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         Healthy Living Lesson Plans:     more detail
  1. Health Lessons by Alvin Davison, 2010-05-02

61. Education World® : Lesson Planning Center : Teacher Lesson Plans : Grades 6 - 8
information by portraying that person in a living museum Submitted by Mimi Weitz This is a lesson I use Pokemon Are Smart and healthy 3/22/2000 Games, Math

Teacher Lesson Plans
Archives: VIEW ALL LESSONS Arts and Humanities ... Archives Grades 6-8 G R A D E S 6 - 8

ART HISTORY Tapestry in the Middle Ages

Students learn about the use of tapestry in the Middle Ages and then weave their own tapestry.
Lisa Nash, who teaches at Hunter Elementary School in Brownstown, Michigan, submitted this week's lesson. Students research newspaper topics and write opinion articles in newspaper-style format!
What's Black and White and Read Later?

Students learn what makes "lasting news" as they work in groups to create a newspaper about the year in which they were born (1986, 1987, or 1988).
TechKnow Genius!

Students use PowerPoint to create a game based on the TV show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? My Hero A Class Mural Students gain a deeper understanding of the concept of heroism, create a biographical lesson about their chosen hero, and work collaboratively to make a mural. King Tutankhamun: Was It Murder?

62. Professionally Speaking, September 1999, Heart Healthy Tool Box
showing among children’s healthy living choices makes lifestyles through the Hearthealthy Kids program. containing grade specific lesson plans, posters and
September 1999
Youngsters Targeted:
A Healthy Lifestyle
for a Healthy Heart Back Issues Masthead From the Chair Registrar's Report ... Cover Story:
Smoking, Drunkenness and Drug Use Up Among Students Getting Engaged to Learning
No Clear Answers on Complex Issues of Teacher Re-certification
Student-on-Student Sexual Harrassment: Schools Could Face lawsuits Reflective journal Writing in the Wired Age ... Back to the College's Home Page By Carol Scaini "Unless there are significant and swift changes to these crucial determinants of health, these youngsters will have formed habits that will be difficult to change, putting them at high risk for cardiovascular disease and other diseases," says Heart and Stroke Foundation medical advisor, Dr. Ruth Collins-Nakai. Barriers to building healthy lifestyles include time, income, skills and resources. The greatest opportunity to influence behavior change is through education. As a result, the Canadian health care system and the new Ontario Health and Physical Education curriculum places increased emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention. FLEXIBLE LESSONS
The lessons are flexible, allowing the teacher to enhance, extend and integrate their health curriculum into a core program by selecting a method of instruction that best suits their students. Each lesson plan booklet offers an overview and brief outline of all grade specific heart health units, background information and answer sheets for teachers and student worksheets.

63. Healthy Living - Health Promotion Resource
OF HEALTH, LDA, DUKE STREET, WISBECH, CAMBS, PE13 2AE, (Gray, G Hyde, H. Cambridge,LDA Publishing, 1992) Contains sample lesson plans and photocopiable

64. Lesson Plans
lesson plans and Activities Academy Curriculum Exchange (K5). Academy Curriculum Exchange (K-5) provides 130 mini-lesson plans for the elementary school covering a variety of science topics. healthy eating. Cody's Science Education Zone. Cody's Science Education Zone provides imaginative lesson plans
Lesson Plans and Activities
Academy Curriculum Exchange (K-5). Academy Curriculum Exchange (K-5) provides 130 mini-lesson plans for the elementary school covering a variety of science topics. Among these are microscope use, mapping constellations, water pollution, studying owl pellets and caterpillars to butterflies.
Academy Curriculum Exchange (6-8). Academy Curriculum Exchange (6-8) features 60 mini-lesson plans for many science topics covered in the middle school. Among these are weather forcasting, photosynthesis, building a psychrometer and "ph" and solvent activities.
Academy Curriculum Exchange (9-12). Academy Curriculum Exchange (9-12) offers 22 mini-Lessons plans suitable for the high school science. Among these are chemistry magic, a parallax experiment with candles, and a magnetic fields activity.
Access Excellence Activities Exchange. Access Excellence Activities Exchange contains an archive of hundreds of lessons and activities submitted by high school biology and life sciences teachers participating in the Access Excellence program. High school teachers will find the activities from the 1996 collection , the 1994-1995 collection , the 1996 Share-A-Thon collection , the partners collection , and the classic collection . Teachers can also search for individual activities from the Access Excellence archive. A new collection, "The Mystery Spot", will added in 1997.

65. PEC Lesson Plans For Physical Education
Healthful living Field Day takes some planning, but it is an excellent way to promotehealthy living to your students and physical Search for lesson ideas.

66. PE Central: Health Lesson Plans
PE Central's Health lesson plans are for physical education and health education teachers. Health lesson Idea Menu active and healthy for a lifetime. PE Central presents a large number of Health lesson ideas for Submit a. Health lesson Idea. Accepted ideas receive a
Health Lesson Idea Menu PEC Store PEC Newsletter PE Equipment Search PEC Home Adapted PE Assessment Ideas Best Practices Books/Music Classroom Mngmt. FAQ's Instructional Resources Job Center Kids Quiz Kids Quotes Lesson Ideas LOG IT Newsletter PEC Challenge PEC Store PE Equipment Postcards Preschool PE Professional Info PE Research Search PEC Top Web Sites Managing Editor
Mike Olpin

Weber State Univ.
Ogden, UT PEC Products
Life Begins CD-Rom
for Health Educators Advisory Board Ron Burke
Sue Hill
Kim Hyatt
Shanyn Olpin
Dom Splendorio PE Central exists to assist teachers and other adults in helping children become physically active and healthy for a lifetime. PE Central presents a large number of Health lesson ideas for you to use in your Health education program. These ideas are from teachers around the globe. Use the following search choices to locate the lessons currently in our database. View ALL Lessons Submit Ideas
List All Health Lesson Ideas
Sort them: By Update Date By Sub-Category By Grade Level By Title of Lesson Submit a Health Lesson Idea Accepted ideas receive a $25.00 Certificate Of Merchandise

67. Geological Society Of America - Intermediate Lesson Plans - Environmental Scienc
the types of relationships among living things that What is necessary for a healthyecosystem? and click on lesson plans.

K-12 Teacher Resources
Subaru Educator State Standards Biggs Award ... Earth Science Week
Intermediate Environmental Science
Some documents may require Acrobat Reader Return to K-12 Teacher Resources Sorted by: Topic Age Group
Lesson Plans
Field Trip to a Power Plant: A Reading Guide - Uses Global Systems Science GSS) text from Lawrence Hall of Science, available online, to study differences in fuels that power electrical plants. EPA'S Enviro-Mapper Environmental Research and Education Foundation’s Educational Activities for Secondary Schools - Activity 1 deals with Landfills. Activity 2 concerns packaging and transporting municipal solid waste and hazardous waste. Classes who complete the activities will receive a Certificate of Completion from EREF. For grades K-5, EREF offers its Solid Choices curricula, also available on the website. All EREF materials can be downloaded as pdf files. Building and Monitoring a Living Machine: Students - construct a Living Machine and maintain the living machine for one semester. Explore the principles and components necessary for a healthy living machine. Learn how to monitor abiotic and biotic parameters by monitoring the living machine in class. Keep a journal for recording all observations and relate observations to lessons being learned in class.
Lesson Plan Links
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68. The Lesson Plans Page - Science Lesson Plans, Science Ideas, & Science Activitie
The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction is the governoring body for all public K12 schools in North Carolina. They provide information and support to North Carolina's public schools.
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Science Lesson Plans - Grades 6-7
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Astronomy: Biology - Animals: Biology - Human Body:

69. Curriculum Guide : : Guide Du Programme-cadre
Each lesson plan was designed to address a specific learning expectation inthe healthy Active living component of the curriculum.

Mental Health Curriculum Support Materials

Educating Students About Mental Health and
Mental Illness Curriculum Support for the Ontario Curriculum Overview:
The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) has developed lesson plans in English and French that meet the expectations of the substance use and abuse component of the new Grade 1 - 10 Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum and the mental health component of Grade 11 - 12. The drug education lesson plans were developed in collaboration with a team of over 30 province-wide partners from the education and public health systems as well as other interested organizations. These lesson plans can be accessed from our web site home page at: Additional information that is available on our web site includes: building teacher confidence and comfort with the topic of substance use and abuse, creating drug and alcohol policies in Ontario schools, sources and resources of information for substance use (including web sites), and a detailed glossary of terms. Mental Health In both Grade 11 and Grade 12, there are no substance use and abuse learning expectations but there are specific learning expectations that relate to mental health and stress management. The Ontario Physical and Health Education Association (OPHEA) in partnership with the Ontario Association of Supervisors of Physical and Health Education, Toronto Public Health, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, and the Halton District School Board created lesson plans and materials which meet these expectations for Grade 11 and 12. Each lesson plan was designed to address a specific learning expectation in the Healthy Active Living component of the curriculum.

70. Health Education Lesson Plan Search Results
Prevention and HIV/AIDS Education Sixth Grade - Standard 4 - lesson 3. 9-12) 1999Nutrition and healthy Lifestyles BENEFITS OF living A healthy LIFESTYLE.

71. PEC: Lesson Plans For Physical Education
A healthy Field Day is a schoolwide field day that incorporates the practical livinggoals of The events began with a mini-lesson on a health related

72. PEC: More On-Line And In-Class Health Lesson Ideas The lesson plans Page Health and Physical Educationlesson plans http// healthy Choices for

In-Class Health Lesson Ideas
Healthy Bulletin Boards
Health-Related Bulletin Boards
PBS Teacher Source: Health and Fitness

Diet Analysis Web Page

The Calorie Control Council

The Fitness Jumpsite

Coalition for Positive Sexuality Dole 5 A Day: Educator Brainpop Internet Healthy Lifestyle Webquest Kid's Home at NCI (National Cancer Institute) National Cancer Institute's Smoke-Free Kids and Soccer Food and Drug Administration Kid's Home Page The Bike Hub of the National Bicycle Safety Network National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Kid's Page

73. BC Education - PE Grade 9: Active Living
identifies those that are a part of active living. abilities, and the maintenanceof a healthy lifestyle, using what parts of their plans seemed to work best
Grade 9 Active Living
This sub-organizer contains the following sections:
Prescribed Learning Outcomes

Suggested Instructional Strategies

Suggested Assessment Strategies

Recommended Learning Resources
Prescribed Learning Outcomes
It is expected that students will:
  • identify and describe the benefits of active living
  • demonstrate a willingness to participate in a wide range of activities from all movement categories
  • set and evaluate goals to develop personal fitness abilities and maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • plan and participate in personal fitness and activity programs, using the principles of training
  • plan and lead appropriate warm-up and cool-down activities
  • analyse and explain the effects that nutrition, fitness, and physical activity have on body systems before, during, and after exercise
  • identify and describe factors that affect choices of physical activity for life
  • design, analyse, and modify nutrition programs for self and others
  • select and perform appropriate activities for personal stress management and relaxation
  • identify outdoor living skills and a code of responsible behaviour in the outdoors
  • explain how changes in body growth affect movement skills or concepts
  • demonstrate a personal functional level of physical fitness
To view the prescribed learning outcomes for Active Living in other grades click on an icon below.

74. BC Education - PE Grade 7: Active Living
on the body to behaviours that demonstrate a healthy, active lifestyle activitiesas a warmup or lesson focus. that demonstrates the meaning of active living.
Grade 7: Active Living
This sub-organizer contains the following sections:
Prescribed Learning Outcomes

Suggested Instructional Strategies

Suggested Assessment Strategies

Recommended Learning Resources
Prescribed Learning Outcomes
It is expected that students will:
  • participate regularly in physical activity to develop components of fitness and motor abilities
  • demonstrate a willingness to participate in a variety of activities from all movement categories
  • identify and explain the effects of exercise on the body systems before, during, and after exercise
  • select safe activities that promote personal fitness and a healthy lifestyle
  • set and modify goals to develop personal fitness and motor abilities
  • explain fitness components and principles of training
  • identify factors that affect choices of physical activity for life
  • explain the benefits of warm-up and cool-down activities
  • record and analyse personal nutritional habits
  • identify factors to consider when planning outdoor activities and the impact of physical activities on the environment
  • describe the relationships between physical activity, stress management, and relaxation

75. Stories Of AIDS--Health/Human Body Lesson Plan (grades 9-12)
people in their own community who are living with AIDS as effectively as someone witha healthy immune system This lesson plan adheres to the standards set forth
Students Teachers Parents Grades K-5 Grades 6-8 Grades 9-12
... Health History
Ancient History
U.S. History World History Life Science Animals Ecology Human Body The Microscopic World ... Weather
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9-12 > Health Grade level: 9-12 Subject: Health Duration: One or two class periods
Materials Procedures Discussion Questions ... Credit
Find a video description and discussion questions.
AIDS: Ending the Epidemic

Use our free online Teaching Tools to create custom worksheets, puzzles and quizzes on this topic!
Students will do the following:
Examine the physical effects of AIDS Study the plight of people living with AIDS and the effects on their families and friends The class will need the following: Computer with Internet access Paper and pencil Index cards Bulletin board Ask students to share what they know about AIDS. What causes it? What exactly does it do to the body? Review the basic definition of AIDS and its physical effects on the human body:
  • AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is the final, life-threatening stage of infection from the virus known as HIV (human immunodeficiency virus).
  • HIV is the virus that causes AIDS; it severely damages the immune system and leaves the body unable to fight disease. (You may want to note that a positive HIV test result does not mean that a person has AIDS.)

76. Mste Lesson Plans, Page 6
Topics covered by this lesson This lesson will cover will be required to visit theliving room, endurance inform their challenge of developing a healthy workout
The Following Lessons are based on field trips to the Liberty Science Center:
Challenges of the Earth

Design a Healthy Workout
One of our Five Sense: Touch
Lesson Plans page 1 page 2 page 3 page 4 ... page 5 , page 6
Challenges of the Earth
Grade Level: th grade general science Learning Objective: Students will be able to investigate different challenges of the Earth processes. Materials: Students should have a pen, paper, a handout sheet , and a science textbook. Do Now: Research information on waves and energy. Motivation: How are the two related? Use a double bubble map. Presentation: Place students into groups of five. Each group will investigate each challenge. Follow the directions at the challenge areas; observe everything and record what happened. Challenges: Convection Current Ocean Renewables Geothermal Station Resonance Tube Pipelines for Light Torsional Wave Guided Practice: The students will reconvene back at the school to share the information they have gathered. They will ask each other questions on why they believe the activity went the way it did. Homework: Do a report on one of the topic challenges.

77. Home Search Site Index Contact Us
Includes lesson plans for physical education and fitness for grades K12. States throughthe promotion of physical fitness, sports and healthy lifestyles, and

78. Illinois Loop: CK Science
The Human Body Cleanliness - lesson 2; The Human Body - healthy foods - lesson BCPNovember Conservation - living/Nonliving - lesson 12; Conservation
Introduction MAIN MENU
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Sample Lesson Plans Science
This page links to a variety of K-8 science lesson plans correlated to the Core Knowledge Sequence
There are three principle sources for the plans listed here: All of these plans are correlated to the Core Knowledge Sequence
  • CK: A Healthy Body Makes Sense (1997)
  • CK: Rainbows (1997)
  • TCKC: Our Incredible Earth
  • TCKC: Kindergarten: Plants and Plant Growth
  • BCP September
    • The Human Body - Skin - Lesson 1
    • The Human Body - Cleanliness - Lesson 2
    • The Human Body - Healthy foods - Lesson 3
    • The Human Body - Exercise - Lesson 4
  • BCP October
    • The Human Body - Five Senses - Lesson 5
    • The Human Body -Sight - Lesson 6
    • The Human Body -Hearing - Lesson 7
    • The Human Body -Smell - Lesson 8
    • The Human Body -Taste - Lesson 9
    • The Human Body -Touch - Lesson 10
    • The Human Body -Five Senses - Lesson 11
  • BCP November
    • Conservation - Living/Nonliving - Lesson 12
    • Conservation - Needs of Living Things - Lesson 13
    • Conservation - Living Things - Environment - Lesson 14
    • Conservation - Living Things - Resources - Lesson 15
    • Conservation - Resources - Lesson 16
  • 79. ProTeacher! Animals Lesson Plans For Elementary School Teachers In Grades K-5 In
    for first graders about animals living on the how to keep Apple Snails alive and healthywith this AskERIC lesson plans Animals Numerous animal lesson plans

    [Click Here]
    to search tens of thousands of ideas
    on ProTeacher's new Teaching Ideas Archive

    Life Science
    Animals Animal Amusement - Students design and build a toy for a specific animal based on knowledge gained by researching an animal and its adaptations source
    Animal Print Outs
    - Informational coloring pages on 456 animals for elementary students source
    - Young students study the differences between vertebrates and invertebrates by researching slugs and snails using the Internet and creating a graphic representation (hat) source
    SeaWorld/Busch Gardens: Animal Resources
    - Click on Animal Bytes for quick facts on terrestrial or aquatic animals. This site is loaded with interesting information and pictures source The Brine Shrimp Project - Pairs of students design and conduct a laboratory investigation to determine how different factors may affect the hatching and development of brine shrimp eggs source The Electronic Zoo - An extensive directory of animal websites. Browse by animal or search by keyword source Zoo In The Wild - An extensive collection of wildlife photography, especially African. Some of the text is in Italian

    80. Learn In Beauty
    4 weeks for completion of lesson State Standard interdependence of living and nonlivingcomponents within physical activities to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
    View the Lesson Plans
    Submit a Lesson Plan
    Learn in Beauty Lesson Plans Rug Weaving
    The proposed objectives include reading about the history of Navajo
    textile weaving through written and oral available resources. Science: Desert Plants and Animals Students will be making a Desert Plant/Animal Guide Book based on the story The Desert is Theirs by Byrd Baylor.
    Grade Levels: 3,4,5
    Stated Standard W2E8: Students will demonstrate research skills using reference materials such as a dictionary, encyclopedia, trade books, the internet, etc. to complete effectively a variety of writing tasks.
    State Standard S4E7: Students will explain and model the interaction and interdependence of living and non-living components within ecosystems, including the adaptation of plants and animals to their environment.
    Corn: Speaking and Writing

    The students will be able to identify vocabulary words and write a story.
    The students will develop a story web.
    The students will brainstorm positive and negative aspects of the story Students learn how corn was cultivated and what corn is used for.

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