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         Powers Tim:     more books (101)
  1. The Stress of Her Regard by Tim Powers, 2008-08-22
  2. Last Call by Tim Powers, 2008-09-30
  3. Declare by Tim Powers, 2002-06-01
  4. Three Days to Never by Tim Powers, 2007-12-01
  5. On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers, 2006-03-31
  6. Earthquake Weather by Tim Powers, 2008-09-30
  7. The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers, 1997-01-01
  8. The Drawing of the Dark (Del Rey Impact) by Tim Powers, 1999-11-16
  9. A Soul in a Bottle by Tim Powers, 2006-11-15
  10. Expiration Date by Tim Powers, 2007-03-20
  11. Social Power and the Turkish State by Tim Jacoby, 2004-07-15
  12. The Ship of Ishtar (Planet Stories) by A. Merritt, Tim Powers, 2009-10-28
  13. Strange Itineraries by Tim Powers, 2005-07-01
  14. The Power of the Cross by Tim LaHaye, 1998-01-01

1. Ex Libris Archives: Tim Powers
Reviews of Last Call, Expiration Date, Earthquake Weather, and The Drawing of the Dark.Category Arts Literature Authors P Powers, Tim Reviews...... powers tim Powers. what *really* happened Who else would cast Las Vegas mobsterBugsy Siegal as the Fisher King? Books by Tim Powers. • Forsake
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Tim Powers
what *really* happened Have you seen our weblog or our monthly book review? Tim Powers has been a favorite since I read The Anubis Gates ten or so years ago. Powers' forte is intertwining strange, macabre, downright weird things in rock bottom accurate historical and present day settings. The best example is The Stress of Her Regard , in which poets Shelley and Lord Byron are major characters. All kinds of supernatural goings-on are going on, and the poets are involved up to their armpits, but they are also living their lives as the history books say they did. Powers is merely explaining why they did some of the things they did. My favorites are The Anubis Gates and the much more recent Last Call , and I have a fair amount of fondess for his early book The Drawing of the Dark , which has a delightfully misleading title. At first glance, Power's novels Last Call and Expiration Date are unrelated; Earthquake Weather binds them together into a remarkably odd trilogy about the pagan underpinnings of Holy Grail legends and people who snort ghosts to get high. Who else would cast Las Vegas mobster Bugsy Siegal as the Fisher King?
Books by Tim Powers
Forsake the Sky The Drawing of the Dark
Reviews: 1 July 1998
The Anubis Gates
Reviews: 1 January 2000
Dinner at Deviant's Palace Last Call
Reviews: 1 February 1998
Expiration Date
Reviews: 1 February 1998
Earthquake Weather
Reviews: 1 February 1998
Reviews: 1 September 2002
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2. - Search For: Powers Tim, The Anubis Gates
Powers, Tim, The Anubis Gates, First Edition(Paperback; First Printing) Furthercondition details and JPG image available on request. Powers, Tim. Tim&title=The Anubis

3. - Search For: Powers Tim, Dinner At Deviants Palace
Powers, Tim. Dinner at Deviants Palace. Powers, Tim, Dinner at Deviants Palace,New York NY Berkley, 1985. Paperback. Very Good. First Paperback Edition. Tim&title=Dinner at

4. Emerald City
A review of Last Call and Expiration Date from Emerald City.
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Thank you for visiting Emerald City . The page that you have requested was not found. To go to the Emerald City home page click here If you arrived here via a link from a page within the Emerald City site, please email us and let us know what happened so that we can fix the problem.

5. "Bibliographie De Powers Tim"
powers tim, LISTE DES OUVRAGES ECRITS PAR powers timOTHY THOMAS (USA,1952 ) Pseudonymes Timothy Powers, Mink Mole Récompenses
(USA, 1952 - )
Pseudonymes : Timothy Powers, Mink Mole
  • Apollo Award : en 1987 Locus Poll Award : en 1993, 1996 et 1998 Mythopoeic Award : en 1990 Philip K. Dick Award : en 1983 et 1985 SF Chronicle Award : en 1984 World Fantasy Award : en 1993
Paul Denis
Mise à jour : 02/08/2002.

6. Tim Powers Tim Powers Message Board
Return to Tim Powers main page BooksMessage Board - Tim Powers. Tim Powers. OtherRecent Tim Powers Discussions Tim Powers 2/3/2002 14348 PM.

7. .
Translate this page page précédente powers tim - (1952), page suivante Il semblerait queTim POWERS soit brusquement apparu sur la scène avec Les Voies d’Anubis.

8. Content
Welcome Author Index Authors Bramah, Ernest Cabell, James Branch Powers, Tim Timpowers tim Powers The Skies Discrowned Tim Powers Epitaph in Rust Tim Powers
Author Index
Bramah, Ernest
Cabell, James Branch
Powers, Tim
Tim Powers
Tim Powers: The Skies Discrowned
Tim Powers: Epitaph in Rust
Tim Powers: The Drawing of the Dark
Tim Powers: The Anubis Gates Tim Powers: Dinner at Deviant's Palace Tim Powers: Night Moves Tim Powers: The Way Down the Hill Tim Powers: Last Call Sawyer, Robert J. Stephenson, Neal Vance, Jack Viereck, George S. Zelazny, Roger Favorites Antiquarian Unusual Uncorrected Proofs Manuscripts Original Book Art Chapbooks Vance Integral Edition Miscellaneous Book Lists (Text Only) Other Literary Websites New Pages

9. Tim Powers
Tim Powers. / it's okay to read signed books! / Cheers / Tim Powers. Tim used to be a book collector, and knows about such things.
Tim Powers
Here are a few choice items from my collection, in chronological order. I would appreciate any corrections and additional information about any of these books. (This page is under construction; I have quite an extensive collection of his works, and there are so darn many different editions!) The Skies Discrowned
May 1976 Laser Books NY March 1983 James Cahill Huntington Beach CA Revised edition Forsake The Sky , April 1986 Tor Books NY. First edition cover illustration by Kelly Freas. First hardcover. One of 300 copies signed and numbered on the limitation page. This copy additionally signed on the title page, along with a drawing a swordfight between "Rovzer vs Costa". Epitaph in Rust
1976 Laser Books NY 1989 NESFA Press Cambridge MA First edition cover illustration by Kelly Freas. The first hardcover edition is the NESFA Press book printed for the Boskone XXVI convention. This is number 140 of 225 copies signed on the front free endpaper and with slipcase. There were also 775 unnumbered copies. For some reason this NESFA publication is one of the most expensive, possibly because it was also signed by artist James Gurney. The Drawing of the Dark
June 1979 Del Rey NY 1991 Hypatia Press Eugene OR First edition cover illustration by Doug Beekman. Powers' "break-out" book. This particular copy is inscribed to my wife: "For Lisa! / Hoping you like / dark beer! - & / it's okay to read signed books! / Cheers / Tim Powers." Tim used to be a book collector, and knows about such things. The inscription is on the title page, upside down as usual, as he is a left-handed writer. Tim's signature is not rare, as he is always happy to sign books, often with a humorous bent. Uncorrected proofs of his early paperbacks are scarce.

10. POWERS Tim
Translate this page Accueil Biblios P Retour powers tim Timothy PowersUSA (1952 - ) Références Romans=9 - Recueils=0 - Nouvelles
Accueil Biblios P Retour
    POWERS Tim Timothy Powers
    USA (1952 - )
  • (1976, The skies discrowned)
  • Les voies d'Anubis (1983, The Anubis gates)
  • (1985, Dinner at deviant's palace)
  • (1987, On stranger tides)
  • Le poids de son regard (1989, The stress of her regard)
  • Date d'expiration (1995, Expiration date)
  • Nouvelles
  • (1999, Itinerary)
      in , Albin Michel, 1999 in

11. Powers Tim
Reviews Overviews by Rod Cameron. The Anubis Gates Tim Powers.I missed this one when it first came out. Recently, it was being - Z/Powers Tim.htm
The Anubis Gates - Tim Powers I missed this one when it first came out. Recently, it was being raved about in some review on Amazon, so I tracked down a copy. What an excellent story! It concerns Brendan Doyle, a modern day expert on English literature at the beginning of the 19th century, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge in particular, who becomes involved with an attempt to travel back in time to watch one of Coleridge's lectures. The time-travel is enabled by ancient Egyptian magic, being used by magicians in an attempt to engineer the fall of the British Empire. And who don't take kindly to their magic being used for different purposes.
Doyle rapidly becomes separated from his party and immersed in the low-life of London in the 1810s, including Horrobin the Clown who presses beggars to work, often breaking their limbs for a better effect. And Dog-Face Joe the werewolf who continues a murderous reign of terror. Doyle's plans to return to the 20th century are based on his hero William Ashbless who does not appear to exist. What follows for the penniless Brendan Doyle is a fantastic nightmare roller-coaster of a voyage through a period of history populated by the grotesque and the dangerous.
Difficult to put down once started, The Anubis Gates is a classic work of Fantasy, which should be on everyone's bookshelf.

12. Powers Tim Le Poids De Son Regard
Translate this page powers tim Le poids de son regard. Titre Le poids de son regard.Auteur powers tim. Rubriques Broché Rubriques 2 Science
Powers Tim Le poids de son regard
Titre: Le poids de son regard
Auteur: Powers Tim
Rubriques: Broché
Rubriques 2: Science-fiction - Romans
Rubriques 3: Poches Science-fiction et Terreur
Sturgeon Theodore Le Coeur dé...

Asimov Isaac, Leigh Stephen,...


13. Powers Tim Poker D'âmes
Translate this page powers tim Poker d'âmes. Titre Poker d'âmes. Auteur powers tim.Rubriques Broché Rubriques 2 Fantastique - Romans Rubriques
Powers Tim Poker d'âmes
Titre: Poker d'âmes
Auteur: Powers Tim
Rubriques: Broché
Rubriques 2: Fantastique - Romans
Rubriques 3: Littérature Science-fiction et Terreur
Hall James W. Trafic en plein...

Laws Stephen Darkfall...


14. Powers Tim - Groza Jej Spojrzenia -
powers tim,Groza jej spojrzenia,Powers,Tim,Groza,jej,spojrzenia,ZYSK,I,SKA Ksiegarniawysylkowa - jedna z najwiekszych ksiegarni w Polsce - podreczniki

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Groza jej spojrzenia Powers Tim Wyd. ZYSK I S-KA Powiadom znajomego o ksi±¿ce Niestety, brak ksi±¿ki w magazynie. Cena: Cena promocyjna( Oprawa: Miêkka Format: Jêzyk: polski Ilo¶æ stron: ISBN: Tytu³ orygina³u: THE STRESS OF HER REGARD T³umacz: Ma³gorzata Kicana Dzieñ po ¶lubie doktor Michael Crawford budzi siê na ³ó¿ku zbroczonym krwi± obok zmasakrowanego cia³a ¿ony. Aby unikn±æ stryczka, ucieka do Anglii. Jego jedyn± nadziej± s± najwspanialsi - i najbardziej skandalizuj±cy - angielscy poeci : Keats, Shelley i Byron. To oni pomog± mu zrozumieæ potworn± si³ê, która jest jego przekleñstwem i zarazem ochron±. Crawford ma bowiem jeszcze jedn±, tajemn± ¿onê, któr± Keats nazywa la belle dame sans merci. Jest ona w równym stopniu piêkna i z³a, posiada te¿ prastar± moc, która przyczyni³a siê do powstania setek legend... Teraz zagra¿a ¿yciu kochanka. Powiadom znajomego Ustaw jako stronê startow± Dodaj do ulubionych

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Produits Avis Ciao ratings Membres Web Powers Tim : avis de consommateurs, comparateur de prix et achat en ligne Accueil Livres/B.D. Science Fiction / Fantastique Auteurs K - Z Powers Tim Envoyez cette page Partenaires Achetez et vendez à moitié prix Priceminister Des prix atomisés avec Cdiscount
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Poker d'âmes Date d'expiration Sur des mers plus ignorées... ... [Le produit est introuvable?]
Avis de dernière minute sur Powers Tim Un très bon roman de SF
Evaluation du produit Voies d'Anubis (Les) par Etant en pleine lecture de "Date d'expiration " (du même auteur), je me suis aperçu que je n'avais ...

16. Interviews - Tim Powers
Tim Powers Rewrites the Cold War Dave Weich, Winner store. TimPowers I had hoped that would be the case! No, what do you mean?
Technical Books Kids' Books eBooks more search options ... Staff Picks Around Town Award Winners Book Clubs From the Author Front Window ... Win Free Books! March 18, 2003 Archived Editions
American Rivers
The Atlantic Monthly ...
see all sections...

Tim Powers Rewrites the Cold War
Dave Weich
, Winner of the World Fantasy Award (for Last Call ) and a two-time recipient of the Philip K. Dick Award ( The Anubis Gates and Dinner at Deviant's Palace ), in his eleventh novel Tim Powers takes his unique brand of speculative fiction into uncharted territory, instilling the old fashioned espionage novel with a healthy dose of the supernatural. For more than ten years, Andrew Hale has been retired from the "Great Game." Recalled now from his comfortable teaching post to complete the top-secret mission that represents his greatest failure, Hale suddenly finds himself framed for the murder of an old friend and shipped off to the Middle East as a doubling Russian spy. "I don't think I've ever done quite this much research before," the author admitted. In

17. The SF Site: An Interview With Tim Powers
Search Home Contents Page Site Map A Conversation With Tim Powers. An interviewwith Kim Fawcett. July 1999. Tim powers tim Powers was born in 1952.
A Conversation With Tim Powers
An interview with Kim Fawcett
July 1999
Tim Powers
Tim Powers was born in 1952. He attended and graduated from California State University, Fullerton, in 1976. In 1980 he was married to Serena Batsford. In 1984, he received the Philip K. Dick Memorial Award for The Anubis Gates and, later, his novel Last Call won the World Fantasy Award. Tim Powers Website
ISFDB Bibliography

SF Site Review:
Earthquake Weather ...
Tim Powers Tribute Site

Other SF Site Interviews F. Paul Wilson
Tim Powers
Michael Marshall Smith
Thomas F. Monteleone P.D. Cacek David Morrell ... 999 Table of Contents Advertisement
So you're off to Clarion. Do you like teaching?
Yes. Me and another teacher Karen Joy Fowler, who's on the cover of Locus magazine this month have lately been taking the last two weeks of Clarion as co-teachers, which used to be Damon Knight and Kate Wilhelm's job. And it's exhausting, but actually with all these car adventures it's gonna be kind of a nice dormant period.
How did you get into that?

18. BRLOH - Knihy, PC A Video Hry, èasopisy, Spoloèenské Hry, Komiks
všetky diela autora . powers tim Zobrazujem ponuky 1 - 4 z celkovéhopoctu 4. Poslední výzva 2 powers tim (Perseus) žáner

Translate this page powers tim. TITRES, Année, Collection Editeur, N°. Les voies d'Anubis, . J'aiLu, 2011. Sur les mers les plus ignorées, . J'ai Lu, 2371. Le palais du Déviant,.
AUTEURS de SF A B C D ... W X Y Z Accueil Liens ... Découvrez la science-fiction POWERS TIM TITRES Année Collection Editeur N° Les voies d'Anubis J'ai Lu Sur les mers les plus ignorées J'ai Lu Le palais du Déviant J'ai Lu Fictions Le poids de son regard J'ai Lu Les chevaliers de la brune J'ai Lu Date d'expitation J'ai Lu Poker d'âmes J'ai Lu Les pécheurs du ciel J'ai Lu Les cieux découronnés J'ai Lu

20. Autores - Tim Powers
Translate this page TIM powers tim Powers nació en 1952 en Buffalo, Nueva York. Se educóen California y fue miembro del grupo de escritores que rodearon
TIM POWERS Tim Powers nació en 1952 en Buffalo, Nueva York. Se educó en California y fue miembro del grupo de escritores que rodearon a Philip K. Dick (el llamado «grupo de California», que incluye también a K.W. Jeter, James P. Blaylock y Rudy Rucker). Empezó a publicar en 1975, y alcanzó la celebridad durante la década de los ochenta, en particular gracias a ganar en dos ocasiones el premio Philip K. Dick. Su obra se caracteriza por una mezcla indiscriminada del humor y la narración culta, así como de los temas clásicos de la ciencia ficción con otros puramente fantásticos, siendo particularmente popular por sus novelas de fantasía de ambientación histórica. Novelas The Skies Discrowned Epitaph in Rust The Drawing of the Dark Esencia oscura . Ed. Gigamesh, Barcelona, 2000) The Anubis Gates Las puertas de Anubis . Ed. Gigamesh. Barcelona, 1999) Dinner at Deviant’s Palace Cena en el palacio de la discordia . Ed. Martínez Roca, col. Gran Super Ficción. Barcelona, 1991). Forsake the Sky revisión de The Skies Discrowned An Epitaph in Rust , revisión de Epitaph in Rust On Stranger Tides En costas extrañas . Ed. Martínez Roca, col. Gran Fantasy. Barcelona, 1990 y Ed. Gigamesh, 2000)

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