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         Clayton Jo:     more books (100)
  1. Ghosthunt (Diadem #7) by Jo Clayton, 1983-05-03
  2. Snares of Ibex: Book VIII of the Diadem (Snares of Ibex) by Jo Clayton, 1990-04
  3. Star Hunters (Diadem) by Jo Clayton, 1980-07-01
  4. Irsud by Jo Clayton, 1978-09-05
  5. Nowhere Hunt by Jo Clayton, 1990
  6. Quester's Endgame (Diadem Saga) by Jo Clayton, 1986-07-01
  7. Lamarchos by Jo Clayton, 1978
  8. Maeve (Diadem Novels, Book 4) by Jo Clayton, 1982-08-02
  9. Fire in the Sky (Shadowsong Trilogy, No 1) by Jo Clayton, 1995-05-01
  10. Shadowkill (Shadith's Quest #3) by Jo Clayton, 1991-04-01
  11. The Burning Ground (Shadowsong #2) by Jo Clayton, 1995-09-01
  12. Moongather (Duel of Sorcery, Bk. 1) by Jo Clayton, 1982-05-03
  13. The Nowhere Hunt by Jo Clayton, 1981
  14. Maeve by Jo Clayton, 1979

1. Jo Clayton Buecher
Translate this page Info1 Info2 clayton jo Feuer am Himmel. Schattenlied. Erster Roman der Schattenlied-Triologie. Info1 Info2 clayton jo Brennende Erde.
Jo Clayton Buecher
Clayton Jo
Feuer am Himmel. Schattenlied. Erster Roman der Schattenlied- Triologie.

Clayton Jo
Brennende Erde. Zweiter Roman der Schattenlied- Trilogie.

Clayton Jo
Hüterin der Kristalle. Dritter Roman der Schattenlied- Trilogie.

2. "Bibliographie De Clayton Jo"
(USA, 1939 - 1998)
Paul Denis
Mise à jour : 29/07/2002.

3. Wake Tech Spring Day Course Schedules -SOC-
SOC 210, 001, Introduction to Sociology Instructor clayton jo Anne, 102125,3.0, 01300425P, M, HS, 516, 35, 5, 51. Prerequisites NONE CorequisitesNONE.
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Number Sec Title / Instructor CIN Crdt
Hrs Times Days Bldg Rm Max
... SOC 210 Introduction to Sociology
Instructor: Clayton Jo Anne M HS Prerequisites: NONE Corequisites: NONE SOC 210 Introduction to Sociology
Instructor: Clayton Jo Anne F HS Prerequisites: NONE Corequisites: NONE
SOC 210.002 is restricted to Dental Hygiene, General Occupational Technology, Human Services Technology, Human Services Technology/Developmental Disabilities and Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse until November 11, 2002. SOC 210 Introduction to Sociology
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Instructor: Hitchner Anita Gilbert TTH SS Prerequisites: NONE Corequisites: NONE SOC 210 Introduction to Sociology
Instructor: Hitchner Anita Gilbert TTH LM Prerequisites: NONE Corequisites: NONE SOC 210 Introduction to Sociology
Instructor: Dawes Karen MWF ET Prerequisites: NONE Corequisites: NONE This course is one class of a Learning Community including ENG 111.029 and SOC 210.006. Students must take both of these courses together. To register, contact the College Transfer Advising Center.

Translate this page Accueil Liens Votre avis Le livre du mois Astronomie Quiz Labyrinthe Découvrezla science-fiction. clayton jo. TITRES, Année, Collection Editeur, N°.
AUTEURS de SF A B C D ... W X Y Z Accueil Liens ... Découvrez la science-fiction CLAYTON JO TITRES Année Collection Editeur N° Le diadème des étoiles Galaxie Bis Lamarchos Galaxie Bis Irsud Galaxie Bis Maeve Galaxie Bis Chasseur d'étoile Galaxie Bis

5. Alpha Ralpha Boulevard: Jo Clayton
Jo Clayton. (19391998) Other Clayton links Obituary and fact sheetBibliography The Burning Ground Shadowsong Trilogy 2 September,Jo.php3
Jo Clayton
Other Clayton links:
Obituary and fact sheet
The Burning Ground
Shadowsong Trilogy #2
September 1995, Daw Books Mass Market Paperback ISBN:0-886-77663-5
Crystal Heat
January 1996, Daw Books Mass Market paperback ISBN:0-886-77674-0
Dance Down the Stars
The Dancer Trilogy #3
September 1994, Daw Books Mass Market Paperback ISBN:0-886-77617-1
Dancer's Rise
Dance Trilogy #1
September 1994, Daw Books Mass Market Paperback Reissue Edition ISBN:0-886-77567-1
Diadem from the Starts
Drinker of Soulds
Drum Calls
Drums of Chaos Books 2
October 1997, Tor Books Hardcover ISBN:0-312-86119-2
Drum Warning
July 1996, Tor Books Hardcover ISBN:0-312-86177-X
Fire in the Sky
Shadowsong Trilogy #1
May 1995, Daw Books Mass Market Paperback ISBN:0-886-77650-3
June 1987, New American Library ISBN:0-886-77220-6
May 1984, New American Library ISBN:0-879-97971-2
Book Four of the Diadem series
Serpent Waltz
Second in the Dancer Trilogy
March 1994, Daw Books Mass Market Paperback ISBN:0-886-77597-3

6. Helge's Notebook - Neat Authors: Jo Clayton
Jo Clayton died recently, leaving behind a treasure of great storiesand thousands of fans. Jo Clayton. Diadem from the Stars series
Jo Clayton
Diadem from the Stars series: Diadem from the Stars Ghosthunt Irsud Maeve Star Hunters The Nowhere Hunt The Snares of Ibex - There are actually about four series of these: the original of seven books, and at least three spin-off series from that. Most of her protagonists are women, which is a refreshing change from many authors who can't seem to be able to envision a strong female character. Jo Clayton's women are not bullet proof super heroines, but rather women who often have to struggle to survive in a male dominated world. Somehow they manage to do this without losing their identity, or their self respect. February 16, 1998: According to the latest news that I read today, Jo Clayton died the day before Valentine's Day, 1998. I feel very disappointed - I had been hoping that she would recover from her illness and write again; it seemed that a writer of her strength should have been spared. Only yesterday I was browsing the shelves in Borders to look for anything by her that I've missed. Instead, I suppose, there will be no more to miss...

7. Jo Clayton - Bibliography Summary
Jo Clayton Bibliography Summary. Alpha Main Menu Search Clayton,Patricia Jo (USA, 1939-1998). Series Diadem Diadem 1 Diadem

8. Jo Clayton - Bibliography Summary
Jo Clayton Bibliography Summary. Chron Main Menu Search Clayton,Patricia Jo (USA, 1939-1998). Novels Diadem from the Stars

clayton jo. Clayton, Jo. ( about) (4 titles); CLAYTON, JO. (1 title);Clayton, Jo. Drums of chaos. ( about) (2 titles); Clayton, John. JO

10. - Used Books For Sale - Jo Clayton
Jo Clayton. Bibliography Used Books for Sale. Condition LN=Like New; VG=VeryGood; G=Good; F=Fair. All books are paperback unless otherwise noted.
Home Used Books Services About ... FAQs
Jo Clayton
Condition: LN=Like New; VG=Very Good; G=Good; F=Fair All books are paperback unless otherwise noted Due To The Limited # of these books, PayPal Payments are preferred. All books are paperback unless otherwise noted. View cart button at bottom of page (a quick way to reach the bottom of the page is to hold the "ctrl" key while hitting the "end" key). Any questions or want more details about the books listed below? Scanned Images available upon request
. Feel free to email me: Shipping for US only:
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Science Fiction - Fantasy
Title Publisher Item # Cond. Price Add To Cart Info Maeve
(1st printing, 1979) DAW VG Info Skeen's Search
(1st printing, 1987) DAW LN
All questions, comments and Suggestions should be directed to

11. Jo Clayton - Bibliography Summary
Jo Clayton Bibliography Summary. Pub Biblio Alpha Chron MainMenu Search Clayton, Patricia Jo (USA, 1939-1998). Web

12. The Linköping Science Fiction Archive: John Wenn's Bibliographies
Christopher John; Clarke Arthur; clayton jo; Clement Hal; Compton DG;Coney Michael; Cook Glen; Cook Hugh; Cooper Edmund; Cooper Louise; Coulson
John Wenn's Bibliographies
Linköping SF Archive / 12 Apr 95

13. Scifiauthorindex
CLARKE ARTHUR C. The Songs of Distant Earth Hardcover SCIFIC075000 clayton jo 1Soul Drinker Trilogy Drinker of Souls Paperback FANTC087000 clayton jo 2
Sci-Fi Author Index This page lists about 600 books in stock on January 17,2003. Books are listed alphabetically by author. If you want to see a description of the book, prices, condition, etc., go to the appropriate catalog. Look at the Book ID to figure out in which catalog the book resides. SCIFI = Science Fiction
FANT = Fantasy
SCI-COL = Collections and Anthologies
SCI-TREK = Star Trek and Star Wars
If the book is missing from the catalog web page, that means it has been sold since we last updated this page.
AUTHOR NAME TITLE PB or HC BOOK ID NUMBER ABBEY, LYNN Daughter of the Bright Moon Hardcover FANT-A10000
ACKERMAN AND STINE Reel Future Hardcover SCI-COL63000
ADAMS, DOUGLAS #2 Life, the Universe and Everything Paperback SCIFI-A14000
ADAMS, DOUGLAS #4: So Long and Thanks For All The Fish Paperback SCIFI-A15000
ADAMS, DOUGLAS #5 Mostly Harmless Trade Paperback SCIFI-A17000
ADAMS, DOUGLAS #5 Mostly Harmless Hardcover SCIFI-A18000

14. Jo Clayton's Official Home Page
Includes biographical information, a complete bibliography, and a poem by clayton, among others things.Category Arts Literature Science Fiction Authors C clayton, clayton THE OFFICIAL HOME PAGE. rescue. An autobiographical poemby jo clayton. Just the facts. Some musings by jo clayton. View
Novels Short Stories Fact Sheet Jo's Art ... More Alert! Alert!
The final book of Jo's series, Drum Into Silence, is now available! There is a scan of the cover availble for you to enjoy. We have discontinued our association with This was done partly because so few of Jo's books are still in print, and partly because of's policies regarding privacy and selling used books. We will turn over proceeds from the sales to the Clayton Memorial Medical Fund, as promised. Jo Clayton, author of 35 works of science fiction and fantasy, as well as countless short stories, was born on February 15, 1939, in Modesto, California. In 1996, at the age of 57, Jo was hospitalized with multiple myleoma, a form of bone cancer that affects the marrow. Jo continued to write during her year and a half in the hospital. She finished Drum Calls, the second book of the Drums of Chaos series, and was halfway through the third and final book when she lost her struggle with multiple myeloma in February, 1998. Katharine Kerr,

15. Jo Clayton Emergency Medical Fund
jo clayton. 15 February 193913 February 1998
Jo Clayton
15 February 1939-13 February 1998 News Updates (This is old "news" now, but for those who weren't able to read it as it happened, here is the story of her last 18 months.)
Autumn 1996
Science fiction and fantasy author Jo Clayton is being hospitalized in Portland, OR, after having been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a very aggressive cancer of the immune system plasma cells (similar to leukemia or lymphoma). The myeloma begins in the bone marrow and spreads throughout the body via holes eaten through the bone mass. Jo is responding well to chemotherapy, though the seriousness of her condition will keep her hospitalized at least until December, probably longer. Jo has been long known to her friends as a fighter, and this remains the case. Her spirits are high and her attitude is extraordinarily strong. She continues to work as much as possible, having recently finished the second book in her "Drums" trilogy while on her back with an IV in her arm. "Drums III" is now underway. She is touched by the amount of attention she is receiving from the fan and writer communities. It's been a real boost to her attitude. She emphasizes that this whole experience has been a source of important good for her in a larger context. "I've been having a glorious time in lots of ways." Thanks chiefly to the unexpected flood of cards, email, and other contact with well-wishers, fans, and friends (many of whom she never knew existed), she plans to lead a "new life" when she is out of the hospital and able to lead her life again. "I will be a butterfly," she said. She plans to get out more, socialize with friends old and new, and enjoy more activities than she did before this crisis, this "fortunate fall," as she called it. "There's so much to look forward to that I feel good."

16. Jo Clayton's History
jo clayton's Life Story (The Short Version). regard. jo will be missed.Copyright © 2002, The Estate of jo clayton. RETURN TO MAIN PAGE.
Jo Clayton's Life Story
(The Short Version)
Novels Short Stories Fact Sheet Jo's Art ... Main Page Jo's maternal grandmother was a mail-order bride. She married a man in Oklahoma whose first two wives had died in childbirth. Jo's grandparents had two daughters. They left Oklahoma and moved to California a year before the dust bowl, but Jo's grandfather, at 60, was considered too old to run a farm, so he leased his family out as laborers. One day Jo's mother, Bessie, and her sister went swimming in the river and Bessie's sister drowned. Bessie had to ride back to town with her dead sister in the back of a cart. Bessie resolved that all her children would learn to swim, and they did. In the '30s, Bessie eloped to Carson City, and Jo was "Born in Modesto, California, February 15, 1939 in a hospital they tore down soon afterward. Named after Jo in Little Womenprenatally predestined to a writing career?" Jo was "Raised on a sandhill that shook whenever the San Andreas Fault hiccuped. Learned the perversity of nature from the cows and a pinto horse called Chief with a propensity for charging through barbwire fences." Jo and her three sisters shared a bedroom, and they told each other bedtime stories. Penn, one of Jo's sisters, said Jo's stories were always the best, full of science fiction and fantasy elements. Jo's parents promised that all three sisters would go to college and they all did. Jo graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Southern California in 1963. After graduation, Jo taught in Bell, California, near Los Angeles. Of teaching, Jo said, "Labored as a teacher in assorted inner cities where my students taught me more than they ever learned from me. Quit after thirteen years only just on the right side of sanity (though I'm not too sure any longer what that side is)."

17. CLAYTON, Patricia Jo - Personal Data
jo clayton vital statistics, photo, bibliography, and obituary data. VITAL STATISTICS. Name clayton, Patricia jo Aged 58. Born February 15, 1939 Where Modesto, California
Return to Alphabetical Listing VITAL STATISTICS
Name: CLAYTON, Patricia Jo Aged:
Born: February 15, 1939 Where: Modesto, California
Died: February 13, 1998 Where: Portland, Oregon
Married: No
Interred: Cremated, ashes scattered in California redwoods.
SS#: 566-54-7027 CA Awarded:
Jo Clayton
"I am concerned with the human being who manages to gain a measure of
self-respect and self-reliance in spite of manifold difficulties...especially women." Attended the University of California in Berkeley, 1956-58; Modesto Junior College, 58-59; and graduated with an English major from the University of Southern California in 1962. For a while Jo thought her life was of use to the Catholic Church and she became a novice nun and schoolteacher, moving to New Orleans. Eventually, Clayton decided to walk away from that calling and took up both art and writing as complimentary careers. Clayton's most famous, and some say best, grouping was the Diadem series. Before her death and during her illness of nearly two years with cancer, Jo completed a second novel of the Drum trilogy and wrote half of a third. In between those novel sequences, Clayton wrote trilogies known as

18. Jo Clayton
Obituary and fact sheet jo clayton February 17, 1998 From JamesW. Fiscus Chairman, Oregon SF Emergency Fund Board of Trustees.
Obituary and fact sheet: Jo Clayton
February 17, 1998
From: James W. Fiscus
Chairman, Oregon SF Emergency Fund Board of Trustees.
(503) 239-7641 Email: Science fiction and fantasy writer Jo Clayton died Friday, February 13, 1998, in Good Samaritan Hospital, Portland, Oregon, two days short of her 59th birthday. Clayton was hospitalized in July, 1996, because of the multiple myeloma that eventually killed her. Her fight against the cancer of the bone marrow (plasma cells), mobilized the science fiction community and led to a national fund raising campaign to help her deal with the financial burden of her illness. Jo Clayton was the author of 35 published novels and many short stories. She wrote in both the fantasy and the SF genres. Her best known SF work was the "The Diadem" series (1977), in which the Diadem is an artifact that becomes part of a person's mind. Jo Clayton's writing was marked by complex, beautifully realized societies set in exotic worlds, lyrical prose, and compelling heroines. Not counting sales of her last series

19. Hüterin Der Kristalle (Clayton, Jo) Test & Bester Preis Im Besten Shop: Dooyoo.
Hüterin der Kristalle (clayton, jo). im dooyooGesamturteil 100% Weiterempfehlung
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20. Frank With Friends Including Buck Clayton,Jo Stafford,TheFour Ladds,Doris Day ..
Frank with friends including Buck clayton,jo Stafford,TheFour Ladds,DorisDay plus others,20 tracks from TrackRecordsLTD.

And Freinds Frankie Laine
Frank with friends including Buck Clayton,Jo Stafford,The Four Ladds,Doris Day others,20 tracks
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