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         Edgerton Clyde:     more books (100)
  1. Raney by Clyde Edgerton, 1997-06-23
  2. The Bible Salesman: A Novel by Clyde Edgerton, 2009-09-23
  3. The Floatplane Notebooks (Ballantine Reader's Circle) by Clyde Edgerton, 2004-09-21
  4. Walking Across Egypt (Ballantine Reader's Circle) by Clyde Edgerton, 1997-06-23
  5. Solo: My Adventures in the Air (Shannon Ravenel Books) by Clyde Edgerton, 2006-11-10
  6. Lunch at the Piccadilly by Clyde Edgerton, 2003-10-01
  7. In Memory of Junior by Clyde Edgerton, 1994
  8. Killer Diller: A Novel by Clyde Edgerton, 1996-09-29
  9. Where Trouble Sleeps (Ballantine Reader's Circle) by Clyde Edgerton, 1998-10-20
  10. The Night Train: A Novel by Clyde Edgerton, 2011-07-25
  11. Redeye: A Western by Clyde C. Edgerton, 1996-04-01
  12. Reading, Learning, Teaching Clyde Edgerton (Confronting the Text, Confronting the World) by Yvonne Mason, 2008-11-01
  13. Vale of Humility: Plain Folk in Contemporary North Carolina Fiction : An Approach to the Works of Doris Betts, Reynolds Price, Fred Chappell, Lee Smith, Clyde Edgerton, by George Hovis, 2007-09-30
  14. Killer Diller 1ST Edition Signed Edition by Clyde Edgerton, 1991

1. Raney Edgerton Clyde
Raney edgerton clyde. Title Raney Author edgerton clyde. Category not availableNapoli, Donna Jo Prince of the Sutcliff, Rosemary The Sword a
Raney Edgerton Clyde
Title: Raney
Author: Edgerton Clyde
Category: not available
Napoli, Donna Jo Prince of the...

Sutcliff, Rosemary The Sword a...

Sutcliff, Rosemary Light Beyon...

Sutcliff, Rosemary Road to Cam...
MINIT Molekülbaukast-3527100121...

2. Walking Across Egypt Edgerton Clyde
Walking Across Egypt edgerton clyde. Title Walking Across Egypt Author EdgertonClyde. Category not available Sutcliff, Rosemary The Sword a
Walking Across Egypt Edgerton Clyde
Title: Walking Across Egypt
Author: Edgerton Clyde
Category: not available
Sutcliff, Rosemary The Sword a...

Sutcliff, Rosemary Light Beyon...

Sutcliff, Rosemary Road to Cam...

Garfield, James B. Follow My L...
MINIT Molekülbaukast-3527100121...

3. Walking Across Egypt Edgerton, Clyde
Walking Across Egypt Edgerton, Clyde. Walking Across Egypt edgerton clyde.Indie Music Guy Carawan Tree of Life Toshi Reagon Justice
Walking Across Egypt Edgerton, Clyde
Walking Across Egypt
Edgerton Clyde
Indie Music
Guy Carawan Tree of Life...

Toshi Reagon Justice...

Reagon, Toshi Justice...

Philip Boulding Harp: Song for...

4. Edgerton Clyde Killer Diller
edgerton clyde Killer Diller. Title Killer Diller Author EdgertonClyde. Subject Fiction Young men North Carolina Popular
Edgerton Clyde Killer Diller
Title: Killer Diller
Author: Edgerton Clyde
Subject: Fiction Young men North Carolina Popular American Fiction Fiction - General General
Northrup Christiane Women's B...

Nicoll Jessica Abraham J. Bog...

Shapiro Robert, Rapkin Awak...

Gurudas Flower Essences and Vi...
... Partner

5. Hennepin County Library - Online Catalog
Previous 10 Next 10. Author, Count. Edgerton, Clyde, 1944, 14. Edgerton,Gary R. (Gary Richard), 1952-, 1. Edgerton, Jane E., 1945-, 1. Edgerton, Jerry,1. Clyde&index=AA

6. Home & Garden Davis, P. S.,Gamble, Roberta,Edgerton, Clyde
Author Davis PS Gamble Roberta edgerton clyde Subject Home Garden TitleSouthern Dogs and Their People European Inspired Home Designs
Author: Davis P. S. Gamble Roberta Edgerton Clyde
Title: Southern Dogs and Their People
Bewitched Forever: The Immortal Com...

Constitutional Law...

HomeDesigns for Narrow Lots...

HomeDesigns for Contemporary Living...

7. Clyde Edgerton
Clyde Edgerton. On Teaching. Clyde Edgerton is a North Carolina novelist. ClydeEdgerton. Professor. Morton Hall 264. (910) 9623325.
Clyde Edgerton
On Teaching
Clyde Edgerton is a North Carolina novelist. Born May 20, 1944, in Durham, Edgerton grew up in nearby Bethesda surrounded by 23 aunts and uncles who loved to tell stories. The only child of Ernest and Susan Warren Edgerton, he graduated from Southern High School in 1962. He attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he received and undergraduate degree and later, graduate degrees including a doctorate in education. He served in the USAF from 1966 to 1971 as a pilot. He returned to his alma mater, Southern High School, where he taught English 1972-1973. He has taught at St. Andrews Presbyterian College and as visiting professor at Agnes Scott College, Duke University, and most recently at Millsaps College in Mississippi as co-chair with Susan Ketchin of the Eudora Welty Chair of Southern Studies. Edgerton is the author of Raney, Walking Across Egypt, The Floatplane Notebooks, Killer Diller, In Memory of Junior, Redeye: A Western, and Where Trouble Sleeps Many of his novels are set in fictional, rural North Carolina. The New York Times has said of his work: "Eudora Welty meets Mark Twain," and the Atlanta Constitution cited The Floatplane Notebooks as "an American classic." Several of his novels have received notable books of the year award from both the New York Times and Publishers Weekly, and he been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship, A Lyndhurst Fellowship, North Carolina Award for Literature, and membership in the Fellowship of Southern Writers.

8. Fiction, Young Men, North Carolina, Popular American Fiction, Fiction - General,
Fiction, Young men, North Carolina, Popular American Fiction, Fiction General, General edgerton clyde. Fiction, Young men, North
Fiction, Young men, North Carolina, Popular American Fiction, Fiction - General, General Edgerton Clyde
Title: Killer Diller
Subject: Fiction, Young men, North Carolina, Popular American Fiction, Fiction - General, General
Author: Edgerton Clyde
Rire Savoir, Wechsler Robert...

Wechsler Robert In a Fog : Th...

White Daniel R. Trials and Tr...

Capek Karel, Kussi Peter, Co...

9. Clyde Edgerton
Clyde Edgerton laughing and crying together. It could not happen in the South.Clyde Edgerton is a wonderful Southern writer. But he is more than that, too.
Clyde Edgerton - laughing and crying together
One of the interesting aspects of American literature is the genre called "Southern Writers." Say the phrase and one immediately thinks of Faulkner, Williams, Wolfe, Welty, Morris, Styron and, increasingly Clyde Edgerton. There is no similar classification of "Midwestern Writers," even though the midwest can claim Hemingway, Lewis, Bromfield, Hecht and Sandburg. No "Eastern Writers" at all, and no "Western Writers" unless we list those who wrote about cowboy themes. So, what is it about the Southern writers that makes them so distinct a class? I have been thinking about that since finishing Raney, Clyde Edgerton's first novel about a young southern woman, Raney Bell, who married an Atlantan named Charles C. Shepherd. Except for their interest in country music, they could hardly be more diverse. Raney is a country girl from Bethel, North Carolina, daughter of the owner of a country store, a Free Will Baptist, and attended the local community college. Charles, on the other hand, is from a big southern city. College trained, son of a college professor and a public school teacher, a nominal Episcopalian. Raney likes to "visit." Charles likes to read. Raney loves it when friends drop in without warning, Charles hates it. The differences extend to smaller things, too. Raney likes to fill up the sink and wash all the dishes in the same water. Charles refuses to wash his dishes in what he calls "dirty water," so he washes them under a running faucet, which, according to Raney, wastes water, a precious resource. Charles, as it turns out, likes to read Playboy and Penthouse; Raney is aghast that such publications exist at all, let alone hidden in her house. Charles's best friend is black, and Raney, answering Charles contention that "skin color doesn't make any difference," replies, "I thought of all the years the colored people around Bethel had lived in real low conditions and had never amounted to anything and I figured that if Charles thought skin color didn't make any difference, then he must be blind."

10. Clyde Edgerton
Clyde Edgerton. Clyde McPhatter the Drifters/Rockin' Driftin'. Live at theApollo LIVE. Clyde McPhatter Greatest Hits. Peter Pan (Special Edition).
Clyde Edgerton
Live at the Apollo [LIVE] Clyde McPhatter - Greatest Hits Peter Pan (Special Edition) The Musketeer American Pie/American Pie 2 (Unrated/ Widescreen) Peter Pan (Special Edition) Cinderella (Disney) Peter Pan Where Trouble Sleeps : A Novel (Ballantine Reader's Circle) Walking Across Egypt The Floatplane Notebooks Raney Killer Diller Southern Dogs and Their People In Memory of Junior Redeye : A Western Redeye (Thorndike Large Print Americana Series) Authors: E

11. Clyde Edgerton Books
Clyde Edgerton Books. Walking Across Egypt By Clyde Edgerton (audio Cassette).Killer Diller A Novel By Clyde Edgerton (paperback September 1996).
American WebShoppe
God Bless America Singer Index Author Index Top Selling Accessories ... Photo
Clyde Edgerton Books
Walking Across Egypt
By Clyde Edgerton (audio Cassette) Killer Diller: A Novel
By Clyde Edgerton (paperback - September 1996) Raney
By Clyde Edgerton (mass Market Paperback - August 1992) The Floatplane Notebooks
By Clyde Edgerton (audio Cassette) In Memory Of Junior
By Clyde Edgerton (paperback - August 1996) Where Trouble Sleeps: A Novel (ballantine Reader's Circle)
By Clyde Edgerton (paperback - November 1998) Southern Dogs And Their People
By P. S. Davis (photographer), Et Al (hardcover) Redeye: A Western
By Clyde Edgerton (hardcover - April 1995) Redeye (thorndike Large Print Americana Series) [large Print]
By Clyde Edgerton The Floatplane Notesbooks By Clyde Edgerton Chiropractors Dentists Vision Care Allergists ... Massage Therapy Search WWW Search

12. Clyde Edgerton, Southern Writers, Southern Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Online
clyde edgerton, New!!! Check out clyde's extended bibliography! Filming is underwayfor the movie based on clyde edgerton's novel, Walking on Egypt.
Clyde Edgerton New!!! Check out Clyde's extended bibliography
Ellen Burstyn stars as Mattie in the movie based on Clyde Edgerton's novel, Walking Across Egypt
Stuck in traffic?
Listen to a Clyde Edgerton audiocasette and watch the time fly by! Buy It Online Today! Here's what reviewers say about Clyde Edgerton... "A master storyteller, Edgerton proves that he is in full command of his craft no matter what the setting." - The New York Times Book Review "A poet’s ear for language, an artist’s eye for details and a joyous sense of humor." - Baltimore Sun "Quietly and wonderfully outlandish." - Entertainment Weekly To learn more about Clyde Edgerton and his work, please browse through our site. You'll find an excerpt from one of Clyde's novels , learn about filming of the movie based on Walking Across Egypt , -now available in video stores everywhere-and you'll even be able to buy one of Clyde's audio cassettes, books or the latest CD "Safety Patrol Song (and others)" by Clyde and the Rank Strangers.

13. About Clyde Edgerton
About clyde edgerton, Few who knew clyde edgerton during his childhoodwould have predicted that he would grow up to be a writer.
About Clyde Edgerton Sign up for our mailing list and find out even more! F ew who knew Clyde Edgerton during his childhood would have predicted that he would grow up to be a writer. Odds would have been placed on his being either a professional baseball player or a rock musician, or, if his parent’s wishes had been fulfilled, a missionary or a concert pianist. He loved to hunt and fish and hang out with his "good buddies." There was little indication that he had the slightest literary leanings. Growing up in a rural area, Edgerton had a happy childhood. His outgoing personality and keen sense of humor contributed to his popularity in the community. "Drama during this period," Edgerton recalled, "came from baseball, hunting, and playing Robin Hood with my friends in the woods." He was particularly proficient in baseball. For nine summers, including his freshman year in college, Edgerton played on some type of baseball team. Even though he spent more time with his mother, he was very devoted to his father who taught him to hunt in the wooded areas near his home. His interest in music was due to his mother’s insistence on his taking piano lessons when he was 7. A Farewell to Arms as a college sophomore, he decided to be an English teacher. He wanted to share his excitement for such literature with others.

14. Clyde Edgerton @ Catharton Authors
clyde edgerton and resources concerning his works. Catharton Authors E edgerton, clyde. clyde edgerton
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15. Clyde Edgerton Author Page At Mostly Fiction - Book Review, Bibliography
Read a review of Raney and Redeye by clyde edgerton at mostly fiction. All Authors All Books. clyde edgerton. Bibliography
"Chili Dog" by Robert Arnold at Home ... The Wild West This Book Next Book
All Authors
All Books
Clyde Edgerton
Bibliography Book Marks Author Info
"Redeye: A Western"
of tourism Despite the humor, Edgerton is covering some serious territory. In 1857, 120 Tennessee emigrants heading for California were massacred in the the South West corner of Utah. The event became known as the Mountain Meadow Massacre . Although the Mormons tried to make it look like the Indians were to blame, this massacre was led and executed by the Mormons. Fortunately for the Mormons, this event missed the history books because of the Civil War. It's interesting technique to juxtapose such a startling event with this a light hearted setting. The second story line is nearly as upsetting as we follow the first expedition into the cliff dwellings in the Mesa Largo . The disregard for the artifacts and the desire to profit is not new news, but it sure gives a sense of helplessness as we watch the entrepreneur Blankenship scheme up the first American roadside attraction.

16. Politics
A short story by clyde edgerton.


18. Clyde Edgerton
edgerton, clyde. WALKING ACROSS EGYPT. 103647 edgerton, clyde. WALKING ACROSSEGYPT. Algonquin 1987, 215 pages. 1st edition, 2nd isue. Hardbound.
Clyde Edgerton
Clyde Edgerton WALKING ACROSS EGYPT. Algonquin: 1987, 215 pages. 1st edition, 2nd isue. Hardbound. Fine in a dust jacket fine, protected in a new mylar wrapper. An unread copy. Southern fiction. $20 Check Availability Search for more "Clyde Edgerton" Books
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19. Anything Southern: Edgerton, Clyde
Anything Southern Books and Literature Fiction Contemporary Fiction edgerton, clyde edgerton, clyde Entire Directory.

20. Southern Shopping @ : Contemporary
Click here to buy In Memory of Junior! In Memory of Junior edgerton,clyde Hardcover Walking Across Egypt edgerton, clyde Paperback

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