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         Jonson Ben:     more books (100)
  1. Ben Jonson: The Complete Masques (The Yale Ben Jonson Series) by Ben Jonson, 1969-05-11
  2. Ben Jonson and the Politics of Genre
  3. Ben Jonson and Envy by Lynn S. Meskill, 2009-04-27
  4. Epigrams and The Forest by Ben Jonson, 2006-05-28
  5. The Complete Poems (Penguin Classics) by Ben Jonson, 1988-09-06
  6. Ben Jonson's Plays and Masques (Second Edition) by Ben Jonson, Richard Harp, 2000-09
  7. The Alchemist and Other Plays: Volpone, or The Fox; Epicene, or The Silent Woman; The Alchemist; Bartholomew Fair (Oxford World's Classics) by Ben Jonson, 2009-03-15
  8. Ben Jonson: Bartholomew Fair (The Yale Ben Jonson.) by Ben Jonson, 1963-06
  9. Sejanus by Ben Jonson, William Dinsmore Briggs, 2010-09-05
  10. Shakespeare & Co.: Christopher Marlowe, Thomas Dekker, Ben Jonson, Thomas Middleton, John Fletcher and the Other Players in His Story (Vintage) by Stanley Wells, 2008-03-18
  11. The Complete Poetry of Ben Jonson (Norton Library Seventeenth-Century Series) by Ben Jonson, 1968
  12. The complete plays of Ben Jonson by Ben Jonson, Northrop Frye, et all 2010-08-01
  13. The Cambridge Companion to Ben Jonson (Cambridge Companions to Literature)
  14. Every Man in His Humor by Ben Jonson, 2010-07-06

1. Ben Jonson
Ben jonson ben Jonson (15721637) was an English dramatist, poet andactor, a friend and contemporary of William Shakespeare. Ben Jonson.

2. Ben Jonson
Ben Jonson. 15731635. I have and do reverence him a similar feud. Andyet Ben Jonson could write, not only in Latin. not only ribald
Ben Jonson
"I have and do reverence him for the greatness that was only proper to himself, in that he seemed to me ever, by his works, one of the greatest men, and most worthy of admiration that has been in many Ages."Ben Jonson in tribute to Francis Bacon In Ben Jonson's Discoveries (1641) he gives Bacon the highest praise, and describes his writings in these peculiar words: "He who hath filled up all numbers and performed that in our tongue which may be compared or preferred to insolent Greece and haughty Rome that he may be named as the mark and acme of our language." Bacon is here compared to Homer and Virgil in the same words that Jonson used about the author of the Shakespeare Folio in 1623: "Leave thee alone for the comparison
Of all that insolent Greece and haughty Rome
Sent forth.... " "He who hath filled up all numbers," acknowledges Bacon's versification during Elizabethan days such as sonnet, madrigal, blank verse and even cypher numbers. Ben Jonson, the editor of the Shake-speare Folio, is telling posterity in this eulogy from his significantly entitled "Discoveries" that : Francis Bacon is Shakespeare.
(Excerpted from The Knights of the Helmet by Martin Pares) "There was one famous contemporary of Lord Bacon, a great and original writer himself, a man of moods and satire, seldom given to lavish praise of others, who acknowledged Bacon to be his "chief." This man was Benjamin Jonson. If ever there was a man of genius, full of suprises, it was Ben. He combined the strangest mixture of coarseness and delicacy. As a private soldier in the Low Countries he challenged and killed with his own hands a champion from the enemy camp; later he killed a fellow actor in a duel. He drank heavily at times, and it is not impossible that Will Shakspers' decease after that famous "merry meeting" was the end of a similar feud. And yet Ben Jonson could write, not only in Latin. not only ribald plays, but some of the loveliest lyrics such as the extravagant, "Drink to me only with thine eyes."

3. Catiline Jonson Ben
Catiline jonson ben. Author jonson ben. TitleCatiline Subject Literature Fiction
Catiline Jonson Ben
Author: Jonson Ben
Title: Catiline
Glaciers and Landscape...

Crystal, David The grammatical...

Grammatical Analysis of Langu...


4. Basic Search
Trinity College Library Web OPAC. BEN

5. Ben Jonson: BEN JONSON 1573-1637
ben jonson ben JONSON 15731637 Discussion Deck If ye would like to moderate theBEN JONSON 1573-1637 Discussion Deck, please drop a line
ben jonson:
BEN JONSON 1573-1637 Discussion Deck

If ye would like to moderate the BEN JONSON 1573-1637 Discussion Deck, please drop a line.
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Posted by beccaasap on December 11, 19101 at 20:17:32: please help me. im in 10th grade and i have to analysis this poem: " A Farewell to the World"
thank you and God bless
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6. BEN JONSON 1573-1637 Ben Jonson BEN JONSON 1573-1637 Come, My Celia To The Reade
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Posted by johnathon ding on May 18, 1998 at 03:14:53: hi, i was wondering weather ben johnson was a cool dude?
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: hi, : i was wondering weather ben johnson was a cool dude? Optional Link URL:
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7. The Alchemist Jonson Ben
The Alchemist jonson ben. jonson ben. The Alchemist Ramsay, James Arthur Physiolog Singh, Ajit Growth, profitabil Runciman, Steven The Great Chu
The Alchemist Jonson Ben
Jonson Ben
The Alchemist
Ramsay, James Arthur Physiolog...

Singh, Ajit Growth, profitabil...

Runciman, Steven The Great Chu...

Halberstadt, Hans Airborne : A...

8. Polonista Linki Jkl
Joly Nicolas Note sur les Progrès de l'Hétérogénie Nouveaux faits confirmatifsen Faveur de la Génération spontanée jonson ben Bartholomew Fair
Jackson Helen Hunt: A Calendar of Sonnets
Jackson Helen Hunt: Between Whiles
Jackson Helen Hunt: Glimpses of California and the Missions
Jackson Helen Hunt: Ramona
Jackson Helen Hunt: Sonnets and Lyrics
Jackson Helen Hunt: Verses
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9. Jonson Ben Donaldson Ian Ben Jonson (Oxford Poetry Library)
jonson ben Donaldson Ian Ben Jonson (Oxford Poetry Library). jonson benDonaldson Ian. Ben Jonson (Oxford Poetry Library) Literature Fiction
Jonson Ben Donaldson Ian Ben Jonson (Oxford Poetry Library)
Jonson Ben Donaldson Ian
Ben Jonson (Oxford Poetry Library)
Schiller, Friedrich,Sy-Quia, H...

Doyle, Arthur Conan,Robson, W....

Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir,Roden...

Edwards, C. R. W. Placental Gl...

10. Théâtre, Théâtre Et Poésie Jonson Ben Volpone Ou Le Renard
Translate this page Théâtre, Théâtre et poésie jonson ben Volpone ou le renard. TitreVolpone ou le renard. Rubriques Théâtre, Théâtre et poésie
Théâtre, Théâtre et poésie Jonson Ben Volpone ou le renard
Titre: Volpone ou le renard
Rubriques: Théâtre, Théâtre et poésie
Auteurs: Jonson Ben
Sade, Proyart La France foutue...

Toussaint Philippe Autres his...

Leroy Jérôme Histoires de che...

Collectif Histoires de chats...

11. Ben Jonson (1572-1637)
Biography, collection of works, and web resources.Category Arts Literature British 17th Century jonson, ben......ben jonson, the great seventeenth century dramatist, poet, and wit.A biography, a collection of works, and Web resources.
After Abraham van Blyenberch, 1618.
to Early 17th Century English Literature
to Cavalier Poets
Created by Anniina Jokinen on June 17, 1996. Last updated on February 17, 2003. Background by Anniina Jokinen through the kind permission of PamBytes
Music: "The Three Ravens" : English Traditional. Sequenced by Curtis Clark.

12. Poet Index For Representative Poetry On-line
Selection of jonson's poetry and prose from Representative Poetry Online.Category Arts Literature 17th Century jonson, ben Works......
Poet Index Poem Index Random Search ... Concordance document.writeln(divStyle)
Poet Index
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    Amelia Alderson ( see Amelia Opie
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    Ellen Alleyne ( see Christina Rossetti
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    Anodos ( see Mary Elizabeth Coleridge
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    Elizabeth Barrett ( see Elizabeth Barrett Browning
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  • Alice Mary Buckton ...
  • A. H. Reginald Buller
  • 13. Ben Jonson - The Alchemist
    Features a biography of the Elizabethan playwright, plus a list of jonson's works. ben jonson. Born in London in 1573, ben jonson would be no stranger to tragedy.
    Ben Jonson - The Alchemist
    Ben Jonson (1573-1637) was one of the foremost of the Jacobean dramatists. He wrote a number of plays (both comedies and tragedies) and a series of stylised masques for the Court. He had a keen eye for the follies of his contemporaries, and in this play he particularly satirises human gullibility. He displays considerable understanding of alchemy and makes many jokes based on its symbolism (and in two places even refers to Dee and Kelly). He obviously expected the audience for this play to have some knowledge of alchemical ideas. Jonson's The Alchemist written in 1610, thus presents us with a satirical window through which we can see one way in which alchemy was perceived in the opening decade of the 17th century.
    The First Act

    The Second Act

    The Third Act

    The Fourth Act
    The Fifth Act

    The characters in the play:-
    - The Alchemist.
    Face - The house-keeper, otherwise Lovewit's butler Jeremy.
    Dol Common - The conspirator of Subtle and Face.
    Lovewit - The owner of the house in which Subtle sets up his work. Dapper - A Lawyer's Clerk, who wants Subtle to help him in gambling.

    14. The Works Of Ben Jonson
    Lit. to ben jonson. Site copyright ©19962003 Anniina Jokinen. All Rights Reserved.Created by Anniina Jokinen on June 17, 1996. Last updated on March 9, 2003.

    To The Reader

    To My Book

    To My Bookseller

    To King James
    - Luminarium Editions
    Why I Write Not Of Love

    To Penshurst

    To Sir Robert Wroth

    To the World: A Farewell for a Gentlewoman, Virtuous and Noble
    Song To Celia
    ("Come my Celia, let us prove") To the Same ("Kiss me, Sweet") Song. That Women Are But Men's Shadows Song. To Sickness To Celia ("Drink to me only with thine eyes") ("And must I sing?") Epode ("Not to know vice at all") Epistle to Elizabeth, Countess of Rutland Epistle to Katherine, Lady Aubigny Ode to Sir William Sidney, on His Birthday To Heaven Poems of Devotion An Hymn to God the Father An Hymn on the Nativity of My Savior I: His Excuse for Loving Audio II: How he saw Her III: What he Suffered IV: Her Triumph V: His Discourse with Cupid VI: Claiming a Second Kiss by Desert VII: Begging Another VIII: Urging her of a Promise IX: Her Man described by her own Dictamen X: Another Lady's Exception, present at the Hearing Miscellaneous Poems The Musical Strife. A Pastoral Dialogue A Song [Oh, do not wanton with those eyes] A Nymph's Passion The Hour-Glass My Picture Left in Scotland Audio Against Jealousy The Dream An Epitaph on Master Vincent Corbet On the Portrait of Shakspeare ... To the Memory of My Beloved the Author, Mr. William Shakespeare

    15. Ben Jonson - The Academy Of American Poets
    ben jonson The Academy of American Poets presents biographies, photographs, selected poems, and links as part of its online poetry exhibits. Some pages also include RealAudio clips of the poet reading his or her work. little is known of the early life of poet, essayist, and playwright ben jonson. He was born in 1572 in London, England.

    16. Ben Jonson. Ben Jonson Unmasked. English Literature Essays, Contributions Welcom
    An essay by Kathleen A. Prendergrast on jonson's changing attitudes towards his fellow playwrights, Category Arts Literature British 17th Century jonson, ben......ben jonson. ben jonson Unmasked. 25 Oct. 1996 20. jonson, ben. BartholmewFair. Ed. GR Hibbard. London Ernest benn Ltd., 1977. _. Poetaster.
    Ben Jonson:
    Ben Jonson Unmasked
    A study of how Ben Jonson's plays reveal Jonson's changing attitude to his fellow playwrights, the theatre as a medium, and his own role as a dramatist.
    by Kathleen A. Prendergast
    English Literature Home Page Course Summary English Literature Resources English Literature Essays ... Contact Us
    Abstract: Jonson's presence in his own work can be interpreted as his way of expressing his dissatisfaction with theatre as a medium, and also as a means of imposing a measure of authorial control. His presence in his plays was not static: over the course of his career one can observe an increasingly subtle and less easily distinguishable presence. In this shift, we can see a concurrent change in the author's attitudes about his role as a playwright / poet, theatre and its audience, poetry, and his contemporaries. It is a gradual and subtle move from hubris and idealism toward at least the beginnings of a humility more consistent with his own time, and a grudging acceptance of the limits of the medium in which he worked, and his place within the wider context of the English Renaissance theatre.
    Ben Jonson 1572 - 1637 Introduction
    The demands that Ben Jonson makes upon his audiences, as much as they were resisted in his own time, are often seen as a major strength by modern critics, a characteristic setting him apart from his contemporaries. T. S. Eliot writes, "Jonson behaved as the great creative mind that he was: he created his own world, a world from which his followers, as well as the dramatists who were trying to do something wholly different, are excluded" (78). This expectation of challenge associated with Jonson is reflected in a review by Peter Holland of a modern theatrical production of Jonson's

    17. Ben Jonson (1572-1637)
    Biography of the playwright, plus links to all of his works currently in print.
    Ben Jonson Born in London in 1573, Ben Jonson would be no stranger to tragedy. His Protestant fatherwho had been imprisoned and deprived of his estate during the Catholic reign of Mary Tudorhad died only a month earlier, and his mother, left penniless and with no means of supporting her young son, was forced to marry a bricklayer. But despite these tragic beginnings, it was for his humor that Ben Jonson would be known. At Westminster school, the scholar Camden recognized Jonson's exceptional literary gifts and took the young man under his tutelage. Though Jonson never received a university education, Camden's instruction proved more than adequate. He became one of the most learned men of Elizabethan times and eventually received honorary degrees from both universities. Perhaps in remembrance of his father, Jonson enlisted with the English supporters of the Protestant Hollanders who were defending their religious and political liberties against Catholicism and Spanish rule. The fiery young poet proved to be as formidable with the sword as he was with the pen. In one particular act of bravado, he advanced before the English volunteers, challenged a Spaniard to single combat, slew him, and thenin classic Homeric traditionstripped the corpse of its armor. In 1592, he returned to London and married a woman whom he would later describe as "a shrew, yet honest." In 1596, she gave birth to a son whom Jonson called his "best piece of poetry." He was devestated when the young boy was struck down with the plague at the age of seven.

    18. Ben Jonson Resources
    2/ A very short jonson bibliography . ben jonson, ben jonson ed. Herford, Herford, Simpson 11 vols (Oxford, 1925-52),
    Ben Jonson at Sheffield Hallam
    Maintained by Matt Steggle
    1/ Ben Jonson on:
    • fast food
    The sinks ran grease, and hair of measled hogs,
    The heads, houghs, entrails, and the hides of dogs:
    For, to say truth, what scullion is so nasty
    To put the skins and offal in a pastie?
    Cats there lay divers had been flayed and roasted
    And after mouldy grown, again were toasted;
    Then selling not, a dish was ta'en to mince them,
    But still, it seems, the rankness did convince 'em.
    For here they were thrown in wi' the melted pewter,
    Yet drowned they not. They had five lives in future. - "On the Famous Voyage" 147-156
    • care of the elderly
    MOSCA. Sure, sir? Why, look you, credit your own sense.
    [shouts in Volpone's ear] The pox approach and add to your diseases... Would you would once close Those filthy eyes of yours, that flow with slime Like two frog-pits, and those same hanging cheeks, Covered with hide instead of skin - [to Corvino] - Nay, help, sir. - That look like frozen dish-clouts set on end... [to Corvino] Faith, I could stifle him rarely with a pillow...

    19. Ben Jonson: Biography
    A biography and overview of the writer's major works.
    BEN JONSON This biography was originally published in Elizabethan and Stuart Plays . Ed. Charles Read Baskerville. New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1934. pp. 827-830. Purchase Plays by Ben Jonson Kyd's Spanish Tragedy, very little is known of his career until July 28, 1597, when Henslowe The Isle of Dogs . Probably for his share with Nashe in the writing of this play, Jonson was imprisoned in the Marshalsea until an order was signed on October 3 for his release. In the same year he is thought to have composed The Case Is Altered , a comedy in the manner of Chapman . By September, 1598, he had acquired sufficient reputation to be accounted by Francis Meres one of the best for tragedy, but Meres' basis for such a pronouncement can now be but a subject of conjecture. About the middle of September, however, Jonson's reputation as a writer of comedy was definitely established when Every Man in His Humor was played by the Lord Chamberlain's Company at the Curtain, a performance in which

    20. The Ben Jonson Journal
    Details on subscription to the journal plus contents lists for previous volumes. Articles are not available on line but the opening paragraph of each can be viewed via the contents listings.
    The Ben Jonson Journal
    Literary Contexts in the Age of Elizabeth, James, and Charles
    The Ben Jonson Journal is published through the generous sponsorship of Douglas Ferraro, Provost of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and with the support of James Frey, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, John Henry Irsfeld, Chair of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, English Department, and Patricia O'Brien, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of California, Riverside. Contributions and editions and editorial correspondence should be sent to: The Editors, The Ben Jonson Journal , Department of English, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV 89154-5069. E-mail correspondence should be addressed to The guide for stylistic matters is The Chicago Manual of Style . For article and note submissions, four paper copies of the manuscript are required for review and should be accompanied by return postage. Upon acceptance, constributors will need to supply a computer disk with the article in MS Word 6.0 or ASCII format. We ask that contributors also supply an electronic mail address, phone number, and fax number for the sake of expedient communication. Book reviews are assigned by the editors. Subscriptions are $25/year postpaid for both individuals and libraries. Subscribers outside the United States should add $12.00 (in U.S. currency) for postage and handling (or $20 for delivery by air). Subscriptions and business correspondence should be sent to: Locust Hill Press, P.O. Box 260, West Cornwall, CT 06796. Tel. (860) 672-0060; Fax (860) 672-4968; e-mail:

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