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         Haiti Intl Civil Rights:     more detail

1. Rutgers Law: Faculty Directory
countries around the world, including Bosnia, Guatemala, haiti, East Timor FilartigaPrinciple in the Fight for Human rights, 2 ACLU intl civil Liberties Rep
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Beth Stephens Associate Professor Rutgers School of Law - Camden 217 North Fifth Street Camden, NJ 08102 V: (856) 225-6384 F: (856) 225-6516 Biography Professor Stephens has published a variety of articles on the relationship between international and domestic law, focusing on the enforcement of international human rights norms through domestic courts. She co-authored a book analyzing U.S. enforcement of human rights norms, International Human Rights Litigation in U.S. Courts (Transnational Publishers, Inc. 1996). From 1990-1995, she was in charge of the international human rights docket at the Center for Constitutional Rights in New York, where she litigated a series of cases addressing human rights violations in countries around the world, including Bosnia, Guatemala, Haiti, East Timor and Ethiopia. In 1995, Prof. Stephens received the Trial Lawyers of the Year Award from Trial Lawyers for Public Justice in recognition of her work litigating international human rights claims. She was a finalist for the same award in 2001. As a cooperating attorney with the Center for Constitutional Rights and a member of the Board of Directors of the Center for Justice and Accountability, Prof. Stephens continues to litigate human rights cases, including cases filed against U.S.- based corporations alleging responsibility for human rights violations committed in the course of their activities abroad.

2. Promoting Human And Economic Rights
of trees and learn conservation skills, even as haiti’s political of African Americansshared their experiences in the US civil rights movement, including
Promoting Human and Economic Rights
North Korea
Randy Ireson AFSC’s development programs seek to reduce people’s economic, social, political, and personal vulnerability. These programs create optimism for growth in urban and rural settings and in hostile and friendly governmental environments. Our programs are based on individuals’ experiences and aspirations. However, our role is to accompany—not “help”—a community as it seeks to improve peoples’ lives. Our methods include building trusting relationships that enable people to be more creative; strengthening capacity through training, organizing, and networking; using multiple approaches to achieve goals, providing long-term support to a group of people; and creating culturally appropriate institutions to sustain work. Here are some examples:
  • This year, COMAL —-an influential network of peasant farmers and cooperatives in Honduras—was “devolved” from AFSC and placed in the hands of a local, well-trained board. COMAL is part of a growing region-wide network responding to the Free Trade Area of the Americas proposal, the use of genetically modified organisms, and other aspects of globalization.
  • Haiti’s western Grand ’Anse faces rapid deforestation, as hungry families cut trees to make charcoal. AFSC staff help communities to plant tens of thousands of trees and learn conservation skills, even as Haiti’s political and economic crisis worsens.

3. Global Issues Human Rights
for Human rights. Association for civil rights In Israel Human rights Watch haiti Human rights Watch in Guatemala Female Genital Mutilation Amnesty intl. FIAN - For the
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Human Rights
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15 Recommended Lov- e Links Fun while learning: Art for the World Human Rights Awareness International Save the Children Alliance Lawyers Committee for Human Rights ... WITNESS-Human Rights Video Advocacy Further insights: 50 Years is Enough AAAS Human Rights Action Network Consortium for Health and Human Rights Freedom House ... Physicians for Human Rights More Favorites: Atlantic Human Rights Centre Christian Solidarity International CUSO WCACSEC ... Advocacy Institute

International Human Rights Organizations
AAAS Science and Human Rights Program

National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights

America's Development Foundation

American Friends Service Committee
Scholars at Risk Network
Amnesty International Campaigns Amnesty International USA - Southern Region Amnesty International Volunteer Africa Africa Action Home Page African Human Rights Resource Center Afronet Derechos - Human Rights in Africa ... Egyptian Organization for Human Rights Asia Asia-Pacific Coalition for East Timor Asian Human Rights Commission Canada Tibet Committee East Timor Alert Network - Canada ... Watch Indonesia!

4. Haiti Community Development Program
in the Latin America and Caribbean is to promote basic rights for all people civil,political, economic To these ends the AFSC-haiti program works to help
Program Background:
Haiti Building on Hope
International Programs Latin America-Caribbean
Peacebuilding Programs
... Central America Region Cuba-Caribbean Region:

Haiti Partner Organizations
Puerto Rico AFSC-Haiti Program
Grand' Anse, Haiti The American Friends Service Committee, in partnership with European, Japanese and US organizations, supports economic development and health programs with people in the most impoverished communities of the rural sections of the western Grand' Anse Department. The guiding vision of AFSC programs in the Latin America and Caribbean is to promote basic rights for all people - civil, political, economic, cultural, and spiritual; equitable access to means of livelihood, with adequate shelter, food, clothing, education, and health care within a framework of sustainable economic development; effective participation in the structures of governance and decision-making; mechanisms for nonviolent and just resolution of conflict. To these ends the AFSC-Haiti program works to help community-based groups, primarily women's groups, organize better to improve their communities' social, health and economic conditions.
Violence, injustice, and anti-democratic processes mark the history of Haiti. Today per capita income is less than $100 and the majority of the families do not have access to potable water, sewage, and adequate health care. Illiteracy is also very high, affecting 85% of the population. This primarily rural population living off fishing and agriculture has become impoverished by the decay of the rural world due to bad land management, difficult climatic and topographic conditions, inappropriate agricultural techniques, the absence of crop storage infrastructure, and, even more fundamentally, the rapid forest depletion and the loss of the swine population in the beginning of the 1980s.

5. Latin American Human Rights Research 1980-1989
Elecciones y Proceso de Democratizacion en haiti. 3106 (1989); Michalska, A. Interpretationof the International Covenant on civil and Political rights intl.
Steven C. Perkins
Draft version of article published at 19 pp.163-267 (Fall, 1990). ABSTRACT This paper will give a brief introduction to researching Latin American human rights literature. It will review two significant publications for research on human rights in Latin America and it will then discuss the general process of locating Latin American legal materials on human rights. A guide to the human rights mechanisms of the Organization of American States is followed by a brief introduction to the human rights organs of the United Nations. The paper concludes with three lists: 1) a bibliography of monographs and articles published since 1979, concerned with human rights in Latin America; 2) Latin American law collections in the United States; and 3) organizations concerned with human rights in Latin America. The Caribbean states are not covered. CONTENTS Part I Introduction 00 Legal Materials 00 Legal Periodicals 00 Part II Organization Of American States Inter-American Commission on Women Inter-American Indian Institute Inter-American Commission on Human Rights ... Centro Asesorio y Promotion Electoral 00 Part III

6. Pls Sprd Ve News Frm Ths Vrtl Intl Press Room. Tks : Hugo Chavez, Charismatic Ch tks Aristide, overthrown by brutal generals in haiti and then restored to the presidency Our civil rights in the Age of Terror
pls sprd ve news frm ths vrtl intl press room. tks
, Sunday, 29. December 2002, 23:54
Hugo Chavez, charismatic charlatan
Gwynne Dyer: Latin America continues to its individual beat
Thirty people are injured by a bomb in Bogota, in an incident that will become commonplace as Colombia's seemingly endless guerilla war moves into the cities. (Thanks, Irish Republican Army, for showing us how the pros do it. Before, we just massacred peasants in villages.)
Two-thirds of Argentina's population live in abject poverty a century after it was the world's most popular destination for emigrants hoping to better their lives. Then, per capita income in Argentina was US$2800 ($5389) a year, among the highest in the world. Now, it is down to US$2500 ($4812), just ahead of Bulgaria.
It is a reasonably safe bet that in 20 years, Bulgaria, scheduled to join the European Union in 2007, will have three times Argentina's average income.
Venezuela is into the third week of confrontation between the populist president, Hugo Chavez, re-elected by a landslide majority less than three years ago, and strikers in the state oil industry. The strikers have the backing of the old political elite and desperate middle-class Venezuelans who fear that Chavez's erratic attempts to do something for the poor majority will ruin what little is left of their own prosperity, and the battle may end up in the streets.
No other oil-rich country except Nigeria contrives to have such a huge gap between rich and poor.

7. NY Transfer News Subscription Newsfeeds
Online/1 of 2; New labor focus on civil rights a welcome Industry 9/15/97; Updateon Disney Workers in haiti; On the Picket Line 9/11/97; intl Workers Meeting vs
Labor News
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  • Russian Labor's Autumn of Discontent
  • The Teamster Struggle is Our Struggle ...
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  • 8. 2/2/98 Johnstone-Geithner Special Briefing On Intl Affairs Budget
    programs, law enforcement, democracy and human rights are categorized moving outof anarchy and civil strife, and from $70 million to $140 million for haiti.
    Craig Johnstone, Director of Resources, Plans and Policy and Tim Geithner, Assistant Secretary for International Affairs
    Special Briefing on the International Affairs Activities Budget
    Washington, DC, February 2, 1998 AMBASSADOR JOHNSTONE: Thank you very much, Jim. I'm here sporting two buttons today. The one which was given out this morning at the White House, representing the fact that this is the first budget that we have submitted in 30 years that has no addition to the deficit; hence the big zero. But I don't want to confuse you, but on the other side there's one that says 1 percent, which is a reiteration of the fact that we cost only 1 percent of the federal budget for all the things that we get done in international affairs. I wanted to start today by saying, first and foremost, that Secretary Albright and I worked last week to prepare her to give the opening statement here; and I know that she would have wanted to be here if she could. But alas, as you know, the items - the issues that she's working on in the Gulf have captured her attention today. This international affairs budget serves seven national interests. I'll turn to these first. Many of you have been briefed on the international affairs strategic plan, and you will recognize the seven interests that come out of this plan. There are seven things that we in the Department of State are trying to get done on behalf of the American people the Department of State and the International Affairs agencies as a whole.

    9. [NEWW/Op] Fell.-(dl:11/01/00) Fellowships In International HumanRights--NY Or DC
    to civil rights and civil liberties, open at publicizing and curtailing humanrights violations. El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, haiti, Honduras, Hong
    [NEWW/Op] Fell.-(dl:11/01/00) Fellowships in International HumanRightsNY or DC
    Network of East-West Women
    Wed, 11 Oct 2000 16:52:45 +0000 From: "Craig Zelizer" < czelizer@OSF1.GMU.EDU 2001-2002 FELLOWSHIPS IN INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS For Recent Graduates of Law Schools or Graduate Programs in Journalism, International Relations or Area Studies HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH, the international human rights monitoring and advocacy organization, invites applications for its fellowship program. Human Rights Watch is known for its impartial and reliable human rights reporting on over 70 countries worldwide, its innovative and high-profile advocacy campaigns, and its success in affecting the policy of the U.S. and other influential governments toward human rights abusers. Two of the HRW fellowships are open to recent

    10. [NEWW/WEW] Update On Democracy In Mongolia
    Next message NEWW/WEW FW Protest in haiti; an Open Forum of Human rights NGOsto address human rights and civil and political rights issues surrounding
    [NEWW/WEW] Update on Democracy in Mongolia
    Erin M. Barclay
    Mon, 2 Dec 2002 06:45:03 -0500 (EST) Original Message Subject: up-date on Democracy in Mongolia From: "Undarya" <

    Stephens; William Stodghill; Milan Stone, intl pres of to defend and expand humanand civil rights and democratic covered were the turmoil in haiti and issues

    12. Civil Rights
    the District of Columbia and US minister to haiti. using public platforms, includingpremieres, the Berlin intl. just days after a civil rights group posted a
    For more news on over 1,000 topics visit Major Publications Only All Publications
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    For more websites about Civil Rights, click here Search Results
    Published in Austin American Statesman - Indexed on Apr 8, 2003
    WASHINGTON (AP)A Supreme Court decision upholding state power to punish cross burners should prompt new state laws outlawing the practice, Virginia's attorney general says. The court ruled Monday that a burning cross is an instrument of racial terror so threatening it overshadows free-speech concerns. Justices voted 6-3 to uphold a 50-year-old Virginia law making it a crime to burn a cross as an act of intimidation. A lower court had ruled the law muzzled free speech. ``A burning cross is a symbol like no other. It doesn't just say we don't like you. The message is we are going to do you harm,'' Virginia Attorney General Jerry W.

    13. Robert L. Seltman's
    Human rights Association for civil rights In Israel B Mission civile Internationaleen haiti National Coordinator Us Female Genital Mutilation Amnesty intl.
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    Human Rights
    15 Recommended Lov- e Links Fun while learning: Art for the World Human Rights Awareness International Save the Children Alliance Lawyers Committee for Human Rights ... National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights Further insights: 50 Years is Enough Anti Fascists on the Web Consortium for Health and Human Rights Freedom House ... Physicians for Human Rights More Favorites: Atlantic Human Rights Centre Christian Solidarity International CUSO WCACSEC ... Unofficial Human Rights Letter Writing Centre
    International Human Rights Organizations
    AAAS Human Rights Action Network
    AAAS Science and Human Rights Program Advocacy Institute America's Development Foundation ... Witness for Peace
    Amnesty International Campaigns
    Amnesty International USA - Southern Region
    Amnesty International Volunteer
    Africa Fund
    African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies African Human Rights Resource Center Afronet ... Friends of Nigeria
    Asia Asia-Pacific Coalition for East Timor Asian Human Rights Commission Canada Tibet Committee China Society for Human Rights Study ... Watch Indonesia!

    14. Links To Groups That Work For Peace
    intl. The Peacemaker Site, Waking Planet. haiti Support Group, Disarmament Organization. SyrianSocial Nationalist Party, The Association for civil rights in Israel.
    Welcome to the Resources for Peace Links Page. Here you will find links to other resources on nonviolence and social change. To return to the main Resources for Peace page, simply click the "Peace Home Page" button. To find links in a particular category, click on the appropriate link at the left. Information on this page will be updated and revised as time and resources permit. Please send comments, new listings, and requests to Peace Activist Groups Peace Studies Programs Peace Information Sources ... Disability Rights Peace Activist Groups A.J. Muste Memorial Institute American Friends Service Committee American Friends Service Committee Peace Education Arms Control Association (ACA) ... Return to Page Top Peace Studies Programs Antioch College Peace Studies Home Page Conflict Research Consortium, U of Colorado Conflict Resolution Web Page Consortium on Peace Research, Education and Development (COPRED) ... Return to Page Top Peace Information Sources Asia Foundation Center for the Study of Global Change Cultural Environment Movement Defense Conversion and Peace Resources ... M.K. Gandhi Institute for the Study of Nonviolence

    Rwanda,Nigeria,Burundi, China Tibet, haiti, Iraqi Kurdistan 36) On Salmon Rushdieand civil Liberties by Leon (10) The Development of Human rights in intl.
    Philosophy 19A
    A Legal Studies Course Instructor:
    Professor Andreas Teuber Department of Philosophy
    Waltham, Massachusetts 02454
    Tel. 781-736-2787 Office Hours:
    and by appointment T A.'s
    Dianne White
    "Sandy" McKinley
    Office Hours: To be announced
    What are human rights and what reasons are there for thinking that persons have rights? Are some rights more basic than others and what compelling interests, if any, justify their violation? The course will look closely at international human rights policies and the moral and political issues to which they give rise as they are embedded in actual, concrete cases. Course Syllabus Course Requirements Electronic Reserve Texts ... Links
    Opening sections of the course will be devoted to an examination of the rights of civilians and non-combatants in time of war, at Hiroshima , during the fire-bombing of Dresden , at Mylai , and The Nuremberg Trials Discussion will include the role considerations of human rights ought to play in the foreign policy of any country as well as an examination of the role such considerations actually have played most recently in Kosovo Bosnia-Herzegovina Rwanda Nigeria ... Chechnya , as well as Cambodia Northern Ireland Burma Indonesia ... Guatamala , El Salvador, Nicaragua, and South Africa Discussion will also include: territorial integrity and the ethics of humanitarian intervention , state sovereignty and human rights violations, U. S. intervention in Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq, international terrorism and human rights, the role of international peacekeeping forces, the significance and effectiveness of the

    16. International Programs For Organizations
    citizen organizations working to expand civil rights, democratic institutions Accesshttp// Union, as well as in haiti and South
    Grants for Organizations and Sponsored Individuals
    International Funding: Selected Internet Sites International Nonprofit Links and World Humanitarian Relief Organizations
    A place to start for information about international nonprofit organizations, including foundations and charities, throughout the world. Web Access: and
    Action Without Borders (formerly the Contact Center
    This nonprofit organization features the Idealist directory of over 28,000 nonprofits worldwide. Searchable by organization, country, topics or issues. Useful for finding internships, advocacy groups, and organizations working in the nonprofit sector in 152 countries. Includes links to news, jobs, internships, and other resources such as specialized funding directories. Web Access:
    BISNIS: Business Information Service for the Newly Independent States
    Information - including sources of finance - for doing business in Russia and other former members of the USSR. Site is maintained by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Web Access:
    Civil Society International
    Includes a wealth of funding information for projects and programs within and concerning states of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Also lists scholarships. CSI is an organization which

    17. Group Watch: A. Philip Randolph Institute
    and Leo Cherne, chairman of the intl Rescue Committee to defend and expand humanand civil rights and democratic covered were the turmoil in haiti and issues
    Group Watch: A. Philip Randolph Institute
    See also: Public Eye Website Search
    See also: Directory of Right-Wing Groups GroupWatch: Profiles of U. S. Private Organizations and Churches, was compiled by the Interhemispheric Resource Center, Box 4506, Albuquerque, NM 87196. Their work focused on issues related to U. S. foreign policy in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. Note that this collection includes a wide range of groups with a variety of political viewpoints. Some, like the Heifer Project, appear to be what they seem-engaged in charitable humanitarian efforts. Check when each article was last updated as much material is no longer current. This material is provided as a source for historic research. Jump directly to these subsections: A. Philip Randolph Institute Acronym/Code: APRI Updated: 8/89 Principals: Carl Gershman, now pres of the Natl Endowment for Democracy, was research dir for APRI in the late 1960s. (5) Sol Chaikin, former pres of the Intl Ladies' Garment Workers' Union, served on the board until 1986. (11) Leon Keyserling served on the board until 1986. (11) Tom Kahn and Norman Hill joined Bayard Rustin in drawing up the original proposal for the 1963 March on Washington. (2) Morton Bahr, pres of the Communication Workers of America; Owen Bieber, pres of the United Auto Workers; Gerald W. McEntee, pres of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees; John J. Sweeney, pres of the Service Employees Union; and Robert A. Georgine, pres of the Building and Construction Trades Dept served on the APRI task force for "The Changing Economy and Unions: An Analysis and Program for the Black-Labor Alliance. "(4)

    18. Dates In History
    1950 intl Olympic Committee votes admission to West Germany hours, 18 minutes tofilibuster a civil rights bill. services to people in areas of haiti and the

    New Orleans has become increasingly like haiti since the children suffered loss oftheir civil rights more than Explorer at http//

    20. Human Rights
    The Situation of Democracy and Human rights in haiti. The Length of civil and CriminalProceedings in the CaseLaw of the European Court of Human rights.
    BGIC Information Guide #14
    United Nations Publications (Available in BGIC)
    Contemporary Forms of Slavery . July 19, 1996.
    E/CN.4/Sub.2/1996/24 Elimination of Racial Discrimination. July 8, 1996.
    E/CN.4/Sub.2/1996/8 The Implementation of the Human Rights of Women . June 29, 1995.
    E/CN.4/Sub.2/1995/22 Implementation of the Programme of Action for the Third Decade to Combat Racism and Racial Discrimination . April 18, 1997.
    E/CN.4/1997/148 Population and Human Rights
    ST/ESA/SER.R/107 Prevention of Discrimination Against Women . August 22, 1994.
    E/CN.4/Sub.2/1994/L.53 Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities . December 16, 1991.
    E/CN.4/1992/45 Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Children . October 14, 1996.
    A/51/492 Question of the Violation of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms . January 28, 1991.
    E/CN.4/1991/51 Question of the Violation of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in Any Part of the World. April 10, 1997.
    E/CN.4/1997/NGO/103 Report of the World Conference on Human Rights . October 13, 1993.

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