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         Cummings E E:     more books (100)
  1. The enormous room by E E. 1894-1962 Cummings, 2010-08-01
  2. Selected Poems by E. E. Cummings, 2007-08-17
  3. E. E. Cummings: Complete Poems, 1904-1962 (Revised, Corrected, and Expanded Edition) by E. E. Cummings, 1994-04-17
  4. Fairy Tales by E. E. Cummings, 2004-11-17
  5. 100 Selected Poems by e. e. cummings, 1994-01-10
  6. Erotic Poems by E. E. Cummings, 2010-02-08
  7. E. E. Cummings: Complete Poems, 1913-1962 by E. E. Cummings, 1980
  8. Dreams in the Mirror: A Biography of E.E. Cummings (A Liveright Book) by Richard S. Kennedy, 1994-10-17
  9. HIST WHIST (Dragonfly Books) by E.E. Cummings, 1994-08-09
  10. 95 Poems by E. E. Cummings, 2002-08-17
  11. Tulips and Chimneys by E. E. Cummings, 1996-08-17
  12. i--six nonlectures (Charles Eliot Norton Lectures) by e. e. cummings, 1991-01-01
  13. May I Feel Said He (Art & Poetry) by E.E. Cummings, 1995-10-01
  14. Complete Poems, 1904-1962 by E.E. Cummings, 1992-06-22

1. An Unofficial E. E. Cummings Starting Point
Informational page with links to related resources.
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Edward Estlin Cummings
October 14, 1894 September 3, 1962
E. E. Cummings was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts to Edward and Rebecca Haswell Clarke Cummings. Intensely creative, Cummings was also a fine artist, playwright and novelist; his life and art were tightly interwoven. Known for typographic innovation, Cummings controlled both the look and the content of his poems.
Information about The E. E. Cummings Society and its journal,
A small, informal bibliography

Notes on the capitalization of "E. E. Cummings"
Linked sites will open in a separate browser window. Back to Contents The E. E. Cummings Society A resource not to be overlooked is The E. E. Cummings Society. Its journal, Spring , is published annually, and includes papers presented at the American Literature Association 's conference, original poetry, news, and notices of events relating to the subject E. E. Cummings. Critical essays, so often requested here, are found within its pages, as are reproductions of Cummings' artwork. Spring now has its own website at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan:

2. E E Cummings
Elijah cummings, US House of Representatives Congressman Elijah E. cummings. Proudly Representing Maryland's 7th of Congressman Elijah E. cummings in. Response to the by Representative Elijah E. cummings in Opposition to

biographical timeline
Tumbling-hair Buffalo Bill's it may not always be so; and i say ... i like my body when it is with your
XLI Poems, 1925 is 5, 1926 why did you go Foreward Picasso nobody loses all the time ... i go to this window
W [ViVa], 1931 but mr can you maybe listen there's "Gay" is the captivating cognomen of a Young Woman of cambridge, in a middle of a room somewhere i have never travelled,gladly beyond
No Thanks, 1935 may i feel said he Jehovah buried, Satan dead, love is a place
New Poems [from Collected Poems], 1938 Introduction
50 Poems, 1940
1 x 1 [One Times One], 1944 pity this busy monster,manunkind, yes is a pleasant country:
XAIPE, 1950 I thank You God for most this amazing
95 Poems, 1958 lily has a rose a total stranger one black day i am a little church(no great cathedral) i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
73 Poems, 1963 if seventy were young Now i lay(with everywhere around) early letters April 23, 1902 May 3, 1902 pictures Dr. Edward Cummings, eec's father Rebecca Haswell Clarke Cummings, eec's mother e e cummings e e cummings e e cummings Back to tomate's Home Page

3. Poetry Today Online : Classic Poets: E.E. Cummings
Contains a selection of cummings' poems, a short biography and links to some of the poet's sketches. Edward Estlin (e. e.) cummings was born in Cambridge, MA Through his poetry, e. e. cummings stabbed the establishment, the the style of cummings's poetry brings the wordprocessor
June 1998 E.E Cummings
Unconventional in every way, the poet Edward Estlin Cummings made striking use of grammar and punctuationso much so that he often referred to himself as "i" and signed his name in lowercase letters as well: e.e. cummings. His arts were poetry, painting, and drama, and in all of them he was an experimenter and innovator. The poetryfor which he is best rememberedwas marked by bizarre combinations of words and expressions and produced in very strange printing. But the ideas on which his poems were based were the traditional New England values of self-reliance, justice, and dissent. The unusual techniques that Cummings used served to present his ideas more forcefully and effectively than would have been the case with more ordinary styles.
Cummings was born in Cambridge, Mass., on Oct. 14, 1894. He was graduated from Harvard College in 1915 and received a master's degree in 1916. During World War I he served as an ambulance driver in France. He spent six months in a detention camp because of his friendship with another American who had supposedly criticized the Allied war effort. This experience increased his distrust for all officialdom, a distrust that showed itself in many of his later poems as well as in his first book, 'The Enormous Room', published in 1922.
Between the two world wars Cummings divided his time between Paris and New York City. His first book of verse was 'Tulips and Chimneys' (1923). In all he wrote 12 volumes of verse, which were collected in 'Complete Poems' (1968). The strangeness of his style was criticized by some as phony and pretentious, but others found it meaningful despite the difficulties it often posed.

4. E. E. Cummings - The Academy Of American Poets
EE cummings The Academy of American Poets presents biographies, photographs, selectedpoems, and links as part of its online poetry exhibits. EE cummings.

5. E.E.Cummings
SelfPortrait, Oil Painting. cummings in the 1950s. Courtesy of Nancy T. Andrews E.E. cummings (1894-1962) E. E. cummings' Life General Commentary by cummings Reviews of Selected Poetry Collections On Thy fingers make early flowers of
Self-Portrait, Oil Painting. Cummings in the 1950s. Courtesy of Nancy T. Andrews E.E. Cummings (1894-1962) E. E. Cummings' Life General Commentary by Cummings Reviews of Selected Poetry Collections "An Analysis of Two Poems by E. E. Cummings."An Essay by Iain Landles ... External Links Compiled and Prepared by Michael Benzel Return to Modern American Poetry Home Return to Poets Index

6. Decapitalization Of E. E. Cummings
NOT "e. e. cummings". by Norman Friedman with the usual capital letters in their usual places "E. E. cummings.'' is very friendly toward E. E. cummings' work. I believe it
NOT "e. e. cummings"
by Norman Friedman
It may at first seem of little import, but for a poet who paid such exacting attention to typography, it must be said once and for all that his name should be written and printed with the usual capital letters in their usual places: "E. E. Cummings.'' Let us dispose, first of all, of the usual reaction when his name is mentioned in conversation: "Oh, isn't he the poet who never uses capitals?" Even a casual look at his poems shows that of course he uses capitals—he uses them frequently, albeit not always conventionally. The same goes for spacing, word and line breaks, parentheses, and punctuation, not to mention grammar and syntax. What probably accounts for the common misperception that he is a lowercase poet is his usual printing of "I" as "i." Interestingly, he wrote in a letter to his mother, September 3, 1925 ( Selected Letters , F. W. Dupee and George Stade, eds., 1969, pp. 108-9): "I am a small eye poet." Notice that he capitalizes the first-person singular, distinguishing between the writer of the letter and the writer of the poetry. And in his letters he most frequently used the uppercase form, with his signature at the bottom in caps, thus:

7. Island Of Freedom - E. E. Cummings
A brief biographical note on cummings, with links to further resources.Category Arts Literature Authors C cummings, E. E....... Cabin. His lectures and essays are to be found in i Six Nonlectures(1953) and EE cummings A Miscellany (1958; rev. ed., 1965).
edward estlin cummings
where climbing was and bright
is darkness and to fall
(now wrong's the only right
since brave are cowards all)

e. e. cummings

Edward Estlin Cummings was a poet, playwright, prose writer, and painter whose vital transcendental vision found embodiment in a startling array of innovative artistic devices, where typography, punctuation, grammar, syntax, diction, imagery, and rhythm were often pushed to their limits.
After completing his B.A. and M.A. in English and classics at Harvard University by 1916, Cummings volunteered for the Norton-Harjes Ambulance Corps in France during World War I. He wrote letters back home criticizing the conduct of the war, and the nervous French censors had him arrested and sent (1917) to a detention center, where he remained for three months before being released. This harrowing prison-camp experience became the basis of his first published book, The Enormous Room (1922), one of the best American works to come out of that war. Written as a journal of his prison stay, it is heightened by an already experimental prose style and a hatred of bureaucracy that could treat helpless and innocent civilians so cruelly. On his return from France to the United States, refusing his family's wish that he seek a commission, Cummings was drafted into the army until shortly after the 1918 Armistice. He depicts military life satirically in such poems as i sing of Olaf glad and big
Cummings's celebration of the individual, then, and of love and spring, was not simply sentimental, as has sometimes been claimed, for it was based on hard-won personal experience. It was also based on his transcendental vision, and it is this that provides the rationale for his artistic experimentalism. Regarding the invisible world of the spirit as dwelling within the visible world of matter, this vision sees matter as bodying forth spirit. To realize this, however, requires peeling the scales of habit from one's eyes, for society's routines tend to deaden one's insight into the organic aliveness of the world and all its creatures.

8. Ee Cummings
The EmpireZine website's profile of cummings; includes a bibliography.Category Arts Literature Authors C cummings, E. E....... cummings's first book, The Enormous Room, is a novel/memoir based on his experiencesin the French internment camp; it concerns the preservation of dignity in

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CREDIT SOURCE: All information contained herein was obtained at the Camden County Free Library, Voorhees NJ, USA
introduction ummings's innovative and controversial verse places him among the most popular and widely anthologized poets of the twentieth century. While linked early in his career with the Modernist movement, he wrote poems with themes that more closely resemble the works of the New England Transcendentalists and English Romantics. Rejecting what he perceived as the small-mindedness of "mostpeople," Cummings's work celebrates the individual, as well as erotic and familiar love. biography ummings grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where his father was a sociology professor at Harvard and a noted Unitarianclergyman. Demonstrating a strong interest in poetry and art from an early age, Cummings enjoyed the full support and encouragement of his parents. He attended Harvard from 1911 to 1915, studying literature and writing daily. He eventually joined the editorial board of the Harvard Monthly, a college literary magazine, where he worked with his close friends S. Foster Damon and John Dos Passos. In his senior year he became fascinated by avant-garde art, modernism, and cubism, an interest reflected in his graduation dissertation, "The New Art." In this paper, Cummings

9. E. E. Cummings - Biography And Poems By
Brief biography, selection of poems and recommended books.Category Arts Literature Authors C cummings, E. E.......This ee cummings page includes a brief biography and his most importantpoems. There is also Biography of ee cummings. cummings was born
e. e. cummings
Navigation Biography of e. e. cummings
Poems by e. e. cummings

Books by cummings
Biography of e. e. cummings
Cummings was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to liberal, indulgent parents who from early on encouraged him to develop his creative gifts. While at Harvard, where his father had taught before becoming a Unitarian minister, he delivered a daring commencement address on modernist artistic innovations, thus announcing the direction his own work would take. In 1917, after working briefly for a mail-order publishing company, the only regular employment in his career, Cummings volunteered to serve in the Norton-Harjes Ambulance group in France. Here he and a friend were imprisoned (on false grounds) for three months in a French detention camp. The Enormous Room (1922), his witty and absorbing account of the experience, was also the first of his literary attacks on authoritarianism. Eimi (1933), a later travel journal, focused with much less successful results on the collectivized Soviet Union. At the end of the First World War Cummings went to Paris to study art. On his return to New York in 1924 he found himself a celebrity, both for

10. E. E. Cummings - The Academy Of American Poets
EE cummings somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond. Add to a Notebooksomewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond EE cummings.

11. Michelle Cummings
Singer/songwriter; includes biography, reviews and downloadable songs in RealAudio format.
Michelle Cummings ENTER

12. E. E. Cummings - The Academy Of American Poets
Biography, a photograph, selected poems and a bibliography.
poetry awards poetry month poetry exhibits about the academy Search Larger Type Find a Poet Find a Poem Listening Booth ... Add to a Notebook E. E. Cummings Edward Estlin Cummings was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1894. He received his B.A. in 1915 and his M.A. in 1916, both from Harvard. During the First World War, Cummings worked as an ambulance driver in France, but was interned in a prison camp by the French authorities (an experience recounted in his novel, The Enormous Room ) for his outspoken anti-war convictions. After the war, he settled into a life divided between houses in rural Connecticut and Greenwich Village, with frequent visits to Paris. In his work, Cummings experimented radically with form, punctuation, spelling and syntax, abandoning traditional techniques and structures to create a new, highly idiosyncratic means of poetic expression. Later in his career, he was often criticized for settling into his signature style and not pressing his work towards further evolution. Nevertheless, he attained great popularity, especially among young readers, for the simplicity of his language, his playful mode and his attention to subjects such as war and sex. At the time of his death in 1962, he was the second most widely read poet in the United States, after Robert Frost This bio was last updated on Feb 1, 2001.

13. American Woman's Burton Cummings Page
Tribute, links, and pictures.
American Woman's Burton Cummings Page
This is dedicated to Burton's American fans just because We Have To Try Harder!!
The Magic Of Burton's Legacy
Burton Cummings has been my idol since I was 12 yrs old and first heard These Eyes on the radio. He had a voice that could literally send shivers down your spine (and still does!)and his music has inspired lifelong devotion in his fans. (and his fans are the most devoted group of people I've met)
Never really get my rockin' feet to movin' til some cat's singin' Star Baby !
Hmmm...wonder who turned them into Dancin' Fools? !
Burton In Wonderland
Burton Cummings Lifers Fan Club
To join the Burton Cummings Lifers Fan Club forum contact or go to " " , register with Network 54 and then apply to the club. All the latest info and a great bunch of fans.
The Fan Club gathering in Kitchener
Burton photos here ! (click on link)
Some Favourite Burton Links......(Fan Tribute sites are **)

14. Amy Munno's E.E. Cummings Page
A few poems, a biography and some of cummings' drawings.Category Arts Literature Authors C cummings, E. E....... Poems Through his poetry, ee cummings stabbed the establishment, theabstract, the pompous society, the mechanical, the impersonal.
On the 100th anniversary of his birth, The New York Public Library offered an exhibit of his drawings and poems, with photos and memorabilia in a timeline under glass. My friends and I were fortunate enough to be able to go to see the physical history of this great writer. (No, we did not skip out of work!) Short Bio
Edward Estlin (e. e.) Cummings was born in Cambridge, MA on October 14, 1894. He graduated Harvard with a B.A. in 1915 and an M.A. in 1916. He voluntarily joined an ambulance corps and went to France for World War I. He was imprisoned falsely for 3 months during the war in a camp, which gave him fuel for writing. After the war, he stayed in Paris to paint and write. He died in 1962 in Conway, NH. Poems
Through his poetry, e. e. cummings stabbed the establishment, the abstract, the pompous society, the mechanical, the impersonal. He wrote with typographical ingenuity, showing how his presentation of words on the page could change the oral reading of the poem. The arrangement of words, syllables, and punctuation causes stress and flow that brings life to the print. I smile knowing that the style of cummings's poetry brings the word-processor spell check and grammar check to their knees - a blow against technology in an age before the personal computer. Although the poetry of politics and satire brings a powerful message, I prefer the poems of love and sweetness, longing and desire, nature and wonder. Here are some of my favorite e. e. poems.

15. E.E. Cummings Bei ZdZ
Xaipe / 14. Englisch und Deutsch, ¼bersetzt von Mirko Bonn©.
E.E. Cummings
XAIPE / 14
out of more find than seeks
are(me wander and nows to the
power of blueness)whos(ex-
plore my unreal in
-credible true each new
remember:yes;we played with a piece of when
till it rolled behind forever,we touched a shy
animal called where and she disappeared. Out of more(fingeryhands me and whying)seek than finds feeling(seize)floats(only by only)a silence only made of,bird aus mehr finden als suchs sind(mich wander und nuns in die decke mein unwahres nicht- zuglaubendes wahrlich jedermann neu tier genannt wo und sie verschwand. mich und warummend)suchen als finds einzig)eine stille einzig gefertigt aus,vogel E.E. Cummings , Acht Gedichte, in: ZdZ Heft 16 Zur Hauptseite von Urs Engeler Editor

16. Noncriticism: Noncritical Nonfacts
A scholarly overview of cummings and his work. Includes links to further resources.Category Arts Literature Authors C cummings, E. E. Reviews......
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17. Spring, The Journal Of The E. E. Cummings Society
SPRING. The Journal of the EE cummings Society. To subscribe to the Journal andjoin the EE cummings Society, contact Norman Friedman at
The Journal of the E. E. Cummings Society
About the E. E. Cummings Society Bibliography Chronology Contents / Articles ... (page proof To subscribe to the Journal and join the E. E. Cummings Society, contact Norman Friedman at: This page is still under construction! Address inquiries or other comments to: Home-page of editor of the Spring page: Last updated: This page hosted by Grand Valley State University and the GVSU English Department:

18. Jim Cummings
Tribute offering several sounds clips and a poem entitled Ode To Jim cummings .

19. User8 Ehrinn Cummings Gallery
Thumbnailed image gallery.

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Includes a biography, speeches, photographs, poetry, and articles.
Joel Cummings Jr. Beta National Chaplain Contact Information: Joel Cummings 135 Tucker Ripley, TN 38063 Biography Speeches Appearances ... Contact Me

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