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         Dante Alighieri:     more books (100)
  1. The Divine Comedy Of Dante Alighieri (1867) by Dante Alighieri, 2010-09-10
  2. The Divine Comedy: Inferno, Purgatorio, Paradiso by Dante Alighieri, 2010-05-13
  3. The Inferno (Signet Classics) by Dante Alighieri, 2009-10-06
  4. La divina comedia paraiso (Illustrated by Dore) (Spanish Edition) by Dante Alighieri, 2010-01-04
  5. Dante Alighieri: Divine Comedy, Divine Spirituality (The Crossroad Spiritual Legacy Series) by Robert Royal, 1999-05-01
  6. Inferno (Bantam Classics) by Dante Alighieri, 1982-01-01
  7. The Divine Comedy by Dante, Illustrated, Hell, Volume 01 by Dante Alighieri, 2010-07-20
  8. The Divine Comedy: Volume 1: Inferno (Penguin Classics) by Dante Alighieri, 2002-12-31
  9. The Divine Comedy by Dante, Illustrated, Paradise, Volume 1 by Dante Alighieri, 2010-07-20
  10. Inferno: A New Verse Translation by Michael Palma by Dante Alighieri, 2003-03
  11. The Divine Comedy: Hell (Penguin Classics) by Dante Alighieri, 1950-06-30
  12. Dante Alighieri: Four Political Letters
  13. The Divine Comedy by Dante, Illustrated, Paradise, Volume 3 by Dante Alighieri, 2010-07-20
  14. The New Life of Dante Alighieri by Dante Alighieri, Charles Eliot Norton, 2010-04-03

1. Benvenuti Nel Sito Ufficiale Della Società Dante Alighieri
Il sito ufficiale della. Società dante alighieri. (Ente Morale, R.D.
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2. The Divine Comedy By Dante Alighieri
Nel mezzo del cammin
di nostra vita,
mi ritrovai per
una selva oscura...
Begin your journey...

3. Otfried Lieberknecht, ORB Dante Alighieri: A Guide To Online Resources
Find links to texts, resources, bibliographies, university research projects and essays about this medieval author. ORB ONLINE REFERENCE BOOK FOR MEDIEVAL STUDIES. dante alighieri A Guide to Online Resources
D ANTE A LIGHIERI: A Guide to Online Resources
Otfried Lieberknecht
Gateway to Dante Resources: ORB EncyclopediaOriginal Essays: Gateway to General Resources for Medieval Studies: Discussion Lists and Newsletters of Interest for Italian Studies:

An annotated (in linked hypertext) biography of the poet.
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Dante Alighieri
Italian poet, born at Florence, 1265; died at Ravenna, Italy , 14 September, 1321. His own statement in the "Paradiso" (xxii, 112-117) that he was born when the sun was in Gemini, fixes his birthday between 18 May and 17 June. He was the son of Alighiero di Bellincione Alighieri, a notary belonging to an ancient but decadent Guelph family, by his first wife, Bella, who was possibly a daughter of Durante di Scolaio Abati, a Ghibelline noble. A few months after the poet's birth, the victory of Charles of Anjou over King Manfred at Benevento (26 February, 1266) ended the power of the empire in Italy, placed a French dynasty upon the throne of Naples, and secured the predominance of the Guelphs in Tuscany. Dante thus grew up amidst the triumphs of the Florentine democracy, in which he took some share fighting in the front rank of the Guelph cavalry at the battle of Campaldino (11 June, 1289), when the Tuscan Ghibellines were defeated by the forces of the Guelph league, of which Florence was the head. This victory was followed by a reformation of the Florentine constitution, associated with the name of Giano della Bella, a great-hearted noble who had joined the people. By the Ordinances of Justice (1293) all nobles and magnates were more strictly excluded from the government, and subjected to severe penalties for offences against plebeians. To take any part in public life, it was necessary to be enrolled in one or other of the "Arts" (the guilds in which the burghers and artisans were banded together), and accordingly Dante matriculated in the guild of physicians and apothecaries. On 6 July, 1295, he spoke in the General Council of the Commune in favour of some modification in the Ordinances of Justice after which his name is frequently found recorded as speaking or voting in the various councils of the republic.

5. Centro Linguistico Italiano Dante Alighieri

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6. Dante Alighieri On The Web
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7. Dante Alighieri Collection At
Contains a brief biography and bibliography; etext of the Harvard Classics translation of the Divine Comedy, and quotations from Bartlett's .
Select Search All All Reference Columbia Encyclopedia World History Encyclopedia World Factbook Columbia Gazetteer American Heritage Coll. Dictionary Roget's Thesauri Roget's II: Thesaurus Roget's Int'l Thesaurus Quotations Bartlett's Quotations Columbia Quotations Simpson's Quotations English Usage Modern Usage American English Fowler's King's English Strunk's Style Mencken's Language Cambridge History The King James Bible Oxford Shakespeare Gray's Anatomy Farmer's Cookbook Post's Etiquette Bulfinch's Mythology Frazer's Golden Bough All Verse Anthologies Dickinson, E. Eliot, T.S. Frost, R. Hopkins, G.M. Keats, J. Lawrence, D.H. Masters, E.L. Sandburg, C. Sassoon, S. Whitman, W. Wordsworth, W. Yeats, W.B. All Nonfiction Harvard Classics American Essays Einstein's Relativity Grant, U.S. Roosevelt, T. Wells's History Presidential Inaugurals All Fiction Shelf of Fiction Ghost Stories Short Stories Shaw, G.B. Stein, G. Stevenson, R.L. Wells, H.G. Authors Verse Harvard Classics All hope abandon, ye who enter here. Hell. Canto iii. Line 9 Dante
Dante Alighieri Divine Comedy

8. ALIGHIERI DANTE - La Divina Commedia Di Dante Alighieri: De Sanctis, Petrocchi,
La Divina Commedia on line. Tutta la divina commedia disponibile free con le note di molti storici e le rappresentazioni di famosi artisti A special thanks to Alighieri Dante. Sinigaglia Filippo. De Sanctis Francesco
A special thanks to:
Alighieri Dante
Sinigaglia Filippo
De Sanctis Francesco
Sbriccioli Lucio
Petrocchi Giorgio
Sapegno Natalino
Bosco Umberto
Reggio Giovanni
Pasquini Emilio
Quaglio Antonio Fallani Giovanni Botticelli Sandro Dorè Gustavo Zuccari Federico Stradano Giovanni Signorelli Luca Cimabue Giovanni Delacroix Eugenio Jager Gustavo Blacke William La Divina Commedia on line è completa, commentata e soprattutto innovativa. La consultazione di qualsiasi canto prevede la possibilità di cliccare sulla parola prescelta e consultare la nota collegata. E' stato studiato un metodo grazie al quale non è più necessario spostare l'occhio su e giù. Dante Alighieri scrisse La Divina Commedia perchè tutti la potessero leggere... grazie a MediaSoft questo oggi è possibile con un semplice click del mouse! Per ogni canto inoltre è stata inserita la relativa rappresentazione scelta tra quelle realizzate da Botticelli, Dorè, Zuccari, Signorelli, Cimabue, Delacroix, Jager e Blacke. La Divina Commedia consta di più di quattordicimila (esattamente 14.223)

9. Dante Alighieri On The Web
Includes all of his works in Italian and Latin (no English translations), as well as biographical Category Arts Literature Medieval dante alighieri...... Thanks to Don Rogers for suggestions. (from 2001/1/25) dante alighieri on theWeb has its own Internet domain please update your links to http//www Home Site created on 1997/5/8
Last updated on 2003/3/21
What's new
(from 2003/3/21)
In order to avoid mass email spamming, I've modified all the email addresses in the site so that now they're in the form "name (at) greatdante (dot) net". Of course, you just need to substitute @ for (at) and . for (dot). I'm sorry for the additional trouble, but email spamming was becoming really too heavy during the last months. (from 2002/8/21)
I've moved to the USA to attend abroad a term of my Master degree course. This means I'll probably be slower when answering your inquiries and some of them will be delayed till I'll be able to look up my books about Dante which I couldn't bring here. This will last approximately until the end of December. Sorry in advance for any inconvenience, but please keep visiting my site and sending comments and questions! (from 2002/6/20)
Again about the movie Hannibal , I did some corrections on the page about the existence of an entire opera about the Vita Nuova (from 2002/2/6)
Many of you asked for information about Dante's references in the movie Hannibal . I hope this page answers some of your questions!

10. Università Per Stranieri Dante Alighieri Reggio Calabria - ITALIA
Sito principale dell'Ateneo.

English version
È stata istituita nel 1984 su iniziativa del Comitato Reggino della Società Dante Alighieri. È sostenuta dalla Regione Calabria con Legge 1° dicembre 1988, n.32.
È stata presentata dal Ministero degli Affari Esteri Italiano a tutte le rappresentanze diplomatiche dipendenti.
È situata nel centro della città, facilmente raggiungibile dalla stazione o dall'aeroporto con gli autobus comunali. Gli organi dell'Università
  • Il Rettore : Prof. Salvatore Berlingò
  • Il Pro-Rettore : Prof. Pasquino Crupi
  • Il Direttore Amministrativo Alessandro Zoccali
  • Il Collegio dei Docenti
  • Il Collegio dei Revisori dei Conti
  • Il Consiglio di Amministrazione , composto da:
    - il Rettore
    - il Direttore Amministrativo
    - il Collegio dei Docenti
    - la Regione Calabria
    - l'Amministrazione Provinciale di Reggio Calabria - il Sindaco di Reggio Calabria - l'Amministrazione Comunale di Reggio Calabria - il Rettore dell'Università degli Studi di Reggio Calabria - il Provveditore agli Studi di Reggio Calabria - il Consiglio Direttivo del Comitato Locale della Società Dante Alighieri di Reggio Calabria - la Camera di Commercio di Reggio Calabria - l'Azienda di Promozione Turistica di Reggio Calabria - il Collegio dei Revisori dei Conti.

11. La Divina Comedia De Dante Alighieri

Biografía de Dante Alighieri
Sitio Especializado en la Obra de Dante (Inglés) Firme el libro de visitas ... Vea el libro de visitas
Visitas a esta página -Geocities-

12. Dante Alighieri Eindhoven Netherlands
Sito ufficiale della sede olandese di Eindhoven. Si occupa della diffusione della lingua italiana.
Dante Alighieri Eindhoven Netherlands

13. Italian Language School, Soc.Dante Alighieri, Comitato Di Siena, Italy - Languag
Siena Language programs. General, intensive and cultural courses for groups and individuals. Cookery courses. Recreational activities.
Learn italian in Italy - Italian language school

The most effective and fun way to learn a foreign language is to travel to the country and spend time mixing with the locals. For this reason we at the Soc. Dante Alighieri Siena Committee, offer a wide range of courses in a friendly atmosphere in order to allow you to learn Italian with the natives! But we do not limit ourselves to just language lessons in the classroom. At the Soc. Dante Alighieri Siena Committee, we give you the chance to try your hand at the many traditions and crafts for which Italy is famous: pottery, painting, culture classes, arts, opera, all of which combine to allow you to really get to know Siena and her surroundings. For the good eaters among you we also offer cooking classes where some of the best chefs of Siena teach you the delicious, traditional Tuscan specialties.
OSIA Sweden’s CSN Hamburg's Bildungsurlaub web-mail Soc. Dante Alighieri - Comitato di Siena

14. Dante Alighieri Society Of Massachusetts
Organization promoting the study of Italian language and culture.
The Dante Alighieri Society of Massachusetts is a non profit organization whose objective is to promote and foster Italian culture. La Dante Alighieri Società del Massachusetts si propone di tutelare e diffondere la lingua e la cultura italiana.

15. La Scuola Media Dante Alighieri E Le Sue Sedi
Spoleto Sito ufficiale della scuola.
Potrai trovare maggiori informazioni sulle scuole Enis nel collegamento esterno La nostra scuola è una scuola di eccellenza Navigate the site. [ Scuole Enis CLICK HERE FOR ENGLISH PRESENTATION Sito ottimizzato per Internet Explorer 5 o superiori Miglior risoluzione video 1024 x768 S.M.S. Dante Alighieri via Don Pietro Bonilli 8 06049 Spoleto (Perugia) Tel. 0743-49858 Fax. 0743-4985 Nella nostra scuola corsi per la patente europea del computer classifiche testi soluzioni formato word formato pdf utenti in linea

16. Scuola Dante Alighieri - Accademia Di Belle Arti A Firenze
Firenze Accademia di Belle Arti legalmente riconosciuta. Corsi diurni e serali di pittura, design e graphic design, fotografia e restauro.

17. Istituto Dante Alighieri
Bagheria, Sicily Allyear-round language programme. Authorized by the Italian Public Ministry of Education.

18. Dante Alighieri
Life and work of 13th century Italian poet and philosopher; by Winthrop Wetherbee.
history HOW TO CITE
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
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Dante Alighieri
Dante's engagement with philosophy cannot be studied apart from his vocation as a writer, in which he sought to raise the level of public discourse by educating his countrymen and inspiring them to pursue happiness in the contemplative life. He was one of the most learned Italian laymen of his day, intimately familiar with Aristotelian logic and natural philosophy, theology (he had a special affinity for the thought of Albert the Great and Thomas Aquinas), and classical literature. His writings reflect this in its mingling of philosophical and theological language, invoking Aristotle and the neo-Platonists side by side with the poet of the psalms. Like Aquinas, Dante wished to summon his audience to the practice of philosophical wisdom, though by means of truths embedded in his own poetry, rather than mysteriously embodied in scripture.
1. Life
Dante was born in 1265 in Florence. At the age of 9 he met for the first time the eight-year-old Beatrice Portinari, who became in effect his Muse, and remained, after her death in 1290, the central inspiration for his major poems. Between 1285, when he married and began a family, and 1302, when he was exiled from Florence, he was active in the cultural and civic life of Florence, served as a soldier and held several political offices.

19. C.L.I. Dante Alighieri - Italiano Per Stranieri
All their teachers are qualified university graduates and have received specialized training.
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20. Dante Alighieri On The Web
Il sito permette di effettuare il download in lingua originale delle seguenti opere di Dante Divina Category World Italiano Alighieri, Dante Testi Elettronici...... Home page. Why Dante? His time. Text only version (218 Kb). RTF version (232 Kb).English versions of the Commedia available here (from Digital Dante Project). Home Miscellaneous Texts Download Site's FAQ ... Hannibal refs to Dante Click on a link to download the file or to see it if it's HTML.
Divina Commedia
HTML version (530 Kb)
Text only version (218 Kb)

RTF version (232 Kb)

English versions of the Commedia available here (from Digital Dante Project
Another different English transtlation available here
An English prose translation of the Commedia online here
Vita nuova
HTML version (108 Kb)
Text only version (G. Barbera 1965 edition) (42 Kb)

Text only version (Bemporad 1932 edition) (42 Kb)

An English translation of the Vita Nuova available online here
The Convivio
HTML version (400 Kb)
Text only version (133 Kb)

RTF version (143 Kb)
English version of the Convivio available here (from Digital Dante Project
HTML version (32 Kb) Text only version (13 Kb) RTF version (15 Kb)
Il Fiore
HTML version (132 Kb) Text only version (50 Kb) RTF version (57 Kb)
Detto d'Amore
HTML version (13 Kb) Text only version (6 Kb) RTF version (8 Kb)
De vulgari eloquentia
HTML version (84 Kb) Text only version (31 Kb) RTF version (34 Kb)
The Monarchia
HTML version (130 Kb) Text only version (47 Kb) RTF version (50 Kb)
The Epistles
HTML version (70 Kb) Text only version (29 Kb) RTF version (31 Kb) English versions of the Epistles available here (from Digital Dante Project
The Eclogues
HTML version (16 Kb) Text only version (8 Kb) RTF version (9 Kb)
Quaestio de Aqua et de Terra
HTML version (30 Kb) Text only version (47 Kb) RTF version (50 Kb) A selection of English translations of Dante's work can be found

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