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         Healthy Living Lesson Plans:     more detail
  1. Health Lessons by Alvin Davison, 2010-05-02

41. MARRTC: Living Healthy -- The Challenge Of Chronic Illness
Bone Up on Arthritis. Home study kit with lesson plans and a healthy Life with Chronic Conditions by Kate Lorig et al.
Conditions General Arthritis Rheumatoid Arthritis Osteoarthritis Juvenile Arthritis Fibromyalgia Osteoporosis Lupus Wegener's Other... Missouri Calendar Arthritis Program Regional Cntrs JA Program MARRTC About Us Spotlight Publications Contact Us You are here: Home Kansas City RAC Chronic Illness
Living Healthy The Challenge of Chronic Illness
(August 2000) Nobody wants to have a chronic illness. However, the majority of us will develop one or more chronic health problems during our lives. In fact, it is estimated that people 60 and older on average have two or more chronic health conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, lung disease, stroke or diabetes. Chronic health problems typically require that a person manage their condition with the guidance and advice of their doctor. That usually means maintaining a certain diet, exercising regularly and following a strict medication program. Dealing with any chronic condition is an emotional challenge. Often the emotional and psychological effects are just as daunting as the physical ones. The losses and lifestyle changes that are associated with chronic illness can take a toll. These may include the loss of a job or friends, or giving up some dreams, goals or valued activities. Finding ways to cope with the physical and emotional challenges is key to living successfully with a chronic health problem. This process, often called "self help" or "self management," includes all the decisions a person makes and actions they take to maintain their health and independence.

42. Nelson Direct Department ''
claiming to be God's way to healthy living. Eating Well, Feeling Great, and livingLonger. Christian Planners Curriculum EZ lesson plans Gift Internet

43. Health Fitness Lesson Plans
11443 lesson plans. Nutrition and healthy Lifestyles BENEFITS OF living A healthyLIFESTYLE (type=URL)http//
Health Fitness
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Lesson Plans.
Categories Health
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Geography Health (+27 WebQuests!) History Holidays Journalism Language (+173 WebQuests!) Languages Literature Mathematics (+93 WebQuests!) Music Physed Reading Science (+375 WebQuests!) Social Studies (+399 WebQuests!) Thematic Webquests (+146 WebQuests!) Math Worksheets Health Fitness Health Fitness Lessons!
K-6 Fitness: Game Safety Considerations; Equipment and Facilities; Emergency Care; Supervision and K-6 Fitness: Gym Scooters; Captain, May I? K-6 Fitness: Gym Scooters; Captain, May I? K-6 Fitness: Jumping Box; Balance Beam Bench ... K-6 Fitness: Pullups; Toe Tug Walk; Hand Stand Against Wall; Horizonal Bar descend in one minute. Step 3. Toe Tug Walk Bend over and grasp the toes with thumbs on top. Keep the knees bent slightly and the eyes forward. Walk forward without losing the grip on the toes. Walk backward and sideward... K-6 Fitness: Rhythm; Bag of Tricks; What s New?; Eight Count

44. Specific Expectation Title Of Resource Type Description Meets All
expectations with respect to tobacco in the healthy living strand. Manual, Includesbackground information, teaching activities, lesson plans, photocopiable
Curriculum: Ontario Health and Physical Education 1998
Strand: Healthy Living
Component: Healthy Eating
Overall Expectation:
Students will explain the role of healthy eating practices, physical activity, and heredity as they relate to body shape and size. Specific Expectation Title of Resource Type Description Meets all expectations in the healthy eating component Discover Healthy Eating! Access on the web at or by calling the health unit
Teaching Resource
Includes background information, interactive teaching activities, learning concepts, reproducible activity sheets. Reviewed 2001.
Project Apex Teaching Manual Includes core lesson plans, teaching activities and background information. Reviewed 2001 Students will analyse over a period of time, their own food selections, including food purchases ( e.g. "everyday food" versus "sometimes" food) and determine whether or not they are healthy choices Get To Know Good Nutrition
Teaching Kit
Includes background information, lesson plan, and interactive teaching activities, portion size poster. Reviewed 2001
Food Labels: Is it Good for Me?

45. Christian Schools International Boutique: CSI - Education For Believers
healthy living addresses health issues from a Christian perspective. Also includedare stepby-step lesson plans, songs, resource suggestions, and blackline
VIEW BASKET YOUR ACCOUNT CONTACT US 100% of net proceeds are used to support the ministry of Worldwide Christian Schools!
HEALTH Healthy Living Kindergarten through Grade 8
Healthy Living addresses health issues from a Christian perspective. The lessons provide opportunities to practice skills such as making decisions, resolving conflicts, and resisting peer pressure. Teacher guides for grades K-8 include flexible and independent units that may be easily integrated with other subject areas or taught separately. Also included are step-by-step lesson plans, songs, resource suggestions, and blackline masters for teacher handouts and student activities. Student books for grades 3-6 include a wealth of information along with interesting readings and illustrations, making the study of health come alive for students. Life Skills for grades 7-8 focuses on the mental and spiritual health of the middle school student. Units include identifying individual gifts from God, communicating, making lifestyle choices, and choosing to use sexuality to honor God. Healthy Living's
11 Strands
  • growth and development disease prevention substance use and abuse nutrition emotional and mental health personal health family life/human sexuality consumer health social health/interpersonal skills safety and first aid community health
Kindergarten - God's Healthy Child Teacher Guide -

46. TeacherSource . Recommended Links . Health & Fitness | PBS
Archived Recommendations Family living America's Uninsured Health they should eata healthy diet, brush There are lesson plans and other teaching resources
April 8, 2003
Sponsored by
Archived Recommendations:
Family Living
America's Uninsured: Health Insurance is a Family Matter

Nearly one in five families has at least one uninsured family member and more than 80 percent of uninsured children and adults under age 65 live in working families. The three most common results of being uninsured is that the family will suffer financially, families are less likely to get timely health services, and the health and long term development for children can be compromised. This report from the Institute of Medicine outlines the causes and results of not having health insurance, especially for children. The summary is available in Spanish.
American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Although much of the information on this Web site is print material that's been digitized and posted online (that is, not highly interactive), the site offers a lot of useful content for students, parents and teachers. See especially "Facts for Families," which are topical reports incorporating research; "Your Child" and "Your Adolescent," two developmental guides; and the referral service to locate mental health professionals in your area.
Character Counts!

47. NewsHour Extra Student Resources: Health And Fitness
Click here for more current events lesson plans matched to national standards. Learningto be Fit New PE classes teach healthy living 04.03.02.

Daily Iraq War Lesson Plans
Click here for more current events lesson plans matched to national standards.
Welcome to the NewsHour Extra Health and Fitness student resource page. Here you will find NewsHour Extra stories written for students and interactive reports based on stories from the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, the nightly news broadcast on PBS. Supreme Court rules on cross burning
My Story
: Why I joined the Marines Debating The News
My Story

Editorial Page
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Iraq War

Chemical Weapons? EXTRA STORIES: 2002 Year in News Quiz: How much do you recall? Understanding Bioterrorism: The debate over the best way to prepare for an attack...
AIDS Hits Teens Hardest:
It's still a major health issue but many aren't aware...
Debating Abstinence
: How the United Nations is dealing with sex ed.
Learning to be Fit
: New P.E. classes teach healthy living... Fast Food Nation It keeps getting harder to be healthy.

which includes a free and downloadable Teacher's Guide with detailed lesson plans. Bennyand the Goodsport Gang teaching kids that healthy living and fitness
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CHILDREN'S HEALTH The most comprehensive sites:

49. ProTeacher! Life Science Lesson Plans For Elementary School Teachers Including E
the plants, animals, and nonliving objects found chain cycle with this technologyintegration lesson. Motivate children to form healthy, lasting relationships

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on ProTeacher's new Teaching Ideas Archive
Life Science
Animal Tracks On-Line - Collection of lessons and activities from the National Wildlife Federation. Topics include air, habitat, wildlife and endangered species, people and the environment, and water source
AskERIC Lesson Plans: Biology
- Several biology lesson plans written by teachers or student teachers for grades K-12 source
Biology Lessons
- A collection of hands-on lesson plans and activities, and interesting biology-related questions source
- Rich with basic information about cells and cellular parts, taxonomy and organic chemistry. Includes a glossary source Science - Do you love teaching science? Got a question? Join us at ProTeacher's new Science Board to share ideas with others who enjoy teaching this exciting subject. source Journey North: A Global Study of Wildlife Migration - Science education program uses the Internet to track migration of several animals and signs of spring as it progresses across the Northern Hemisphere source Project Primary: Zoology - Hands-on activities exploring senses- the behavior of ants- and how bird beaks are adapted for particular environments.

50. S.I.F.E. - High School Lesson Plans
Comments / Modifications · Internet access makes this a much more interesting lesson.Assessment Page No. Activities That Work. “healthy living”. G. R. A. D.
Quick Links Request Admissions Info Apply to Elmira Financial Aid Calendar of Events College Bulletin (PDF) Directions to Elmira College Summer Programs Part Time Programs Graduate Programs Library Employment Opportunities Check Campus Email Computing Services Faculty-Administrator Index Mark Twain Connection
Students in Free Enterprise
Teach a Child About Business Day Elementary School #1 Elementary School #2 ... Middle School #2 High School #1 High School #2 All Grades
Activities That Work G R A D E K X X X X Objective of the Activity: Students will be able to research environmental policies world-wide. Students will compare/contrast policies of two countries. Description of the Activity: In pairs, students will use the Internet to research two different countries and compare environmental policies. Students will create a visual chart of the similarities and differences. Students will present a 3-5 minute oral report on their findings. Materials / Resources: Internet access Website:

51. Transferring
Food Guide to healthy Eating; HeartSmart Puzzle story book; lesson plans Unit price Correlation,Heart healthy Kids TM supports the healthy living and active

52. ENC: Curriculum Resources: (ENC-018826, Full Record)
Explore online lesson plans, student activities, and teacher learning tools. heartdisease, and other medical conditions as well as healthy living Centers that,1240,018826,00.shtm
Skip Navigation You Are Here ENC Home Curriculum Resources Advanced
... Ask ENC Explore online lesson plans, student activities, and teacher learning tools. Search Browse About Curriculum Resources Read articles about inquiry, equity, and other key topics for educators and parents. Create your learning plan, read the standards, and find tips for getting grants.
ENC#: ENC-018826
Publisher: Mayo Clinic Health Information Division, Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research (MFMER)

6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Post-secondary Abstract:
One feature of the web site is an option to create a confidential, customized account to collect information that is of particular interest or need. Interactive health management tools are available to assist in healthy lifestyle planning and self management of disease and illness. Through the use of personal health scorecards, goal setting frameworks, and self created action plans, users can manage issues such as weight loss, smoking, or depression. Additionally, results of personal health evaluations throughout the process are tracked and analyzed to determine if further medical action is necessary. Abstracted 01/01. (Author/JG) Reviews and Awards:
  • ENC Digital Dozen, February 2001. (

53. Health And PE: Resources For Education
Canadian Association for School Health lesson plans, case studies and a comprehensive healthySA A gateway to healthy living from the Dept of Human Services.
Health and Physical Education - Resources for Education
Curriculum Resources

54. Curriculum Resources
and links discussing issues such as adolescent health, healthy living, and substance Thissite offers lesson plans and information on eating disorders, health Resources.html
The link between research and community
Youth Lifestyle Choices MENU Student Home Recent Statistics Signs and Symptoms Prevention Strategies ... CURA SITE
Curriculum Resources
  • Ready to Use Lesson Plans for Drug Education in the Classroom (these meet the expectations of the substance use and abuse component of the Grade 1-8 Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum - and provide step by step instructions in the planning process)
  • Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum Support: Kindergarten to Grade 10, Ontario Physical Health Education Association (OPHEA, 2001). Contact: OPHEA 1185 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 501, Toronto, ON M3C 3C6. 416 426-7120.
  • Under the Influence Educators Kit on Alcohol Advertising for Students in Grades 7 - 10. Association to Reduce Alcohol Promotion in Ontario (ARAPO), 1999. Contact: Kari Sutoski, ARAPO Co-ordinator, 750 Oakdale Road, Unit 60, Toronto, ON, M3N 2Z4. 416 740-9592.

55. Family Literacy Classroom
Diabetes healthy living. Kids Health. Finance. Life in the USA. StudentStudy Place, Teacher ToolBox, lesson plans Page, GED Update lesson plans.
Technology Training
for Adult Basic Education
Northwest Regional Literacy Resource Center
LINCS Coordinator
Linda L. Eckert
Family Literacy Quick Guide for the Classroom NW LINCS Lessons Plans. Parenting ABCs of Parenting Parent Soup Family Time Work Time Helping your Child with Homework ... Kids Health Finance Creating a Basic Family Budget Money Skills for Life Family Reading Toddler Online Stories Read-Aloud Stories Bedtime-Stories - Online More Online Reading Family Math Figure This! Family Corner Mathland: Grocery Store Math in the Home Math on the Go Family Activities Fun Things to do with Kids Family Literacy Calendar E-square 2 Early Childhood Activities Crayola Home Page Kids Activities Webbing into Literacy Book Adventure Adult Basic Skills Math Classroom Reading Classroom Language Classroom ESL Classroom ... Oregon Family Literacy Curriculum Work Skills Life Skills for Vocational Education Skills at Work Skills Neede d Inventory Life Skills

56. Inclusive Curriculum: Physical And Health Education
healthy living. identity, the roots of stereotyping, sexism, class and healthy relationships ThumbsDown includes four lesson plans aimed at children in grades JK
Table of Contents
Physical and Health Education
  • General Strategies Resources
    Meeting the needs of all students Meeting the needs of all students
    Healthy Living Resources Teacher's Resource Kit: A Teachers' Lesson Plan Kit for Eating Disorders . National Eating Disorder Centre. Toronto, 1989. National Eating Disorder Centre, 200 Elizabeth Street, College Wing, 1 st Floor, Room 211, M5G 2C4. Tel: (416) 340-4156. FAX: (416) 340-4736 Cost: $15.00 + include $2 for postage. Web-site: This kit for the prevention of eating disorders is designed for students between the ages of 9-12 and can be adapted for older and younger students. Lessons include social pressures to be think, healthy weight, self-esteem, and others. Challenging Ourselves: A Handbook for Teachers of the Transition Years to Assist in Addressing Issues of Violence. Available through Educational Services Department., The Metropolitan Toronto School Board, 45 York Mills Road, North York, Ontario, M2P 1B6. Tel: (416) 397-2509, Fax: (416) 397-2640. Cost: $50.00 + 10% shipping charge/$40.00 (2-10 copies) $30.00 (10+ copies). This project was prepared co-operatively by and for all the Public School Boards in the Metropolitan Toronto area under the auspices of The Metropolitan Toronto School Board. Although it was originally designed for Metro area schools, this material is applicable throughout the province. The general information will be of interest to all teachers and administrators and some of the activities could be adapted for grades 1-6. The

57. Green Street / Secondary Programs
of Ecosystems, and Interactions Among living Things, One on the ‘healthy Wetlands,healthy You’ project field guide; Student support Journal for lesson plans;

Back to Secondary Programs
Wonder of Wetland Ecosystems II - Ducks Unlimited Canada Learn about the wonder of wetland ecosystems with a valuable set of resources you can use in the classroom and to organise your own field trip to a local wetland. Do the interactive lesson plans, collect your data and share your ideas with other classes around the world. Discuss your questions and get advice from wetland experts at Ducks Unlimited Canada. Receive a valuable package of teacher tested resource materials for your class and curriculum-based lesson plans to use in class and outdoors. Learn about biotic and abiotic factors, energy flow, adaptations, food relationships, microhabitats, biodiversity, predator/prey, population dynamics, classification, evolution, and human impacts. Find out about the types of wetlands and how wetlands function as part of the water cycle and watershed to clean our drinking water and reduce flooding. Learn important concepts about biodiversity, sustainability of ecosystems, and conservation practices that you can do in your own community. Grades Subject Curriculum Connections/       Expectations Met Project Duration Special Needs Focused on 7 Science Interactions in Ecosystems,  Sustainability of Ecosystems,  and Interactions Among Living Things

58. Unit Plans
This is the first lesson, first day in the and how their habits may be healthy orunhealthy. living Tobacco Free Students identify physical effects of smoking

About 200 K-12 lesson plans for Anatomy Biology Education Teaching Resources lesson plans...... Immunity and Disease by Gregory Carter William King Elementary; healthy Colon withGood The Effects Of Osmotic Balance And Imbalance In living Cells by Wayne
The SMILE website is hosted by the Illinois Institute of Technology
The Biology lessons are divided into the following categories: Zoology Botany Microbiology Genetics ... General Biology and Miscellaneous
  • Gathering data about respiration by Charles Buzek - John Spry School
  • Production of Sound by Valvasti Williams Jr. - Perkins Bass Elementary School
  • Feely Balloons by Winnie Koo - Ravenswood School
  • Investigating the Nervous System by Barbara J. Baker - Doolittle West Primary
  • What Happens When You Eat? by Kelly Ludwig - Lincoln-Way High School
  • Taste, Smell, Touch by Rocenetta Jacobs - Roswell B. Mason Elementary School
  • Name That Taste by Gracie L. Jones - Charles Carroll Elementary
  • Breathing Is Essential to Life by Dianne Mehlinger - Arthur Libby School
  • Sound and hearing by Cecile Savage - John Farren School
  • Bones, Bones, and More Bones by Juliette Walker - Crown Community Academy
  • An Introduction to the Senses by Therese R. Tobecksen - St. Andrew the Apostle
  • Making and Using a Gel Person to Teach Human Anatomy by Kelly Ludwig - Lincoln-Way High School
  • Give Me A Hand, I'm "Thumb-body" Special
  • 60. Lesson Plans - Science K-5 - Teacher Resource Center - Cleveland Municipal Schoo
    healthy Heart lesson Creation Team living and Nonliving - lesson Creation TeamIn this lesson children will learn the skills needed to decide if
    Lesson Plans
    Science Lesson Plans
    Healthy Heart Lesson Creation Team
    Students will participate in various locomotor activities (running, walking, jogging, skipping, etc.) causing the heart rate to raise in intervals and lower in intervals. Students will graph the results of their heart rate on paper and then make graphs in Lotus 123. Students will compare and contrast their heart rates with different activities.
    Living and Nonliving
    Lesson Creation Team
    In this lesson children will learn the skills needed to decide if objects are living or non living. They will begin to develop classification systems to judge objects from. They will classify objects given to them first, then move to objects they find.
    Lesson Creation Team
    In this lesson, we explore the planets and where they are through the "Magic School Bus" series. The program will help the students pull the information on the planets together. These lessons use the videos, the book, and the Internet web page to increase interest and retention.
    Rocks and Minerals
    Lesson Creation Team
    Students will develop a classification system for differentiating between igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks vs. minerals.

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