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         Hinduism:     more books (100)
  1. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Hinduism, Vol. 2: N-Z by James Lochtefeld, 2001-12
  2. Make Me A Man!: Masculinity, Hinduism, And Nationalism In India (S U N Y Series in Religious Studies) by Sikata Banerjee, 2005-04-30
  3. Hinduism (World Beliefs & Cultures) by Sue Penney, 2001-11-13
  4. Hinduism Belief, Practices & Scripture by Jeaneane D. Fowler, 2000-12-31
  5. Rethinking Religion in India: The Colonial Construction of Hinduism (Routledge South Asian Religion Series)
  6. An Introduction to Swaminarayan Hinduism (Introduction to Religion) by Raymond Brady Williams, 2001-01-08
  7. 'Hinduism' in Modern Indonesia: A Minority Religion Between Local, National and Global Interests by M. Ramstedt, 2003-12-23
  8. Hinduism (World Religions) by Katherine Prior, 2005-11-10
  9. Christianity and the World Religions: Paths to Dialogue With Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism by Hans Kung, 1986-09-10
  10. Hinduism: A Brief Look at Theology, History, Scriptures, and Social System with Comments on the Gospel in India by H. L. Richard, 2007-01-01
  11. A Brief Introduction To Hinduism: Religion, Philosophy, And Ways Of Liberation by A. L. Herman, Arthur Herman, 1991-05-13
  12. The Unknown Christ of Hinduism: Towards an Ecumenical Christophany by Raimundo Panikkar, 1981-09
  13. Hinduism (World Religions) by Serinity Young, 2007-01-01
  14. Gems of Hindu Thought For Children by Shekhar Scindia, 2009-04-30

81. Welcome To Hari's Portal
Articles by Sri Maha Periaval. Includes his photographs, images of Goddess and links to books on hinduism.Category Society Religion and Spirituality hinduism...... This portal on hinduism is the creation of PK.Hari HaraSubramanian. Send in your feedback by clicking here.
Click here to view my Hinduism Portal ! Click here to view my Hinduism Portal !

82. Nation Of Hindutva
Warms Hindu women for such relationships which are perceived as a threat to hinduism itself.
Hindu-Muslim Marriage - Islam's Hidden Agenda
Recently, there has been a growing trend for Hindu youngsters (generally girls, though exceptionally, the same occurs with boys also) to get into relationships with Muslims. The end result in both cases (for girls and boys) is that the Hindu almost invariably ends up converting, at which point they become cut off from the Hindu community they have themselves turned their back on, whilst they are never truly accepted into the Islamic fold. Thus, these individuals find themselves with no place whatsoever, except that of a pseudo-slave at the hands of their new "family". In order to demonstrate the stark reality behind this new ploy by the Islamic fundamentalists to gain more converts, presented here are two articles written by Hindu girls on the topic of Islamic conversion through marriage. The first of these is a letter to the editor of "HUM", the termly magazine of the National Hindu Students Forum (UK), which appeared in Vol. V, Issue II. The letter is written by a Sikh girl, Kiran Kaur Mahal, and highlights the dangers inherent in deserting one's Hindu background in favour of adopting a new, Muslim family. The second article, written by a Hindu girl, Pratibha Bhambri, appeared in the July 26, 1996 issue of the "India Post". Pratibha ji, in her article, refers to her own traumatic experience in a love marriage with a Bangladeshi Muslim boy, and recounts the events following that marriage, and the ordeal she suffered under the duress of her in-laws. She goes on then to talk of general issues concerning inter-faith relationships, particularly focussing on Hindu-Muslim marriages, concluding with some solutions on how to tackle the danger that such relationships pose to Hinduism itself.

83. Eastern
Eastern Religions. Religions of India hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, JainismParsis (Zoroastrianism). Religions of China Taoism, Confucianism.
Religions of India, China, and Japon Eastern Religions Religions of India: Hinduism, Buddhism Sikhism, Jainism ... Parsis (Zoroastrianism) Religions of China: Taoism Confucianism Religion of Japan: Shintoism Eastern Cults Home Christianity ... Other Web Sites of Dr. Domínguez (over 100) Home E- Mail to: J. Domínguez, M.D. Last edition: January 7, 2003

84. Welcome To The Hindu Webring
Hindu webring connecting many Hindu websites, to increase the hit rate for each and to provide a one-stop source of information on hinduism to visitors.
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85. The Devotionalistic Gods In Hinduism
Different aspects of the Gods are explained in this research article.Category Society Religion and Spirituality Gods and Goddesses......The Devotionalistic Gods in hinduism. Copyright (c) 1996, 1998, 2000 Kelley L. Ross,Ph.D. All Rights Reserved. The Devotionalistic Gods in hinduism, Note 1.
The Devotionalistic Gods in Hinduism
While the old gods of the Vedas (Indra, Agni, Dyaus, Mitra, Varuna, etc.) eventually were demoted by Hinduism to a position inferior to the Vedas themselves, in the Brahman ] Such a personal Brahman, whether formulated philosophically or not, comes to be identified in popular religion with either Vis.n.u or Shiva. Since different gods are thus proposed as the One God, Hinduism is an unusual kind of monotheism: it contains virtual sub-religions consisting of the devotees of Vis.n.u, the Vaishnavites, and the devotees of Shiva, the Shaivites. It is best to see this as an instance of the "multiplicity of explanations." On the other hand, the earlier ] Since the personal Gods could all be seen on the same footing in relation to an impersonal Brahman, an attempt was made, we know not by whom, to tidy up things through the doctrine of the (the masculine form of Brahman), was a creator God in the Vedas (more or less identifiable with Prajapati kalpa kalpa The most important feature of the cult of Vis.n.u

86. Highlights Of "Hinduism And Interfaith Dialogues"
Dialogues on religious topics from the perspective of Eastern religions.
Highlights of "Hinduism and Interfaith Dialogues" (noframes default)
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Planes of Spirituality

Spiritual Evolution
Discourse of the Birds

87. Hinduism - Religion Or A Way Of Life? -
Articles on the scope of hinduism from the traditional Aarti 'Om Jay Jagdish Hare' to Vedanta.Category Society Religion and Spirituality hinduism......As a subject hinduism is fascinating. From the traditional Aarti 'Om Jay JagdishHare' to Vedanta, hinduism is deep and covers every possible facet of life.
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Crossroads Desi Mind ... Women Hinduism
Hinduism is a way of living according to the one's understanding of principles of Vedas and Upanishads. Veda is revealed knowledge. Just as the knowledge of gravity was revealed to Newton, similarly, in India, many Rishis or Seers were awakened to certain transcendental Eternal Truths. These Rishis realized that their real nature was not concerned with or linked with 'body or mind', nor was it dependent on sense perceptions, but was in fact identical with the Universal Consciousness. An exclusive site for Kabir Aarti – Om Jaye Jagdish Hare by Rajender Krishan Abhyasa Yoga - A Series of Articles About Hinduism by Neria Harish Hebbar, MD


On hinduism, jyotish, links to astrology data, precepts for daily life.
HINDU SAMSKARAS CONTENTS HINDU PANCHANG SAMSKARAS ... FREE MONTHLY LESSONS "MAN IS CREATOR, CONTROLLER AND MASTER OF CIRCUMSTANCES NOT SUBSERVIENT TO THEM" SRI RAM SHARMA IS Life a Mystery ? To ask or search I blame thee not; for heaven is as the book of God before thee set, Wherein to read His wondrous works and learn His seasons, hours or days or months or years. QUOTE MILTON Life has been a great mystery to men. Its origin, growth, dependence and disappearance have always exercised his thoughts and emotions. Through observations and experiences and through the ages the ancient Hindus realized that life was an art like any other art in the world. It required cultivation and refinement. Men born and left alone was a mass of elements, crude and brutal and slightly removed from his fellow-citizens of the world. His life stood in need of as much care protection and cultivation as a plant in a garden. As in philosophy so in rituals life was regarded as a cycle. It starts where it ends. From birth to death it is a continuous series of incidents moving round a nucleus of desire to live, to enjoy, to think and ultimately to retire. The Hindu Samskaras originated in the past when the problems and the needs of the society were different from what they are to-day; the mind of the people were working under an ideology which was peculiar to its age. To day the society has changed; the man has changed accordingly; his beliefs, sentiments and aspirations have all undergone change. Unless the Hindu Samskaras are also transformed in the light of new

90. Meeting God | American Museum Of Natural History
hinduism,its beliefs and customs from the American Museum of Natural history.Category Society Religion and Spirituality hinduism......Meeting God Elements of Hindu Devotion. hinduism is sometimes saidto be a religion of millions of Gods. Yet it is based on a firm
Hinduism is not an organized religion, but rather a compilation of hundreds, even thousands, of smaller belief systems. Perhaps this is why Hinduism seems so complex to outsiders, who devised the term "Hindu," meaning "of India," in an attempt to describe the culture. Ganesha more. Through many different rituals of devotion, or puja , Hindus acknowledge the Divine as a complement of opposites: the synergy of the Divine Masculine (Purusha) and the Divine Feminine (Prakriti) that maintains the balance of all existence. Fire, for example, a masculine element, is balanced by water, a feminine element. Hindus, like the women pictured here, honor both each morning with prayers to flowing water and the day's first rays of sunlight. Hinduism's complexity stems from the many forms of three primary deities: Shiva, Creator and Destroyer of all Existence, Vishnu, Protector or Preserver of the Universe and Shakti, the Divine Feminine. Each sect views its deity as the "Supreme Personified Godhead," surrounded by a mythology that includes the texts, rituals and social and cultural observances. Depending on their needs, worshippers may appeal to many different deities, but all acts of devotion have the common goal of summoning the universal force known as the Absolute Divine.

91. Baha'i Faith And Islam, Baha'i Faith And Christianity, Proofs Of God, Mihdi, Qa'
Interpretations of the connections between the Bahai faith and other religions including Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and hinduism through Baha'i Writings. Discussions downloadable as word documents.
APOLOGETICS / RELIGION CHRISTIANITY Secret Of The Second Coming (Save as Word Doc) The Glory of God (Save as Word Doc) ... (Save as Word Doc)
ISLAM Islam and the Baha'i Faith (Save as Word Doc) The Interpretation of Sacred Writings (updated 02/02/03)
ATHEISM Proofs of God (updated 22/11/02) (Save as Word Doc) Further Proof ...
Submit A Question Please note: These collections also contain my personal understandings and this site is not an authorized or official Baha'i site.

92. Hinduism In The Electronic Passport
hinduism is the religious faith of most of the people of India. Learnabout the faith of hinduism. Hindus believe that all living
HOME TIME AND SPACE PREHISTORY MESOPOTAMIA ... Cool Links Hinduism Hindus believe that all living things have souls, so almost all Hindus are vegetarians . A vegetarian does not eat meat. Some Hindus are vegan, which means they will not eat any animal products, including eggs and cheese. Other Hindus will eat poultry and fish, but will not eat beef. Cows are particularly sacred to Hindus. It is not unusual to see a cow wandering through the streets of an Indian city. Many Hindus consider the Ganges River holy . Lately, the Ganges has become very polluted, but Hindus believe the water from the Himalayas will purify the souls of those who drink or bathe in its waters. Many Hindus make a pilgrimage to the Ganges. Others travel to it near the end of their lives so they may die near the banks of the Ganges River. Subcontinent The Himalayas Monsoon Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa ... Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan

93. Dartmouth College
The Religion Department offers instruction, from the introductory to the advanced level, in most of the world's major religious traditions hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, the religions of the ancient Near East, the religions of Africa, and religious life in Native North America.

94. Atheism In Hinduism
But hinduism does not come into this class as it has no propounder. Many Hindusthough they are Hindus seldom understand the basic concept of hinduism.
Sujoi Karampuri
There are many religions in the world and they usually have a propounder i.e. a person who has started the religion like, Prophet (Islam), Christ (Christianity), Guru Nanak (Sikhism) and many more like Jain, Zarasusthra. But Hinduism does not come into this class as it has no propounder. It has come into existence through time suiting the lives of the people of the land.
And many of these religions have been founded on few steadfast rules. ONE who obeys them shall be a part of that relgion. You need to abide by few rules to be it's follower. IF you go against it you are thrown out. One of the steadfast rules in most of the above relgions says that you should definitely believe in a particular person, idol or an icon to be it's follower. It has few axioms. Hence are not debatable.
For exapmle: Islam doesn't allow any atheist nor does it allow any person who believes any person other than Allah. It goes on to say that others are kafirs (vermin), and hence should be eliminated.
Many Hindus though they are Hindus seldom understand the basic concept of Hinduism. It's because many misinterpretations have been surrounding them without any authenticity being regarded. It's also because Hinduism had to undergo little stress facing alien religions which tried to subdue it or completely eliminate it. For it's survival it did undergo few changes momentarily trying to face the chellenge. But it has at the same time allowed many architects to redesign it leading to many a misconception of it's true form.

95. Vedanta/Hinduism Home Page
Excellent page for ancient Vedic texts.

96. A - Z Hinduism
The ultimate hinduism Resource with Hindu Events in Oz, hinduism Articles,HistoryOf hinduism, Sanskrit Dictionary, Hindu Festivals, Hindu Prayers, Hindu Gods

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97. Welcome To Hinduism
Links to list of sites related to hinduism. General Introduction Welcometo this way of life Vedas The Beginning. Om ~ hinduism a way of life
Links to list of sites related to Hinduism
General Introduction
Welcome to this way of life Vedas
The Beginning Theories
That make this way of life so simple Practices
That make Hinduism so esoteric Epics
That make the mind grow and think Thinkers
That made it easy for all of us Organisations
Communities living life the Hindu way Temples
Visit some places of worship Astrology
Taking you to the beyond Publishing
There is more to read Newsgroups Interact with the Hindu world Miscellaneous Other related subjects
I have kept this site very simple by not using graphics so that surfers with all types of browsers and modem speeds will find easy access. ~ Om ~ Hinduism - a way of life My tryst with Hinduism began the day I was born. My parents taught me to live life the Hindu way , the same way that all Indians are guided by their parents and grandparents. Since early days it has been leading me, teaching me to be a better human being, showing me to love my family, community and all living beings. As I grew, I began to feel around me the various 'energies' that Hinduism has within. Being a path that is a few thousand years old, it had picked up along its way, pearls of wisdom from every possible subject that deals with the life of man and the world that surrounds him.

98. Christianity, Jesus, The Bible And Church Integrity
Critical analysis of hinduism. Includes large collection of quotes from Hindu Scriptures.
A Comparative Analysis "Do not hate your enemy for he may one day become your friend" ~ HAZARATH ALI It is precisely because Muslims believe in Prophet Jesus as a great man that we cannot accept that all of the Bible is the message brought by Prophet Jesus and because we believe in the infinite mercy and grace of God, that we cannot accept the Bible as the word of God. In fact, anyone with even an ounce of common sense and basic sense of humanity and morality will reject the claim that the Bible is the word of God after exploring this section with an open mind. Islam is a beautiful religion. It shines on its own. But if you're asking for a debate - you get one. But don't forget: Our case is against Bible thumpers and those who altered the Bible - NOT PROPHET JESUS!
"Somebody ought to tell the truth about the Bible. The preachers dare not, because they would be driven from their pulpits. Professors in colleges dare not, because they would lose their salaries. Politicians dare not. They would be defeated. Editors dare not. They would lose subscribers. Merchants dare not, because they might lose customers. Men of fashion dare not, fearing that they would lose caste. Even clerks dare not, because they might be discharged. And so I thought I would do it myself . . . " Robert G. Ingersoll

Information on hinduism, puja, beliefs, and the Hindu calendar.
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100. Hinduism - An Overview
hinduism An Overview. The tenets of hinduism have to be gathered fromthe Vedas, Smritis, Itihasa Purana and other spiritual literature

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