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         Hamsters Pet Care:     more books (100)
  1. Hamsters (Pet Care) by Rebecca Sjonger, Bobbie Kalman, 2004-03
  2. Hamsters (Pet Care for Kids) by Kathryn Stevens, 2009-01
  3. How to Look After Your Hamster (Pet Care) by Colin Hawkins, Jacqui Hawkins, 1996-05-06
  4. Hamster (ASPCA Pet Care Guides) by Mark Evans, 2001-04-30
  5. Hamsters (Junior Pet Care/J-004) by Zuza Vrbova, 1990-06
  6. Hamsters (Practical Pet Care)
  7. Care for a Pet Hamster (A Robbie Reader) (Robbie Readers) by Carol Parenzan Smalley, 2009-12-17
  8. Hamsters and Gerbils (Pet Care Guides) by K. Smith, 1976-06
  9. Hamsters (Responsible Pet Care) by Carlienne Frisch, 1991-09
  10. Hamsters (Pet Care Handbooks) by Keith Lawrence Joyce Lawrence, 1987
  11. Hamsters (Hamlyn Pet Care Handbooks)
  12. Hamsters (Pet Care, 4) by Bobbie Kalman Rebecca Sjonger, 2004-01-01
  13. Pet Care Hamsters
  14. Pet Care Hamsters Dutch

1. DSPCA - Pet Care - Hamsters
PET CARE Hamsters (Information courtesy of RSPCA) The Right Pet for You Hamstersare lively, clean, interesting to look at and happy to live alone.
wildlife pet insurance fish rabbits ... other pets PET CARE - Hamsters
(Information courtesy of RSPCA)
The Right Pet for You
Hamsters are lively, clean, interesting to look at and happy to live alone. They can take time to become tame and need to have peace and quiet during the day because they are nocturnal.
What do Hamsters need?
To live alone. Daily feeding on a mixed diet of seeds, grains, nuts and washed fruit and vegetables. A constant supply of fresh, clean drinking water in a drip-feed bottle with a metal spout. A large home that is kept in a warm place indoors, out of direct sunlight. A nest box inside their home. The hamster needs somewhere it can burrow out of sight to sleep and hoard food. A clean layer of peat or sawdust on the floor of their home with soft hay and clean white kitchen paper for bedding. Do not use newspaper or cotton wool.

2. Pet Hamsters Info On Hamster Care
how to care for a hamster books and information about hamsters from lifespan of a hamster to food for hamsters
Description Small Rodent, very short tail. 6-10 cm long.
Varieties Mostly golden, with white through to black colouring. Long or short haired. Latin name Origins Syria, one litter discovered in the 1930's. Rarity Very Common.
General Do not keep male with female unless she is on heat. Do not touch babies. Maturity 9 weeks Ovulation Every 4 days Rest Period Able to become pregnant straight after birth. Gestation 16 days. Food Supplements Usual hamster food. Litter 5 to 7 Weaning Period 4 to 5 weeks.
General Wire cage with plastic base, 30cm x 60 cm. Types Single level ones, but multistorey types becoming popular. Also Rotastak expandable cages popular. Base Sawdust or shavings, with edible type nesting material prefered. Feeders Water bottle and pot food dish. Toys A variety of toys are available such as ladders, tunnels, wheels. Location Away from draughts and direct sunlight. Keep at warm even temperature.
General Keep cage clean , use a suitable cage disinfectant. Injuries Use antisceptic ointment, if severve consult vet.
General Hamsters are omnivores, but use a good hamster mix to ensure good health.

3. Alpine Pet Shop-Online Pet Shop UK Hamster Pet Care Advice
Buy a book about hamsters from, pet Owners Guide to theHamster. care for Your Hamster. Hamster (ASPCA pet care Guide).
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Caring For Your Hamster
Hamsters are very popular small pets and they thrive on a little attention. They are ideal pets if you are not at home very much during the day as they are predominately nocturnal animals. They have a life span of 3-5 years. Here are some tips to help you care for your hamster Where will your hamster live ? You will need a reasonably sized wire cage to allow your hamster to get some exercise. There are many types of special hamster cages around that contain wheels or runs for the hamster. Alpine Pet Shop will be pleased to help you choose the right cage. You will also need some sawdust or fine wood shavings to put on the floor of the cage and a soft bedding material to provide somewhere for the hamster to sleep. DO NOT use man-made fibres or course hay or straw. The cage must be sited away from drafts and out of the reach of other pets. Avoid placing the hamster in a draft or in a cold environment. Ideally the hamster should be kept in an area that is fairly warm and not exposed to sudden changes in temperature. If possible each hamster should have their own cage and should NEVER be mixed with other rodents.

4. Care 4 Your Pets
Manufacturer of pet care products including pet food, bird seed, cages, etc. Suitable for hamsters, rabbits, birds, dogs, cats and other small animals.
800 x 600 resolution for best screen display

5. Chinchilla And Hamster Paradise
Exploits of pet chinchillas and hamsters, with photos and general care information. English/Chinese

6. Healthy Pet
Feeding Rats, Mice, hamsters, and Gerbils. Feeding Green Iguanas pet care Tips. Keep Your pet Healthy and Happy. pet First Aid
Read the latest monthly edition of the Pet Planet newsletter. Behavior:
Common Health Problems:
Illness and Disease: Human/Animal Bond: Nutrition: Pet Care Tips Preventive Care: Other Resources: Find a Hospital ... Search

7. Pet Care Tips - Hamsters
olden hamsters are beautiful energetic creatures, but all too often theyare confined to a tiny cage and pushed into a dark corner of the room.
olden hamsters are beautiful energetic creatures, but all too often they are confined to a tiny cage and pushed into a dark corner of the room.
In the wild golden hamsters live on their own and only meet other hamsters for the purposes of mating. If domestic hamsters are kept together, whatever their sex, they will almost certainly fight - causing serious injury and possible death. Another reason to keep hamsters apart is that they are fast breeders. If a hamster does give birth then you should leave the nest well alone. Disturbing the nest could make the female over-anxious and she will kill her babies. When the young reach puberty at five to six weeks they must be separated immediately before they start to mate or fight.
The home should be as large as possible - at least 750mm x 400mm x 400mm. It should be made of hardwood or covered with a plastic finish like Formica to prevent the hamster from gnawing through it and escaping. The home should have a sliding glass top for easy viewing. A wire mesh strip must be inserted in a wall to provide ventilation. It will also serve as a climbing frame. A raised gallery in the living area, connected by ramps, allows for the
bottom of the home to be used as a shredding and burrowing area.

8. Bunny Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Pet Mice And More!
pet care products for small animals and rodents, including hamsters, mice, rats, guinea pigs, ferrets and rabbits. Features bedding, treats, toys, and cages.
Bunny Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Mice and More!
We have everything you'll need for your small pets, rodents and pocket pets: housing, bedding, food, treats, toys and accessories. If you have bunny rabbits or guinea pigs, check out our Accessories page for leashes and litter pans, as both pets can be very easily trained to use a litter box and walk on a lead. If you have pet mice or any other small pocket pet, take a look at our Mini Motel on the Cages page. Click on an image to view products Search: Products for Bunny Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Pet Mice and More
Moon Glow Run-About Ball

The Moon Glow Run-About Ball glows in the dark. Like a rolling exercise wheel it's perfect for pet mice or hamsters and will provide you and your mouse with hours of entertainment.
Cholla Chews

These tasty sun-dried crunchy cactus treats encourage the gnawing behavior instinctive to rabbits, guinea pigs and all pocket pets and help to keep their teeth trim and clean.

Check out our housing options for pet mice, hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs. We have a Mini-Motel with an exercise wheel and a lookout tower, a double-decker guinea pig and dwarf rabbit cage, and a large rabbit cage.

9. Pets: Small Animals
hamsters as pets; Hamster care; pet hamsters care information; Hamsterwet tail; Siberian dwarf hamsters. Hedgehogs pet hedgehog information;
Pets: Small Animals
about this site Back to main site Find A Site Ferrets Chinchillas Gerbils and Hamsters Hedgehogs ... Misc. Ferrets Chinchillas Gerbils and Hamsters Hedgehogs Mice and Rats Potbelly Pigs Rabbits

10. Animal Kingdom
Has information on the petz3 series ranging from adoption centres and breedz to downloads and wallpaper. Also information on real pets and galleries. pet care guide for hamsters and competitions.
Animal Site!
Petz 3! The games
Adoption centre



Real life animals

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11. La Guía Del Hámster
Peluzzo and Tarzan, two hamsters, tell you how to take care of your pet. Feeding, reproduction, cleaning, acquisition. aids and tricks.

12. - Pet Care - Small Animals And Other Pets
rodent pellets are available for Gerbils and hamsters at pet designed for them areappearing in pet stores all a rodent when it comes to care and maintenance.
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Mice, Rats, Gerbills and Hamsters. These little sweeties are often chosen as pets for the first time animal guardian because they are relatively low maintenace and have gentle dispositions. Nutrition Commercial rodent pellets are available for Gerbils and Hamsters at pet stores. All four creatures have similar diets so if you have a rat, gerbil pellets are fine. For a more palatable diet, supplement the pellets with diced fruit and seeds, but don’t overdo it. These little guys have habit of filling up on the yummy stuff and ignoring the pellets, and eating that way will not satisfy their daily nutritional needs. Housing As the popularity of keeping small animals increases, more and more cages designed for them are appearing in pet stores all over. But, I recommend a glass aquarium with a screen cover. Ferrets - More like a cat than a rodent when it comes to care and maintenance.

13. Conchester Animal Hospital Located In Delaware County, PA
Veterinary practice for companion animals, including dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, snakes, and lizards in Boothwyn, Pennsylvania. Features location, staff, services, and pet care tips.
Located in southeastern Pennsylvania, Conchester Animal Hospital is a full-service veterinary hospital offering care to dogs, cats, rabbits, snakes, birds, ferrets, and other exotics. Important information
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14. Pet Care Resources Ireland
LOCATE petFriendly Holidays Other Irish Sites Vets, HAMSTER care RESOURCES TheComplete Hamster Site; Golden hamsters; Medical Concerns. BACK TO pet care INDEX.
Community Discussion Board


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Animal Rights
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15. Pet Care Resources Ireland
pet care RESOURCES Behaviour Specialists; Grooming, dog walking Health; Older animalcare; Alternative Medicine; Amphibians; Guinea Pigs; hamsters; Rabbits; Birds;
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learning resources

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... Anti-Vivisection FIND GROUPS: Dogs Cats SPCAs Farm Animals ... Reptiles LOCATE: Pet-Friendly Holidays Other Irish Sites Vets OUR SPONSOR: Dorwest Herbal Products - Herbal medicines and natural dietary supplements for cats/dogs (and their owners!) Rep.of Ireland Distributor Noel O'Donoghue Unit 1 Brushwood Farm, Johnswell., Co Kilkenny. Phone/fax:056 7759980/Mobile:086 3135951 Email noel_o_donoghue at PET CARE RESOURCES

16. How To Care For Hamsters
How to care for hamsters. certain it's fastened securely to keep curious hamstersfrom attempting an the colorful plastic rodent homes sold in pet supply stores
About Us Field Projects How You Can Help Publications ... How to Care for Hamsters How to Care for Hamsters
© 2002 Whim Whams Illustration Studio Hamsters were living in relative obscurity until just 70 years ago, when a zoologist discovered a family of these rodents in the Syrian desert. Today, hamsters' friendly nature and adaptability have placed them among America's most popular small pets. To learn how to fulfill the special needs of these cuddly creatures, follow the suggestions below. Set up House When putting together a hamster's living quarters, consider the animal's natural habitat. In the wild, hamsters live underground, emerging under cover of darkness to search for food. Domestic hamsters still prefer the "night shift," so it's best to house them in a quiet, dimly lit room away from drafts, direct sunlight, and noisy animals. An aquarium that holds at least ten gallons is usually suitable for hamsters, as long as the top of the tank allows for proper ventilation. A fine-mesh screen will do the trick, but make certain it's fastened securely to keep curious hamsters from attempting an escape. (Avoid the colorful plastic rodent homes sold in pet supply stores, as they are difficult to clean and offer easy escape routes.) Line the bottom of the tank with plain white paper, and add dry timothy hay or shredded white paper for burrowing and nest-building. Avoid using cedar shavings, which can cause respiratory problems.

17. Rabbit, Horse, And Other Pet Care
Rabbit, Horse, and Other pet care. Looking for advice on caring forpets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, or hamsters? Want
About Us Field Projects How You Can Help Publications ... Rabbit, Horse, and Other Pet Care Rabbit, Horse, and Other Pet Care
Looking for advice on caring for pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, or hamsters? Want to learn how to prevent your horse from being lost or stolen? Our animal care experts have compiled helpful information on these topics and more.
Birds As Pets
General Horse Care Guidelines How to Care for Ferrets How to Care for Guinea Pigs ...
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18. Pet Care Guide: Hamster. The ASPCA's Animaland!
hamsters are big on being comfy, so always provide small pieces ofpaper towel for your pet to shred and make a nest with. Remember
There are lots of hamster houses to choose from. A wire cage with a plastic bottom doubles as a jungle gym for your pet to climb on. Plus, it's easy to clean the plastic. Make sure the wire is small enough to prevent your hamster from escaping. You can keep dwarf hamsters in a cage made for mice. A ten-gallon aquarium with a wire cover makes a cozy home for hamsters of all kinds. The fancier cages with tubes, tunnels and hideaways are good, too, but they usually cost more and are harder to clean. And dwarf hamsters may have trouble climbing up and down the tubes. Help your little guys out by putting a special hamster ladderalso known as a thin tree branch!in the tube for them to climb. Hamster home decor
Now comes the fun partdecorating your new pet's home. You don't have to break out the miniature coffee table or chintz curtains, but there are some things you can do to make your hamster's home his castle. Fill the bottom of the cage with bedding so your pet can engage in the all-time favorite hamster sports of digging and tunneling. Use aspen or hardwood shavings, or recycled paper pellets available at pet supply stores. DO NOT use cedar or pine shavings, because they can make your hamster sick. All hamsters need a cave for sleeping and resting. You can use a small flower pot or a wooden box with an entrance holeor buy one from a pet supply store.

19. Hamster Pet Care Brought To You By Doolittle's Pet Stores
Hamster pet care brought to you by Doolittle's pet Stores Caring for your HamsterAll present day hamsters have been bred from the original family of
Hamster Pet Care brought to you by Doolittle's Pet Stores... Caring for your Hamster
Hamsters are now available in over twenty varieties, featuring many different colours and types of coat. Hamsters remain one of the most popular small pets - they are clean (would you believe they can even be toilet trained), require very little space within the home and are inexpensive to keep. When picking up a hamster cup your hands and slowly scoop him up, remember hamsters have bad eyesight so move slowly and deliberately, soon your new hamster will learn to trust you and realise you mean him no harm.
Q. How often should I clean out my hamster? A. As a guide line a hamster cage should be cleaned once a week, but you may wish to do it more often and this is fine. Do not use a household detergent as residues left behind may poison your pet. Special non-toxic disinfectants for small animals are easily available.
Q. How often and how much should I feed my hamster?

20. The "Rodent Care" E-book From Practical Pet Care
vet? Rats, mice, gerbils, hamsters, and guinea pigs all have different needs. again!Vet care is important to your pet's health. However
Download this Book and Save Hundreds on Vet Bills!
We all want our beloved rodents to be happy and healthy. This means paying the vet hundreds of dollars for exams, right? No! Ask any vet the care your rodent gets at home has far more effect on his health than any vet exam. In fact, most vets give out advice along with prescriptions advice that could have prevented the illness in the first place! Wouldn't you like to have that advice now, before you have to hear it from your vet? Rats, mice, gerbils, hamsters, and guinea pigs all have different needs. For instance, guinea pigs cannot metabolize vitamin C on their own, so you must provide it in their diet every day, or they can develop serious, and even fatal, health problems. Rats and mice don't have this problem, however. Understanding your rodent's diet needs is easy, will keep him healthier and happier, and can prevent expensive treatments in the future. Note: we are not saying you will never have to visit the vet again! Vet care is important to your pet's health. However, with the care techniques in this book, you can prevent a multitude of costly illnesses with just a little knowledge!

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