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         Homeopathy:     more books (100)
  1. The Complete Homeopathy Handbook: Safe and Effective Ways to Treat Fevers, Coughs, Colds and Sore Throats, Childhood Ailments, Food Poisoning, Flu, and a Wide Range of Everyday Complaints by Miranda Castro, 1991-11-15
  2. Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy by Amy L. Lansky, 2003-04-02
  3. Family Guide to Homeopathy: Symptoms and Natural Solutions by Andrew Lockie, 1993-07-07
  4. Homeopathy: An A to Z Home Handbook by Alan Schmukler, 2006-07-08
  5. Homeopathy Beyond Flat Earth Medicine, Second Edition by Timothy R. Dooley, 2002-10-03
  6. The Complete Guide to Homeopathy: The Principles and Practice of Treatment (Natural Care Handbook) by Andrew Lockie, Nicola Geddes, 2001-05-03
  7. Homeopathy for Pregnancy, Birth, and Your Baby's First Year by Miranda Castro, 1993-04-15
  8. The Companion to Homeopathy: The Practitioner's Guide by Colin Griffith, 2010-04-06
  9. Vitalism: The History of Herbalism, Homeopathy, and Flower Essences by Matthew Wood, 2000-03-16
  10. Homeopathy for Musculoskeletal Healing by Asa Hershoff, 1996-12-17
  11. Encyclopedia of Homeopathy by Andrew Lockie, 2006-07-17
  12. The Science of Homeopathy by George Vithoulkas, 1993
  13. Family Guide to Homeopathy by Alain Horvilleur, 1986-12
  14. Homeopathy Cures Where Alopathy Fails

1. Hahnemann Center, College And Clinic For Heilkunst
Centre in Ottawa, Ontario offers training programs in homeopathy, including pharmacy, veterinary medicine and general studies. Find an application and faculty profiles. and certificate of appreciation from the American Institute of homeopathy. Details of the restoration project are
Take a Tour!
Let us guide you through our programs. Why Should I Study with the HCH? Hahnemann Center Trust Hahnemann College for Heilkunst Hahnemann Clinic for Heilkunst
The HCH facilities, situated in the beautiful capital of Canada, Ottawa, are nestled in parkland to the east, surrounded by apple orchards and with a stunning view of the Ottawa River Valley and the Gatineau Hills. The emphasis is on learning, cooperation, self-discovery and personal growth, along with a dedication to the highest level of training in the therapeutic application of all aspects of Heilkunst.
Latest News Resonant Worlds: Anthroposophical Medicine in the Context of Heilkunst
Summer School 2003
is being held from July 10-14th in Ottawa.

2. Homeopathy Home - The Net's Best Homeopathic Resource
An extensive Homeopathic portal providing many links, articles, services, forums and information.Category Health Alternative homeopathy......FREE Email Name Password To log in to the BB DiscussionForums click here. Save typing we are homeopathy.INFO. New to homeopathy?
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UK edition of Kunzli's translation
Only £7.19 (US$ 11.50)
Ships worldwide Homeopathy Responding to Crisis - Anthrax, Smallpox and Terrorism
A page of links in response to your requests
Last updated : 04 April 2003 13:38 UTC Access over 600 pages of information here...

Addresses and Contacts Books, Articles and Research Info Non-commercial sites and Societies Discussion Chat Room Commercial sites and supplies over the Net Ask questions, give feedback Offline for now - sorry!

3. Homeopathy For Health, Products, Books, Kits, Remedies
High quality information on medical homeopathy for both the general public and statutorily registered healthcare professionals
PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Home Page SEARCH VIEW SHOPPING CART Sign Up FREE Newsletters Online Catalog Find Your Remedy Remedy Descriptions/Materia Medica Children's Remedies 24 Health Categories Beginner's Guide FAQ's Ordering Information Health Newsletters Brief History of Homeopathy Health Links / Add a Link Health Testimonials About Us Contact Us Homeopathic Products and Services View Answers to Email Questions
Answers to email health questions posed to
Kathryn Jones DiHom Health Counselor
New Questions and Answers Daily! Search our Directory by Illness,
Symptom, Remedy or Health Category-

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What is Homeopathy? And other FAQ'S

4. Homeopathy Modern Medicine Of The 21st Century
After which we have launched a series of web sites discussing the role of homeopathy for a wide number of diseases.
Welcome to the homoeopathy world!
In fact, this web site was launched in 1995, probably one of the first of its kind . After which we have launched a series of web sites discussing the role of homeopathy for a wide number of diseases. You are suggested to visit the new and revised web sites: and
As a part of the mission to spread the homeopathy benefits global, Dr.Rajesh Shah , director of Homoeopathy India Foundation, has been working hard since over 18 years. He has been featured in the Limca Book of record for treating patients from over 95 countries
FAQs section talks about the introduction to homoeopathy .This article on homeopathy written by Dr.Rajesh Shah and Dr.Rupal Shah, has been incorporated in the Australian text book of HSC standard.
Homeopathy Information Cell
, where you could ask a question pertaining to any disease and the role of homoeopathy, Dr.Rajesh Shah will answer your query personally.
To know about the sources of homoeopathic medicines, click here
On-Line Consultation
service makes it possible for any one, any where in the world, to avail homoeopathy treatment for chronic and difficult disease. We are glad to update that Dr.Rajesh Shah has

5. Homeopathy - Raccolta Di Informazioni Sulla Medicina Omeopatica E Alternativa In
Copyright 19972000 homeopathy on Line
inf inf

6. National Center For Homeopathy
The National Center for homeopathy is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to making homeopathy accessible to the public. Come attend North America's largest homeopathy conference in the City of Brotherly Love.

NCH Annual Conference

April 10-15, 2003 in Philadelphia, PA

Come attend North America's largest homeopathy conference in the City of Brotherly Love.
NCH Conference 2003 Sponsors:
NCH 81st Annual Summer School

June 14-27, 2003
College of Notre Dame of Maryland, Baltimore, MD
NEW! Registration form and brochure for the 2003 courses are now up. Homeopathy Responding to Crisis
Natural Disasters, Terrorism, Epidemics
A Word from the NCH President
Homeopathy in Crisis Intervention
Submitted to the Committee on Government Reform Hearing, Nov. 14, 2001 Homeopathy Today Join us and receive our monthly magazine Sample article available online! NEW! How did you get interested in homeopathy? Click here to tell us!

7. Homeopathy: The North American Society Of Homeopaths (NASH)
An organization of professional practitioners dedicated to developing and maintaining high standards of homeopathic practice in North America. James Tyler Kent. homeopathy On The Beach!!!
Mission Statement Become a Member of NASH Associate and Student Membership Registered Professional Membership Directory of Registered Homeopaths The American Homeopath, NASH's Journal ... The Origins of NASH Biographies of Historical Homeopaths Samuel Hahnemann Constantine Hering James Tyler Kent Be sure to check back for more details!
Or contact us and we'll send you a brochure. North American Society of Homeopaths
1122 East Pike Street, # 1122
Seattle, WA 98122 Phone: (206) 720-7000
Fax: (208) 248-1942

8. Homeopathy Works
Online sales of homeopathic products.
Choose from this list... About Us Specials Shop Online Home Page Remedies Combinations General Products Kits Books Badger Balms Bach Flower Essences Boericke and Tafel Weleda Critter Corner Order Form Information Request Valuable Links Become Informed Materia Medica
Poison Ivy

Online Store
Monthly Specials Guide to Using Remedies ...
We sell a complete line of homeopathic products, including single remedies, combinations, remedy kits, ointments, and books.
The Berkeley Springs store Toll Free Fax Order Line 1-877-656-1592
Mon - Fri 8:30 - 6:00,
Sat 9:30 - 5:00,
Sun Order any product on-line Choose from the topics below to access individual catalog pages. Choose Order Form if you want to mail or fax an order. Choose from this list... About Us Specials Shop Online Home Page Remedies Combinations General Products Kits Books Badger Balms Bach Flower Essences Boericke and Tafel Weleda Critter Corner Order Form Information Request Valuable Links Become Informed Materia Medica We have two retail stores where you can pick up books and remedies.

9. Homeopathic Medicine: Information You Can Trust
FAQs, list of relevant doctors in the UK plus an extensive collection of research evidence.

Faculty of Homeopathy
British Homeopathic Association The Case for Homeopathy
British Homeopathic Association
. Site developed by Chord9 Ltd

10. Homeopathy For Women's And Children's Health, Homeopathy, Homeopathy, Herbs, Hea
Homeopathic medicine and how it relates to various womens and childrens health issues.
web site by
infomajic Homeopathy for Women's and Children's Health Miranda Castro, FSHom
Betty Idarius, LM, CHom
T his web site is about homeopathic medicine and how it relates to various women’s and children’s health issues.
H omeopathy is ideal for those looking for a safe and natural, as well as complete system of medicine, especially those wanting to take more responsibility for their own health. Homeopathy can be used to treat most illnesses - whether chronic, acute, or first aid.
W e hope you find this site informative and inspirational! W e are open to your input and feedback. Please visit us again soon. This page has been accessed Since April 2, 1996

11. Homeopathy And Homeopathic Medicines
Several articles aimed at the patient. Also, some case examples using art therapy.
Home Books by Dr Kaplan Reviews Misc. Articles ... Site Map

Homeopathy and the Homeopath
This site differs from other homeopathic web sites in that it is less about homeopathic services and products and more about homeopathy itself as experienced by the homeopath and his or her patients. Many patients are attracted to homeopathy in the first place not because of the results promised, but by the empathic approach shown by the homeopath in the clinic. What is it exactly about homeopaths and homeopathy that encourage this sort of atmosphere in the homeopathic clinic? In classical homeopathy the relationship between homeopath and patient is paramount. This is because the homeopath needs to understand not only the problem the patient presents with but also how he functions as a whole. Homeopathy and homeopathic remedies function as an holistic stimulus to nudge the body into healing itself. In orthodox medicine it is possible to address the illness or disease in isolation, but in classical homeopathy this is not possible. The homeopath must endeavour to discover as much as possible about his/her patient during any particular homeopathic consultation. At classical homeopathy conferences all over the world, I have heard many wonderful stories from homeopaths about how they learned something new about a patient in the clinic. Suddenly the case became clear from the perspective of classical homeopathy and the homeopath was able to prescribe a remedy with a good result. I always thought it was unfortunate for homeopathy that these stories were always told over meals or at the bar and never the main subject of the conference!

12. Homeopathic Treatment Of Animals Like Dogs,horses And Cattles
Information by Lion Dr. Surjit Singh Makker (Veterinarian) on health care of livestock, pets and horses with homeopathic treatment.
Dr. K. R. S. Thind (B.H.M.S.) is supporting this information. Introduction to Homoeopathy
Samuel Hahnemann in the late eighteenth century gave us formalised homoeopathy. The principle of treatment that a medicine which creates similar symptoms, which are also produced by the disease are treated by that medicine. This principle has been recorded since classical Greek times. This principle is called LIKE CURES LIKE . Hahnemann carried on his work and investigations tirelessly, but could not accumulate enough evidence of medical cure using this system. It was in 1812 when he could show the results of homoeopathy by treating 180 cases of Typhus. Since then the effectiveness of homoeopathy has been proved in a very very large number of patients. The same principle has been extended to all kinds of life including animal life. This is a site developed by Dr. Makker a qualified veterinarian from one of the most prestigious university of India to share his 18 years of experience of use of homoeopathy in the field of Veterinary Science. Dogs Poultry Horses Cattle ... launching of the website by Hon. S. Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa Union Minister

13. Homeopathy For Animals Forum
Discuss homeopathy with professionals, practitioners, and experts both in alternative and conventional medicine.

Behavior Clinic The Store Forums ... View Cart
Homeopathy For Animals Forum
No personal attacks.
No attacks on any profession, business or industry.
No bad language. Commercial announcements may be removed.
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    14. Caduceus Institute Of Classical Homeopathy
    Distance learning in homeopathy. On site classes are also available in Santa Cruz, California.Category Health Alternative homeopathy Schools......(You will be taken there automatically in 5 seconds). homeopathy forHealth Professionals Serious Students Distance Learning Program.

    Click here for our NEW SITE !!

    (You will be taken there automatically in 5 seconds) Homeopathy for Distance Learning Program Willa Esterson Keizer, C.C.H., Director
    P.O. Box 538
    Aromas, CA 95004
    Tel: 1-800-396-9778
    Email: "The highest ideal of cure is the rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health; that is, the lifting and annihilation of the disease in its entire extent in the shortest, most reliable, and least disadvantageous way; according to clearly understandable principles."
    Samuel Hahnemann, Founder Of Homeopathy, 1810
    We offer a comprehensive distance learning program in classical homeopathy designed for health professionals who wish to integrate homeopathy into their existing practices, as well as people who wish to become professional homeopaths. Videos, handouts, mentoring by an expert instructor , and a carefully designed curriculum make it possible to learn homeopathy at home and at your own pace. On site classes are also available in Santa Cruz, California.

    15. Homeopathy Online 6
    An international journal of homeopathic medicine for lay persons, students, and practitioners alike.Category Health Alternative homeopathy Publications......The publication of the homeopathy Mailing List. Taking a remedy before youare even sick is called homeoprophylaxis, immunization by homeopathy.
    The publication of the Homeopathy Mailing List Similia similibus curentur No. 6
    last updated December 17, 2000
    Modern Practice
    Guest Editor: Michael Tomlinson
    H O M E O P A T H Y O N L I N E
    Senior Editor: Chris Kurz
    Managing Editor: Douglas Hoff
    Historian: Julian Winston
    Graphics: Douglas Hoff
    Publisher: Jon Haworth WWW Server Donated by:
    Music listened to in creation of this issue:
    Couldn't really tell but it was something classical I think. Homeopathy Online. The Homeopathy Online The material published in Homeopathy Online does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Editorial Board or the Publisher. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the written permission of the Publisher. This issue of Homeopathy Online has been visited times. Editorial to this issue by Chris Kurz. Guest Editor Michael Tomlinson touches a hot topic in this issue: Is classical homeopathy an oxymoron or a contradiction? Click here to get the big picture.

    16. Homeopathy - Society Of Homeopaths
    An organization registering professional homeopaths in the UKCategory Health Alternative homeopathy Professional Organizations...... We aim to develop and maintain high standards for the practice of homeopathy developand maintain for public use a Register of homeopaths who practise to the
    calendula Please choose your category:
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    The Society of Homeopaths is the largest organization registering professional homeopaths in the UK. Our Registered Members complete rigorous training (normally 3 years full time or 4 years part time) with one of our recognized course providers, and undergo a further period of clinical supervision before becoming eligible for our public Register. We aim to:
    develop and maintain high standards for the practice of homeopathy
    develop and maintain for public use a Register of homeopaths who practise to the standards required by the Society, and abide by the Society's Code of Ethics
    protect the public's freedom to have homeopathic treatment now and in the future
    promote public awareness of homeopathy and encourage its responsible use in the home
    promote and support the establishment of education and training in homeopathy The Society of Homeopaths, 4a Artizan Road, Northampton NN1 4HU

    17. Homeopathy Mailing List
    homeopathy mailing list exclusively devoted to homeopathy. For homeopathicpractitioners, paitients and others interested in homeopathy.
    Homeopathy Mailing List
    • Go back to Home Page The Homeopathy List Web Archive The Homeopathy List Archives The Homeopathy List answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) We are pleased to announce a list exclusively devoted to homeopathy. The goals of the Homeopathy list are the exchange of current information affecting homeopathy and the study of all aspects of homeopathy, including case taking, materia medica, and repertory. Contributions are welcome whether you are a practitioner, patient or just simply interested in the subject of Homeopathy.
    • The Homeopathy list server is automated, and the Homeopathy list unmoderated.
      Join Homeopathy List Request
      If you would like to join the Homeopathy Mailing List, please enter your email address and press the button. You will receive an email message confirming that you have joined the List. You can also use this to change your subscription from the digest version of the Homeopathy list to the normal one email per message.
    • Digest Homeopathy List Request
      If you would prefer to receive mail to the Homeopathy Mailing List in the form of a Daily Digest, please enter your email address here instead and press the button. You will receive an email message confirming that you have joined the List. A digest of all messages sent to the list each day shortly after midnight Central Standard Time (CST.). If you are already receiving the normal version of the Homeopathy list you can change your subscription to the digest version of the list without having to leave the list first. You can not receive both the normal version and the digest version of the Homeopathy list at the same email address. If you want both versions you will have to enter a different email address for each one.

    18. - Home
    Information on holistic health care for animals. Articles on diet, vaccination, herbs, homeopathy, NAET allergy treatment, applied to pets.
    Welcome to
    This site exists to provide information on Natural Rearing and alternative, holistic, complementary health care for pets. It includes a free copy of our Natural Rearing newsletter and a directory of dog and cat breeders using natural modalities in their program. There is also a comprehensive natural product listing of herbal, homeopathic, glandular, Bach flower remedies, books, and supplements utilized by caring animal owners in the health maintenance of their animals. It does not substitute for professional Veterinarian care.
    BioSetNew Millennium Medicine
    The most important special report we have written. A must read for anyone concerned with human and animal health.
    Natural Rearing: A Journey in Learning
    Compilation of articles on diet, vaccination, and holistic health care
    Written by Marina and guest authors and authorities on the natural rearing of your pets.
    Breeders Directory - Updated for 2002!

    19. Classical Homeopathy
    Describes classical homeopathy information on the types of problems it can help with referral to homeopaths in the U.S. and Canada and offers phone help if there is no homeopath in your area. This page explains classical homeopathy, types of problems it helps, shows how homeopathy can help people with a number
    Classical Homeopathy Natural Health Care Are You Happy? Are You Healthy? Do you have physical or emotional problems that limit your health and happiness?
    You can do something to improve your health and your life naturally, with classical homeopathy.
    Have you been running from doctor to doctor, yet are still suffering from a problem that won't go away? Classical Homeopathy may help you, even if you can't be helped by conventional medical care. This 200 year old system of medicine is common in Europe and most of the world, and is becoming better known in the U.S. Classical Homeopathy is a system of health care using natural remedies to help people with their problems - both physical and emotional. It gets to the root of your problems, and doesn't just cover them up. Classical homeopathy strengthens your body's defense system, helping you to eliminate many health problems, and increasing your well being and happiness. P.S. Used by the British Royal family for generations. This page is brought to you by: Steve Waldstein RSHom (NA) CCH and Aviva Waldstein RSHom (NA) CCH. We are classical homeopaths in Denver, Colorado. Tell Me More
    Classical Homeopathy, Inc.

    20. National Center For Homeopathy
    The National Center for homeopathy is a nonprofit membership organization dedicatedto making homeopathy accessible to the public. What is homeopathy?
    Introduction to Homeopathy:
    Natural Medicine
    for the 21st Century
    next Welcome to a growing
    health care movement
    What is homeopathy? ... Find a Homeopath National Center for Homeopathy
    801 N. Fairfax Street, Suite 306 Alexandria, Virginia 22314
    (877) 624-0613 (703) 548-7790 fax: (703) 548-7792

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