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         Queen Ellery:     more books (100)
  1. Ellery Queen: 5 Complete Novels by Ellery Queen, 1982-12-12
  2. Ellery Queen Omnibus by Ellery Queen, 1988-11
  3. The Adventure of the Murdered Moths: And Other Radio Mysteries by Ellery Queen, 2005-09-01
  4. The Tragedy of Errors and Others by Ellery Queen, 1999-10-31
  5. Dragon's Teeth by Ellery Queen, 1973-07-26
  6. The Roman Hat Mystery by Ellery Queen, 1996-07-08
  7. The French Powder Mystery: A Problem in Deduction by Ellery Queen, 1995-01
  8. The King Is Dead by Ellery Queen, 1994-02
  9. There Was an Old Woman by Ellery Queen, 1998-06
  10. The Best of Ellery Queen: Four Decades of Stories from the Mystery Masters by Ellery Queen, 1985-07
  11. There was an old woman: A novel by Ellery Queen, 1946
  12. Wrightsville Murders: An Ellery Queen Omnibus by Ellery Queen, 1956-06
  13. Mystery for Christmas and Other Stories: From Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine and Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine. by John D. MacDonald, Rex Stout, et all 1990-11-06
  14. Murder for Christmas : 26 Tales of Yuletide Malice By Agatha Christie, Ellery Queen, Dorothy Sayers, Georges Simenon, Rex Stout, and Others.

1. Ellery Queen
A scientific discussion of many Queenbooks within the context of other mystery-authors.Category Arts Literature Mystery Authors Q Queen, Ellery......Ellery Queen. The French Powder Mystery (1930). Ellery Queen. Ellery Queenis the pseudonym of two cousins, Frederic Dannay and Manfred B. Lee.
The French Powder Mystery The Dutch Shoe Mystery Influence on John Dickson Carr The Greek Coffin Mystery ... A Guide to Classic Mystery and Detection Home Page
Ellery Queen
The French Powder Mystery (1930) The Dutch Shoe Mystery (1931) (Chapters 1-10,30) The Greek Coffin Mystery (1932) The Egyptian Cross Mystery (1932) (Chapters 1 - 11, 24) The Tragedy of Y (1932) The Tragedy of Z (1933) The American Gun Mystery (1933) (Postlude) The Siamese Twin Mystery (1933) The Adventures of Ellery Queen
  • The Teakwood Case (1933)
  • The Glass-Domed Clock (1933)
  • The Two-Headed Dog (1934)
  • The Seven Black Cats (1934)
  • The Mad Tea-Party (1934)
  • The African Traveler (1934)
The Chinese Orange Mystery (1934) (Chapters 1-4,17) The Spanish Cape Mystery (1935) (Chapters 15,16) The Door Between (1937) The Four of Hearts (1938) The Dragon's Teeth (1939) The New Adventures of Ellery Queen
  • The House of Darkness (1935)
  • The Treasure Hunt (1935)
  • Man Bites Dog (1939)
  • Long Shot (1939)
  • Mind Over Matter (1939)
Calamity Town (1942) Radio Plays
  • The Adventure of the Mouse's Blood (1942)
  • The Adventure of the Mark of Cain (1942)
  • The Adventure of the Man Who Could Double the Size of Diamonds (1943)
There Was an Old Woman (1943) Calendar of Crime
  • The Three R's (1946)
  • The Dead Cat (1946)
  • The Inner Circle (1947)
  • The President's Half Disme (1947)
  • The Dauphin's Doll (1948)
  • The Emperor's Dice (1951)
  • The Needle's Eye (1951)
Ten Day's Wonder (1948) Cat of Many Tails (1949) Q.B.I.: Queen's Bureau of Investigation

2. Ellery Queen Willie
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3. WIEM Queen Ellery
queen ellery, pseudonim spóki autorskiej, któr utworzyo dwóch pisarzy amerykaskich Frederic Dannay (19051982) i Manfred B. Lee

4. Ellery Queen
Ellery Queen is a unique fictional detective. Created by cousins FredericDannay and Manfred Lee as an entry in a writing contest
E llery Queen is a unique fictional detective. Created by cousins Frederic Dannay and Manfred Lee as an entry in a writing contest, he is regarded by many as the definitive American whodunit celebrity, rivaling Nero Wolfe as the logical successor to the Master, Sherlock Holmes. The cousins wrote dozens of books, and possibly hundreds of radio scripts, about the author and amatuer sleuth who shared an apartment with his Dad, Inspector Richard Queen of the New York Police Homicide squad. On stage, in the movies, and on television, the EQ legacy was continued, though not always in a manner faithful to the authors' original conceptions. This page is a guide to the novels, movies, and tv shows. The many radio plays are not covered, partly because there are so many of them, and also because most of them have been lost. Use the navigation buttons at page bottom to learn more about the EQ novels, other writings, movies, and television productions. Please don't hesitate to write us with comments or suggestions.

ELLERY QUEEN. THE DRAGON'S TEETH. Eccentric multimillionaire Cadmus Colehires Ellery Queen to investigate a case but won't say what it is.
New York's crime-solving genius is adrift in Tinseltown until a series of fatal finales revives him. With ambitious starlets, idols, and majordomos, The Hollywood Murders offers witty proof that the nature of evil is a bit gaudier on the West Coast. "A grand mystery, lightly handled and expertly solved." - The New Yorker THE TRAGEDY OF ERRORS AND OTHERS
Eccentric multimillionaire Cadmus Cole hires Ellery Queen to investigate a case but won't say what it is. When Cole dies mysteriously at sea, Queen and his partner, Beau Rummell, must navigate a thicket of complications that includes a $50 million legacy, two beautiful, avaricious women vying for it, and even a phony Ellery Queen. This confection, now available in audio form, was first published in 1939.

6. Ellery Queen
Guide to writings with the authordetective's byline, as well as to films and television inspired by him. The ellery queen Page Has Moved to a New Home!
The Ellery Queen Page Has Moved to a New Home! This page will soon disappear, and with it all remnants of the "old" Ellery Queen website. So please edit your bookmark or favorite for this page so that the URL reads as follows: Using that URL will insure that you will always reach the Ellery Queen page regardless of where the internet winds set us down. Thank you so much!

7. Ellery Queen, Mystery Writer And Editor
Characters ellery queen, Drury Lane. queen, ellery . EQ's First Period

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Short Fiction Collections ... Anthologies Edited
Ellery Queen, pseudonym for
Frederic Dannay and Manfred B. Lee
Grand Masters of the Mystery Writers of America - 1961
Characters: Ellery Queen, Drury Lane
Queen, Ellery,
The Roman Hat Mystery, Stokes, 1929.
The French Powder Mystery,
The Dutch Shoe Mystery,
The Greek Coffin Mystery,
The Egyptian Cross Mystery,
The American Gun Mystery,
The Siamese Twin Mystery,
The Chinese Orange Mystery, The Spanish Cape Mystery, Halfway House, The Door Between, The Devil to Pay, The Four of Hearts,
HarperPerennial, New York, 1938. Signet, New York, 1939. * Calamity Town, Signet, New York, 1942. ** There Was an Old Woman, Little, Brown, Boston, 1943. The Murderer Is a Fox, Little, Brown, New York, 1945. HarperPerennial, New York, 1948. Cat of Many Tails, Little, Brown, New York, 1949. ** Double, Double, Little, Brown, 1950. The Origin of Evil, Little, Brown, New York, 1951. The King Is Dead, Little, Brown, New York, 1952. The Scarlet Letters, Little, Brown, New York, 1953. The Glass Village

8. Ellery Queen Fan Club
yQueendom66†‚ð’ljÁz @Queendom@ @ì•iƒ‰ƒ“ƒLƒ“ƒO@ @ƒNƒC[ƒ“‚ɂ‚¢‚ā@ @’k˜bŽº@ Web Designed by K. Hayashi (No.375) in "Whodunit"
(2002/Sep/05 update)

9. Ellery Queen Works
Full list of books with pictures of covers. Also some information about the authors (including the Category Arts Literature Mystery Authors Q queen, ellery......ellery queen. Master Detective. ellery queen was one of two brainchildrenof the team of cousins, Fred Dannay and Manfred B. Lee.
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Ellery Queen
Master Detective
Ellery Queen was one of two brainchildren of the team of cousins, Fred Dannay and Manfred B. Lee
Dannay and Lee entered a writing contest, envisioning a stuffed-shirt author called Ellery Queen who solved mysteries and then wrote about them. Queen relied on his keen powers of observation and deduction, being a Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson rolled into one. But just as Holmes needed his Watson a character with whom the average reader could identify the character Ellery Queen had his father, Inspector Richard Queen, who not only served in that function but also gave Ellery the access he needed to poke his nose into police business. Dannay and Lee chose the pseudonym of Ellery Queen as their (first) writing moniker, for it was only natural since the character Ellery was writing mysteries that their mysteries should be the ones that Ellery Queen wrote. They placed first in the contest, and their first novel was accepted and published by Frederick Stokes. Stokes would go on to release over a dozen "Ellery Queen" publications. At the beginning, "Ellery Queen" the author was marketed as a secret identity. Ellery Queen (actually one of the cousins, usually Dannay) would appear in public masked, as though he were protecting his identity. The buying public ate it up, and so the cousins did it again. By 1932 they had created "Barnaby Ross," whose existence had been foreshadowed by two comments in Queen novels. Barnaby Ross composed four novels about aging actor Drury Lane. After it was revealed that "Barnaby Ross is really Ellery Queen," the novels were reissued bearing the Queen name. Even after the cousins' identities were disclosed, their novels continued to be published under their now-famous pseudonym.

10. Welcome
Dell Magazines' official site for its Alfred Hitchcock and ellery queen publications. Includes abbreviate Category Arts Literature Genres Mystery Magazines and E-zines...... ellery queen's Mystery Magazine and Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazineare the world's longestrunning short-story mystery magazines.
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Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine and Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine are the world's longest-running short-story mystery magazines. Stories in EQMM and AHMM have won numerous awards, including the Agatha, Anthony, Arthur Ellis, Derringer, Edgar, Macavity, Shamus, Derrick Murdoch, and Robert L. Fish awards. Both magazines represent the cutting edge in crime and mystery fiction, running the gamut of mystery's subgenres, from the classical whodunit to hardboiled private-eye tales to pure suspense. To sample our print magazines' features, visit the Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine and Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine web pages today. Each magazine's home page describes the offerings in the current issue, available at top-quality newsstands nationwide.
Readers' Forum
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Illustration by Rachel Stuart

11. The Ellery Queen Award
List of winners of the award established in 1983 to honor writing teams and outstanding people in Category Arts Literature Mystery Authors Q queen, ellery......The ellery queen Award last updated 02/07/2001. The ellery queen Awardwas established in 1983 to honor writing teams and outstanding
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The Ellery Queen Award
last updated The Ellery Queen Award was established in 1983 to honor writing teams and outstanding people in the mystery-publishing industry.
  • 2001 Douglas Green 2000 Susanne Kirk 1999 Sara Ann Freed 1998 Hiroshi Hayakawa 1997 François Guérif 1996 Jacques Barzun 1995 Martin Greenberg 1994 Otto Penzler 1992 Margaret Norton 1990 Joel Davis 1989 Richard Levinson and William Link 1988 Ruth Cavin 1987 Eleanor Sullivan 1985 Joan Kahn 1983 Emma Lathen (Mary Jane Latsis and Martha Henissart)
Mystery Writers of America
17 E. 47th St., 6th floor, New York NY 10017

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13. Ellery Queen
Ausf¼hrliches Portr¤t der Autoren, Bibliographie, œbersicht der Rezensionen.
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Krimi-Chat Krimi-Links Krimis nach Regionen ... Queen, Ellery
Ellery Queen
Dashiell Hammett Krimis von Ellery Queen:
  • Ellery Queen Serie:

    • The Roman Hat Mystery Das Geheimnis des Lippenstifts
      The French powder mystery
      The Dutch Shoe Mystery Der Sarg der Griechen
      The Greek Coffin Mystery
      The Egyptian Cross Mystery Der verschwundene Revolver
      The American Gun Mystery Die siamesischen Zwillinge
      The Siamese Twin Mystery Chinesische Mandarinen
      The Chinese Orange Mystery
      The Spanish Cape Mystery Das Haus auf halbem Weg (Der Schrei am Fluss) Halfway House The Door between / The vanishing corpse Des Teufels Rechnung The Devil to pay Trauung in der Luft The Four of Hearts (1940) The new adventures of Ellery Queen Calamity Town Blut im Schuh oder das Mordduell There was an old Woman / The Quick and the dead The murderer is a fox Am zehnten Tage (Die indische Seidenschnur) Cat of Many Tails ... und raus bist du Double, Double Vom Teufel gehetzt The origin of devil Calendar of crime The King is dead Zwei blutige Buchstaben The scarlet letters Inspektor Queen greift ein Der dreizehnte Gast The finishing stroke Der Gegenspieler The player on the other side Mord im Paradies And on the eight day Des Dreiecks vierte Seite The fourth side of the triangle Mortissimo: Vier Kriminalstories Queens Full Sherlock Holmes und Jack the Ripper Ellery Queen vc. Jack the Ripper / A study in terror

14. Ellery Queen
Features information about the author(s) and characters. Includes a discussion board.Category Arts Literature Mystery Authors Q queen, ellery...... ellery queen he Roman Hat Mystery (1929) introduced ellery queen as theson of Inspector Richard queen of the New York police department.
The place for mystery since 1995. About Advertising Licensing Sponsored Ads
Mystery Time Line

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Edgar Allan Poe
Dorothy L. Sayers

Ellery Queen
Dashiell Hamett

Charlie Chan

Perry Mason
The Shadow ... Alfred Hitchcock More on the Greats Agatha Christie Nancy Drew Alfred Hitchcock Clue Chronicles Ellery Queen he Roman Hat Mystery" (1929) introduced Ellery Queen as the son of Inspector Richard Queen of the New York police department. Together, they formed a formidable crime-solving team. Inspector Queen, in his role as a policeman, collected all the clues connected with the crime in question. His son Ellery, an intellectual and writer of detective novels, would then collect and analyze the clues, ultimately solving the crime. This duo proved so popular that Lee and Dannay wrote 33 novels and numerous short stories starring the famous father and son team. In 1932, Lee and Dannay created another character under the pseudonym Barnaby Ross. Drury Lane, a retired Shakespearean actor who also solved crimes, was featured in four novels, but was never as popular as Ellery Queen. The concept of Ellery Queen expanded to include not only the written work, but a popular radio series, as well as several film and television projects.

15. Ellery Queen's Favourites
A list of some of the author's favorite novels and short stories.
Ellery Queen's favourites
The four best short story collections as chosen by Ellery Queen (in no particular order): E. A. Poe: Tales M. D. Post: Uncle Abner G. K. Chesterton: The innocence of Father Brown A. C. Doyle: The adventures of Sherlock Holmes The four best mystery novels as chosen by Ellery Queen (in no particular order): G. Leroux:
The mystery of the yellow room Gula rummets hemlighet W. Collins: The moonstone A. C. Doyle: A study in scarlet D. Hammett: Either The Maltese falcon
The glass key Antingen
Glasnyckeln The 125 most important books of detective-crime-mystery short stories according to Ellery Queen (ordered by publishing date): E. A. Poe: Tales "Waters" Recollections of a detective police-officer W. Collins: The queen of hearts C. Dickens: Hunted down "Anonyma": Revelations of a lady detective T. B. Aldrich: Out of his head M. Twain: The celebrated jumping frog of Calaveras County E. Gaboriau: Le petit vieux des Batignolles/
The little old man of Batignolles J. M'Govan: Brought to bay "A New York Detective":

16. Ellery Queen - America's Favorite Detective
A tribute to the world of ellery queen and the cover art of the books.
I first started reading Ellery Queen novels in 1995. Since then, I've collected nearly all of them, mostly in early editions. I'm not at all a fan of the mystery genre, so I'm somewhat at a loss to explain my fascination with the adventures of Ellery Queen. I say "adventures" as, of course, the protagonist and author were presented as one and the same. The writing team of Manfred B. Lee and Frederic Dannay ("who, as everyone knows, are Ellery Queen") wrote other detective novels, none of which I could get into. I know that a large part of the appeal came from the Father-Son relationship at the core of the novels. Ellery, a tall, athletic, Ivy-league educated amateur detective and author lives essentially a batchelor life in a Manhattan brown-stone with his father, Inspector Richard Queen, who is described as frail and bird-like. You will have to search far and wide for any spoken words of affection between these two creatures, but their true devotion to one another is such that neither can quite bear to spend more than a couple of days apart. I've always fancied that Ellery wss latently homosexual, despite his (suspiciously) hearty verbal exchanges with the opposite sex. He remains unattached and devoted to his work for the vast majority of his fictional career. Moreover, the Queens retain a house-boy called Djuna who is invariably described as lean, brown and lithe. Djuna will occasionally recline next to Ellery's armchair while his mentor strokes his hair - I kid you not! From his description, I'd go for Djuna myself!

17. Ellery Queen, A Website On Deduction
Information about the writer and character.Category Arts Literature Mystery Authors Q queen, ellery......Everything you need to know about 'ellery queen', writer and character inone website. All media reviewed. Please visit our sponsors.

Floor Plan Q.B.I List of Suspects
Floor Plan Q.B.I List of Suspects ... New

18. Elleryqueentv
Devoted to fans of the show The Adventures of ellery queen a television series that ran from 197577 on NBC starring Jim Hutton as ellery queen. Large site.
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  • 19. Ellery Queen's Script - The Adventure Of The Murdered Ship
    The Adventure Of The Murdered Ship by ellery queen ANNOUNCER And so elleryqueen now knows the answer to the mystery of The Murdered Ship. Do you?
    The Adventure Of The Murdered Ship by Ellery Queen
    The Characters
    ELLERY QUEEN ......... the detective
    NIKKI PORTER ..........the secretary
    INSPECTOR QUEEN ...... Ellery's father
    SGT VELIE ............ the inspector's aid
    HIGH OFFICIAL ........ a government man
    MRS BROWN ............ an American mother
    REV JONES ............ an American father
    MRS SMITH ............ an American bride SCENE 1 : The private office of a high official in Washington. Ellery Queen and his father, Inspector Queen, are ushered into the official's office. Both men seem puzzled, anxious, and apprehensive. OFFICIAL
    Sit down, gentlemen. SOUND: Ellery and the Inspector take chairs hesitantly. OFFICIAL Mr. Queen, I suppose you're wondering why I asked you to come. ELLERY (Very regretfully) Yes, sir. An urgent summons from such a distinguished Government official as yourself, Sir - I can't imagine why I should be so honored. INSPECTOR QUEEN Sir, I hope you don't mind my coming along with my son. I was - well, a little nervous...

    20. Ellery Queen
    Ausf¼hrliche Liste der Werke.
    Ellery Queen Ellery Queen ist das gemeinsame Pseudonym von Frederic Danney ( 1905 - 1982 ) und Manfred Bennington Lee ( 1905 - 1971 ) Der Serienheld ist Ellery Queen, ein Schriftsteller in Wrightsville, New York. erschienen ( E / D ) Ellery Queen- Serie: Der mysteriöse Zylinder The Roman Hat Mystery 1929 / 1987 DuMont Das Geheimnis des Lippenstifts The French powder mystery 1930 / 1969 Ullstein Mörder im Hospital The Dutch Shoe Mystery 1963 Humanitas Verlag Der Sarg des Griechen The Greek Coffin Mystery 1932 / 1993 DuMont Das Ägyptische Kreuz The Egyptian Cross Mystery 1932 / 1997 DuMont Der verschwundene Revolver The American Gun Mystery 1933 / 1962 Humanitas Verlag Die siamesischen Zwillinge The Siamese Twin Mystery 1933 / 1952 Goldmann Chinesische Mandarinen The Chinese Orange Mystery 1934 / 1951 Goldmann Die rächende Hand The Spanish Cape Mystery 1935 / 1960 Desch Auf halbem Weg Halfway House 1936 / 1965 Heyne Die trennende Tür The Door between The vanishing corpse 1937 / 1961 Scherz Des Teufels Rechnung The Devil to pay 1938 / 1948 Scherz Trauung in der Luft The Four of hearts 1938 / 1959 Scherz Drachenzähne The Dragon`s Teeth 1939 / 2000 Scherz The New Adventures of Ellery Queen Schatten über Wrightsville Calamity Town 1942 / 1949 Scherz Blut im Schuh oder: Das Mordduell There was an old Woman oder: The Quick and the dead 1942 / 2002 DuMont Der Mörder ist ein Fuchs The Murderer is a fox 1945 / 1947 Scherz Der zehnte Tag Ten days' Wonder 1948 / 1956 Scherz Die Katze tötet lautlos Cat of Many Tails 1949 / 1998 DuMont

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