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         Narayan R K:     more books (100)
  1. A Tiger for Malgudi and The Man-Eater of Malgudi (Penguin Classics) by R. K. Narayan, 2009-07-28
  2. The Financial Expert (Phoenix Fiction Series) by R. K. Narayan, 1999-08-01
  3. Malgudi Days (Penguin Classics) by R. K. Narayan, 2006-08-29
  4. The Vendor of Sweets (Penguin Twentieth-Century Classics) by R. K. Narayan, 1993-06-01
  5. The Ramayana: A Shortened Modern Prose Version of the Indian Epic (Penguin Classics) by R. K. Narayan, 2006-08-29
  6. The Painter of Signs (Penguin Classics) by R. K. Narayan, 2006-08-29
  7. Swami and Friends, The Bachelor of Arts, The Dark Room, The English Teacher by R.K. Narayan, 2009-05-29
  8. Mr Sampath-The Printer of Malgudi, The Financial Expert, Waiting for the Mahatma by R. K. Narayan, 2009-07-22
  9. The Guide by R. K Narayan, 1958
  10. Under the Banyan Tree and Other Stories (Penguin Modern Classics) by R. K. Narayan, 2001-10-25
  11. The Mahabharata: A Shortened Modern Prose Version of the Indian Epic by R. K. Narayan, 2000-10-15
  12. The Bachelor of Arts by R. K. Narayan, 2000-08-03
  13. Malgudi Omnibus by R K Narayan , 1994-08-30
  14. A Tiger for Malgudi (Classic, 20th-Century, Penguin) by R. K. Narayan, 1994-10-01

1. R K Narayan. What About Our Own Roots? Krishnan's Journey In The English Teacher
Critical review of one of narayan's acclaimed books "The English Teacher" using its central character as the theme. R K narayan. What about our own roots?
R K Narayan
What about our own roots? Krishnan's journey in The English Teacher
by Ian Mackean
Additional commentary on the novel, and
comments from Indian literary critics by S. N. Radhika Lakshmi

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What about our own roots? Krishnan's journey in R K Narayan's The English Teacher
something has been drained from the adult heart.
Belief in the miraculous closes down Krishnan, the central character of R. K. Narayan's The English Teacher , undertakes an emotional, intellectual, and spiritual journey during the course of the novel. At the start of the novel he is an English teacher, living and teaching at the same school where he was once a pupil, and at the end we see him resigning his post, beginning work at a nursery school, and learning to communicate psychically with his dead wife. He learns and changes during the course of the novel in a way which he could not have predicted at the beginning. The journey takes him from a lifestyle which he found unsatisfactory to finding a set of values and a way of life that he feels he can believe in wholly.
Krishnan's change comes about not as a result of any grand plan or ambition, but as a result of his response to a series of challenging circumstances which arise once he begins to take steps away from the cloistered and protective environment of his school.

2. RK Narayan The Guide
Notes by Paul Brians for students reading narayan's "The Guide." Includes links to Indian Category Arts Literature Authors N narayan, R. K.......RK narayan The Guide A Study Guide (1958). Using this Guide. Listof other study guides. Rasipuram Krishnaswamy narayan (b. 1906

3. Graham Greene And R K Narayan
Graham Greene and R K narayan Greene greatly admired R K narayan and helped publish his works in Britain. The remarkable fact about their relationship was that Greene and narayan met only once, briefly, in London in 1964.

Graham Greene and R K Narayan
Greene greatly admired R K Narayan and helped publish his works in Britain. The remarkable fact about their relationship was that Greene and Narayan met only once, briefly, in London in 1964. The friendship began in 1934 when Greene happened to come across a manuscript of Swami and Friends. Greene was impressed and passed it on to Hamish Hamilton. He also began a correspondence with R K Narayan. The correspondence lasted until his death, with Greene taking around fifteen years to switch from Dear Mr. Narayan and Graham Greene, to Dear Narayan and Graham. Greene ( rather uncharacteristically gentle ) suggested a few alterations in the Indian Novelist's English at the beginning of the correspondence, a practice that lasted for half a century. Greene offered Narayan solace when the latter's works did not do well initially, besides discouraging him from considering the turning of his novels into screenplays. While Narayan's novels are much gentler than most of Greene's, Malgudi, the fictional town in which most of the former's novels are set, seemed to Greene "more familiar than Battersea or the Euston Road". His letter to Narayan, when the Indian's wife passed away in 1937 was particularly solicitous. Greene wrote: "To send the sympathy of strangers at such a cruel time seems like a mockery. But I've been happily married now for a long time, and I can imagine how appalling everything must seem to you now. I don't suppose you'll write again for months, but eventually you will, not be- cause you are just a good writer (there are hundreds), but because you are one of the finest. We still hope we shall see you, here or in India. If there is no war."

4. Special: N Ram Remembers His Good Friend, R K Narayan
Leading Indian journalist and author's close friend, N. Ram, talks about his experience with narayan in an interview published just after the author's death.




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Recent Specials 'I'm a very boring fellow'
'The UGC is trying to

promote unscientific
behaviour' ... MORE SPECIALS... The Rediff Special/ N Ram H ow does one describe the experience of having had R K Narayan as a friend? All I can say is, it was one of the great experiences of my life. In the last 20 years, I became close to him and got to know him well. Narayan did not like anything that was extravagant or sentimental. He enjoyed a good conversation. We would talk late into the night, especially after the death of his daughter, Hema, in 1994. He was a night bird and could stay up till the early hours of the morning. He would wait for me every day and, if I were late, he would call. Going there and spending long hours with him was a terrific experience for me, but I had to finish my other work too. In fact, if I had to go for a long trip, I would tell him it was a short one. Narayan, his son-in-law, Chandrasekhar who is known as Chandru and I would sometimes start our conversation at 10 in the night and keep talking and talking and talking... On some days, we would sit in the drawing room; on other days, in his bedroom; and, on days that the mosquitoes did not trouble us too much, we would sit outside the house. He loved to look at the outside world; he loved greenery. Sometimes, the television would be on but there would be no sound coming from it. He used to say, "What I like the best about the remote control is the mute button."

5. Memorable Books By R.K. Narayan
An appreciation of Malgudi Days, My Days A Memoir, The Guide, and narayan's retelling of the Ramayana.
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Memorable books by R.K. Narayan
Malgudi Days
Malgudi Days is a collection of short stories involving incidents and experiences in the life of the people of this fictional city named Malguidi that remains central to all of Narayan's works. Once again, the stories are not meant to convey something overly profound or insightful but a mere narration of short-lived experiences that in themselves contribute to the realisation of the subtleties of Indian life. Malgudi, a small South Indian town provides the setting for almost all of Narayan's novels and short stories. Malgudi, of course, does not exist. It is for Narayan, just as Wessex is for Thomas Hardy or Yoknapatawpha for William Faulkner, an imaginary landscape inhabited by the unique characters of his stories. In Narayan's words himself: "Malgudi was an earth-shaking discovery for me, because I had no mind for facts and things like that, which would be necessary in writing about Malgudi or any real place. I first pictured not my town but just the railway station, which was a small platform with a Banyan tree, a station master, and two trains a day, one coming and one going. On Vijayadasami I sat down and wrote the first sentence about my town: The train had just arrived in Malgudi Station. " In the words of A. Hariprasanna: "Narayan creates his fictional world of Malgudi as an essentially Indian society or town. The Indian-ness and Indian sensibility pervaded the whole place. Narayan's Malgudi is also a microcosm of India. It grows and develops and expands and changes, and is full of humanity, drawing its sustenance from the human drama and is enacted in it."

6. The New York Review Of Books: The Great Narayan
A narrative of R. K. narayan's life and works by Pankaj Mishra. (February 22, 2001)
@import "/css/default-b.css"; Home Your account Current issue Archives ... NYR Books The New York Review of Books
February 22, 2001
The Great Narayan
By Pankaj Mishra
BOOKS BY R.K. NARAYAN DISCUSSED IN THIS ESSAY The English Teacher (1945) by R.K. Narayan University of Chicago Press, 184 pp., $15.00 (paper) Swami and Friends (1935) by R.K. Narayan University of Chicago Press, 184 pp., $14.00 (paper) The Bachelor of Arts (1937) with an introductionby Graham Greene University of Chicago Press, 265 pp., $15.00 The Dark Room (1938) by R.K. Narayan University of Chicago Press, 210 pp., $12.00 (paper) Mr. Sampath: The Printer of Malgudi (1949) by R.K. Narayan University of Chicago Press, 219 pp., $12.00 (paper) Waiting for the Mahatma (1955) by R.K. Narayan University of Chicago Press, 256 pp., $13.00 (paper) The Vendor of Sweets (1967) by R.K. Narayan Penguin, 141 pp., $11.95 (paper) The Painter of Signs (1977) by R.K. Narayan Penguin, 142 pp. (out of print) My Dateless Diary: An American Journey (1988) by R.K. Narayan Penguin India, 187 pp., n.p. The Financial Expert (1952) by R.K. Narayan

7. R.K. Narayan: The Mahabharata; The Ramayana
A review of narayan's English translations of the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, the great Sanskrit epics.Category Arts Literature Authors N narayan, R. K.......RK narayan. T The Ramayana %A narayan, RK %I Vision Books %C New Delhi %D 1987 %Opaperback %G ISBN 817094-303-5 %P 175pp %Z an accessible English abridgment.
Danny Yee's Book Reviews
Titles Authors ... Latest
R.K. Narayan
The Mahabharata
The Ramayana
Vision Books 1987 A book review by Danny Yee Indian novelist Narayan has produced accessible English translations of the Mahabharata and the Ramayana , the great Sanskrit epics. Drastic abridgment limits their scholarly use - the entire Bhagavid Gita section of the Mahabharata , for example, is condensed into a couple of paragraphs - but they preserve the central stories and characters. In the Mahabharata the five Pandava brothers (Yudhistira, Arjuna, Bhima, Nakula, and Sahadeva) struggle to obtain their inheritance, culminating in the great battle of Kurukshetra. The Ramayana centres on Rama, avatar of Vishnu, covering his marriage, the theft of his wife Sita by the demon-king Ravana, and the search and struggle to recover her. Both epics have a plethora of side stories, covering the adventures of the heroes in exile and the deeds of their supporters and opponents. The epics have been retold and reworked many times (Narayan's Ramayana is itself based on an eleventh century Tamil version by Kamban), but simple accessible versions have an important place. The

8. R. K. Narayan
Site includes biography information on the author, bibliography, history, leading questions on his works and links. R. K. narayan a Profile (including intro to his works and critical work on him.)
World Literature in English
picture from Photograph
for "Annamalai"
"Under the Banyan Tree"
General Information
Important links
Relevant Links for
(from Under the Banyan Tree and other stories 1985)
  • The story begins with a letter which is supposed to have come from Annamalai, but the narrator, his master, is not sure if it is really from Annamalai (p. 118). The fact that the narrator does not remember the name of Annamalai's village, though having "written" letter for him every month for a decade, says something about the distance between the master and the servant . Try to find out more about their relationship. Why cannot the master completely trust the servant? Characterize Annamalai. What are his strengths? His beliefs and superstitions? What are his weaknesses? What are his views about name, gardening, books and papers, etc.. What are his reasons against trimming the hedges on p. 129? Why does he insist on going home at the end? What does "home" mean to him? If you were the master, can you trust Annamalai as the narrator does? Language.
  • 9. Narayan, R. K.: Swami And Friends
    narayan, RK Swami and Friends, university press books, shopping cart,new release notification. narayan, RK Swami and Friends. vi
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    Narayan, R. K. Swami and Friends . vi, 184 p. 1935, 1980 Series: (PF) Phoenix Fiction Series LC: 80016119 //r92 Class: PR9499.3.N3 Paper OBE $14.00 0-226-56831-8 Fall 1994 "There are writersTolstoy and Henry James to name twowhom we hold in awe, writersTurgenev and Chekhovfor whom we feel a personal affection, other writers whom we respectConrad for examplebut who hold us at a long arm's length with their 'courtly foreign grace.' Narayan (whom I don't hesitate to name in such a context) more than any of them wakes in me a spring of gratitude, for he has offered me a second home. Without him I could never have known what it is like to be Indian."Graham Greene Offering rare insight into the complexities of Indian middle-class society, R. K. Narayan traces life in the fictional town of Malgudi. The Dark Room is a searching look at a difficult marriage and a woman who eventually rebels against the demands of being a good and obedient wife. In Mr. Sampath

    10. Narayan, R. K.: The Financial Expert
    narayan, RK The Financial Expert, university press books, shoppingcart, new release notification. narayan, RK The Financial Expert.
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    Narayan, R. K. The Financial Expert . vi, 218 p. 1952, 1981 Series: (PF) Phoenix Fiction Series LC: 81003020 Class: PR9499.3.N3 Paper OBE $13.00 0-226-56841-5 Fall 1999 In The Financial Expert , R. K. Narayan once again transports readers to the southern Indian town of Malgudi. This story centers around the life and pursuits of Margayya, a man of many hopes but few resources, who spends his time under the banyan tree offering expert financial advice to those willing to pay for his knowledge. Margayya's rags-to-riches story brings forth the rich imagery of Indian life with the absorbing details and vivid storytelling that are Narayan's trademarks. "The novels of R. K. Narayan are the best I have read in any language for a long time."Amit Roy, Daily Telegraph "The experience of reading one of his novels is . . . comparable to one's first reaction to the great Russian novels: the fresh realization of the common humanity of all peoples."Margaret Parton, New York Herald Tribune Book Review "The hardest of all things for a novelist to communicate is the extraordinary ordinariness of most human happiness. . . . Jane Austen, Soseki, Chekhov: a few bring it off. Narayan is one of them."Francis King

    11. Pujya Shri Narayan Sai
    Life and mission of this guru.
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    12. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: Narayan, R. K. (N-O)
    Looking for the best facts and sites on narayan, RK? This HIGH SCHOOL BEYOND Literature Authors Poets NO narayan, RK. World
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    Narayan, R. K.

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  • World Book Online Article on NARAYAN, R. K.
  • Narayan, R.K.: Bibliography
  • "Encounters With R.K. Narayan" (Article)
  • "My America" (Essay by R.K. Narayan) ... Contact Us
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    15. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: Narayan, R. K. (Authors & Poets)
    Looking for the best facts and sites on narayan, RK? Literature WorldLiterature Asian India Authors Poets narayan, RK.
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  • World Book Online Article on NARAYAN, R. K.
  • Narayan, R.K.: Bibliography
  • "Encounters With R.K. Narayan" (Article)
  • "My America" (Essay by R.K. Narayan) ... Contact Us
  • 16. Shovana Narayan's Home At
    Kathak exponent with links to many different expressions of Kathak including Moonlight Impressionism, Anuttar, Mera Safar, Mohan Rambha, Muktilekha Dishantar, Toota Yeh Vishwas, Kyon Yashodhara, The Dawn After, Raah de Radhe, Yudhisthar and Draupadi, Akbar's Bridge.
    Shovana Narayan
    A Unique Journey in Kathak
    Shovana Narayan has acquired fame the world over as one of India's premier Kathak dancers. Performing extensively over the past three decades both as a soloist and as a lead dancer in her own choreographic works, Shovana has constantly displayed a penchant for extending the frontiers of her classical art by portraying innovative themes and participating in inter-disciplinary ventures with other dancers and musicians, without forsaking the purity of her own tradition. She has been described as grace personified, and her stage persona has the allure of a Mughal miniature come alive. Her style is marked by sophistication and vivacity and represents a crystallisation of combined techniques acquired from the elegance of the Lucknow school and the precision of the Jaipur school of Kathak. Her approach also bears the stamp of a mind influenced by the cultures of the world, projecting an individualistic attitude to the dance form that brings new images to the mind. Mastery over layakari (complicated rhythmic patterns and improvisations) and sensitive abhinaya (mime or expressional sequences) are two facets of her prodigious talent. Shovana's canvass includes films like "Akbar's Bridge" (hindi) and " Das Geheimnis des Kathaks" (German), as well as research work on the development of dance in general & particularly Kathak. Two of her works, Rhythmic Echoes & Reflections and Dance Legacy of Patliputra are presently being published.

    17. Narayan, R. K. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001
    The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001. narayan, RK. (Rasipuram Krishnaswaminarayan) (n r ´yän) (KEY) , 1906–2001, Indian novelist, b. Madras.
    Select Search All All Reference Columbia Encyclopedia World History Encyclopedia World Factbook Columbia Gazetteer American Heritage Coll. Dictionary Roget's Thesauri Roget's II: Thesaurus Roget's Int'l Thesaurus Quotations Bartlett's Quotations Columbia Quotations Simpson's Quotations English Usage Modern Usage American English Fowler's King's English Strunk's Style Mencken's Language Cambridge History The King James Bible Oxford Shakespeare Gray's Anatomy Farmer's Cookbook Post's Etiquette Bulfinch's Mythology Frazer's Golden Bough All Verse Anthologies Dickinson, E. Eliot, T.S. Frost, R. Hopkins, G.M. Keats, J. Lawrence, D.H. Masters, E.L. Sandburg, C. Sassoon, S. Whitman, W. Wordsworth, W. Yeats, W.B. All Nonfiction Harvard Classics American Essays Einstein's Relativity Grant, U.S. Roosevelt, T. Wells's History Presidential Inaugurals All Fiction Shelf of Fiction Ghost Stories Short Stories Shaw, G.B. Stein, G. Stevenson, R.L. Wells, H.G. Reference Columbia Encyclopedia PREVIOUS NEXT ... BIBLIOGRAPHIC RECORD The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. Narayan, R. K.

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    19. Narayan Seva Sansthan - A NGO (Non-Government Organisation) With The Aim To Serv
    NGO offering services in education, health, environment and child welfare activities.
    Narayan Seva Sansthan
    The main mission of this organisation is to serve the cause of humanity, especially to serve the patients and to bring awareness of thinking among youngsters, upliftment of tribal people, anti-addiction programmes; are some of the important programmes of this organisation ...
    Organized more than 1020 camps so far for polio check up
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    Six children education awareness centers for tribals
    Orphan Hostel
    Hon'ble President of India - Sh.K.R.Narayan presenting Dr.B.C.Roy award to President of organisation

    20. Literary Encyclopedia
    narayan, RK. (1906 ), Domain Literature. StatusMajor. Novelist, Story Writer. Active 1926 - in India, South Asia.

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