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         Phillips Caryl:     more books (100)
  1. In the Falling Snow (Vintage) by Caryl Phillips, 2010-11-02
  2. A New World Order: Essays by Caryl Phillips, 2002-04
  3. Cambridge by Caryl Phillips, 1993-02-02
  4. The Atlantic Sound by Caryl Phillips, 2001-10-09
  5. A Distant Shore by Caryl Phillips, 2005-03-08
  6. Conversations with Caryl Phillips (Literary Conversations Series)
  7. Crossing the River by Caryl Phillips, 1995-01-15
  8. Dancing in the Dark by Caryl Phillips, 2007-12-18
  9. A State of Independence by Caryl Phillips, 1995-01-15
  10. Foreigners by Caryl Phillips, 2008-11-08
  11. Caryl Phillips (Writers and their Work) by Helen Thomas, 2006-11-15
  12. Cambridge (French Edition) by Caryl Phillips, 1996-10-15
  13. Crossing The River by Caryl Phillips, 1994
  14. The Final Passage by Caryl Phillips, 1995-10-31

1. Caryl Phillips
Caryl Phillips. St. Kitts Born Author 1958 . Caryl Phillips was born in St Kitts,in the Eastern Caribbean on the 13th March 1958. Caryl Phillips Homepage.
C aryl Phillips
St. Kitts Born Author 1958 -
Caryl Phillips was born in St Kitts, in the Eastern Caribbean on the 13th March 1958. His parents emigrated to Britain when he was only 12 weeks old and his childhood was spent in Leeds, Yorkshire. He graduated from Oxford with a honors B.A. and has since become an author and has spent a career in teaching that has taken him worldwide, from Sweden and Poland to India and Australia. He became a Professor of English at Amherst College, Massachusetts, for several years, and since July 1998 has been Henry R. Luce Professor of Migration and Social Order at Barnard College, Columbia University, in New York. He divides his life between London and New York, but frequently journeys back to the Caribbean, an area that still significantly feeds his creative imagination. Caryl Phillips is the author of several plays, of scripts for radio, television and now the cinema, and two book-length travel essays, The European Tribe (1987), whose incisive criticism of European racism triggered off some controversy, and The Atlantic Sound (2000), which deals with the historical legacy of the slave trade.

2. PHILLIPS Caryl - Playwrights And Their Plays
phillips caryl. Nationality email address. website. Title PlayingAway First Produced 1986 First Published 1987 Faber, London
The Database for Playwrights and their Plays To view plays in print or purchase new / secondhand books by PHILLIPS Caryl please click on one of the following bookstores who support this site Internet Theatre Bookshop
Nationality : email address website
Title Playing Away
First Produced :
First Published :
1987 Faber, London
Genre : screenplay Male : Female : Other :
Notes :
Synopsis :
Shelter, The
First Produced : 1983 Lyric Theatre, HammersmiTheatre, London
First Published : 1984 Amber Lane Press, Oxford
Genre : Play Male : Female : Other : Notes : Synopsis : remember a shelter is a temporary place of refuge in a disaster, it cannot be like home' Title Strange Fruit First Produced : 1980 Crucible Theatre, Sheffield First Published : 1981 Amber Lane Press, Ambergate, Derbyshire Genre : Play Male : Female : Other : Notes : Synopsis : study of black family caught between two cultures Title Where There Is Darkness First Produced : 1982 Lyric Theatre, HammersmiTheatre, London First Published : 1982 Amber Lane Press, Ambergate, Derbyshire

3. Fathom The Source For Online Learning » Login Or Register Our
Caryl phillips caryl Phillips is a professor of English and the HenryR. Luce Professor of Migration and Social Order at Barnard College.

4. New York State Writers Institute - Caryl Phillips
CARYL PHILLIPS photo credit © Elena Seibert October 25, 2001 (Thursday) 400Informal Seminar, Assembly Hall, CC 800 pm Reading Recital Hall, PAC UAlbany
October 25, 2001
4:00 Informal Seminar, Assembly Hall, CC
8:00 p.m. Reading

Recital Hall, PAC
UAlbany, Uptown Campus C aryl Phillips wrote the screenplay of the new Merchant-Ivory film, The Mystic Masseur (2001), which is adapted from an early V. S. Naipaul novel of the same name. The film features Indian movie starlet Ayesha Dharker, whose American film credits incude City of Joy (1992) and Star Wars: Episode II (due 2002). The Mystic Masseur recounts the meteoric rise of Ganesh Ramsumair, a poor Trinidadian schoolteacher who becomes a masseur for the rich, then a popular mystic, and finally an almost-English gentleman named G. Ramsay Muir. The Atlantic Sound (2000, Knopf, ISBN 0-375-40-110-5), is a brilliant, meditative piece of travel-writing that retraces the "Triangular Trade," a sea route taken by commerical vessels in the 18th and 19th centuries. The three corners of the infamous Triangle included Africa, a source of slaves, the New World, a source of raw materials, and Europe, a source of finished goods. Phillips, an Afro-British writer born on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts and raised in Leeds, begins his journey on a banana boat that sails from Guadeloupe to England. His investigations and musings focus on three important cities in the Triangle: Liverpool, an important manufacturing center that grew rich from Atlantic commerce; Accra, Ghana, a major slave-trading center on the West African coast; and Charleston, South Carolina, one of the biggegst slave markets in North America.

5. Hennepin County Library - Online Catalog
Previous 10 Next 10. Author, Count. Phillips, Caryl, 7. Phillips, Catherine,1. Phillips, Charles, 9. Phillips, Charles, 1948, 13. Phillips, Christopher,2. Caryl&index=AA

6. Caryl Phillips
Caryl Phillips. Works. Themes. Caryl Phillips writes a lot about differenttypes of Slavery, as seen in both Cambridge and Crossing the River.
Caryl Phillips
Cambridge (1993)
Book Description
One of England's most widely acclaimed young novelists adopts two eerily convincing narrative voices and juxtaposes their stories to devastating effect in this mesmerizing portrait of slavery. Cambridge is a devoutly Christian slave in the West Indies whose sense of justice is both profound and self-destructive, while Emily is a morally-blind, genteel Englishwoman.
Enduring the peculiarities and brutalities of plantation life in the nineteenth-century West Indies, the morally blind Englishwoman Emily Cartwright finds her life touched by the experiences of Cambridge, a devoutly Christian slave. Reprint. Crossing The River (1995)
Book Description
In a vastly ambitious and intensely moving novel, the author of Cambridge creates a many-tongued chorus of the African diaspora in the complex and riveting story of a desperate father who sells his three children into slavery.
Follows the lives of three African siblings, beginning with their imprisonment on an English slave ship in 1753 and continuing through the struggles of their descendants. By the author of Cambridge.
Caryl Phillips writes a lot about different types of Slavery, as seen in both

7. The Nature Of Blood By Caryl Phillips
Caryl Phillips. Doreen then went on to talk about 'The Nature of Blood' byCaryl Phillips, which she described as an extraordinarily good book.
The Nature of Blood
Caryl Phillips
Doreen 26/4/98 A book which has themes of racism and the concentration camps of World War II. It talks about the founding of the State of Israel and the role of black Jews There are two narratives, and there was discussion as to whether they came together at the end or not. She enjoyed it, and would recommend it, but found it quite a hard read.
Caroline 26/7/98 Back to main bookclub index
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8. Caryl Phillips Books
Caryl Phillips Books. The Right Set A Tennis Anthology By Caryl Phillips (editor)(paperback August 1999). European Tribe By Caryl Phillips (paperback).
American WebShoppe
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Caryl Phillips Books
The Right Set: A Tennis Anthology
By Caryl Phillips (editor) (paperback - August 1999)
By Joseph Conrad, Caryl Phillips (introduction) (paperback - August 1999) Crossing The River
By Caryl Phillips (paperback - January 1995) Cambridge: A Novel
By Caryl Phillips (paperback - February 1993) European Tribe
By Caryl Phillips (paperback) A State Of Independence
By Caryl Phillips (hardcover - June 1986) A New World Order: Essays
By Caryl Phillips (paperback - April 2002) The Atlantic Sound
By Caryl Phillips (paperback - October 2001) Extravagant Strangers: A Literature Of Belonging
By Caryl Phillips (editor) (paperback - January 1999) Higher Ground: A Novel In Three Parts By Caryl Phillips (paperback - November 1995) The Nature Of Blood By Caryl Phillips (paperback - May 1998) The Final Passage (a King Penguin) By Caryl Phillips The Shelter By Caryl Phillips (paperback - December 1986) Playing Away By Caryl Phillips Chiropractors Dentists Vision Care Allergists ... Massage Therapy Search WWW Search

9. Jenseits Des Flusses Phillips Caryl
Translate this page Jenseits des Flusses phillips caryl. Titel Jenseits des Flusses. Autorphillips caryl. Rubrik Taschenbuch Paperback Kategorie
Jenseits des Flusses Phillips Caryl
Titel: Jenseits des Flusses
Autor: Phillips Caryl
Rubrik: Taschenbuch Paperback
Kategorie: Belletristik Romane Erzählungen Englische Literatur Romane Erzählungen
Information: Belletristik
Zeidenitz Stefan, Barkow Ben...

Solly Martin Die Italiener pa...

Wilber Ken Eine kurze Geschic...

Gernhardt Robert Körper in Ca...

10. Caryl Phillips
Caryl Phillips. Croupier IMPORT. Scrooged. Duets. Duets. Valentino. BigBully. Heart of Darkness Selections from The Congo Diary. Crossing the River.
Caryl Phillips
Croupier [IMPORT] Scrooged Duets Duets Valentino Big Bully Crossing the River Extravagant Strangers : A Literature of Belonging The Atlantic Sound A State of Independence The Nature of Blood European Tribe A New World Order : Essays The Final Passage Higher Ground : A Novel in Three Parts (King Penguin) Authors: P

11. Modern First Edition Books From Firsts In Print
468. phillips caryl. Cambridge. Bloomsbury First Edition. 1991. SIGNED F in F dw.£20. 469. phillips caryl. The Nature of Blood. Faber First Edition. 1997.
Crime Fiction, Signed Copies
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12. Caryl Phillips - Novelist, Playwright
Novelist and playwright. Biography, bibliography with summaries of the works, links to articles Category Arts Literature Authors P phillips, caryl......caryl phillips British/Caribbean novelist playwright. Historical a.caryl phillips British/Caribbean British Caribbean . this
a Caryl Phillips - British/Caribbean British Caribbean a new novel by Caryl Phillips - A DISTANT SHORE - published in March 2003 (Secker and Warburg, UK) this website requires Macromedia Flash plugin - if needed, click here to download an British-Carribean Carribean caribean novelist playwright playright playwright personal website. Historical perspectives in fiction/non fiction/drama The Final Passage, A State of Independence, Higher Ground, Cambridge, The Nature of Blood, The Shelter, Extavagant Strangers, The Atlantic Sound, Where There Is Darkness Black DiasporaHistorical perspectives in fiction/non fiction/drama Historical perspectives in fiction/non fiction/drama Historical perspectives in fiction/non fiction/dramaCaryl Phillips - British/Caribbean novelist playwright playright playwright personal website. Historical perspectives in black fiction/non fiction/dramaCaryl Phillips - British/Caribbean novelist playwright playright playwright personal website. Historical perspectives in black fiction/non fiction/drama Caryl Phillips - British/Caribbean British Caribbean British-Carribean Carribean caribean novelist playwright playright playwright personal website. Historical perspectives in fiction/non fiction/drama

13. English Literature And Empire
A roundtable chat about English literature after the end of the British Empire.

14. Caryl Phillips
text, it is open to constant revision. The caryl phillips Bibliography is meant as a dynamic document which will

15. BBC - Books - Author Profile For Caryl Phillips
Biography of the author.






25th March 2003
Text only

BBC Homepage
Arts Books ... Help Like this page? Send it to a friend! surnames.. A to B C to E F to I J to L M to O P to R S to T U to Z Caryl Phillips Born: St Kitts in the Carribbean, 1958 Page 1 Important works: Caryl Phillips first emerged as a playwright in the early 1980s. His first play, Strange Fruit , focused on Vivienne Marshal, a woman living alone in Britain with her two sons, Alvin and Errol. Alvin goes to his grandfather's funeral in the Caribbean and returns to England with his experiences back home serving to reinforce the split between him, and his mother and brother. His second major play, Where There Is Darkness , focused on Albert William, who is about to return home to the Caribbean after twenty five years in Britain. In the play he reflects on what Britain has meant to him. In 1984 he wrote a travel book about what it is like, as he said, "to feel both of, and not of, Europe". The European Tribe took him to Morocco, Gibraltar, Spain, the South of France, Venice, Paris, Amsterdam, Ireland and the Soviet Union. Page 1 Maya Angelou George Lamming Courttia Newland Ben Okri Listen to writers talk about their work in BBC Four's Audio Interviews Literary Windrush 1948-1998 Like this author? Hate this author? Talk about their work on the books

16. Caryl Phillips: An Overview
Bibliography, biography, original essays, links.
Last Modified: 16 April, 2002

17. The British Council Germany - New Writing From Britain - Caryl Phillips
Guide to new British writers offers a profile of this Caribbeanborn, Oxford-educated novelist. Read summaries of four of his novels. caryl phillips was born in St Kitts, West Indies, in 1958.
The European Connection, 23 - 28 November 1998 Berlin Cologne Hamburg Amsterdam ... Writers Caryl Phillips N W Home The Final Passage , his first novel, which was published in 1985 and won the Malcolm X Award for Literature, deals with 1950s Caribbean immigration into England. Cambridge (1991) is a very rich novel full of subtle ironies. Besides delving into the historical roots of Caribbean exile it investigates the relativity of truth, racism, and patterns of domination-submission in man-woman and white master-black slave relationships. Crossing The River (1993), shortlisted for the 1993 Booker Prize, addresses the issues of displacement and dislocation from different temporal and spatial perspectives and presents a brilliantly coherent vision of two and a half centuries of the African diaspora. In his sixth novel The Nature Of Blood The Nature Of Blood Bibliography
Higher Ground, 1989, Viking.
Cambridge, 1991, Bloomsbury.
Crossing The River 1993, Bloomsbury.

18. Caryl Phillips - Writer

19. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: Phillips, Caryl (St. Kitts)
Looking for the best facts and sites on phillips, caryl? This HomeworkCentralsection focuses on 'St. Kitts Kitts phillips, caryl. Interview
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Phillips, Caryl

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  • Interview With Caryl Phillips
  • Phillips, Caryl: Biography
  • Phillips, Caryl: Biography
  • Phillips, Caryl: Brief Biography ... Contact Us
  • 20. Caryl Phillips Reviews V.S. Naipaul
    A review of Naipaul's latest publications, a collection of letters and a memoir, by another respected BritishCaribbean writer.

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