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         Homer:     more books (101)
  1. The Odyssey by Homer, Alexander Pope, 2002-04-01
  2. Homer's Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale, or How I Learned about Love and Life with a Blind Wonder Cat by Gwen Cooper, 2010-09-07
  3. Homer & Langley: A Novel by E.L. Doctorow, 2010-09-07
  4. The Odyssey by Homer, 1999-04-01
  5. Homer Price by Robert McCloskey, 2005-12-29
  6. The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg (Newbery Honor Book) by Rodman Philbrick, 2009-01-01
  7. The Children's Homer: The Adventures of Odysseus and the Tale of Troy by Padraic Colum, 2010-04-02
  8. The Iliad and The Odyssey by Homer, 2007-03-23
  9. The Odyssey of Homer (Bantam Classics) by Homer, 1990
  10. Homer - The Iliad and The Odyssey by Homer, 2006-01-01
  11. The Iliad of Homer - Translated into English Blank Verse by William Cowper by M. A. (Mary Ann) Dwight, 2010-07-12
  12. The Odyssey by Homer, 2009-10-04
  13. The Odyssey by Homer, 2010-11-10
  14. Rocket Boys (The Coalwood Series #1) by Homer Hickam, 2000-01-11

1. ThinkQuest Library Of Entries
Welcome to homer's Iliad and Odyssey Page homer's Iliad and Odyssey are a major part of ancient history, especially that of Ancient Greece.
Welcome to the ThinkQuest Internet Challenge of Entries
The web site you have requested, Homer's The Iliad and The Odyssey , is one of over 4000 student created entries in our Library. Before using our Library, please be sure that you have read and agreed to our To learn more about ThinkQuest. You can browse other ThinkQuest Library Entries To proceed to Homer's The Iliad and The Odyssey click here Back to the Previous Page The Site you have Requested ...
Homer's The Iliad and The Odyssey
click here to view this site
A ThinkQuest Internet Challenge 1998 Entry
Click image for the Site Languages : Site Desciption This site is dedicated to helping students better understand Homer and his works, The Iliad and The Odyssey. The Iliadthe story of the Trojan Waris summarized in detail, and background information is provided including critical interpretations of each main character. The Odyssey, Odysseus' twenty-year journey home following the Trojan War, is summarized and a special essay examines Odysseus as a hero. Great study guides along with links to full texts of both these works.
Students Justin McDowell Intermediate High School
PA, United States

2. Homer Alaska Chamber Of Commerce - "Where The Road Ends And The Sea Begins"
Free visitors guide, travel information, and links to members for fishing, lodging, and tours.Category Regional North America H homer Business and Economy......A complete guide to homer, Alaska, free visitors guide, travel information, andlinks to members. Kachemak Kitchens presents “A Taste of homer Cookbook.

Request Info Map of Homer Events ... Meeting Planning
Greetings from the end of the road..
. . . and the beginning of your Alaskan adventure! We're excited about your interest in Homer, and hope this guide will help you plan your trip. Homer has it all . . . adventure tours, world class halibut and salmon fishing, world class brown bear viewing, glaciers, whales, kayaking, art galleries, clamming, hiking, big game hunting and more. It's no wonder most people say their trip to Homer was unforgettable. Sit back, relax and review this guide. If you have any more questions give us a call or email us at the address below. Visit our local businesses in the directory below and we'll see you in Homer! Business Directory - Choose a category Accommodations Hotels - Motels - Inns -Lodges Campgrounds - RV Parks Art / Galleries / Performing / Visual Professional Services Fishing Charters / Guides Information / Services Marine Related / Seafood Transportation/Tours/Booking Services/Outdoor Rec.

3. Welcome To The City Of Homer Home Page
Resources and information including links to government departments and agencies.Category Regional North America Localities H homer Government......This is the official home page of the City of homer. The information containedherein was current as of the date this website/home page was established.
Mayor City Council City Clerk City Manager ... KPB Map Look-Up This is the official home page of the City of Homer. The information contained herein was current as of the date this website/home page was established. Changes or modifications may have occurred since that date. The user is urged to contact the responsible department to confirm the accuracy of this information. The City does not warrant the accuracy of any information supplied by link to the user through this website/home page by third parties. Nothing contained in or available through this website/home page should be considered an endorsement of or recommendation by the City of Homer for any commercial enterprise listed. In all cases, any City of Homer information or material provided is governed by the provisions of the Homer City Code which shall control in the event of any inconsistency. If you have comments or suggestions, drop us a line: FastCounter by bCentral

4. MFA On / Winslow Homer Exhibition
Online version of a 1996 exhibition that contained 160 works.
Winslow Homer
February 21 - May 27, 1996
Gund Gallery
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Welcome to our online exhibition
W inslow Homer (1836-1910), widely regarded as the greatest of nineteenth-century American painters, is the subject of a comprehensive retrospective exhibition that illustrates all aspects of the painter's career from his early views of the Civil War to the late seascapes. Including more than 160 works in all media, this is the most complete exhibition of Homer's paintings since the Whitney Museum of American Art's show of 1973. Click here to listen to Malcolm Rogers's welcoming remarks The exhibition was organized by the National Gallery of Art, Washington.
The presentation in Boston is sponsored by
The exhibition catalogue and brochure are supported by a grant from The Henry Luce Foundation.
The media sponsor of the exhibition in Boston is Community Newspaper Company.

5. Homer Simpson Home Page
Tribute devoted entirely to homer Simpson offers quotes, images, audio and video clips, wallpapers, games, postcards, and links. Welcome to the homer Simpson Home Page
Welcome to the Homer Simpson Home Page
Well people, I guess this has been a long time coming, I started this site back on 1/12/1996.
Almost 7 years old, it had received almost 2 million visits and transferred about 840GB worth
of laughter and joy to the masses in it's life time.
No long sad goodbyes, just another webpage that slipped in to the ether of time.
I hope you enjoyed this page, and I hoped it made you laugh.
Sincerely, Daniel N.

6. Homer-C ‰¹‚Ɖf‘œ‚Æ‚`‚u‹@Ší
Resource lists recent exhibits and books written about this American painter. Includes links to guides and museums with homer's works. Welcome to the Winslow homer Page on the World Wide Web! Winslow homer was one of America's greatest artists.
E‚¨‚·‚·‚ßSHOP ƒ^ƒ“ƒ^ƒ“AÅˆÀ’lXV’†I
E Š”Ž®‰ïŽÐƒ€ƒ‰ƒEƒ` D-VHSƒƒO


... vAV˜b‘è Homer-C ‚¨’m‚点 - ƒRƒ~ƒ…ƒjƒeƒB - ‚¨‹CŒy‚¦[‚Ô‚¢ŒfŽ¦”Â

ƒƒ“ƒo[ƒYË [ ‰ïˆõ“o˜^ Œ³‘cIŠy‚µ‚¢‚`‚uŒfŽ¦”Â

”„‚è‚Ü‚· Auction
 >>> @et cetera ‰ß‹ŽƒƒO‰SŽÒ‚ÌŽ¿–â] ‘½‚­‚̃qƒ“ƒg‚ª‚±‚±‚É‚ ‚è‚Ü‚·BŽQlŽ‘—¿‚Æ‚µ‚Ä‚à ‰ß‹ŽƒƒO‚`•‚u‘‡”Â] ƒI[ƒfƒBƒIƒrƒWƒ…ƒAƒ‹˜b‘è‚Ì‘I•Ê‹LŽ–‚ðƒAƒbƒvB ‚c‚u‚g‚rƒfƒbƒL‚Ì•”‰® ‚»‚¤Žž‘ã‚̓fƒWƒ^ƒ‹‚¾I‰Æ’ë—p‚©‚ç—ò‰»‚ªÁ‚¦‚½ ‚u‚g‚rŒnƒe[ƒv‚Ì•”‰® ‚r‚u‚g‚rƒfƒbƒL‚Ì•”‰® ‚Ü‚¾‚Ü‚¾Œ³‹CH‚»‚µ‚ÄŽèŒy‚ɈÀ‰¿‚ɍ‚‰æŽ¿‚ðŠy‚Þ ‚v‚u‚g‚rƒfƒbƒL‚Ì•”‰® ‚u‚g‚rƒnƒCƒtƒ@ƒC“ÁW ˆê”Ê‚É‚Í‚æ‚­”„‚ê‚Ä‚¢‚Ü‚·B ƒŠƒ“ƒN‚`‚uŒn ‚g‚oXVó‹µ ŒŸõƒtƒH[ƒ€ ‚悤‚±‚»AV‚Ö ... L‚ɂ‚¢‚Ä - ƒxƒXƒgƒTƒCƒg - bebe'sƒz[ƒ€ƒVƒAƒ^[•ƒI[ƒfƒBƒI DV‚ðŠÈ’P‚ÉÐ‰î ƒAƒiƒƒO‚a‚r ‚`‚u“¤’mŽ¯ [ƒŠƒ“ƒNƒtƒŠ[]

7. Homer Tonight
A live performance from the Iliad, a oneman-show, in the manner of the ancient Greek rhapsodes (augmented by slides, music, props).
Homer Tonight!
Presented by
Robert Russ
5 Pickwick Place
Greensboro, NC 27407
Homer Tonight!
"Homer Tonight!" is a one-man show in the manner of the ancient Greek rhapsodists. I recite Book I of Homer's Iliad, with or without slides accompanying the show. This "act" is appropriate for Greek festivals, arts festivals, schools, and colleges. To learn more about the show, the "rhapsodist," and Homer's Iliad, continue down the page. What's your Homer essay about?
The Trojan War
According to Greek myth, one day when the gods were gathered on Olympos, "Discord," who had not been invited, came long and threw among them a golden apple inscribed "To the fairest." The goddesses Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite argued about who should receive the prize, but since no god was stupid enough to allow himself to get drafted as a judge in this divine beauty contest, the goddesses turned to a mortal (poor wretch), Paris, a prince of Troy.
Paris's qualifications for the job are irrelevant, since all three goddesses planned to bribe the judge anyway. Offering Paris the most beautiful human woman, Aphrodite succeeded in buying Paris's vote. However, that woman, Helen, already had a husband (worse luck). So the Trojans went to visit Helen and her husband, Menelaos, at their home in Sparta, and at the end of the visit, Paris took Helen back to Troy with him.
Menelaos was not satisfied with this arrangement, so his brother, Agamemnon, rounded up warriors from all over Greece to go over to Troy to get Helen back, and to kill Trojans, and to get glory, and . . . to steal away everything they could get their hands on.

8. Homer's Hut
A telnetable BBS. FidoNet, DoorGames runs on OS2 has support and file archives for OS2
    (Click to enter)
Homer's Hut started in Ardmore, OK in late 1993. It moved from there to Lawrence, KS. It resided in Lawrence for two years, and then moved to Topeka, KS where it ran for a little over a year. It now resides in Russell, KS. It started out running VBBS, and changed to Maximus around July 1, 1997. It is part of FidoNet, Sn00kNet, OS/2Net, Sysops Tech Net, MirageNet and a local network called JayHawkNet. It holds various network official positions in these networks, for info e-mail the sysop.
It also has Internet e-mail and news groups available. Most of the message area's are software and hardware related. There are several door games running, with some of them networked, and more to be networked.
Homer's Hut is run under OS/2 version 4.0, with Internet services ran by Red Hat Linux.
This WebRing site is run by Homer Parker This Telnet BBS WebRing site is owned by
Homer Parker

Want to join The Telnet BBS WebRing ?
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E-mail comments to Homer Parker Another website from Pages By Homie

9. The Homer Homepage
World Literature and Criticism Resources for World Literature English2203 Home The homer Homepage. Texts. General Background. homer.
English 2203 Home
The Homer Homepage
  • Iliad An excerpt read by Anthony Quayle; from Harper Audio, in Real Audio format
General Background
  • The Iliad background by Roger Dunkle, Brooklyn College

10. Antiqua Medicina: From Homer To Vesalius
Read of Odysseus's journey back to Ithaca after the Trojan War in this online version. Translated by Samuel Butler. The Odyssey. By homer. Written 800 B.C.E
From Homer to Vesalius
An on-line exhibition prepared in conjunction with the Colloquium "Antiqua Medicina: Aspects in Ancient Medicine " held in McLeod Hall, at the Health System of the University of Virginia on February 27, 1997.

Follow the pages in order or click on
this icon at any time to return to this page.
About the exhibit

11. Homer High School
Academic programs and activities. Pages/main/home.html
If you can see this your browser does not support iframes! Website best viewed in 1024x768 resolution.

12. Homer Home Page
Welcome to the. homer Web Page! Tired of Cliff notes (tm)? This page wasdesigned to make the information given by homer easier to access.
Welcome to the
Homer Web Page!
Frustrated because you have to read the Iliad or the Odyssey and are having trouble understanding them? Have to write a paper and wish there were easier ways to gather your information? Tired of Cliff notes (tm)? This page was designed to make the information given by Homer easier to access. It gives background about the factual information about the start of the Trojan war , as well as the mythos behind it. You can also access what life was like for the Greeks and the Trojans of the time. To understand how the Greeks thought and why Homer wrote what he did, there is also the section on Greek mythology. Here, a Deity family tree is given. Also synopses of the individual deities nentioned in the lliad and Odyssey. Of course, the most important section deals with the poems themselves. There is a character breakdown which detais who everyone is and what type of person they are, plot summary, and possible themes for both poems. *Cliff notes (tm) are a registered trademark of Cliffs Notes inc. Lincoln, Nebraska

13. Simpsons Trivia
Pictures and WAV sounds of homer Simpson.
Free Web site hosting -
simpsons trivia
more simpsons gifts and products Favorite Links Page simpson trivia the simpsons trivia and other games
simpsons trivia
Seen every episode? Know everything? Prove it when you play this challenging Simpson's trivia 2nd Edition game! 1000 questions focus on the entire town of Springfield in this fun, shaped collector's tin. 2 or more players. Ages 8 to adult.
homer simpson trivia Seen every episode? Know everything? Prove it when you play this challenging simpsons trivia game! 1000 questions in this fun, shaped collector's tin cover everything about America's favorite father. 2 or more players. Ages 8 to adult.
bart simpson trivia Seen every episode? Know everything? Prove it when you play this challenging Bart Simpson trivia game! 1000 questions ponder all trivial aspects of Bart's life and family in this fun, shaped collector's tin. 2 or more players. Ages 8 to adult.
simpsons travel trivia 40 cards contain over 200 questions about America's funniest family and the town they live in. 2 or more players. Simpsons Uno Draw, reverse, skip and wild cards throw the game up for grabs as players take turns discarding onto a pile by matching numbers or colors. The first one out collects the value of his opponent's remaining cards until someone wins with 500 points. Cards depict 14 wacky Simpsons characters in almost-living color, packed in a collectible tin. 3 to 6 players. Ages 7 to adult.

Mmms, favorite pastimes, pictures, and quotes.

15. Winslow Homer - Artist Biography, Image Of Painting, Portrait, Sculpture, Or Ill's auction results, biographies, images and books pertaining to this American artist.
Artist Last Name: First Name: (optional) Use Last Name or both fields, to refine search results. You may use full or partial name. All AskART Artists by Alphabet: A B C D ... Z Artist Index Page:
Homer, Winslow Birth / Death of Winslow Homer State Affillation of Winslow Homer: Winslow Homer is Often Known For: MA (Strongest affiliation) genre, marine, figure, illustrator Table of Contents Artwork For Sale for Homer, Winslow New Entry Artwork Wanted for Homer, Winslow # Dealers holding Homer, Winslow Current Exhibits including Homer, Winslow # Museums Holding Homer, Winslow Biography about Homer, Winslow Yes Active Bulletins on Homer, Winslow # Books that contain Homer, Winslow # Periodicals including Homer, Winslow New Entry Image Gallery of Homer, Winslow 160 images # Auction Records for Homer, Winslow New Entry Graphs for Homer, Winslow Yes Keywords for Homer, Winslow New Feature! Yes Record Price for Homer, Winslow was on
Interested in Artist Alert Updates?
If so CLICK HERE to sign up this artist.

16. Homer's Iliad
Translated by Samuel ButlerCategory Arts Classical Studies Greek homer Iliad, The......THE ILIAD. by homer translated by Samuel Butler
by Homer
translated by Samuel Butler

17. Village Of Homer
Calendar of events, news, downloadable forms, list of businesses, local government services, dining Category Regional North America New York Localities H homer......We invite you to browse through the Village of homer, New York. Our OfficialForms Now Available Online. homer Business Association. Village

18. Mark Homer.
Profile, articles, and pictures.
Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated Back to Main Index of my whole site. Back to my favourite actors sub-index. The URL will take you directly to this page. Some interesting stuff. - Updated 01 Jan 00. What Mark is doing right now.
Current Production
(incl. the poster!) as at 01.Apr.00
Archive of Past Production Details. Other Journalism and/or Publicity. - updated 20 May 00 And a Feature article from...
- a British magazine which features news of celebrities.

The Greek Epic Poem translated by Samuel Butler.Category Arts Classical Studies Greek homer Odyssey, The......THE ODYSSEY. by homer translated by Samuel Butler
by Homer
translated by Samuel Butler

20. Homer Flex HS: Home Page
School profile, activities, programs, and staff. Samples of student work.
Homer Flex High School Home Page Thu, January 23, 2003 9:01 AM 4122 Ben Walters Lane Homer, Alaska 99603 Welcome Page About Our School Programs And Activities Favorite Links Students Work ... Staff
Homer Flex High School was started in 1990 to serve the needs of young people who had not been able to find success in the traditional school system. To attend Homer Flex, a student must be between age of 16 and 21. Flex is not a shortcut to early graduation. Students must fill out an application, have a positive interview conducted by a team of students and faculty, have all their shots up-to-date, and if they’ve never attended school in this school district before, they must receive a physical exam. Then and only then, are students ready to be admitted to Flex. Calendar of Events Flex Events January 24, 2003 Winter Graduation at Land’s End at 7 PM May 17, 2003         Spring Graduation at Land’s End at 7 PM May 24, 2003 Last Day of School Second Monday Of every other month Site Council Meeting Welcome Page Programs and Activities Favorite Links Students Work Staff

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