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         James M R:     more books (99)
  1. The Haunted Doll's House and Other Ghost Stories (The Complete Ghost Stories of M.R. James, Vol. 2) by M. R. James, 2006-09-26
  2. Count Magnus and Other Ghost Stories (The Complete Ghost Stories of M. R. James, Vol. 1) by M. R. James, 2005-10-04
  3. Casting the Runes and Other Ghost Stories (Oxford World's Classics) by M. R. James, 1999-06-03
  4. Casting the Runes and Other Ghost Stories (Oxford World's Classics) by M. R. James, 2009-03-15
  5. Ghost Stories of an Antiquary by M. R. (Montague Rhodes) James, 2005-07-01
  6. Works of M. R. James (6 books) by M. R. James, 2010-09-04
  7. The Five Jars by M. R. James, 2010-07-24
  8. The Penguin Complete Ghost Stories of M. R. James by M. R. James,
  9. Ghost Stories of an Antiquary Part 2: More Ghost Stories by M. R. (Montague Rhodes) James, 2006-01-01
  10. Nineteen Ghost Stories Of M. R. James To Keep You Up At NightThe Complete Three Volume Collection by M. R. James, 2009-03-27
  11. Ghost Stories: v. 2 (BBC Audio) by M. R. James, 2009-10-08
  12. Old Testament Legends - being stories out of some of the less-known apochryphal books of the old testament by M. R. (Montague Rhodes) James, 2010-07-12
  13. The Ghost Stories of M.R. James by M. R. James, 1991-12
  14. The Self and Memory (Studies in Self and Identity)

1. M. R. James
"A page on MR james, whose ghost stories are possibly the best in the genre."Category Arts Literature Authors J james, M. R.......MR james. Montague Rhodes james was born in 1862 in Goodnestone Parsonage, Kent,where his father was the curate, and died in 1936. Books by and about MR james.
M. R. James
Montague Rhodes James was born in 1862 in Goodnestone Parsonage, Kent, where his father was the curate, and died in 1936. He developed a taste for old books from a precocious age and was fonder of reading dusty volumes in the library than playing with the other children. He studied at Eton and then at King's College, Cambridge, where he became assistant in Classical archaeology at the Fitzwilliam museum. He was elected a Fellow of King's after writing his dissertation The Apocalypse of St. Peter , and after that, he lectured in divinity, eventually becoming dean of the college in 1889. He was a distinguished medievalist and wrote a large amount of reviews, translations, monographs, articles and works on bibliography, palaeography, antiquarian issues, and often edited volumes for specialized bibliographical and historical societies. He was a brilliant linguist and biblical scholar, and he was exceptionally gifted, which, along with his unusually keen memory and hard work, enabled him to write many pioneering studies. His translation of the Apocryphal New Testament in 1924 was one of these studies. He was made provost of King's College in 1905 and was later the vice-chancellor of the university from 1913 to 1915. His research often took him abroad, and he visited Cyprus, Denmark, Bavaria, Austria and Sweden, where he set his story "Count Magnus", whom he based on the 17th century count Magnus Gabriel de la Gardie.

2. The Literary Gothic   |   M. R. James   
Access etexts of several james stories and links to numerous others, chiefly taken from his first two collections of 1904 and 1911. james, M. R. 1 August 1862 - 12 June 1936
James, M. R.
1 August 1862 - 12 June 1936
British writer widely regarded as one of the greatest practitioners of supernaturalist short fiction; his specialty was the antiquarian ghost story.
Sites: M. R. James page Includes bibliographical and biographical information. [Henrik Johnsson] M. R. James page Includes bibliographical information and some extexts, linked below. [Frank Adey] Ghost Stories by M. R. James. Provides etexts, all of which are linked below. [Charles Tyson] Portrait [National Portrait Gallery, London]
Etexts: James' most important and well-known works are those collected in Ghost Stories of an Antiquary and its sequel More Ghost Stories of an Antiquary . In keeping with the prominence of these volumes, I've listed the tales below under each respective title and in the order in which they appeared in those volumes. Both of these volumes are now completely represented by the etexts linked here.
Ghost Stories of an Antiquary "Canon Alberic's Scrapbook" [1893] - at Charles Tyson's site
- at LitGothic "Lost Hearts" - at [Charles Tyson's site]
- at [Frank Adey's site] "The Mezzotint" - at [Gaslight]
- at [Charles Tyson's site]
- at [Frank Adey's site] "The Ash-Tree" (33K) [Charles Tyson]
"Number 13"
(37K) [Charles Tyson]
"Count Magnus" - at [Charles Tyson's site] - at [Frank Adey's site "Oh Whistle and I'll Come to You, My Lad" [1904]

3. Ghosts & Scholars, M.R. James Newsletter
Serwis Katalog w Wirtualna Polska S.A. pierwszy portal w Polsce.
"I believe there never was a time when I have had more of a programme than to find out all I could about various matters and to make friends." (M.R. James, 1922) Montague Rhodes James (1862-1936), Provost of King's College Cambridge, and later of Eton, was a noted scholar and antiquary, who also authored some of the greatest and most influential ghost stories in the English language. There are approximately forty of his supernatural tales (some incomplete), most of which were published in Ghost Stories of an Antiquary , More Ghost Stories A Thin Ghost and Others A Warning to the Curious (1925) and The Collected Ghost Stories of M.R. James Among them are famous titles such as "Casting the Runes" and "Oh, Whistle, and I'll Come to You, My Lad". James also wrote a short supernatural fantasy novel for children, The Five Jars
M.R. James can arguably be described as the Father of the Modern Ghost Story, and Magazine continued the Jamesian tradition, as well as encouraging scholarly research into James, his themes and his followers. Founded in 1979, it was a small press, non-profit journal containing new stories, articles, reviews, columns and artwork. (December 2001) was the final issue. In 2002 it was succeeded by the

4. M.R. James Bibliography
SELECT BIBLIOGRAPHY OF WRITINGS james'S GHOST STORIES Much has been written about the ghost stories of M.R. james, and a great deal of it simply repeats what has already been said many times.
Books; Articles (General); Articles (Specific Stories). Much has been written about the ghost stories of M.R. James, and a great deal of it simply repeats what has already been said many times. All of the following, however, contribute something original to the subject, whether it be new information or a fresh viewpoint. A slightly expanded version of this bibliography (up-to-date as of August 2001) appeared in A Pleasing Terror: The Complete Supernatural Writings of M.R. James Ash-Tree Press Last altered January 21, 2003. Books Ackroyd, Peter, Albion: The Origins of the English Imagination (Chatto & Windus, 2002), 375-379. (Chapter 46, "Ghosts", devoted to MRJ) Bleiler, E.V., The Guide to Supernatural Fiction (Kent State University Press, 1983), 279-82. (Entries and commentary on MRJ) Bloom, Clive, Creepers: British Horror and Fantasy in the Twentieth Century (Pluto Press, 1993). (One short chapter devoted to "M.R. James and his Fiction") Briggs, Julia

5. James, M.R. - Ghost Stories Of M.R. James
Reproduces a dozen of james' celebrated tales of the supernatural. Also find a brief profile of the author and a guide to his imitators.

'The Ghost Stories of M.R. James'
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6. The Weird Works Of M.R. James By Clark Ashton Smith
Read an essay on the authors work by fellow weird tales writer, Clark Ashton Smith. The peculiar genius of M. R. james, and his greatest power, lies in the convincing evocation of weird, malignant and
Search: W ritings A rt ... Homages and Reviews
The Weird Works of M.R. James
Clark Ashton Smith
James is perhaps unsurpassed in originality by any living writer: and he has made a salient contribution to the technique of the genre as well as to the enriching of its treasury of permanent masterpieces. His work is marked by rare intellectual skill and ingenuity, by power rising at times above the reaches of pure intellection, and by a sheer finesse of writing that will bear almost endless study. It has a peculiar savour, wholly different from the diabolic grimness of Bierce, or the accumulative atmospheric terror and rounded classicism of Machen. Here there is nothing of the feverish but logical hallucinations, the macabre and exotic beauty achieved by Poe; nor is there any kinship to the fine poetic weavings and character nuances of Walter de la Mare, or the far-searching, penetrative psychism of Blackwood, or the frightful antiquities and ultra-terrene menaces of Lovecraft. The goblins and phantoms devised by James are truly creative and are presented through images often so keen and vivid as to evoke an actual physical shock. Sight, smell, hearing, taction, all are played upon with well-nigh surgical sureness, by impressions calculated to touch the shuddering quick of horror. Some of the images or similes employed are most extraordinary, and spring surely from the oleniommie inspiration of the highest genius. For instance, take the unnamable thing in

7. 007 - Die Another Day
MGM site for fans, with video and DVD information, games, and FAQ.

8. BringBackT
I pity that double-O sucka. Can world famous spy james Bond defeat Mr. T?Category Arts Movies Titles J james Bond Series......Mr. T vs james Bond, 007! Please wait while you are redirected to the newsite or click here http//
Mr. T vs James Bond, 007!
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9. Jan James
MP3 music, video, photos, biography, press reviews, and fan mail.
New CD Release
On line Press Kit
International Press

Web Reviews

"Urgency in her voice...legitimacy of lyrics."
Chicago Tribune - Chicago, IL "Great songwriting...powerful performer"
British Blues Connection - London "Juicy.Memphis sounds...Shadows of Led Zepplin...soulful, Tina Turner feel...
Music Woche -Hamburg, Germany Get " Limousine Blues ", the new CD from Jan James

10. The Unofficial James Clavell Website
An unofficial site dedicated to the prolific author, screenwriter, director and producer.
The Ultimate James Clavell Website This site is dedicated to the life, times, and works of Mr. James Clavell. In his role as author, screen-writer, director and producer, the scope of Clavell's works span several decades and several genres. All of Clavell's works are listed below, just click on your choice and follow the links. Enjoy! Please donate a dollar (or more) to help keep this site alive: What's New! Last Updated February 16th, 2003 Visits Since 09/19/01 Home Clavell Biography Discussion Board Miscellaneous ... The Satan Bug

11. IQ Infinity: The Unknown James Joyce
Features a biography of Joyce, a portal of links, an annotated and shortened edition of Finnegans Wake and online resources on Dubliners and Ulysses.
[Up: homepage] [JAJportal] [Robot Wisdom weblog] This revised page is missing a few things from the old version
IQ Infinity: the unknown James Joyce
Jorn Barger August 2000 (updated Apr2001) Subtopics on this page: [oldpic] Recent news: For the very latest headlines, try the JAJportal or the alt.books.james-joyce newsgroup Note to undergrads Most people coming to this website are undergrads who've been assigned a short story by Joyce, with one of the following titles: The Sisters, An Encounter, Araby, Eveline, After The Race, Two Gallants, The Boarding House, A Little Cloud, Counterparts, Clay, A Painful Case, Ivy Day In The Committee Room, A Mother, Grace, or The Dead.

12. The Literary Gothic   |   Authors: 'J'   
Authors J. Jacobs, WW james, GPR james, Henry james, MR Jephson, RobertJerome, Jerome K. Jewett, Sarah Orne Jacobs, William. Wymark.
Authors: J
Jacobs, W. W.
James, G. P. R.

James, Henry

James, M. R.
Jewett, Sarah Orne
Jacobs, W[illiam]. W[ymark].
8 September 1863 - 1 September 1943
British writer of maritime tales (many of them comic) and a few short works of horror fiction, among which is the well-known and widely anthologized "The Monkey's Paw."
Sites: amazingly brief biographical note [Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed. at]
another uselessly brief biographical nothing
[National Portrait Gallery, London]
Etexts: "Jerry Bundler" at BlackMask [PDF, printable]
at HorrorMasters
[PDF, not printable] "The Monkey's Paw" [1902] The main work for which Jacobs is remembered, this is a classic study of Fate (cf Oedipus Rex and thousands of stories and movies since) and, perhaps, of the price Britain is paying, at the turn of the century, for empire... - at UVa Etext Center - at Gaslight - at Castle of Spirits - at BlackMask . In PDF format. "The Toll-House" [1909] (23K) [Gaslight] Henry James now has his own file here at LitGothic Please change your bookmark or URI to

13. James Joyce: The Brazen Head - Author Homepage
Extensive scholarship, criticism, bibliography, biography, and links.
Have a seat at the bar, and while I pour you a pint, let me explain the purpose of this site. At the Brazen Head, you will find a ball of electronic twine to aid you in your travels through the labyrinth of Dedalus. Here you will find information and resources on Joyce and his works, links to other Joyce sites across the Web, and miscellaneous Joycean tidbits. It is my intention to create a comfortable spot where long time enthusiasts of Joyce and those just beginning to read his work may visit and kick back to enjoy exploring the world of this delightfully mad Irishman.
Below you will find the menu; first, the special features, followed by notes on new realeases. After that you will find links into the many areas of the Brazen Head, from beginner's guides to academic papers. Enjoy your stay, and come back as often as you wish!
Headlines New Museum The Irish Government is considering a proposal to set up a multimedia museum commemorating the life of James Joyce at the Digital Hub in Dublin. Joyce Manuscripts 29 May 02

14. JAMES, M.R.
Tilbage Til forsiden james, MR. Montagu Rhodes james født 1. august1862 i Goodnestone, England og døde 12. juni 1936 i Eton, England.
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Montagu Rhodes James født 1. august 1862 i Goodnestone, England og døde 12. juni 1936 i Eton, England. “Grev Magnus” , novelle i ved Sigurd Hoel
Hasselbalch : 1959
* novelle i ved Michael Tejn
“Advarsel til nyfigne” , novelle i ved Tage la Cour
Winther (W Esserne, 4) : 1970 “Nummer 13” , novelle i ved Tage la Cour
Carit Andersen (Omnibusserne) : 1957
Carit Andersen (Lommebusserne), ny fork. udg. : 1966
* novelle i
Winther (W Esserne, 4) : 1970
* novelle i ved Dave Allen
Tordenskiold : 1974 * novelle i ved Ole Carit Andersen Carit Andersen : 1987 , novelle i Winther (W Esserne, 4) : 1970 * novelle i ved Dave Allen Tordenskiold : 1974 “Hjerterne” , novelle i , novelle i , novelle i “Raderingen” , novelle i “Gotiske gysere” ved Arne Christiansen Carit Andersen (Regnbueserien) : 1987 “Unge hjerter” , noveller i , novelle i ved Charles Keeping Sesam : 1989 , novelle i “Klassiske makabre historier” ved Charles Keeping Sesam : 1991 Kilder: Dansk Bogfortegnelse, 1976- ; Novelleregister, 1975-1995

15. .:. The Official Site Of James Dean
The official james Dean website in 11 different languages.
This site is best viewed with Flash. Click on the Flash icon to download the plug-in now.
About James Dean Photos Shopping ...
CMG Worldwide

Iris Murdoch. (19191999). Internet Resources .KANE, Richard C. Greek Gothic The Magus in Iris Murdoch, Muriel
Iris Murdoch Internet Resources: KANE , Richard C. "Greek Gothic: The Magus" in Iris Murdoch, Muriel Spark, John Fowles: Didactic Demons in Modern Fiction . Rutherford, Madison, Teaneck, NJ: Faileigh Dickinson UP, 1988: 120-149. KAPLAN , Morton N. "Iris Murdoch and the Gothic Tradition." 1268 OTOZAI , Kensuke. "Murdoch's Gothic Style in the Unicorn Takushoku Daigaku Ronshu 25 December 1992/number 200, pp. 111-[data SULLIVAN , Zoreh T. "Enchantment and the Demonic in the Novels of Iris Murdoch." 1269 . "Enchantment and the Demonic in Iris Murdoch: The Flight from the Enchanter." 1270 . "Iris Murdoch's Self-Conscious Gothicism: The Time of the Angels . "The Contracting Universe of Iris Murdoch's Gothic Novels." 1272 WEESE , Katherine. "Uses of the Fantastic in Iris Murdoch's The Sea, The Sea Modern Fiction Studies WINSOR , Dorothy A. "Iris Murdoch and the Uncanny: Supernatural Events in The Bell . "Solipsistic Sexuality in Iris Murdoch's Gothic Novels." 1275

17. WTC Tragedy, Sept 11, 2001
Very comprehensive site including biography, links, FAQ, book reviews, and articles.
World Trade Center Tragedy
11 September 2001
News Contacts Donate Hall of Heroes ...
The numbers so far...
7 rescued
94 confirmed dead (WTC)
30 bodies identified
3700 confirmed missing persons
350 missing firemen
78 missing police officers
3000+ tons of debris removed
This page is dedicated to those who have lost their lives in a senseless act of violence on September 11, 2001 when two hijacked planes crashed into 1 WTC and 2 WTC and their subsequent collapse shortly thereafter. Innocent lives were lost when none should have perished. Innocent lives destroyed by faceless terrorists intent on making some unknown statement of horror and evil. May those who perished rest in peace. And may God have mercy on their souls. This page is currently under construction, and will have a great amount of information regarding the tragic events that unfolded and continue to unfold. Site News
The Contacts page, where you can find phone numbers for emergency numbers, missing persons informational numbers, corporation numbers, and relief numbers is now available.

18. Pinke James R. , M.d.

JOSHI, ST Algernon Blackwood The Expansion of Consciousness In The Weird TaleArthur Machen, Lord Dunsany, Algernon Blackwood, MR james, Ambrose Bierce, HP
Other English, Scottish, and Irish Gothic Authors of the Eighteenth, Nineteenth, and Twentieth Centuries Internet Resources: William Harrison Ainsworth GILBERT , R. A. "Ainsworth, William Harrison (1805-1882)" In The Handbook to Gothic Literature , Ed. Marie Mulvey-Roberts. New York: New York University Press, 1998: 1. Comments briefly (perhaps too briefly) on the Gothicism of Rookwood Jack Sheppard , and the Lancashire Witches , but omits The Old Tower of London SANDERS , Andrew. "A Gothic Revival: William Harrison Ainsworth's The Tower of London " In The Victorian Historical Novel 1840-1880 SCHROEDER , Natalie. "William Harrison Ainsworth" In Supernatural Fiction Writers , Ed. E. F. Bleiler. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1985: 187-193. STABLEFORD , Brian. "AINSWORTH, W(illiam) Harrison" In , Ed. David Pringle. Detroit: St. James Press/Gale, 1998: 9-10. VOLLER , Jack G. "William Harrison Ainsworth." In Gothic Writers: A Critical and Bibliographical Guide, Eds. Douglass H. Thomson, Jack G. Voller, Frederick S. Frank . Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2002: 7-11.

20. James Cagney (
Graphics of several Cagney movie posters c. 1930's.
James Cagney
Images were last added to this page: Monday, June 03, 2002 Angels with Dirty Faces six-sheet Warner Brothers 1938 Angels With Dirty Faces three-sheet Warner Brothers 1938 Footlight Parade window card Warner Brothers 1933 G-Men three-sheet First National 1935 ... Yankee Doodle Dandy TC with 4 LCs Warner Brothers 1942 Above is a list of all images of James Cagney that are located on this site. NOTE: In all cases, these are posters which I have owned in the past, and may well own again in the future, BUT I DO NOT CURRENTLY OWN THEM. THEY ARE ON THIS SITE FOR REFERENCE PURPOSES ONLY!!! If I get another copy of any of these posters, I will be auctioning it, as I don't accept want lists (I'm just too busy!). Visit these MOVIE STARS pages often as I am constantly adding new images! If there are films of James Cagney that you would like added, please e-mail me and I will see what I can do (Hint: e-mails that are accompanied by orders for books will receive first priority!). Please report any broken links or mistakes!! If you have a site devoted to James Cagney you can have a link to that site on this page.

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