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         Honduras Culture:     more books (37)
  1. Culture and Customs of Honduras (Culture and Customs of Latin America and the Caribbean) by Janet N. Gold, 2009-04-30
  2. Banana Cultures: Agriculture, Consumption, and Environmental Change in Honduras and the United States by John Soluri, 2006-01-02
  3. Honduras (Cultures of the World) by Leta McGaffey, Michael Spilling, 2010-01
  4. Black and Indigenous: Garifuna Activism and Consumer Culture in Honduras by Mark Anderson, 2009-12-22
  5. Honduran Culture: Copán, La Llorona, Culture of Honduras, El Puente, National Anthem of Honduras, Cadejo, Virgin of Suyapa, Lluvia de Peces
  6. HONDURAS: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Countries and Their Cultures</i> by JEFFREY W. BENTLEY, 2001
  7. Executive Report on Strategies in Honduras, 2000 edition (Strategic Planning Series) by Honduras Research Group, The Honduras Research Group, 2000-11-02
  8. Grapefruit culture in the British West Indies and British Honduras, ([Gt. Brit. Empire Marketing Board. Publication) by Harold Clark Powell, 1928
  9. Pottery of Prehistoric Honduras: Regional Classification and Analysis (Cotsen Monograph) by Marilyn Beaudry-Corbett, John S Henderson, 1993-12-31
  10. Banana Cultures :: Agriculture, Consumption, &_Environmental Change in Honduras &_the United States by John Soluri, 2006
  11. Citrus culture in British Honduras: The development of the citrus industry in the Stann Creek Valley, British Honduras by W. A. J Bowman, 1975
  12. Ancient Maya State, Urbanism, Exchange, and Craft Specialization: Chipped Stone Evidence from the Copan Valley and the LA Entrada Region, Honduras (University ... Memoirs in Latin American Archaeology) by Kazuo Aoyama, 2000-04
  13. Citrus culture in British Honduras by W. A. J Bowman, 1975
  14. Central American fruit culture (Ceiba, a scientific journal issued by the Escuela Agricola Pan American) by Wilson Popenoe, 1952

1. Lonely Planet World Guide | Destination Honduras | Culture
Includes facts and figures, culture, history, and tourist information.Category Kids and Teens School Time Central America Honduras......honduras culture. Spanish is the principal language and is spoken throughoutthe country, although English (spoken with a broad Caribbean
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Spanish is the principal language and is spoken throughout the country, although English (spoken with a broad Caribbean accent) is the language of choice in the Bay Islands. The remaining Indian tribes have their own distinct languages. Roman Catholicism is the predominant religion, but there are also many other Christian sects and denominations, including Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, Baptists, Pentecostals, Assemblies of God, Evangelicals and so on. The indigenous tribes have their own religions, often existing alongside Christianity and incorporating elements of African and Indian animism and ancestor worship. Honduran crafts include wood carving (notably wooden instruments), basketry, embroidery and textile arts, leathercraft and ceramics. The country's cuisine is based around beans, rice, tortillas, fried bananas, meat, potatoes, cream and cheese.
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Lonely Planet guides to Honduras and the world order now
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Provides news headlines on economics and weather, and covers tourism and culture. Visit the chat room and the realestate section. FREE Email! honduras culture. History. Art
Welcome to Honduras! Come visit this vacation paradise! Scuba dive colorful coral reefs, relax on our pristine beaches, or explore ancient mayan ruins. Change what you think of Honduras! Hondurans are friendly, welcoming people who'll make your visit a true pleasure. Come see what Honduras has to offer!
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3. Honduras Culture | Tales Of Honduras From A Frequent Visitor
Tales of Honduras From a Frequent Visitor. A bit of honduras culture,this is a completely unedited story sent to me by a friend.
Tales of Honduras From a Frequent Visitor
A bit of Honduras culture, this is a completely unedited story sent to me by a friend. I found it lively and fascinating, with maybe a little O.Henry flavor. Hope you do, too. Read it if you dare! J. McMillin, ROL Part One All of this story I am relaying as I saw it and is based on what I saw and heard. The opinions expressed in this story are of the people in this story. Do not flame me for any parts you do not agree with. Now looking around town I was told basically every business was for sale. One common thread was that the people want an exorbitant price and would come down on the price. Now I was really interested in the ex-pat bar. Bob had told me that it was put on the market for fifty thousand American. Well there were no takers and the price steadily dropped until it got to eight thousand. At this point he decided not to sell and stick it out. Basically the thinking is that in two years La Ceiba would be back. Now I was told that Gonzales had gotten out of jail. The Gonzales who was sorta partner with Dieter and was in jail on drug changes in the USA. He is selling the complete flamingo block. The hotel, liquor store, conference room, Internet kiosk and what's left of Dieters bar. He will hand over the keys to everything to you (all inventories included) for the low price of 800K American. Bob and me talked about it. We were thinking that everything should be connected so you wouldn't have to leave the hotel complex. The second floor would have to be finished and the conference room should be turned into a casino. It would cost a few dollars to turn it around. That asking price was just a little too much. Of course the subject of Dieter came up. One of the biggest mistakes he made was going into partnership with Gonzales. The woman who was with Dieter when he was murdered was forced back onto the streets as a prostitute. She lived in the back of Bob's bar for a week. She finally got an apartment and then one-day she disappeared and left all her clothing behind. It was said this was totally out of character. When women moves on, at least they take their clothing. The scuttlebutt was that she too was murdered and buried in an unmarked grave. Dead men (or women) tell no tales.

4. Roatan Honduras Culture | Island Life | Art, History And Funny Stories
Island Life Roatan honduras culture. Maps, Books, Telephone Directories,Getting to Roatan, Links, About Roatan OnLine Hotels, Vacation
Island Life - Roatan Honduras Culture
Island Art
Caribbean Recipes from Roatan

Fishing Tournament - Blue Marlin

History of the Bay Islands
... Home Page

5. MetaCrawler Results | Search Query = Honduras Culture
Click here! MetaSearch results for honduras culture (1 to 20 of 85), LonelyPlanet World Guide Destination Honduras Culture - honduras culture. Culture

6. WorldRover - Culture Of Honduras
honduras culture and History Books. World Information Key facts, indicators,country profiles, news, weather, currencies and comments on every country and
Culture of Honduras
Welcome to WorldRover's listing of country history and culture for Honduras. Check out the links below to find more information on the people and history of a country. On the right you can also find flag clip art and maps available for free download. Embassy information is also available for a number of countries around the world, however, please confirm all information. We hope to add additional links regarding the culture of Honduras as they become available. If you have a site or know of a site that should be added, please let us know. Thanks for visiting WorldRover's history, people, and culture site.
  • Honduras Culture and History Books
  • World Information - Key facts, indicators, country profiles, news, weather, currencies and comments on every country and territory.
  • The Big Picture - Nationally syndicated anthropological radio show on public radio that takes a lighthearted look at everyday life across time and cultures. Includes a station locator and sample programs.
  • Central and Eastern Europe chronology and links - A detailed chronology of events in Central and Eastern Europe, focussing on the period 1989 - 1993.
  • 7. Honduras Culture & Peace Forum
    honduras culture Peace Forum,

    HELP US CONTACT US NEWSLETTER ... SPONSORS Whichever country you are from, please take a few minutes to share with people all over the world information about your culture, in the forum for your country. For example, describe:
    • Your favorite activities growing up The big events in your country's history What people in your country value What are the big national issues your country is facing What the geography of your country is like (mountains, desert, tropical, etc.) The weather. Is it hot? Do you have hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, etc.? How you spend your free time What kind of job you want when you're older What your favorite foods are What your family is like Any religious beliefs or traditions you have Who you look up to, and why (include historical figures, too) Who inspires you to be peaceful, and why
    And please, also share your thoughts on how the people of the world can come together and live in harmony. How can we create global peace?
    Please feel free to reply to the comments in the forums from any of the countries, but only post a message to the forum for your country
    Thank you very much for helping make Love And Peace Mission 2000 the place for our global family to come together as we all work to create peace!

    8. SPAN/--Strategic Pastoral Action: Honduras Human Rights Journey
    of oppression and violence have resulted in minor changes within the governmentaland judicial systems, violence is endemic in honduras culture, she said.
    Chiapas Massacre Oventic School Home SolidarityJourney ... RPA Trip
    Honduras Human Rights Journey
    Below is a report from SPAN/Strategic Pastoral Action's human rights journey to Honduras from January 5 to January 19, including visits with human rights advocates working under death threat, and those working to improve conditions under which women live and to better health conditions.
    Opportunities for engagement

    Other pages in this site .....
    Mexican government campaign against foreigners
    July 1998 human-rights delegation to Mexico
    Oventic Aquascalientes school construction project in Chiapas
    Radical Philosophy Association organizes 2nd Mexico Study Trip
    Reflections on Cuba, Nicaragua, Mexico, and on radical evangelism
    Briefings from the frontlines of the struggle against oppression
    Links and voices of support a la causa del FZLN/EZLN
    About Strategic Pastoral Action and its projects Massacre in Chiapas, Mexico Warwick Fry with the Zapatistas Strategic Pastoral Action Advisory Board Anna Brown Kairos Community, NYC New Jersey New York, US

    9. Honduras Vacation Guide: Honduras Cruises, Romantic Honduras Vacations
    honduras culture. Population 6,249,598 note estimates for this countryexplicitly take into account the effects of excess mortality
    The sophisticated travelers Honduras vacation connection.
    Honduras Vacation Guide: Romantic Honduras Vacations
    TravelWizard.Com Travel And Cruise Consultants: Honduras Vacations Click here for our Full Service, Custom Luxury Vacation Planner Click here for Full Service, Custom Luxury Cruise Planner Click here if you'd prefer to book you r ... own discount airline tickets, car rental, hotel or vacation packages with our easy to use real time self booking engine. Note! This is the most highly recommended self booking engine on the Internet. Travel Guides Africa Vacations
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    Honduras: Culture
    Population: 6,249,598
    note: estimates for this country explicitly take into account the effects of excess mortality due to AIDS; this can result in lower life expectancy, higher infant mortality and death rates, lower population and growth rates, and changes in the distribution of population by age and sex than would otherwise be expected (July 2000 est.)
    Age structure: 0-14 years: 43% (male 1,361,259; female 1,303,041)

    10. IExplore - Honduras Culture, IExplore Honduras Travel - Travel Honduras
    Home, Explore, Trip Search, Gear, Books More, Experts Community, Join / SignIn. Home Explore Central and South America Honduras Culture, Email thispage.
    dateString = 1081534187; Community Gallery Learn Travel ... Honduras Culture E-mail this page Keyword Search Help
    Honduras Travel and Trips

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    11. Honduras This Week Online - March 2003
    Articles and photos concerning news, politics, travel and tourism, culture, business, and the environment in honduras.
    Monday, March 31, 2003 Online Edition 13 Reformed Casa Alianza child is first marine to die in Iraq Jose Antonio Gutierrez
    as a child

    TEGUCIGALPA — Jose Antonio Gutierrez, who lived in a Casa Alianza in Guatemala and then fled to the United States, was the first Marine to be killed in the controversial war on Iraq last week. Full article by BECKY WEARN Designed for the Business Traveler
    Beautifully appointed suites with high-bandwidth internet access, computer desk, safe, 3 direct-dial telephones, bar and kitchenette with fully stocked pantry. Add Honduras This Week Online Active Channel
    (Requires IE4 or Higher)
    Did you know HTW Online is an award-winning site? We have earned over a dozen awards. Visit our About page for more information. Honduran Paintings San Antonio De Oriente Jose Antonio Velasquez (D)
    Honduras 1975 1/2 X 19 1/4 29 1/2 X 26 This painting from the private
    collection of Mrs. Velasquez

    12. Honduras -- Culture Overview
    Concise overview of the land and its culture.
    Honduras - Culture Overview
    The area that is now Honduras was an important center of Mayan civilization during the classic period before A.D. 900. Subsequently, the area was settled by Spaniards but remained on the fringes of the Spanish Empire. Even today Honduras is a nation of sparse population and rugged terrain. People living in small villages have had little contact with others, while ideas about shared traditions have been more important and common to the cities. Yet recent political conflicts in Central America have helped to encourage a sense of Honduran nationalism, and diverse ethnic groups are struggling to find a place for themselves in the nation.
    These ethnic groups include the Chorti, descendants of the classic Mayans; the Lenca, the largest cultural group, settled mostly in the west; the Tolupanes, Tawahka, Pech and Miskito inhabitants of the tropical forests of the eastern lowlands; the Garifuna of the Atlantic coast, descendants of African and Carib peoples; and the mestizo descendants of Europeans. Nearly all of these people consider themselves Roman Catholic and speak the country's official language, Spanish, but some groups preserve vestiges of older ways, and there are important differences between them.
    Outside the cities the audience for national culture is dispersed, but Hondurans admire artists who represent local subjects. People take special pride in Carlos Garay, who painted Honduran landscapes after graduating from the National School of Fine Arts. Although there are many painters who have received training in Europe, such self-taught artists as Jose Antonio Velazquez are more popular locally. Velazquez focused on paintings of village life in a way that is representational without being photographic. Though Velazquez died in 1983, his son and others carry on in his tradition. The Honduran writers who are best known are those who work in more than one medium. Thus, Rafael Heliodoro Valles, a historian, poet, and essayist, along with Clementina Suarez, a poet, publisher, and magazine editor, have become familiar figures to a wide range of Hondurans.

    13. Peace Corps | Countries | Inter-America And The Caribbean | Honduras | Country &
    Brief information of geography, economy, government, and culture.
    April 8, 2003 3:13 PM Geography and Climate
    Honduras is the second largest of the Central American Republics, with an area 112,088 square kilometers (44,500 square miles). It is roughly comparable to the state of Ohio, bordered on the northwest by Guatemala, on the southwest by El Salvador, and on the southeast by Nicaragua. Its Pacific coastline consists of a 77 mile arc along the Gulf of Fonseca in the south. The Caribbean Sea coastline of 400 miles contains several excellent ports and makes the North Coast the commercial hub of Honduras. Several small offshore islands, of which the Bay Islands are the best known, are also part of the national territory.
    It is a mountainous country, with ranges from 3,000 to 9,000 feet in altitude covering 80 percent of the nation. Though fertile valleys and plateaus lie between the mountains and in the coastal areas, it is estimated that only 17 percent of the landmass is suitable for agricultural development. About 45 percent of the land is covered with forest.
    The prevailing climate pattern is characterized by a wet season from May through October and a dry season from November to April. Climactic variations are more pronounced in the coastal lowlands, particularly in the North Coast, where major hurricanes as well as severe floods and droughts have been experienced in recent years. Temperate conditions prevail in the higher elevations.

    Various articles on radio broadcasting and culture, including shortwave, in honduras.
    Radio in Honduras
    Articles on this Website

    15. Honduras - LANIC
    Fundsnet Online Services te provees enlaces Latinos en toda latinoamerica, el Caribe y los estados Unidos para explorar
    Academic Research Resources

    16. Culture
    honduras, culture, Back to Top. The art and architecture of the preColumbianand Spanish colonial periods are strongly evident in Honduran culture.
    Country Info Honduras Introduction Honduras General Data Honduras Maps Honduras Culture ... Honduras Time and Date Honduras Culture Back to Top The art and architecture of the pre-Columbian and Spanish colonial periods are strongly evident in Honduran culture. Of special interest is the great Mayan city of Copán, which represents the height of the Mayan Classic period. Discovered in the early 16th century, Copán was partly excavated and restored in 1839. Spanish architecture reflects Moorish, Gothic, and, especially, Baroque styles. Modern Honduran culture has not produced many strong representatives of its art, the country's widespread poverty being a major impediment. Most contemporary artists reflect their colonial heritage, and the pre-Columbian heritage is seen mainly in Indian crafts. Social themes may also be reflected in paintings and literary works, the latter generally represented by poetry and short fiction. The interaction of both Native American and Spanish strains in Honduran cultural history is clearly visible in the architecture. Many colonial buildings show strong Native American influences combined with baroque, Renaissance, and Moorish styles imported by the Spanish. The family is central to Honduran daily life and society, and strong emphasis is placed on family loyalty. Not only do family ties form a vital part of social identity, but they provide assistance in business and in finding one's path through government bureaucracy and red tape. Particularly close, trusted friends are often brought into family circles by being designated compadres (“godparents”), an honour (and a mark of responsibility) that is often conferred at marriages and baptisms. In addition to religious marriages, civil ceremonies are common, as are free unions. Many couples eventually have a religious ceremony, but typically only after their funds allow for a grand wedding celebration.

    17. Centro Indigensta
    CICAI is dedicated to preserving and promoting the Lenca culture of western honduras.
    Centro Indigenista de Capacitacion Intibucano What is CICAI? CICAI (Centro Indigenista de Capacitación Artesanal Int íbucano) is a dependency of the Honduran Secretary of Cultural Arts and Sports dedicated to preserving and promoting cultural diversity by supporting the survival of the LENCA culture. Aiding low income LENCA youth (native american ethnicity) from rural areas by training them in different crafts in accordance with the local cultural and economic reality. CICAI promotes understanding, diversity and prosperity What does CICAI offer? Education and training for young men and women ages 14 to 18 in a trade. A stipend covering tuition costs at the center for a period of thirty months Education for sustainable development Promotion of leadership and economic independence Education on basic bussiness administration, cooperatives, Lenca culture, and high school Help us help CICAI by purchasing some of the beautiful handmade and personalized products from their catalogue For more information contact: CICAI This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit

    18. Hondura´s Home Page
    honduras culture Overview. The area that is now honduras was an important center of Mayan civilization during the
    Esta página utiliza frames, pero su navegador no lo soporta!!!

    19. : Honduras
    honduras Map, History, culture, People, Population, Climate, Economy, Animal andplants, Languages,capital, island, major city, province, Communications,State
    Country Info Honduras Introduction Honduras General Data Honduras Maps Honduras Culture ... Honduras Time and Date Honduras Introduction Back to Top Honduras, republic in Central America, bounded on the north and east by the Caribbean Sea, on the south by Nicaragua, on the south-west by the Pacific Ocean and El Salvador, and on the west by Guatemala. Honduras is one of the largest Central American republics, with an area of 112,088 sq km (43,277 sq mi). Its capital city is Tegucigalpa. Official Name- Republic of Honduras
    Capital City- Tegucigalpa
    Languages- Spanish (official), others
    Official Currency- Lempira
    Religions- Catholic, others
    Population- 5,863,000
    Land Area- 111,890 sq km (43,201 sq miles)
    Countries Map or Maps
    Egypt Maps
    South Africa Maps

    England Maps

    France Maps
    ... from HomePage

    20. Lonely Planet World Guide | Destination Honduras | Introduction
    Overview from this renowned guidebook publisher covers history, culture, travel tips, transportation and travelers' reports. Activities. History. culture. Environment. Getting There Away honduras. honduras was the original banana republic and is still one of the least developed and industrialized
    home search help worldguide ... Related Weblinks
    Honduras Honduras was the original banana republic and is still one of the least developed and industrialized countries in Central America. Despite its turbulent political history, the poor cousin of the region has barely registered on the Western radar, apart from its short role in the 1980s as a breeding ground for US covert operations. The slow pace, natural beauty and low-profile tourism make it particularly appealing to travelers (well-armed with insect repellent) who enjoy getting off the beaten track. However, the country was devastated by one of the strongest hurricanes of the 20th century - Hurricane Mitch in October 1998. Thanks to international relief efforts, much of the infrastructure has now been repaired and tourism has returned to pre-Mitch levels.
    Full country name: Republic of Honduras
    Area: 112,492 sq km (43,870 sq mi)
    Population: 6,249,598 (growth rate 2.5%)
    Capital city: Tegucigalpa (pop 1 million+)
    People: 90% mestizo, 7% Indian
    Language: Spanish, Creole English and Indian dialects

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