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         Keyes Daniel:     more books (107)
  1. The Minds of Billy Milligan by Daniel Keyes, 1994-01-01
  2. Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes, 2005-05-01
  3. Asylum Prophecies by Daniel Keyes, 2009
  4. The Touch by Daniel Keyes, 2003-02
  5. THE BEST FROM FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION (9th) (9) Ninth Series: The Willow Tree; No Matter Where You Go; Far from Home; Eastward Ho; Ralph Wollstonecraft Hedge a Memoir; Flowers for Algernon; A Different Purpose; All You Zombies; Casey Agonistes; Dagon by Robert P. (editor) (Jane Rice; Joel Townsley Rogers; Walter S. Tevis; William Tenn; Ron Goulart; Daniel Keyes; Kem Bennett; Robert A. Heinlein; R. M. McKenna; Lee Sutton; Damon Knight; George P. Elliott; Avram Davidson; Winston P. Sanders) Mills, 1959
  6. Unveiling Claudia by Daniel Keyes, 1987-10-01
  7. Flores Para Algernon/ Flowers for Algernon (El Barco De Vapor / the Steamboat) (Spanish Edition) by Daniel Keyes, Paz Barroso, 2004-10-12
  8. Fifth Sally by Daniel Keyes, 1982-10
  9. Algernon, Charlie, and I: A Writer's Journey by Daniel Keyes, 2004-09-01
  10. THE FROZEN PLANET - and Other Science Fiction Novellas: The Frozen Planet; Growing Season; Cinderella Story; The Quality of Mercy; Gleaners by Anonymous. (editor) (Keith Laumer; F. L. Wallace; Allen Kim Lang; Daniel Keyes; Clifford D. Simak), 1970
  11. Blumen für Algernon by Daniel Keyes, 2006-02-28
  12. Flores para Algernon (Ilustraciones de Etienne Delessert, El Barco De Vapor) by Daniel Keyes, 2007
  13. Flores Para Algernon : Ilustraciones De Etienne Delessert by Keyes Daniel, 1988
  14. Des fleurs pour algernon by Daniel Keyes, 2001-04-25

1. Interview With Daniel Keyes
Daniel Keyes is interviewed by Connie Stevens and David Kurz. Daniel Keyes, author of the classic novel, Flowers for Algernon, talks to Wired for Books about his new book, Algernon,
Wired For Books home
Audio Interview of Daniel Keyes
Listen to the Daniel Keyes interview with David Kurz and Connie Stevens
an interview in RealAudio
Daniel Keyes, author of the classic novel, Flowers for Algernon , talks to Wired for Books about his new book, Algernon, Charlie and I: A Writer's Journey , his career as a writer, and the advances in biomedical research that are turning his science fiction into science fact. Winner of science fiction's highest honors, the Hugo and Nebula Awards, Keyes' Flowers for Algernon continues to reward readers worldwide with the story of mentally handicapped Charlie Gordon, who undergoes experimental surgery to raise his intelligence. Over five million copies of Flowers for Algernon have been sold and it has been translated into twenty-seven languages. The book has inspired numerous television and radio adaptations, two movies (Cliff Robertson won an Oscar for his performance in the 1968 film, Charley ), a Broadway musical, and several audio book versions, including an audio book narrated by the author. Daniel Keyes, in this interview with Connie Stevens and David Kurz, shares his forty-plus years' experience as a writer and talks about the turning points in his career

2. Keyes Daniel (1927 - )
The summary for this Greek page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

3. Keyes Daniel (1927 - )
keyes daniel (1927 ). Flowers For Algernon, 1966 - Title in Greek Louloudiagia ton Algernon, Anthology Megali Anthologia Epistimonikis Fantasias, Vol.

4. - Search For: Keyes Daniel, Flowers For Algernon
Keyes, Daniel, Flowers for Algernon, NY Bantam, 1968. Mass Market Paperback. Fair.Later Printing. Keyes, Daniel. Flowers for Algernon. Bantam/Troll. 1978. Daniel&title=Flowers

5. ThEwInD - Knihy - Autoøi - Pøíjmení Od K - Daniel Keyes
Daniel Keyes. Název, Jazyk, Formát, Velikost, Úryvek, Stáhnout, Staženíodjinud, Zdroj. Ruže pro Algernon, CZ, doc, 37152, Ano, zde, ano, Daniel

6. KEYES Daniel
Translate this page Accueil Biblios K Retour keyes daniel Daniel Keyes USA (Brooklyn09 aout 1927 - ) Marin, puis journaliste et enfin enseignant en université.
Accueil Biblios K Retour
    KEYES Daniel Daniel Keyes
    USA (Brooklyn 09 aout 1927 - )
  • Des fleurs pour Algernon (1966, Flowers for Algernon)
  • Ce diabolique Elmo (1958, The Trouble With Elmo)
  • Des fleurs pour Algernon (1959, Flowers for Algernon)
      in in in , Ed. Ramsay, 1981 in Histoires de surhommes
  • Le miroir humain (1960, Crazy Maro)
      in in Histoires de surhommes
  • (1963, A jury of its peer)
      in in Histoires de machines

7. Alpha Ralpha Boulevard: Daniel Keyes
Daniel Keyes. Other Keyes links The Daniel Keyes homepage Bio Nebula awardwinner. His novel Flowers for Algernon was later filmed as Charly.,Daniel.php3
Daniel Keyes
Other Keyes links:
The Daniel Keyes homepage
Nebula award winner. His novel Flowers for Algernon was later filmed as Charly
Algernon, Charlie and I : A Writer's Journey
Flowers for Algernon
1966 Nebula, tie.
1981, Bantam ISBN:0-553-27450-3
"Flowers for Algernon"
1960, Hugo
Alpha Ralpha Boulevard The Gebiet What's New? Glossary

Translate this page Accueil Liens Votre avis Le livre du mois Astronomie Quiz Labyrinthe Découvrezla science-fiction. keyes daniel. TITRES, Année, Collection Editeur, N°.
AUTEURS de SF A B C D ... W X Y Z Accueil Liens ... Découvrez la science-fiction KEYES DANIEL TITRES Année Collection Editeur N° Des fleurs pour Algernon J'ai Lu

9. Daniel Keyes
Daniel Keyes. AwardWinning Books. •, Flowers For Algernon, 1966. Hugo and NebulaWinner, All Published Books. Title, Year. Daniel Keyes' Collected Stories, 1993.
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Daniel Keyes
Award-Winning Books
Flowers For Algernon Hugo and Nebula Winner
All Published Books
Title Year Daniel Keyes' Collected Stories The Milligan Wars Unveiling Claudia The Minds of Billy Milligan The Fifth Sally The Touch Flowers For Algernon About this site - Questions and comments

10. - Daniel Keyes
Daniel Keyes, About Author. No details are known about this author. Add details.Books, 1 books listed. Misc. Flowers For Algernon, 1976, Add a book. Related Sites.

11. Dark Shadows - Daniel Keyes
Daniel Keyes Internet Movie Database Entry. Roles Caretaker 1967Appeared in Episodes 154, 157, 179, 180, 209, 211, 313, 315, 317.

12. SF-Bokhandeln: Daniel Keyes
Daniel Keyes. Flowers for Algernon (216 sidor, Millennium, England, 1561) Pris 119 Charlie Gordon har IQ 68, jobbar som
Daniel Keyes Flowers for Algernon (216 sidor, Millennium, England, 1561) Pris: 119:-

Postadress: Box 2300, 103 17 Stockholm
E-mail: Telefon: 08/21 50 52 Fax: 08/24 77 30

13. Daniel Keyes Fan List
These are the users who have daniel keyes listed as one of their favourites (30members have daniel keyes listed, and the 150 most recently updated profiles Keyes

14. Index Of /~dkeyes
Official site of the author of 'Flowers for Algernon.' Contains information on his works, a biography, bibliography, and some FAQs.
Index of /~dkeyes
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15. Keyes, Daniel Flowers For Algernon
48th EditionJanuary 2003 ©New York University Charlie Gordon is a young man with an IQ of 68 who has a job at a box factory and attends night classes in an effort to improve himself.
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Keyes, Daniel Flowers for Algernon
Genre Short Story (30 pp.) Keywords Abandonment Acculturation Communication Disability ... Science Fiction Summary Charlie Gordon is a young man with an IQ of 68 who has a job at a box factory and attends night classes in an effort to improve himself. A (very fictional) experimental brain operation becomes available that promises to triple intelligence (it has already done so for a mouse named Algernon), and Charlie excitedly decides that he wants to give it a try. The story consists solely of Charlie's diary entries from the time he hears about the operation through the operation and his dramatic increase, and subsequent decrease, of IQ. Charlie's increased intelligence opens up to him the understanding of everyday things that had been beyond his grasp, and at his peak he soars to the level of genius, ironically identifying the flaw in the scientific work of the two scientists who developed the operation he has undergone, and thus destroying their careers as their shallow research destroys the life that had been his.

16. Daniel Keyes @ Catharton Authors
daniel keyes and resources concerning his works. Catharton Authors K keyes, daniel. daniel keyes
US sales in
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all of Catharton just Authors Catharton Authors K : Keyes, Daniel Daniel Keyes Bored? Meet people at Café Catharton Websites: Daniel Keyes [] Daniel Keyes [] Message Boards: Suggest or Request a board Mailing Lists: Suggest or Request a list Chat Rooms: Suggest or Request a room Can't find what you want here? Try searching Google for Daniel Keyes List of Works:
Flowers For Algernon
The Touch
The Fifth Sally
The Minds Of Billy Milligan
(1981) (non-fiction)
Unveiling Claudia (1986) (non-fiction) The Milligan Wars (1994) (non-fiction) Until Death... Algernon, Charlie And I (2000) (autobiography) Correct this list of works ... if you need help, peruse this site's Frequently Asked Questions

17. Daniel Keyes (I)

18. Dkredirect.html
The daniel keyes Website has moved to
The Daniel Keyes Website has moved to:

19. Fantasy And Science Fiction
The awardwinning Magazine of Fantasy Science Fiction, founded in 1949. The original publisher of Stephen King's Dark Tower, daniel keyes's Flowers for Algernon, and Walter M. Miller's A Canticle for Leibowitz.
founded in 1949, is the award-winning SF magazine which is the original publisher of SF classics like Stephen King's Dark Tower, Daniel Keyes's Flowers for Algernon, and Walter M. Miller's A Canticle for Leibowitz. Each 160 page issue offers:
Compelling short stories and novellas by writers such as Ray Bradbury, Ben Bova, Ursula K. Le Guin, Esther M. Friesner, Terry Bisson and many others
The science fiction field's most respected and outspoken opinions on Books, Films and Science (samples are available via our Departments link)
Humor from our cartoonists and writers Check out our sample pages and join us as editor Gordon Van Gelder leads us beyond our 53rd year of publication. You can read several of our stories that are on the ballot for the Nebula Award
You can read a digital version of . Copies are available at:
Available Format: Palm Reader
Available Formats: Adobe Acrobat, Palm Reader, Rocket/REB1100, Microsoft Reader, Franklin eBookMan, hiebook, iSilo To contact us, send an
If you find any errors, typos or anything else worth mentioning, please send it to

20. Daniel Keyes, Science Fiction Writer
The Fifth Sally, 1980. Original Short Fiction. keyes, daniel, F SF. Collections of Short Fiction. keyes, daniel,. Nonfiction.
Daniel Keyes
August 9, 1927 -
Daniel, Keyes, Flowers for Algernon, Hugo, Nebula. Cinema: Charly The Touch, The Fifth Sally,
Original Short Fiction
Keyes, Daniel,
Collections of Short Fiction
Keyes, Daniel,
Keyes, Daniel, The Minds of Billy Milligan, Unveiling Claudia: A True Story of Serial Murder, The Milligan Wars: A True-Story Sequel, 1994. (aka The Crowded Room, Bantam, New York, 1994.)
Sources of Biographical and Bibliographical Information
Daniel Keyes: 40 Years of Algernon, in Locus, #437, June, 1997.

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