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         Horses Pet Care:     more books (100)
  1. Feeding and Care of the Horse by Lon D. Lewis, Anthony Knight, et all 1996-10-28
  2. Horse Owners Guide to Natural Hoof Care by Jaime Jackson, 2002-10
  3. Horse Care Manual, The by Chris May, 1994-04-15
  4. Horses, 3rd Edition: A Guide to Selection, Care, and Enjoyment by J. Warren Evans, 2000-12-13
  5. Storey's Guide to Raising Horses: Breeding/Care/Facilities by Heather Smith Thomas, 2000-05-15
  6. The Whole Horse Wellness Guide: Natural and Conventional Care for a Healthy Horse by Diane Morgan, 2008-05
  7. The Horse Lover's Bible: The Complete Practical Guide to Horse Care and Management by Tamsin Pickeral, 2009-04-17
  8. Complete Book of Horse Care by Tim Hawcroft, 1989-01
  9. Cherry Hill Horsekeeping & Training CD-ROM, Horse Care Library by Cherry Hill, 2000-11-10
  10. The Illustrated Guide to Holistic Care for Horses: An Owner's Manual by Denise Bean-Raymond, 2009-02-01
  11. Basic Horse Care (Doubleday Equestrian Library) by Eleanor F. Prince, Gaydell M. Collier, 1989-05-23
  12. The Complete Guide to Horse Care (The Practical Handbook Series) by Judith Draper, 1999-12-25
  13. First Aid for Horse and Rider: Emergency Care for the Stable and Trail by Nancy S. Loving DVM, Gilbert Preston, 2008-06-17
  14. The Horse Riding & Care Handbook by Bernadette Faurie, 2002-05-01

21. PetJam Pet Care - Pets, Cats, Dogs, Horses, Birds, Fish, Reptiles, Animals And M
Winter and Your Potbellied Pig by Kathleen How to care for your pig during the wintermonths. Choosing the Right pet Pig by Kathleen Wondering How to Choose a
An extensive directory of pet web sites with over 300 listings and growing!
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Cool Site
of the Week
Deaf Dog Education Action Fund

Kitty Health:

Discuss issues. Purebred Dogs:
Discuss issues concerning shows,...
How long is a cat's heat cycle?
Events - Moving West On Route 66

by PetJam Team If you're in the Oklahoma City area, you will want to check this out. Evolution's Kitty by PetJam Team Ever wonder why your cat seems to love to pounce and chase? Dizzy's Story by Pets Alive As told by Dizzy with help from Sara. Events - Greater Ohio Boxer Rescue by PetJam Team Greater Ohio Boxer Rescue (GOBR) is Proud to Announce it's First Annual Boxer Bash! Interview: Dr. Beebe - On Behavior by Eilleen Gagliano There are many ways to manage behavioral problems without turning to euthanasia. Choosing A Kennel by Eilleen Gagliano You took plenty of time to choose your destination for your vacation. Now take some time to choose your pet's. Nothing But A Hound Dog by Eilleen Gagliano When He Bites The Hand That Feeds Him Sit This Way by Eilleen Gagliano One thing that I’ve learned from the plethora of training sources available is that there are many different ways to train a dog.

22. Veterinary Supplies And Pet Supplies Direct At Wholesale
Offers various pet care products for dogs, cats, and horses.
Advantage Dog - Teal, 11-20 lbs, ONE YEAR SUPPLY SPECIAL PRICING ON ONE YEAR SUPPLY! Say Goodbye to Fleas! Kills 98% - 100% of fleas within 24 hours. Each card of Advantage flea control contains four ampules, and one ampule will last up to 4 weeks. Simply cut tube open, squeeze contents

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23. Pet Care Resources Ireland
pet care resources in Ireland for cats, dogs, reptiles amphibians,horses, gerbils, fish and other animals. Animal care resources
Community Discussion Board


learning resources

pet care
helpful articles

Action Groups

Volunteer In Your Area

New Thinking About Animals

Animal Rights
... Anti-Vivisection FIND GROUPS: Dogs Cats SPCAs Farm Animals ... Reptiles LOCATE: Pet-Friendly Holidays Other Irish Sites Vets HORSE CARE RESOURCES BACK TO PET CARE INDEX

24. Veterinary Supplies And Pet Supplies Direct At Wholesale From
Distributors of animal health care products, pet supplies, kennel supplies, and vaccines at wholesale prices for dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, horses, and cattle.
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25. Pet Care Books About Pets Dogs Cats Birds Fish Horses Reptiles
pet care books Buy books about pets animals - dogs cats birdsfish horses reptiles amphibians site index site index

Online Shopping Directory
Buy Pet Supplies Buy Pets Books
Buy pet care books online Dogs Cats Birds Horses ... series Link to other page for ... All Pet Supplies
Dogs : Health Dogs : Training

26. Petalia - Pet Care And Farm Animal Advice, Products And A Vet Locator
pet care advice and information, ask our team of veterinarians a question about your pet. Find a local Category Regional Oceania Recreation and Sports pets Health...... Geriatric horses Older horses may require special adaptations in health care, environmentand diet. pet of the Week. This week's winner is Alex the rabbit .
All sections Beef Birds Cats Dairy Dogs Equine Fish Horses Other Sheep Small Pets To find Answers click here , to go Shopping click here Articles Find Your Vet Hot Deals A Dog's a Dog
Tips on successfully training your dog using a reward-based program FLUTD
Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease is a common problem in cats Scaly Face Mite
Scaly Face in birds is caused by a mite known as either the Scaly Face Mite or the Scaly Leg Mite Fish First Aid
What should you do when your fish gets sick? Breeding Cavies
Tips on breeding Guinea Pigs Geriatric Horses
Older horses may require special adaptations in health care, environment and diet.
Click on the Map to search for your Vet
Gift Guides
Making shopping easier for you
Select a Species dogs cats birds small pets Pet of the Week This week's winner is 'Chevy' Click here to enter your pet to win a subscription to 'Pets n People' magazine. Hot Easter Savings 15% off Snooza Paw Pads for cats and small dogs Cat Scratch Posts 15% off Worm your horse 10% off Equimax worming pastes and liquid Bird Toys 15%off Kong Toy for Birds Your cart is empty Home Dogs Cats Birds ... Conditions of Purchase var pageName = ""; var code = ' ';

27. Horse And Pony Care Library - Browse By Subject
You are in care Library horses. If you didn't find an answer, ask our Expertsfor free, personal advice; or leave a query in one of our pet Forums.
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Pet Care Library

Breed Profiles

Pet News
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You are in: Care Library Horses Become an Online Pet Care Journalist
Meet the people behind the scenes
... Laura Perryman
Laura's first article for us tells you all about Dressage, complete with a very helpful glossary and list of terminology Your First Horse
Our resident experts answer 10 questions on the topic
Ask for More Help
If you didn't find an answer, ask our Experts for free, personal advice; or leave a query in one of our Pet Forums Breed Profiles Find out all about your favorite dog and cat breeds. Leave a comment or share your pictures Have Your Say Put your point across on a range of hot pet topics - e.g. What's the best breed of dog? What should you feed a cat? Rats as Pets... and more General Dental Care Debbie Bailey Traveling with Your Pet: A Quick Checklist for Pet Owners Angela Wu ... Horse Care Get the lowdown on common queries and problems from our experts Horses' Paddock Chat Forum Horse Wallpapers Brighten up your desktop - choose from dozens of beautiful pictures

28. Horses! - For Horse Care Articles, Horse Pictures, Community, Advice And Lots Mo
Horse Pony care Expert advice on everything from choosing a pony to old age. horses'Paddock Message Board Our feature-packed pet forums even feature
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Pet Care Library

Breed Profiles

... Link to Us! Welcome on is Updated Every Thursday
Welcome to the Horse Homepage!
We have loads of horse and pony resources here for you - from your own photos and stories to breeder directories... You'll also find great shopping deals and don't forget to check out the directory! Click here to make this your homepage!
Expert advice on everything from choosing a pony to old age Your Equine Questions Answered
Horse Gallery

Submit your prized picture of your horse or pony to our brilliant gallery
Surf the best sites on the net for horses and ponies, and submit your own! Shows, Exhibits and Events

29. Pet Care Products - Equest [Horses]
Safe for all horses When used as directed EQUEST Gel is safe for use in all horsesincluding, breeding stallions, pregnant mares (all stages), and foals over
Now it's easier to keep your
horse healthier for longer. New EQUEST TM Gel ... Now you can give your horse the protection it needs, without fuss. EQUEST Gel is a palatable get that will protect your horse from worm infestations and associated illness. It is easy to administer lasts twice as long (on average) and is safe to use. Last twice as long
Gel gives 14-16 weeks control of small strongyles, twice the lenngth of existing worm treatments. Which means you only have to treat your horse 4 times a year instead of the commonly practised 6-8 times with other products, saving you time, trouble and money. With EQUEST Gel you only need to re-treat your horse every 14-16 weeks. Better tasting Gel
Gel is very palatable, which means treating is easier. Less stress for your horse and yourself. Easy to administer an accurate dosage
Gel is administered rom a patented "Lock-In-Syringe". You set the measure on the syringe, according to your horse's weight, lock it in, and the exact dosage for your horse is administered simply and accurately. No more guess work. And EQUEST Gel won't go hard in the syringe, like some pastes.

30. Wiley Canada :: Pet Care
for pet care. D. Carlson Horse Owner's Veterinary Handbook, 2nd Edition By James M.Giffin, Tom Gore Puppies For Dummies By Sarah Hodgson horses For Dummies By,,4604,00.html
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By Keyword By Title By Author By ISBN By ISSN Wiley Canada Pet Care
Cats Dogs General ... Other Animals Bestselling Titles for Pet Care
Rabbits For Dummies

By Audrey Pavia
Dog Tricks: Step by Step, Revised Edition

By Mary Ann Rombold Zeigenfuse, Jan Walker (Illustrator)
Puppies For Dummies

By Sarah Hodgson
Expert Obedience Training for Dogs , 4th Edition

By Winifred G. Strickland Dog Training For Dummies By Jack Volhard, Wendy Volhard The Holistic Dog Book: Canine Care for the 21st Century By Denise Flaim Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook, 3rd Edition By James M. Giffin, Liisa D. Carlson Featured Titles Horse Owner's Veterinary Handbook, 2nd Edition by James M. Giffin, Tom Gore US $39.95 Add To Cart Training Strategies for the Dressage Rider , 2nd Edition by Charles de Kunffy US $34.99 Add To Cart Forthcoming Titles for Pet Care The Ultimate Golden Retriever, 2nd Edition Valerie Foss The Ultimate Labrador Retriever, 2nd Edition

31. Pet Care
pet care, Cars, Laundry Rooms, Sneakers Shoes, Animal Urine Outdoor Toilets, Skunks,Carpets, Heating Ducts, Public Restrooms, Cows and horses, pet Shops, etc
Pet Care
Bath Salts

Nutritional Care

Drain Care

Household Care
Morganics Monthly Specials

Animal DFM
The ANIMAL DFM microbes are actively involved in promoting complete digestion and management of waste. These bacteria help to protect the intestinal mucous membranes which prevent toxins from entering the bloodstream. They also support the production of vitamin K and B Vitamins in the digestive tract.
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A combination of earth and sea botanicals, moisturizers, strengtheners, vitamins and nutrients that pamper pets by helping heal, moisturize and nurture their skin and hair. 8.5 fl. oz
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32. Frugality Network Pet Savings
reptiles. Hedgehogs as pets horses. Buying a horse pet LOSS. GENERALpet care. A pet owners guide to small animal pet poisons. Here

33. Pet Care Guide
Birds. Fun Stuff. All well behaved pets are welcome, from hamsters to horses, sobring the family and join the fun. For Your pet. pet care Guide. Exotic Places.
Atwood's Pet Resorts, Inc.
Travel Agency Phone Book Priority Emergency Transport Services ... Seattle Pet Resort We hope you enjoy browsing this site. If you have any ideas or comments, please share them. We value your opinion! Thanks for visiting Atwood's Pet Resorts. You are guest number
Send mail to with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: February 15, 2003 This website is best experienced with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

34. -The Online Pet Care Community
pet of the Week. pet of the Week Bon Bon. cattle. Easley grew up inCrittenden County and has trained horses his entire life. ``My

35. Animal Planet Rescue: Rescue U: Pet Care: Horses
GENERAL care horses thrive in the company of other horses, keeping justone deprives them of their sense of protection from other equines.
GENERAL CARE: Horses thrive in the company of other horses, keeping just one deprives them of their sense of protection from other equines Ride, lead or otherwise exercise your horse at least one hour per day Tail swishing, pinned back ears and bared teeth are all signs to help interpret your horse's intent HOW MUCH SHOULD YOUR HORSE EAT? Follow the instructions of your veterinarian or an equine nutritionist
WHAT SHOULD YOUR HORSE EAT? Horses require roughage (hay) and grain (mixture of oats, corn and barley combined with molasses) in very specific amounts
WHEN SHOULD YOUR HORSE EAT? Water before feeding, hay before grain, no hard work after a full feed, a very gradual change over seven days from one type of feed to another
WHERE SHOULD YOU KEEP YOUR HORSE? As long as horses have access to shelter, they will seek protection from the weather when they need it Horses that must be kept inside require a pen or stall at least 10' x 10', with a large, southern door opening to a pen at least 30' x 30'
Thoroughly groom your horse before and after a day's work. Start at the head, then move to the left side of the neck and methodically groom all the way around. Use a cloth to groom the head. A rubber currycomb should be used for the rest of the body; this will massage the skin and loosen dead hair and dirt. To finish, briskly brush the coat with a grooming brush in the same direction the hair grows.

36. AquaSapone Natural Olive Oil & Herbal Soap - Natural Pet Care Products For Cats,
natural olive oil herbal products, handmade in Australia with olive oil and aromatherapyessential oils Natural pet care products for cats, dogs, horses.
site map sensitive skin natural soap products ...
Order online
natural handmade soaps,
chemical free skin care,
pet care and household products,
Australian essential oils
Natural pet care products for cats, dogs, horses
Gentle Dog Wash [ 100% vegan ]
Lemon-scented tea tree, eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils help keep fleas and bugs away.
Flea repellent dust [ 100% vegan ]
A natural, herb and essential oils based brush-on powder to help keep fur parasites away. Our special formula makes it suitable also for cats.
Happy pony massage oil [ 100% vegan ]
Specially formulated for your favourite horse.
Healthy hoofs
A herbal formula to help keep your horse's hoofs healthy and shiny.
Liquid Pet shampoo [ 100% vegan ]
A gentle liquid shampoo with carefully balanced essential oils that help repel annoying pests. Suitable for dogs and horses.
[ 100% vegan ]
A multi-purpose concentrate for a shiny coat that also keeps flies away.
The ultimate natural saddle and tack polish.
Buy online
AquaSapone, an Australian owned and operated business 6 Durham St, Mayfield NSW 2304

37. 404 Not Found
critters and house pets can stay HOME ALONE with HOLD YOUR horses . services offerknowledgeable, conscientious, reliable equine and domestic pet care to the
Not Found
The requested URL was not found on this server. Apache Server at

38. Pet Care Tips
pet care Tips ©Feeders Supply Co. 2003 Contact Us. Dog and Cat care. Fish.Birds. horses. Small Animals. pet care Tips. Dog and Cat care Dogs, Heartworms.
What's new

Toys and Supplies

Pet Food
... Small Animals
Pet Care Tips
Dog and Cat Care:
Dogs, Heartworms Dogs, Senior Care Foods Dogs, Outdoor Fun
Collars and Leashes
... Summer Traveling
Fish Ponds and Aquariums Back to top
Fish, Marine Aquariums Tropical Fish Pond Care, Spring ... Pond Care, Summer
Indoor and Outdoor Birds Back to top
Backyard Birds Hummingbirds Parakeets as Pets ... Purple Martins
Horses and Small Animals Back to top
Rabbits as Pets Hamsters as Pets Horse Health makes Horse Sense

39. Pet Care - Internet Resources
natural care? This is the site! Animal Alternatives Natural pet careinformation for dogs, cats, and horses. AltVetMed's Library
Pet Net Links These are pet-related links from all over the Web. If you have any comments, suggestions, and links we've missed, please send them to Chazhound's Message Center . Clicking on the links will open a new window. Just close the new window to return back to this page.
Cats Pets Pet Supplies Resource Areas Index
Hygiene: If you don't ... Who will?
Newsgroups, chats, and Boards
Nuggets and Pearls
So, a dog just wont do it for you ...
Vet Referral Services

Hygiene: If you don't ... Who will? Dental Disease in Dogs
Did you know you should brush your pet's teeth? Dental disease is as common in dogs as it is in humans. The most common form of canine dental disease is tartar buildup.
Don't Let Your Pet Get Down in the Mouth

Oral disease is the most frequently diagnosed health problem for pets.
Caring For Your Dog's Teeth

The most common tooth and gum disorder in your pet can appear as early as four months of age.
Up to Resource Areas Index
Newsgroups, chats, and Boards Chazhound's Pet Chat
This site's Pet Chat Room. Talk live about your pet and bring your friends. Scheduled chat every Fri Night 8:00pm EST.
Chat At AcmePet
Great Dog and Pet Chat!.

40. General Pet Care Articles
pet poison control common threats and household killers; pet snake care; Raccoonsas pets; Recognizing feral dogs; Respiratory problems in horses; Should I keep my
Pet Care: General
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