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         Hong Kong History:     more books (100)
  1. A History of Hong Kong by Frank Welsh, 1997-04-21
  2. The Cinema of Hong Kong: History, Arts, Identity
  3. A Modern History of Hong Kong by Steve Tsang, 2007-08-15
  4. An Illustrated History of Hong Kong by Nigel Cameron, 1991-05-09
  5. Hong Kong: A Cultural History (Cityscapes) by Michael Ingham, 2007-06-18
  6. Taxation without Representation: The History of Hong Kong's Troublingly Successful Tax System by Michael Littlewood, 2010-02-15
  7. Hong Kong's History: State and Society Under Colonial Rule (Asia's Transformations)
  8. Taxation Without Representation (The History of Hong Kong's Troublingly Successful Tax System) by Michael Littlewood, 2010-01-01
  9. Lectures on Hong Kong history: Hong Kong's role in modern Chinese history by Kai Cheong Fok, 1990
  10. Made in Hong Kong: A History of Export Design in Hong Kong by Matthew Turner, 1988
  11. Land-Use Planning in Hong Kong: History, Policies, and Procedures by M. R. Bristow, 1987-01
  12. China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong: History, Culture, People by Rudolph; Hammond, Harold E. Schwartz, 1968
  13. Land-Use Planning in Hong Kong: History, Policies and Processes by M. Roger Bristow, 1984-11
  14. A Fragrant Harbour: A Short History of Hong Kong by G.B. Endacott, A. Hinton, 1977-04-06

1. Lonely Planet World Guide | Destination Hong Kong | History
hong kong history. The British took control of Hong Kong in 1841 followingthe Opium Wars. European trade with China had been taking
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Hong Kong
The British took control of Hong Kong in 1841 following the Opium Wars. European trade with China had been taking place since the 16th century, but as European demand for tea and silk grew, the balance of trade became more and more unfavourable to Europeans, who were expected to pay in silver. In 1773, the British unloaded 70,000kg of Bengal opium, and the Chinese taste for the 'foreign mud' grew exponentially. Alarmed at the drain of silver from the country and the increasing number of addicts, the emperor banned the drug trade. The Europeans, with the help of corrupt Chinese officials, managed to keep the trade in opium going until 1839, when the emperor again issued orders to stamp it out. The British sent an expeditionary force to China to exact reprisals, secure favourable trade arrangements and obtain use of some islands as a British base. The force blockaded Canton (now called Guangzhou) and a number of other ports, ultimately threatening Beijing. The British pressured the Chinese into ceding Hong Kong Island to them in perpetuity. Both sides ultimately repudiated the agreement, but Commodore Gordon Bremmer led a contingent of naval men ashore on 26 January 1841 and claimed the island for Britain. A series of conflicts followed, with the British backed by French, Russian and American interests. A combined British and French force invaded China in 1859, forcing the Chinese to agree to the Convention of Peking, which ceded the Kowloon Peninsula and nearby Stonecutters Island to the British. In 1898, the British also gained a 99-year lease on the New Territories, which they felt essential to protect their interests on Hong Kong Island.

2. Kong History
Hong Kong Changeover The Dawn of a New Era Hong Kong in Transition - History. During the 17th and 18th centuries, Britain with its strong naval forces was
Hong Kong in Transition - History
During the 17th and 18th centuries, Britain with its strong naval forces was expanding its empire and colonialism all over the world. Eventually, it came to China and wanted to extend its political and economic influences At that time, China's major contact with the outside world was at Canton (Guangzhou) where most overseas traders from Britain, the United States and elsewhere lived and worked in a small society, and were closely monitored by Chinese officials. With silk, cinnamon, and tea in great demands, international tradings were conducted orderly and peacefully. Then came the opium. With almost unlimited supply from its then colony - India, British aggressively introduced opium into the China market. And it was in Canton that the illegal and highly profitable opium trade flourished. Soon, opium addiction grew to epidemic proportions, ravaging Chinese society. Both bodies and souls of thousands of Chinese were eaten away by the addiction of opium and turned effectively useless and harmful to the society. To stop the tide, the Qing emperor appointed Lin Ze-xu as the special commissioner in Canton to clean up the opium trade. Lin forcefully collected and destroyed the overseas traders' opium supplies. Suffering huge financial losses, many British opium traders, including two of the biggest, William Jardine and James Matheson, demanded action from their government. This led to the First Opium War of 1840-1842.

3. Hong Kong History
to the fascinating The Hong Kong Story permanent exhibition, where you'll be educatedand entertained by more than 400 million years of hong kong history.
Before you visit, prime yourself with a quick history lesson on Hong Kong's early development, its colonial influence and modern-day city life. And once you arrive in Hong Kong, follow it up with a visit to the fascinating " The Hong Kong Story " permanent exhibition, where you'll be educated and entertained by more than 400 million years of Hong Kong history.
Since the days of the great clans, the face of Hong Kong has been gradually changing with each arrival of new inhabitants . Today, these stories come to life when you visit Hong Kong and take part in our Meet the People activities.
Hong Kong is filled with great sightseeing opportunities. A fascinating collection of archeological, religious, ethnic and colonial sites and monuments can be found throughout the city. Click here. Click here for Hong Kong news, events and more.
For Media Partner resources, click here.

4. Hong Kong History
Our success in Hong Kong has become a vital part of our legacy. Designed and developeda computerized video broadcasting system for the Hong Kong Jockey Club.
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5. Hong Kong History At
History of Hong Kong Save on a huge selection ofhong kong history Books at
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Hong Kong



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Hong Kong
Hollywood East: Hong Kong Movies and the People Who Make Them
by Stefan Hammond, Michelle Yeoh
(Paperback February 1, 2000)
Culture Shock!: Hong Kong

by Betty Peh-Ti Wei, Elizabeth Li (Paperback October 1994) At Full Speed: Hong Kong Cinema in a Borderless World by Esther C. M. Yau (Editor) (Paperback June 2001) City on Fire: Hong Kong Cinema by Lisa Odham Stokes, Michael Hoover (Paperback September 1999) Hong Kong : Culture and the Politics of Disappearance (Public Worlds, V. 2) by M. A. Abbas, Ackbar Abbas (Paperback March 1997) Planet Hong Kong : Popular Cinema and the Art of Entertainment by David Bordwell (Paperback May 15, 2000) Hong Kong Action Cinema by Bey Logan (Paperback May 1996) Perspectives on Hong Kong Society by Benjamin K.P. Leung (Paperback October 1996) Hong Kong Cinema : The Extra Dimensions by Stephen Teo (Paperback March 1998) Black Watch, Red Dawn : The Hong Kong Handover to China

6. E-Journal On Hong Kong Cultural And Social Studies
An inter-disciplinary e-Journal for students on Hong Kong Cultural and Social Studies. The aim is Category Science Social Sciences Sociology Journals...... Book Review. An Annotated Bibliography of hong kong history (?) Reviewed by Kenneth Lan Onwai. Special Supplement.
The Many Faces of Hong Kong Issue 2 (September 2002) Editors' note Articles The Rise of a Sanitary City: The Colonial Formation of Hong Kong's Early Public Housing
Ip Iam-chong The Transition of Hong Kong People's Nationality after World War II
Michiko Ai
Commentary by Jane Lee
¼W¥Ð¯uµ²¤l Mayuko Masuda
Symbolic Boundaries and Domains of Social Relationship: A Preliminary Study of Normative Formation of the Hong Kong Middle Classes
Flora Lau Pui-yan
Commentary by Annie Chan
ª÷¾ç¸ô Lucetta Kam Yip-lo
Commentary by Petula Ho Sik-ying
Colonial Modernity - A Study of Tsui Hark's Production and Films
Cindy Chan Shu-ching Log into Comics Ross Ng Wing-yee Student Projects History and SoHo in Hong Kong: The Non-/Dis-/Sub-/Re-appearance of History Siu Heng

7. Farewell To British Hong Kong: History
History a large number of British trading empires supplying China with Western technologyorientedgoods kept the wheels of Hong Kong's commerce turning, and
Farewell to British Hong Kong
Lord Palmerston, the British Foreign Secretary, was far from happy about the decision, believing that "this barren island with hardly a house upon it" would never be suitable for a trading base. Poor Palmerston! He couldn't have got it more wrong! Subsequently, Elliot was punished by being sent to Texas as Britain's Consul General, and Britain leased Kowloon Point under the Treaties of Tientsin in perpetuity, and the 350 square miles of the Mainland and outlying islands known as the New Territories were an additional area that Britain leased in 1898 for a period of 99 years. When I first visited Hong Kong in the 1950's, it had not yet appeared on the tourist map. In those days there were only two major hotels that classed themselves as top standard the even-then-magnificent Peninsula Hotel on the Kowloon waterfront which had been staff headquarters for the Japanese Army during the occupation, and the venerable old Gloucester Hotel, now long gone but at that time the Island's finest. My most vivid recollection is of arriving in the large dining room for breakfast. The only other guest was a white-suited, pith-helmeted Englishman reading the newspaper through a monocle. In that empty room he could have been straight off the cast of a Humphrey Bogart movie.

8. Hong Kong Hotels Asia - General Information Of Hong Kong: History & Government
Country Information Embassies Tourism Boards Passports Visas Public Holidays Social Profile Business Profile History of Hong Kong Weather
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As well as confirming the terms of previous agreements, the 1984 agreement contained guarantees on the subsequent future of Hong Kong, specifically that the territory would enjoy a high degree of autonomy, especially in the economic field where its existing system would be largely left intact. The slogan "one country, two systems" was coined by the Chinese to describe the future regime and its relationship with mainland China. Only in the fields of foreign affairs and defence would the new Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong be subject to the diktat of Peking. The main point of contention in the period leading up to handover was political representation. Under the colonial regime, democratic representation had historically been kept to a minimum. While executive powers were firmly retained by the Governor, the Legislative Council (LegCo) , a small proportion of whose 60 members have long been elected, has been the only semblance of democratic representation. The Chinese

9. Hong Kong History And Info
hong kong history and Information by Clifton Pannell reprinted for academicpurposes only from Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia, (c) 1998 Microsoft.
Hong Kong History and Information
by Clifton Pannell
reprinted for academic purposes only from Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia, (c) 1998 Microsoft Go Back Main Page Hong Kong, region of China, consisting of a mainland portion located on the country's southeastern coast and more than 200 islands. Hong Kong is bordered on the north by Guangdong Province and on the east, west, and south by the South China Sea. Hong Kong was a British dependency from the 1840s until July 1, 1997, when it passed to Chinese sovereignty as the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR).
The British control of Hong Kong began in 1842, when China was forced to cede Hong Kong Island to Great Britain after the First Opium War. In 1984 Great Britain and China signed the Sino-British Joint Declaration, which stipulated that Hong Kong return to Chinese rule in 1997 as a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China. The Joint Declaration and a Chinese law called the Basic Law, which followed in 1990, provide for the SAR to operate with a high degree of economic autonomy for 50 years beyond 1997.
Land and Resources
The total land area of Hong Kong is small, comprising only 1076 sq km (415 sq mi). The surrounding territorial waters cover 1830 sq km (707 sq mi). Hong Kong's mainland portion consists of the urban area of Kowloon and a portion of the New Territories, a large area that became part of Hong Kong in 1898. Lantau Island (also called Tai Yue Island), ceded to Hong Kong as part of the New Territories but often considered separate from that region, is the largest island. Hong Kong Island, across Victoria Harbor from Kowloon and about 10 km (about 6 mi) east of Lantau, houses the SAR government and the chief business district, known as Central.

10. Hong Kong History
The summary for this Chinese (Traditional) page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

11. Hong Kong: History
encyclopediaEncyclopedia—hong kong history. The region of Hong Kong,which had long been barren, rocky, and sparsely settled—its

Hong Kong
After 1949, when the Communists took control of mainland China, hundreds of thousands of refugees crossed the border, making Hong Kong's urban areas some of the most densely populated in the world. Problems of housing, health, drug addiction, and crime were the target of aggressive governmental programs, and Hong Kong's long-standing water problem was eased by the construction of an elaborate system of giant reservoirs and the piping in of water from China. In May, 1967, Hong Kong was struck by a wave of riots and strikes inspired by China's Cultural Revolution. The government reacted firmly, and, although the Chinese retaliated by briefly stopping the piping of water and by attacking British representatives in Beijing, relations between Hong Kong and China soon resumed the surface harmony that had existed since the late 1950s. The crackdown in 1989 at Tiananmen Square in Beijing inspired fears that China would not respect Hong Kong's autonomy, and in the next few years many business people left, affecting Hong Kong's economy. In 1991, Hong Kong's first direct legislative elections (which accounted for about 30% of the seats) were won almost entirely by liberal, prodemocracy candidates, and no pro-China candidates were elected. Sections in this article:

12. - Hong Kong's Leading English News Channel - Macau Handover - Macau Han
of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing, produced (despite his sponsor)two respected and impartial volumes of hong kong history 19th Century
Published on Sunday, December 5, 1999 HISTORY One enclave, two stories
As it was:
old pictures of Macau, such as this of the Jesuit convent in 1850, are easy enough to interpret, but it is more difficult to trace much of the enclave's history because most of the pre-19th century records were written in an old-style Portuguese. JASON GAGLIARDI The history of Macau is one of peace and profit; of East and West coming together and co-existing side by side, enriching each other culturally, linguistically and financially. Or, it is one of hairy, baby-eating barbarians descending in their demonic black ships to bully their way into the lucrative silk and spice trade, poisoning the Middle Kingdom with the rancid waft of imperialism and poor personal hygiene. Confused? Plough through a few history books and you will be. There is no shortage of tomes purporting to tell the Macau story, but most boast more cultural bias than a French embassy on Bastille Day. As the hours tick away towards the handover, it seems there remains to be written an accurate and definitive history of the enclave. Given its unique and influential role in bringing together East and West, this seems hard to believe, if not downright scandalous. According to Professor Fok Kai-cheong, a historian at the University of Macau, both Portuguese and Chinese historians have long been mired in politics and their own perspectives. History is said to be written by the winners. In this case, both sides have been doing their utmost to paint themselves as such: the Portuguese as benevolent administrators who are bowing out gracefully after a long and successful reign, the Chinese as victims of the wicked imperialist oppressor ready to "end the humiliation", as their unofficial handover slogan would have it.

13. Hong Kong: A Brief History
hong kong history. This is a very brief list of important historicalmoments and facts. Try visiting a library and learn something.
web hosting domain names email addresses related sites Hong Kong History This is a very brief list of important historical moments and facts. Try visiting a library and learn something. The only thing more magnificent than the Special Administrative Region's cinema is its rich, tumultuous history. Many reviewers can talk and pontificate about Hong Kong filmmakers and symbolism - few actually know what they are talking about. If you want to appreciate your favorite films on a level you never have before - look into the customs, folklore, philosophy and history of their native country. You'd be surprised what subtleties you are missing, and what doors you have yet to open. 3000 B. C. - First recorded settlements emerge on the island. These people are known as "Tonkas," many assimilated with the aboriginal inhabitants. It is believed that the "Tonka," were from what is now known as Vietnam. Many took residence in what is now called "The New Territories." Later, the Cantonese settlers label themselves "Poon Tei." 2000 B. C. - A written, "universal" pictography develops in China 1122 B. C. - China develops feudalistic system 221 B. C. - The Silk Road opens up trade throughout the East, peaking around 207 B. C. 960 A. D. - Song Dynasty. Mongols, lead by Ti Mou Chin (Genghis Kahn) invade China. Settlement into Hong Kong grows as refugees are driven south. According to the Encyclopedia, the oldest settlements on Hong Kong Island are Cheuk Pai Wan - known as "Aberdeen," and Cheung Sha Wan. 1300 A. C. - Official Chinese Settlement into Hong Kong begins.

14. Hong Kong Travel Guide - hong kong history Hong Kong came under British administrationas a direct result of the Opium Wars of the last century.
Other cities Amman
Buenos Aires Cairo Capetown Copenhagen Cyprus Delhi Dublin Dubrovnik Florence Geneva Helsinki Hong Kong Istanbul Jerusalem Kiev Krakow Lisbon Lithuania London Madrid Malta Manila Moscow Panama City Paris Prague Reykjavik Riga Rio de Janeiro Rome Saint Petersburg San Jose Sofia Stockholm Sydney Tallin Venice Vienna Warsaw Warsaw Zurich General City Overview City Stats Culture Language ... Weather Getting There By Air By Ship By Road By Train ... Accommodation Transportation Getting Around Hong Kong Maps Business Sightseeing Sightseeing Key Attractions Other Attractions Tours of the City ... Excursions Entertainment Hong Kong Nightlife Sport Shopping Special Events Book Hong Kong Hotels at Discount Rates! Hong Kong History Government: Hong Kong is now a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China (PRC). Under the Basic Law which is the governing instrument of the region, executive power is held by a Chief Executive, who is appointed by a 400-strong Selection Committee. The Chief Executive is answerable to the State Council of the PRC (see the China section for details of the State Council) and serves a five-year term. The Chief Executive appoints a 15-member Executive Council to assist in the administration of the Region. Hong Kong's legislature is the 60-member Legislative Council: 20 members are directly elected in geographical constituencies; 30 members are elected by 'functional constituencies' (mostly professional bodies and business interests) and the remaining ten by an Election Committee composed of 800 'representatives of the community'.

15. History Of Hong Kong : Western Trade
History of Hong Kong Western Trade. hong kong history.
History of Hong Kong : Western Trade
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Cambodia Hotels China Hotels ... History Hong Kong History 1 country 2 systems 1980s post 1989 and last governor Handover 1997 Post1997 Business as Usual ? ... Tourism in Decline after1997 'Albert is so amused at my having got the island of Hong Kong' wrote Queen Victoria to King Leopold of Belgium in 1841. While her husband could see the funny side of this apparently useless little island off the south coast of China, the British foreign secretary, Lord Pairnerston, was less amused. He considered the acquisition of Hong Kong a massive bungle. 'A barren island with hardly a house upon it!' he raged in a letter to the man responsible for the deal, Captain Charles Elliot.

16. Another New Period In Hong Kong History
Another New Period in hong kong history. On July 1, 1997, the Chinesegovernment took back control of Hong Kong from the British

17. Another New Period In Hong Kong History (Syllabus Guide)
Another New Period in hong kong history. Syllabus Guide. This module can beintroduced in the following subject areas Subject, Level, Syllabus Topic.

18. Hong Kong History
Home Year Plan Useful Websites. Central Wanchai Lung Yeuk Tau Ping Shan.

19. ASIANOW | Asia's Best Cities: HONG KONG
hong kong history Lessons overall rank 7. country China. population6,617,000. snapshot The City at a Glance For a while, Hong
Find Your City! Bandar Seri Begawan Bandung Bangalore Bangkok Beijing Bombay Cebu City Chiang Mai Chittagong Chongqing Colombo Davao City Delhi Dhaka Fukuoka Georgetown Guangzhou Hanoi Ho Chi Minh Hong Kong Islamabad Jakarta Kaohsiung Karachi Kathmandu Kuala Lumpur Kuching Macau Metro Manila Osaka Phnom Penh Pusan Seoul Shanghai Singapore Surabaya Taipei Tokyo Vientiane Yangon
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A devil of a job in the City of Angels

Hong Kong History Lessons overall rank: country: China population: snapshot: The City at a Glance For a while, Hong Kong looked like the city that couldn't do anything right. From the nightmare slaughter of 1.4 million chickens due to a virus scare at the new year to the chaotic opening of the new international airport in July, the government looked uncoordinated and inept. Worries about food hygiene in particular hit home. After the "bird flu" claimed six lives late last year, the government - following weeks of dithering - decided on a mass cull. It was supposed to be over in 24 hours. In the end it took four days. Add to that recurrent episodes of cholera, pesticide poisoning and other unappetizing dishes. "The fact that there is no central body to handle food safety indicates negligence on the part of the government," says Mei Ng, director of environmental group Friends of the Earth. "Worse still, there is a total lack of interdepartmental coordination."

Translate this page hong kong history Y. Nacionalidad, Hong-Kong (China). Año, 2001. Director,Kenneth Lau. Interpretes, Lak Lok, Sam Ng, To Tai Wai, Danny Lee.
Hong Kong History Y Nacionalidad Hong-Kong (China) Director Kenneth Lau Interpretes Lak Lok, Sam Ng, To Tai Wai, Danny Lee

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