dog Packs. Choice of Editor Hosting Plan Domain Name From US$148.95 More Info HotDog Professional HotDog PageWiz HotDog Junior ... Archive How to get HotDog Professional on CD Our holiday special showed us that you want our software on CD. So until we have our own CD, Crazy Ivan Productions has continued to allow us to offer their CD which includes HotDog Professional. The CD has a great selection of flash creation tools which we sell as the Graphics Web Tool Kit 2. If you already have HotDog Professional 6.6 you can purchase this package for only US$49.95. If you are a new user you can purchase HotDog Professional 6 with the Graphics Web Tool Kit 2 for US$149.95. Click here to go have a look at the CD Packages Sausage Domains Launched Sausage has just launched a domain name service. Sausage Domains offers domain name transfers from US$9.95. For a full list of pricing and value added services take a look at the Sausage Domains web site now!

4. MAGIC BOX PUBLICATIONS~~AVAILABLE NOW~~ Jacob's Magic Box Discovery Series By Ja
Company designs and distributes online computer software such as the HotDog Web Editor. With downloadable software and online ordering. certain you check out our Dog Packs before making your purchase. They provide you with all the tools produced one of the original html editors, with HotDog Professional in 1995.

5. HotDog Web Editors - HotDog Professional, HotDog PageWiz, HotDog Junior And Supe
Special. Make certain you check out our Dog Packs before making your purchase. HotDogProfessional 6 provides a flexible, text based html authoring environment.

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What is Sausage Sizzler?

... Manage your Subscription Make certain you check out our Dog Packs before making your purchase. They provide you with all the tools and services you will ever need for your web site. Take a look now! Sausage Hosting The Dog Packs. Choice of Editor Hosting Plan Domain Name From US$148.95 More Info HotDog Professional HotDog PageWiz HotDog Junior ... Archive HotDog Professional 6 US$99.95 The perfect authoring tool for both professional and budding Webmasters, HotDog Professional 6 provides a flexible, text based HTML authoring environment. It makes complex processes simple without getting in the way of specialized tasks that require undivided attention and scrutiny. More Info Download Trial Purchase HotDog PageWiz US$69.95 Designed for the novice user, HotDog PageWiz is an intuitive Web authoring tool designed to meet the needs of up-and-coming Webmasters, regardless of your experience level. HotDog PageWiz comes with 10 snazzy templates to get you started, and combines the best of WYSIWYG and text-based authoring to provide a totally scalable tool for you to not only learn, but master Web design. More Info Download Trial Purchase HotDog Junior US$39.95

6. - The Domain Is Available For Purchase.
The first internet search engine for domain offers, which are for sale. We have over 1.500.000 domains in our database. If you have domains/URLs to offer, place your free ad here! This Domain Name is Documents converted to html Document management, scanning is for sale Offer comprises Domain Name without

7. HTML Editors
is that you can fully test drive an html editor before you actually purchase one.If you have time, you can actually download multiple editors to compare each
Home Stored Plans Rate A Host Glossary ... Do It Yourself If you choose to develop your own web site, the first decision that you will need to make (after you decide what you want your website to accomplish) is which HTML editor to use. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML is simply a way to mark (or "tag") files in such way that they can be viewed from any internet browser, from any computer on the world wide web Key Points - HTML Editors Try before you buy Keep it visual Avoid online web design portals You have different options when considering which html editor to utilize including the following:
  • Do you have much computer experience?
    How complex is your web site?
    Do you have a limitation on how much you wish to spend?
Web Portals and Neighborhoods Some websites offer a free "on-line" HTML editor that promises to take most of the work out of designing your web page. Yahoo, for example, offers such a service where you can pick from "templates" to design your site. Unless you want to create a very very simple site, avoid this option completely. They offer you very little flexibility and can actually be more complicated to use than some of the other options available. Shareware Shareware is software, typically developed by independent designers, that are limited in features. Usually you have to pay to "unlock" these hidden features. Sometimes, shareware comes fully functional but expires after a certain period of time (for example, 30 days) at which point the software no longer functions unless you receive a key from the developer after you purchase the software.

8. Hwg-software Mailing List Archives: May 2001
16 May 2001, Craig Harding, Re html editors. 19 May 2001, Nick Ciantro, DreamweaverQuestion. 21 May 2001, Julie Stegman, Inquiring about software to purchase.
hwg-software mailing list archives: May 2001
Jun 2001 -> Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Date Author Subject 3 May 2001 Nick Ciantro Looking for a specific shopping cart. Please help. 16 May 2001 Ryan Mann HTML Editors 16 May 2001 Kimiko Drew Re: HTML Editors 16 May 2001 RE: HTML Editors 16 May 2001 Wood, Danny RE: HTML Editors 16 May 2001 Elias Thienpont Re: HTML Editors 16 May 2001 David R. Longnecker RE: HTML Editors 16 May 2001 Craig Harding Re: HTML Editors 19 May 2001 Nick Ciantro Dreamweaver Question 21 May 2001 Julie Stegman Inquiring about software to purchase 21 May 2001 Re: Inquiring about software to purchase 23 May 2001 RE: Inquiring about software to purchase 23 May 2001 Craig Harding Re: Inquiring about software to purchase 24 May 2001 Tina Stephen Re: Inquiring about software to purchase 25 May 2001 Steven Gara Software 31 May 2001 Wood, Danny RE: Software HURL hwg-software mailing list archives , maintained by Gerald Oskoboiny

9. EditWorks Is A Browser Based WYSIWYG Online HTML Editor For ASP And PHP.
Design your next contact or purchase form directly from as you alter the font/styleof your html. balancing) which is updated by different teams of editors.

Site Map Order Now! Affiliates ... Contact Us
Enhance Your Apps, Empower Your Clients!
What Is EditWorks Professional?
Key Product Features
General Features
  • Easy to setup 100% DHTML and ASP/PHP No Java/ActiveX required Fully customizable via API Simple integration Extremely affordable Feature packed and robust Easy to resell to clients Free upgrades for 6 months Over 3,000 customers
WYSIWYG Features
  • Multiple instances Spell checking Full stylesheet support Right-click menus Powerful image manager Find/replace dialog Produce XHTML code Edit, source, preview tabs Popup color picker Easy table/form creation
API Features
  • Hide buttons/lists Hide source/preview tabs Disable image uploading Set HTML value with 1 line Load HTML from SQL Server Load HTML from Access Load HTML from MySQL Spell check in American, British or Canadian See all features...
What's New In Version 4?
  • Zoom mode: With just 2 clicks you can easily zoom in/out when editing content inside of your EditWorks control. Possible zoom modes are 500%, 200%, 150%, 100%, 75%, 50%, 25% and 10%.
    Spell checking: Spell check your HTML with just 1 click! There's no need to install any spelling libraries or code on your server, as everything is built into the EditWorks control. You can even choose to spell check in American, British or Canadian!

10. HTML Tutorials & Javascript - Basic HTML Tutorial
unless you receive a key from the developer after you purchase the software. Shareware html editors are abundant.
document.write(navline); QUICK SITE GUIDE HOME SITE MAP MEMBER'S HOME MEMBERSHIP INFO ... Meta Tag Primer NEW How to keep an idiot busy So, you want to make a
Web Page!
by Joe Barta
Also available: Table Tutor Forms Tutor Frames Tutor
This tutorial is one in a series of PageTutor tutorials
and is also available for download as a zip file. Learn in the comfort and privacy of your own home. No salesman will visit.
- Comes with lots of good stuff... NoteTab Pro discount, hosting discount, tutorials, tons of free clipart, etc. Javascript Tutor book also available. Membership price discounted! Plus, for a limited time, get a FREE lifetime site membership with any book purchase!
Hello. My name is Joe and I'm going to give you a few simple lessons on how to make a Web Page. I must warn you though, this is for "all wet behinda ears" Newbies. If you're at all experienced at this sort of thing, you'll probably find this tutorial a bit of a yawner. You'll be happy to learn that it's really pretty simple. The basic idea is this... A web page is nothing more than a file, a HTML file to be exact. It's called HTML because web page documents have the file extension .html or .htm . HTML stands for H yper T ext M ark-up L anguage. (If you are unclear about this file extension stuff, then you really

11. GandyNet: Mac HTML Editors
Mac html editors. A couple of the many html helper applications to make your Web pagemaking easier. You can also purchase the commercial product from SoftQuad HoTMetaL Pro.
Mac HTML Editors
A couple of the many HTML helper applications to make your Web page-making easier.
World Wide Web Weaver 3.0 Description Super new version of the popular HTML editor. New features include:
Complete Spell Checker
Translating Of Text And Styled Text to HTML
Support For Frames
Support For Forms (even multiple forms on a page)
Support For Web Browser Plug-ins
Image Maps (both client side and server side)
Page Backgrounds (colors and patterns)
Tables (both creation and importing) Quick-Easy Floating Palettes Of Tags And Commands Step-By-Step Editors For Complex Tags/Tasks Customizable Tags (including adding your own) Scratch Pad For Commonly Used Text MacOS, DOS/Windows And Unix Text File Formats Type Commercial application $59, demo available. Date Links Checked DownLoad Locations Notes Worth its weight in gold to the serious Web page designer. Go to the Miracle Software site to see.

12. Torry's Delphi Pages
Applications editors html editors, Includes html wizard. Fully functionalSource On purchase/registration Price $10 Source Price $25.

Graphics Editors

HTML Editors


Just Useful

Applications > Editors > HTML Editors
!Perl-Express v.1.6 SW 2638 Kb By Michael Anderson . Try this integrated development environment (IDE) for Perl with all the necessary tools for writing and debugging your Perl programs. It features multiple CGI scripts for editing, running, and debugging; multiple input files; full server simulation; queries created from an internal Web browser or query editor; test MySQL, MS Access scripts; interective I/O; directory window; code library; and code templates. !Perl-Express allows you to set environment variables used for running and debugging script. It has a customizable code editor with syntax highlighting, unlimited text size, printing, line numbering, bookmarks, column selection, a search-and-replace engine, multilevel undo/redo operations, and so on.
Evaluation (time-limit)
Source: None Price: $99 Download: ME W2K W98 XP Borneo v.1.6 FW 151 Kb By Clive Cooper . Small and easy to use HTML Editor. Fully functional Source: None Download: DzSoft Perl Editor v.5.3

13. Small Business Development Center, Vermont
the editors that are available. AceHTML 4 Price Free. AgileHTML Editor Price Free trial; $75.00 to purchase.
You've Reached the #1 Resource for Small Business An Award Winning Parnership of
Government, Education, and Business
Designers in Vermont Credit Card Help Getting Listed ... Other Resources
Hypertext Markup Language(HTML) Editors
You can write your own web pages in any text editor or word processor. This task can seem overwhelming for some, learning all of the HTML tags, how they are used, and proper insertion points. There are many HTML editors that may be purchased or downloaded for free that will help you write your web pages more quickly and efficiently. When deciding which editor is best for you, try to determine your level of HTML knowledge. If you are a beginner, look for one that is geared towards novice users. If you are proficient in HTML, try a more professional editor. Many HTML editors have wizards that help guide you through the process of creating your web page. Below is a list of a few of the editors that are available. AceHTML 4:
Price: Free Agile HTML Editor:

14. HTML Editors And Content Providers
Hours, docs/hours.htm, Shelagh, html editors and Content Providers, docs/hslbranch.htm,Shelagh, Request for New Book/Multimedia purchase, forms/newbook.htm, Linda,
Health Sciences Library HTML Editors and
Content Providers HTML Page Title File Name Content Provider HTML Editor Health Sciences Library
default.htm All Library Services about.htm Shelagh Health Databases dbases.htm Shelagh Request Forms forms.htm Linda Guides and Instruction guides.htm Shelagh Internet Health Sites sites.htm Catherine Search WebSPIRS webspirselect.htm Shelagh What's New whatsnew.htm All Contribute
Shelagh deletes
outdated info Docs folder Adopt-a-Book docs/adoptbk.htm George Adopt-a-Journal docs/adoptjnl.htm George Cochrane Library docs/clib.htm Shelagh Directory docs/direct.htm Shelagh MUN Libraries: Food and
Drink Policy docs/food.htm Shelagh Hours docs/hours.htm Shelagh HTML Editors and
Content Providers docs/hslbranch.htm Shelagh Final Journal Cancellations for 2000 docs/jnlcancel99.htm George Final Journal Cancellations for 2000 docs/jnlist.htm George MUN Libraries: Noise
Policy docs/noise.htm Shelagh Web II Evaluation Exercise
Policy docs/web2.htm Catherine This page has moved
(WebSPIRS) docs/webspirs2.htm Shelagh Upcoming Workshops
(WebSPIRS) docs/workshops.htm

15. Web Editors Software Reviews Software Reviews Web editors software reviews, programs, buy software,purchase software, Symantec, Visual Page, editor, html, web authoring
Web Editors Software Reviews Home Articles FAQs Xref ... Symantec Visual Cafe DDE Synopsis:
Stephen Saunders evaluates Symantec's Java IDE with database development features.
software,buy software,java,java ide,symantec,visual ide,database development,programming Symantec Visual Page Synopsis:
Paul Rundle examines Symantec's effort at the WYSIWYG editor market.
software, software reviews, programs, buy software, purchase software, Symantec, Visual Page, editor, HTML, web authoring, web editor, web design Allaire Homesite 4.0 Synopsis:
Paul Rundle evaluates the latest version of Allaire's editor for web design professionals.
software, software reviews, programs, buy software, purchase software, Allaire, Homesite 4.0, hand coding, accuracy, editor, HTML, web authoring, web editor, web design Microsoft Visual InterDev 6.0 Synopsis:
Jamie McHale gives Microsoft's web application development tool the once over. Techniques: software, reviews, programs, buy software, purchase software, Microsoft Visual Interdev 6.0, Jamie McHale, Database tools, Active Server Pages, ASP, HTML, FrontPage Extensions, FrontPage 98, HTML Editor, Web applications, Visual Studio, teamwork Astound Dynamite 1.0

16. Free HTML Editors A-G Downloads At Free Downloads Center
html editors AG. Free Downloads / Web_Authoring / html editors AG. LATEST REVIEWS. htmlauthoring tool that uses a split screen. purchase, $29.00, 2712k, 13Nov-1999.
sl="1.3" HTML Editors A-G Free Downloads / HTML Editors A-G
LATEST REVIEWS Scatoms You'll have a blast...
Faststream Netfile
FTP client with a twist on P2P...

Arisesoft Winsyntax

me to reviews newsletter Select page number
DiDaPro HTML Editor for webpage development 5.00
Shareware 27-Jul-2001
Active Editor 1.0
Shareware 10-Feb-2000 wysiwyg dhtml editor.
Active Editor 1.5
Shareware 22-Mar-2000 wysiwyg dhtml editor. fCoder Autographics HTML 3.8 Demo 29-Feb-2000 AutoGraphicsHTML is an HTML editor for beginners. EditLive! Web Editing Plug-in 1.0 Shareware 19-Dec-1999 Web Editing Plug-in. Flexsite 2.8 Shareware 01-Dec-1999 HTML authoring tool that uses a split screen. Click to Convert 1.5 Free trial version 29-Nov-1999 Publishes Windows based documents to the web or intranet. AutoGraphicsHTML 3.7 Purchase 13-Nov-1999 AutoGraphicsHTML is a multi-style HTML editor for web designers. Shareware 04-Oct-1999 Simplifies the task of creating websites from databases. AceExpert 3.02

17. August Wind Shareware
To purchase with Credit Card Click Here OR Just send a all the tedious tasks requiredby coding html manually There are many WYSIWIG editors on the market today
August Wind Shareware Go to Download Link Purchase Link ShareWare Info More Information (Email Link)
HTML Express TM - a text based HTML Editor - Version 3.02
New Lower Price!

Code Librarian to store and create customizable code snippets
Color codes HTML tags
Formatting pages with Cascading Stylesheets couldn't be easier - it's built in!
Cleans up html files which come from other file systems (Unix, Mac).
FTP support built in.
META tag support
Convert International characters to HTML form (and back again) with one keystroke!
create a table from Tab delimited text - On the FLY! Many 'Assistants', to automate the most laborious HTML chores, like TABLE LINKS FORM FRAMES GREAT COLOR/HEX CONVERSION Now - with Web Safe Colors built in! FONT FORMAT Assistant! Now - Change Font size (relative or absolute), color and face all in one place Imagine - setting up Frames, Forms or Tables in seconds! HTML Express TM Anchors are easily insertable in either Visible or Invisible mode When using the LINKS Assistant, a list of internal Named Anchors is

18. HTML Editors
Several advanced html editors now provide 30day free trial downloads of theirsoftware (ie Dreamweaver), and enrolled students may purchase educational
HTML Editors
You can write HTML documents with a text editor or any word processor. Using HTML editing software can make page authoring much easier. HTML editors allow you to use tags and attributes without knowing the code. Advanced HTML editors tend to be updated more often to support the latest Web technologies. Recent versions of word processors allow saving in HTML format. Not all HTML editors create code exactly the same. Some applications allow you to set preferences that effect code writing options. Clean code, without an unnecessary tags, is preferable. An interesting exercise is to create an identical HTML file in Dreamweaver, Composer and Word, then compage the page source. The cleanest code is written by the HTML editors, while pages saved in word processors have imperfect HTML. Some editors add a line advertising the fact that their product produced the page, others do not. The serious Web author will eventually need to know HTML code. If you begin creating pages with an HTML editor is is very useful to view the page source so you develop an understanding of what code is being created in response to what page elements and attributes you are creating. A reasonable place to begin is by Dreamweaver ), and enrolled students may purchase educational versions at a savings. One academic software reseller is

19. Shareware Downloads Web Authoring - HTML Editors - Free Software Trial Downloads
Shareware Web Authoring html editors. Additional features include customizable syntaxhighlighting, PHP to html conversion, customizable click here to purchase.
document.write(code); document.write(code);
Web Authoring
HTML Editors
TopStyle Pro

Edit your HTML, XHTML and CSS in a single program. TopStyle Pro offers many unique features, including the option to upgrade your HTML documents by replacing outdated markup with equivalent styling...
More info...


v 3.03.03
Free Trial
to register
Our Rating: Popularity: Updated: 03/03/2003 Code-Genie is a powerful text and binary editor designed for programmers. Features include AutoSave, AutoComplete, Code Fragment Libraries, Syntax-highliting for many programming languages including PHP, HTML,Perl, VB Script, Java and others. The program also offers color printing, text justification, word-wrap and Block and Chart operations as well as Macro support in VBScript and JScript languages, HTML and RTF output, keyword lookup and much more. Code-Genies settings are configured via a config file, rather than the interface, this makes it more flexible, but less suitable for beginners. Donationware Add to CD View CD 578 kb Windows (All) Screenshot Developer Full Page AllWebMenus v 3.1

20. : The Companion Web Site For The Books Easy Web Page Creation
purchase Microsoft Word Version 2002 Inside Out. Chapter FTP Programs; Graphics (Free);Graphics editors; GUI (Graphical the Internet and Web; html code validation
Web Site
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