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         Hinduism:     more books (100)
  1. Hinduism and Jungian Psychology by J. Marvin Spiegelman, Arwind U. Vasavada, 1987-05
  2. Hinduism and Law: An Introduction
  3. Was Hinduism Invented?: Britons, Indians, and the Colonial Construction of Religion by Brian K. Pennington, 2007-10-01
  4. Hinduism and Other Eastern Religions (World Faiths) by Trevor Barnes, Editors of Kingfisher, 2005-08-18
  5. Hinduism: The Anthropology of a Civilization (French Studies in South Asian Culture and Society III) by Madeleine Biardeau, 1994-05-12
  6. World Religions: Beliefs Behind Today's Headlines: Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Shintoism, Taoism by John T. Catoir, 2004-04-09
  7. Hinduism and the Baha'i Faith by Moojan Momen, 1990-01-07
  8. The Everything Hinduism Book: Learn the traditions and rituals of the "religion of peace" (Everything Series) by Kenneth Schouler, Susai Anthony, 2009-02-17
  9. Am I a Hindu? The Hinduism Primer by Viswanathan, 1996-06-01
  10. The Oxford India Hinduism Reader (Oxford India Collection)
  11. The True History and the Religion of India: A Concise Encyclopedia of Authentic Hinduism by H.D. Swami Prakashanand Saraswati, 2003-01-01
  12. Hinduism: Experiments in the Sacred by David M. Knipe, 1998-04
  13. The Blackwell Companion to Hinduism (Blackwell Companions to Religion)
  14. Religions of the World Series: Hinduism by Cybelle Shattuck, Ninian Smart, 1998-09-12

41. Index
Lurid antiIndian website. Reproduces claims that Indian social and foreign policy is rooted in Hindu hatred of other communities and nations.
Indian Terrorism Introduction Islam Hinduism Genocide of Muslims in India ...
view guestbook

42. Hinduism In America
hinduism in America. Hence, we decided to focus on hinduism in South Asian Americansand see what kind of changes we could document over the generations.
Hinduism in America
Welcome to "Hinduism in America." This study was conceived as a final project for an American Civilization course at Brown University, entitled "The Pacific Rim in American History." Basically this study started with the question, "How does life change once someone moves to America?" Do we find immigrants embracing the ideals of their new land, or do they retreat to the ideals with which they grew up? What happens to the immigrants' children?
(see also Authors' rationale These are broad questions to tackle. Hence, we decided to focus on Hinduism in South Asian Americans and see what kind of changes we could document over the generations. Specifically, we chose the medium-sized community of South Asians located in South Jersey. Our project focused on immigrants who came to the US post 1960 (see Contextualizing this study ), and their children between the ages of 17 and 25. What follows are the results of our project. We are placing an in-depth discussion of our results online , as well as two very interesting family case studies. The complete store of information we compiled during this study is available from the Data Center Brown University Student Projects Table of Contents ... Discussion For comments or questions, please contact

43. Hinduism Today Music Reviews
Reviews of Hindu music

44. Hinduism
Christian evaluation of basic beliefs and practices of hinduism.Category Society Religion and Spirituality Christian Views......The history and basic beliefs and practices of hinduism are discussed, as wellas a Christian evaluation of hinduism. hinduism A Christian Perspective.

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Probe Ministries
Hinduism A Christian Perspective
Rick Rood
Though Hinduism may seem far removed from our everyday experience, it's becoming increasingly important that we as Christians understand this mysterious religion from India. This is so, if for no other reason than that Hinduism claims 1/6 of the world's population, with over 750 million followers worldwide. But it's also important because its influence is being felt more and more in our own country. Most of us have had at least some exposure to what has become known as the New Age movement. If so, we have probably realized that Hinduism is the wellspring of a good deal of New Age thinking. Most of us are probably also aware than an increasing number of Asian Indians are residing in the U.S. We may be surprised, in fact, to learn that there are approximately 200 Hindu temples or Hindu centers in the U.S. Many believe that due to its eclectic nature, Hinduism has the potential to serve as a major vehicle for uniting much of the non-Christian religious world. The appeal of Hinduism to Western culture is not difficult to comprehend. For one, Hinduism is comfortable with evolutionary thinking. As modern science emphasizes our physical evolution, so Hinduism emphasizes our spiritual evolution. As much of modern psychology emphasizes the basic goodness and unlimited potential of human nature, so Hinduism emphasizes man's essential divinity. As modern philosophy emphasizes the relativity of all truth claims, so Hinduism tolerates many seemingly contradictory religious beliefs. As a religion that also emphasizes the primacy of the spiritual over material reality, Hinduism appeals to many who are disillusioned with strictly material pursuits.

45. Hindu
This site Compares Islam and hinduism and also puts forward what modern Hindu scholars think about Islam.
The Hindus Links
Basic Beliefs of Hinduism and Islam What Hindu Scholars Say about Islam Islam and Modern age - Prof. K. S. Ramakrishna Rao Muhammed (pbuh) Foretold in Hindu Scriptures ...
Latest News about Islam and Muslims
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46. Religion, Hinduism (part Of The WWW Virtual Library)
Last modified 25 Dec. 1997. hinduism. Documents History. hinduism A personalhome page on hinduism with links to various resources on the Net.
Virtual Library Religion
Inter-Faith Related Abuse ... Mail Maintainer Last modified: 25 Dec. 1997
The Bhagvad Gita
Each chapter is a PostScript document and can be viewed using your favorite PS viewer. An English translation and a summary from a Book on the Gita are also available
Vedic Culture Veda, Vedic Culture and Its Relation To Present Culture
Veda means Knowledge, Vedic Culture means the Spiritually Aware Society. And Dharma, as the meaning of life, the way to live the existance on Earth.
The Rig Veda
This concerns presentation of selected verses from this Veda, a small summary of the Vedas and a number of references to the actual controvery of the Vedia History.
A personal home page on Hinduism with links to various resources on the Net.
Hindu Tantrik Home Page
For now, from here, you can download Hindu tantrik texts, view images of some of the gods and goddesses of the tradition and look at their yantras. There is also reference material and links to related sites.
According to ancient Vedic authority, natural gemstones transmit astral powers like radio crystals transform sound! Fine, flawless gems promote good fortune, while poor quality gems have the opposite affect

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48. Index|Hinduism|BBC World Service
hinduismincrease your understanding by reading and hearing about different religionsfrom around the world. BBC World Service, hinduism Introduction.
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You are in: Front Page Sitemap Religions of the World Hinduism Hinduism - Introduction Hinduism is the name given to a family of religions and cultures that began and still flourish in India.
Like other Eastern religions, it doesn't fit comfortably into the same box as Western religions like Christianity.
Hindus do not separate religion from other aspects of life. For Hindus in India, Hinduism is an inextricable part of their existence, a complete approach to life that involves social class, earning a living, family, politics, diet, etc., in addition to the things Westerners view as religious. The word "Hindu" comes from the name of the river Indus, which flows 1800 miles from Tibet through Kashmir and Pakistan to the sea. Originally the name referred to people living in a particular region of the world, regardless of their faith; so in the 18th century someone could quite sensibly be described as a "Hindu Muslim".

49. Myth Of One Hindu Religion Exploded
Former Hindu asserts that hinduism was invented in the 19th century and brackets several distinct, mutually hostile religions into one umbrella.
Myth of One Hindu Religion Exploded Introduction The Different Hindu Religions Myth of One Hindu Race Myth of One Hindu Nation ... References
Myth of One Hindu Religion Exploded
by Dr. Hadwa Dom Introduction The Different Hindu Religions Myth of One Hindu Race Exploded Myth of One Hindu Nation Exploded ... References `Myth of One Hindu Religion Exploded'
Further Reading :
The Brahmin Nuclear Bomb
Dalitstan Journal Brahmin Gold
by Shankar Nadar
Bible of Aryan Invasions

By Uthaya Naidu Ambedkar Library ]

50. Hinduism Home Page
Hindu cosmology, organization, religious life, worship, sacred literature, with a glossary, timeline Category Society Religion and Spirituality hinduism......hinduism.JPG (67831 bytes).

51. Error 404 - Page Not Found
Basic information on hinduism, quotes on India, and the story of Swami Radha in a simple format.

52. Kamat's Potpourri: Hinduism Potpourri
Articles on Hindu culture, philosophy, sacred texts, and customs.Includes pictures of deities, holymen, Category Society Religion and Spirituality hinduism......Click Here. Kamat's Potpourri, hinduism Potpourri. . Potpourri of topicson hinduism at this site Last Updated February 25,2003. Who is God?
Hinduism Potpourri
Potpourri of topics on Hinduism at this site
Last Updated: February 25,2003 Who is God?
Warrior Arjuna, during the Mahabharat war is supposed to have asked Krishna on his identity. The answer. The Song Celestial
The Bhagawad-gita is Hinduism in a nutshell. Commentary on the sacred text by Ganesh Burde. Interview with an Ascetic
Kamat chats with a boy monk at the birthplace of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in West Bengal, and learns why God had to create the evil. Renunciation and Relinquishment
The difference between the two; and what must be followed according to the Gita. Lord Shiva's Family in Indian Art
Shiva, along with wife Uma and son Ganesh is the most favorite of Indian artists. The Holy Men of India
We classify the holy men of India; pictures of Sadhus, Swamis, Saints, and Priests. The Festivals of India
The significance of festivals, includes a number of pictures, and a calendar.

53. Socio-Historical Context For SRM's Emergence
Includes information on Ram Mohan Roy, who urged social reforms of hinduism which reflected Western influence, including abolition of polygamy and sati.

More on hinduism hinduism Section; Related Links; hinduism Message Boards. Moreon hinduism hinduism Section; Related Links; hinduism Message Boards.
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55. Hinduism, Traditions, Beliefs, Philosophy And Practices
Hindu website brings you comprehensive information on hinduism, hindus, hindu life,Hindu beliefs, Hindu practices, hindu history, Hindu scriptures, hindu
Home Hinduism Other Rel. Self- Devt. ... What is New
Hinduism Home Page
Hinduism >The Main Categories Hinduism Buddhism Jainism Sikhism Zoroastrianism Spiritualism Utilities Bhagavadgita Upanishads Saivism Vedas Symbolism Temples eTexts Health Literature > Shopping Categories Art Astrology Auctions Automobiles Babies Books Clothing Computers Cookies Coupons Dating DVD's Education Electronics Films/Videos Flowers Food/Gourmet Furniture Gifts Groceries Handicrafts Handbags Health Insurance Internet Jewelry Jobs Kids Loans Magazines Music Pets Phones Search Shoes Software Stocks Students Toys Travel Vacation Weddings Women Best Bargains Special Offers My Shops All Stores ... History of Hinduism Essays and links on the antiquity, definition and importance of Hinduism Essays and articles on the ancient, medieval and modern history of Hinduism. The Hindu Way of Life Part 1 The Hindu way of Life Part 2 Original essays on beliefs, practices and traditions of Hinduism. Second series of original essays on beliefs, practices and traditions of Hinduism Symbolism in Hinduism Hinduism A to Z (NEW) A very unique presentation of the symbolic significance of Hinduism, largely unknown and deeply hidden in the labyrinths of time and history.

56. Hinduism And The Baha'i Faith - Contents
Explores the relationship between hinduism and the Baha'i Faith and offers an explanation of the Baha'i Faith to people of Hindu background.
This website is based on a book called "Hinduism and the Baha'i Faith" . The book and the web-site are an attempt to explore the relationship between Hinduism and the Baha'i Faith and also to explain the Baha'i Faith to those who are from a Hindu background
Introduction Darshana - a comparison between the theological and metaphysical teachings of Hinduism and the Baha'i Faith Dharma - a comparison between the ethical and spiritual pathways taught in Hinduism and the Baha'i Faith Moksha - the pathway to liberation and salvation in Hinduism and the Baha'i Faith 4 - Hindu Prophecies - prophecies in Hindu scriptures which Baha'is believe have been fulfilled 5 - The Social Teachings of Baha'u'llah - a brief survey of the social teaching of the Baha'i Faith - the main area where there are differences between Hinduism and the Baha'i Faith 6 - The Baha'i Community - the structure and organisation of the Baha'i community 7 - Laws, Rituals and Festivals - in the Baha'i Faith 8 - Baha'i History - with some comparisons to episode in the Hindu epics Bibliography For an Introduction to the Baha'i Faith in Hindi (not on this site), click here

57. Hindu Tradition Web Sites
hinduism http// A long page of introductoryinformation, resources, and links, maintained by ecologically sensitive
Hindu Tradition(s)
  • Circulation of Fire in the Veda
    [This homepage by Atsushi Hayakawa contains an online article about Vedic rituals and their philosophical development.]
  • Harappa Multimedia
    [Beautifully designed pages (in fact something of a visual and aural feast) that introduce the arts and cultures of India prior to 1947. Perhaps a bit too romantic for some tastes, but a resource that counters some negative stereotypes even while encouraging its own forms of nostalgia. See especially A Walk through Mohenjo Daro"
  • Hindu Temples in the United States
    [Photos by Dr. Vasudha Narayanan, affiliate of the Pluralism Project.]
  • The Hindu Universe
    [A comprehensive site, maintained by diaspora Hindus in North America who are organized as the Hindu Students Council. Socially and politically conservative.]
  • Hinduism
    [A long page of introductory information, resources, and links, maintained by ecologically sensitive Prakash Arumugam in Giessen, Germany.]

58. Welcome To The Department Of Religion
The Department of Religion is one of the largest Humanities departments at Duke and one of the most prestigious departments of religion in the entire country. The Department offers instruction in all the major religions, notably Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, and hinduism.
Click on this symbol to come back here.
This site has been viewed
since April 3, 2001. Click here for course syllabi.
Syllabi are also available from
individual faculty homepages
Welcome to the Department of Religion at Duke University!
Please take a moment to explore our site. To learn more about the locations in the rotating graphic below, click here or on any or the photos. Mission Statement
The study of Religion is one of the primary social activities of humankind. It involves a comparative understanding of the various ways different peoples, across space and through time, have developed their religious ideas, values, systems, beliefs, rituals, and traditions in response to fundamental questions of human existence. As an interdiscplinary academic discipline, religious studies offers a rigorous, systematic, and dispassionate intellectual inquiry into various aspects of religious systems, their practitioners and outlooks, their goals and expressions. It employs a wide variety of approaches and methods in order to understand the role of religion in both human experience and thought. The goal of the Department of Religion is to make available to students the broadest possible range of information about this enormous field, which has impacted, and continues to impact, all aspects of human experience.

59. Hinduism
Critical view on hinduism. Includes articles about caste system, yoga, meditation, karma, Scriptures Category Society Religion and Spirituality Christian Views......hinduism.
Symbols, Organization Reincarnation... Heaven... Hell
A Lie of the Devil!... Root of the Caste System Traditions and Christianity ...
Festivals and Pilgrimages

See Art Gallery Denominations or Sects
The main problem with the Hindu Gods is they never existed! ...they were only in the minds of the novelists!.. Rama and Krishna for example never existed, only in the mind of the novelist who wrote the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata... ... like Hamlet or Sherlock Holmes who never existed, only in the mind of the writer... or like the gods of Greece, Zeus, Apollo, Aphrodite, ... but they never existed, and they do not exist now!... ... they never made a star, not even an atom...... nor your hands or heart, not even one of your hairs... and they can not clean your Karma!... believe in Jesus, and all your bad Karma will be completely cleansed,
right now!... and you will have a glorious eternal life! They are "idols", or "devils" says Psalm 96:5... do not adore idols... do not trust your life to devils, it is a prostitution against the real God, against the one who made your feet and the sun and the universe, says the Bible (Leviticus 20).
Christianity Judaism Islam ... The End of the World, Second Coming, Armageddon, Rapture, Millennium

Collection of articles critical to hinduism.
HINDUISM Basic Elements of Hinduism Questions for Hindus ! Hinduism Exposed ! Caste System in Hinduism ... Talking to Hindus ! "For ye do worship idols besides Allah, and ye invent falsehood.
The things that ye worship besides Allah have no power to give you sustenance:
then seek ye sustenance from Allah, serve Him, and be grateful to Him:
to Him will be your return.
[Quran 29:17]

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