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1. Rosa Turner Knapp
Rosa Turner Knapp ( From a very early age, Rosa Turner Knappwas intrigued by mystery and romance. Force of Fire by Rosa Turner Knapp.
Rosa Turner Knapp ( Though raised in the southern United States, Rosa spent her childhood summers in her mother's homeland of Puerto Rico and developed a unique sense of kinship with her Latina background. Caught between two worlds in a provincial southern town at a time when the term "Hispanic" had not yet been coined, Rosa was somewhat of an anomaly with a Spanish mother and American college dean father, appropriately enough a Spanish Ph.D. (and world-renowned scholar of the Columbian period). Given her background, it is truly no surprise that, after having lived and studied in Spain on two separate occasions and then endeavoring in a career for the US State Department, Agency for International Development, Rosa felt compelled to set her first novel in Iberia. Rosa's groundbreaking espionage-thriller, FORCE OF FIRE, which is also set peripherally in the fictional country of Costa Negra and Washington, DC, involves the kidnapping of a sexy US State Department contractor in Central America and the US defense intelligence analyst assigned to track her down and discern the reasons for her abduction by Basque militants intent on overthrowing the Spanish monarchy. Much of the intrigue and plot elements sprung from Rosa's unproven childhood fantasy that her father, a counterintelligence officer during World War II who retired eventually from the US Army as a full colonel, was really a *spy*. Rosa owes the authenticity of her espionage to meticulous fact checking and the benefit of long-term liaisons with those in the industry.

2. Rosa Turner Knapp
Rosa Turner Knapp. Rosa Parks My Story. I Am Rosa Parks (Puffin Easy toRead). A Picture Book of Rosa Parks (Picture Book Biography). Authors K.
Rosa Turner Knapp
Rosa Parks : My Story I Am Rosa Parks (Puffin Easy to Read) A Picture Book of Rosa Parks (Picture Book Biography) Authors: K

Author of romantic suspense, romantic comedy and mainstream thriller novels. Visit web site for background bio, and to learn how and where to buy her books.
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4. Rosa Turner Knapp @ Catharton Authors
Catharton Authors K knapp, rosa turner. rosa turner knapp. ? Bored? rosa turner knapp. Jacobyte Books rosa turner knapp.
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5. "Volcano" By Rosa Turner Knapp, Reviewed By Michael Anka
Go to NovelBooks Inc! Volcano reviewed by Michael Anka Book Image Volcanoby rosa turner knapp. Mainstream Thriller. ISBN 1740530799

Michael Anka
by Rosa Turner Knapp Mainstream - Thriller ISBN: 1740530799
Date: August 2001
Pages: 00
Price: $5.45 PDF,HTML.Rocket or softbook
Distribution: E-Book

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8. Force Of Fire By Rosa Turner Knapp; Review By Cynthia S. Arbuthnot And Cindy Pen
Cindy Penn. Force of Fire. by rosa turner knapp. rosa turner knapp deftlyweaves a past paced, heartstopping tale of espionage. As the
Word Wrap: Book reviews by Cynthia S. Arbuthnot and Cindy Penn
Force of Fire
by Rosa Turner Knapp
Jacobyte Books
August 2001
ISBN 1740530802
e-Book/Multiple Formats Read Cynthia's review Read Cindy's review Cynthia's review: Ana Kane works for a United States government contractor that supplies help to impoverished countries but works indirectly for the State Department. On an assignment to furnish medicines to a clinic in Costa Negra, Ana is kidnapped by a group of guerrillas. The other government worker with her, Joe McFadden, is spared and manages to report back the news. Mark Neal is given the task of finding Ana by his boss, Cromwell. The quest takes Mark, Joe, and Ana's boyfriend, Scott Denton, to Spain, where she has been transported by Basque terrorists working with the Costa Negra guerrillas. There the trio meet gypsies, a strange Spaniard who seems to be a double agent, and people who seem to be around all the time. This novel of suspense and espionage delves deeply into the lives of Ana Kane and her family, especially her father, who was an agent working for a little known agency before his death. Knapp keeps the reader interested by turning up more and more facts which eventually tell the story of what is really happening to all the characters. FORCE OF FIRE is a fascinating story that every espionage fan should have as part of a library. Cindy's review: Accustomed to traveling to Costa Negra, this is Ana Kane's first trip to the war-torn Central American country alone. Ana works a government contractor, establishing a viable pharmaceutical distribution in Costa Negra. Her current assignment means a trip into the jungle to audit the pharmaceutical supplies at a children's hospital. She's kidnapped by guerrillas, while fellow American Joe McFadden, nephew of the Ambassador there, is spared so that he might report the kidnapping.

9. Volcano By Rosa Turner Knapp; Review By Cindy Penn
rosa turner knapp's powerful voice once again presents a deftly woven, action packed, heartstopping tale of espionage.
Word Wrap: A book review by Cindy Penn
by Rosa Turner Knapp
Jacobyte Books
August 2001
e-Book/Multiple Formats Stunning! Very highly recommended In the sequel to the popular FORCE OF FIRE, a recipient of the WordWeaving Award of Excellence, VOLCANO likewise receives the same award for this intense suspense thriller involving information and chemical warfare, China and the Middle East. With the passage of the New Year of the new millenium, the Y2K scare seems to have also passed with little more than a whimper. Even those responsible for the security of our nation breathe a sigh of relief; little do they suspect the danger brewing among foreign powers as the New Year once again approaches. Now only thirteen days remain until the end of year 2001, when an unprecedented alliance of Chinese and Middle Eastern terrorists act upon a plan to destroy democracy and gain power for themselves. American Defense Intelligence must plug sudden holes in their firewalls before more agents die and their power go protect the nation careens precariously out of control. DIPAC Chief Mark Neal's marriage to Ana becomes unstable as he begins to suspect that she's lost her edge following the birth of their daughter. Mark fails to realize the strange goings on within his house is a symptom of a much bigger problem that threatens the security of the nation. Only when terrorists kidnap Ana does he realize the magnitude of the threat against the nation, or the extent that he's underestimated Ana's abilities. As betrayals, secrets, and security breaches mount, Mark and Ana must save the nation and the people they love.

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Book Image Force Of Fire Written By rosa turner knapp. Fast paced politicalthriller. Book Image Volcano Written By rosa turner knapp.
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14. Rosa Turner Knapp - Force Of Fire
rosa turner knapp FORCE OF FIRE . Ana Kane is a sub-contractor for theState Department working in the Central American country of Costa Negra.
ROSA TURNER KNAPP - "FORCE OF FIRE" Ana Kane is a sub-contractor for the State Department working in the Central American country of Costa Negra. On a recent trip, her driver is killed, her escort, Joe McFadden, is left for dead, and Ana is kidnapped. The rebels, part of a Basque separatist movement that wants to overthrow the Spanish Monarchy, don't want money in exchange for Ana. They want the Blue File, a very secret file supposedly kept by Albert Kane, her father, formerly a senior member of US intelligence. He died when Ana was little, so she has no idea what they are talking about. The file of Ana's disappearance lands on the desk of Mark Neal, intelligence analyst at the Defense Operations Service, one of those Defense Department agencies that officially don't exist. He and McFadden travel to Spain to begin their search for Ana. While the bullets start flying, they seem to acquire an invisible guardian angel who watches their backs and helps them out of some tough spots. Could it be another Basque separatist faction is on their side, or maybe the Spanish Government? This novel is excellent. The author's experience in the State Department, living for a time in Spain, and knowledge of US intelligence really shows. It's thrilling, an easy read, and is very well done.

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rosa turner knapp biography, Hispanic American writer rosa turner knappis the award winning author of six novels and six completed
HOME FICTION FILM NEWS! ... CONTACT Rosa Turner Knapp biography Hispanic American writer Rosa Turner Knapp is the award winning author of six novels and six completed screenplays (four feature length and two short scripts), one of which has sold and is in preproduction. Her internationally distributed work has been released in various periodicals and in numerous formats (i.e., mass market paperback, trade paperback, in electronic download, on disk and on CD-Rom), and has received critical acclaim in the United States, Australia, Europe, and the United Kingdom.
An accomplished author in such diverse genres as suspense/thriller, romantic comedy and children's mystery, Rosa has two novels presently in print, the international intelligence thrillers Force of Fire and Volcano , which are based in part on her travels and previous employment with the US Department of State, Agency for International Development.
She has been writing for roughly fifteen years, starting with her contributions to the "international perspectives" column of her campus paper at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Apart from receiving a total of ten contract offers for her novels

rosa turner knapp news! February 2003 Good Dog Productions posts a Lost Horizon Project Page to keep interested readers and film
BIO FICTION FILM HOME ... CONTACT Rosa Turner Knapp news! February 2003 Good Dog Productions posts a " Lost Horizon" Project Page to keep interested readers and film fans current on the movie production process. Completed storyboards, with actors' headshots and further production notes to be made available soon.
January 2003 Short script Lost Horizon moves into preproduction. Casting and costuming begin, a composer is selected to write the score, and a storyboard artist is hired. Principal photography is scheduled for either late Winter or early Spring of 2003.
December 2002 Good Dog Productions of Miami, Florida buys "worldwide motion picture and television rights" to Rosa Turner Knapp's science/fiction fantasy screenplay Lost Horizon , a short script based on her previously published short story of the same name. The finished short will see exhibition at film festivals, as well as possible distribution through additional venues.
August 2002 Due to her novels' success, Rosa is invited by her publisher Jacobyte Books to extend her contract for her political thrillers Force of Fire and Volcano through December 31

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rosa turner knapp Visit the homepage of author rosa turner knapp for informationon her latest international espionage thriller and romance releases!

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20. Dead Trees Review
Comic Book Culture Fanboys and True Believers, Matthew J. Pustz, University Pressof Mississippi, 1999 Force of Fire, rosa turner knapp, Pulsar Books, 2000
Issue 14
Comic Book Culture: Fanboys and True Believers, Matthew J. Pustz, University Press of Mississippi, 1999
Force of Fire, Rosa Turner Knapp,
Pulsar Books, 2000
and a body to remember with, Carmen Rodriguez,
Arsenal Pulp Press, 1997
Messenger Twelve, James Lynn Bartz,
The Westbound Stage, 2000
Fat Man on the Left: Four Decades in the Underground, Lionel Rolfe,
California Classics Books, 1998
Radical Walking Tours of New York City, Bruce Kayton,
Seven Stories Press, 1999
The Indictment, John A. Murphy,
Brockston Publishing Co, 2000
Derailing Democracy: The America the Media Don’t Want You to See, David McGowan,
Common Courage Press, 2000
Poverty, Wealth, Dictatorship, Democracy: Resource Scarcity and the Origins of Dictatorship, Jack Barkstrom,
Pericles Press, 1998
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ArtMedia, 1997
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Four Walls Eight Windows Press, 1999 Time Trial, R.E. Derouin, Western Reflections Inc,1999 The Eighth House, Karen Sealy, Highbridge Press, 2000 Factoring Humanity, Robert J. Sawyer, Tor, 1999 A Place Called Milagro de la Paz, Manlio Argueta,

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